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Version: 0.4.1

The Experiment

Game is now playable on mobile devices!

Version 0.4 is now released. If updating from an earlier version, you will have to create a new save file.

This game is a Rogue-lite dungeon crawler which I started developing to teach myself programming and improve my art skills in illustrator. In this game you play as someone who signs up for (or doesn't sign up for) experimental testing and finds themselves transformed into a woman and traversing a number of lewd tests. Each of the tests involves its own theme and fetishes and will have you navigating dungeons, investigating rooms, and ultimately trying to find the escape. Every test involves some degree of random generation so every run attempt will be different. All art is developed by myself and will continue to be implemented when I get around to making it.

As you move between and investigate rooms there is chance you will run into an encounter that will test one or more of your stats (willpower, intellect, strength, agility) using a d100 roll. Encounters have the potential to deal damage to either your characters Health (physical) or Resistance (sexy). When Resistance drops to 0, your character will orgasm which results in a semi-permanent lasting negative status and a small health loss. If Health reaches 0 your character passes out and you are returned to the main staging area where you can spend upgrade points on improving your stats or unlocking skills and spend credits on purchasing one-time use gear for your next attempt.

The game is intended to be hard and utilizes a fair bit of random number generation so don't expect to succeed a test on your first few runs. Upgrade points are awarded even for losing so use each attempt to try new things, explore the tests, and discover the optimal paths that lead to a greater chance of success. 

Currently the game has:
- 3 fully completed areas each with 3 possible endings
- Character portrait that changes based on your character's various states
- An upgrade system that allows you to improve general stats and unlock helpful skills
- A shop system to purchase one-time use items to improve your odds
- An achievement system

Available Tests:
Area 1 - A cavern themed test with tentacle vines, mind-controlling fungi, and arousing pink mist - Features: Mind Control, Tentacle Vines, Extreme Arousal

Area 2 - A dungeon themed test where you must complete requests for 3 seperate succubi sisters in order to earn your passage - Features: Lesdom, Genital Transformation, Chastity, BDSM, and Femdom

Area 3 - An Alien/Spaceship themed test where you must repair a damaged spaceship in order to escape - Features: Alien Sex, Machine Sex, Egg Impregnation

Help! I'm Lost!
A helpful tip document and walkthrough document have now been added to the download. If you find you aren't able to figure out what to do I encourage you to check out the Tips document (also found in the Walkthrough section) which provides hints and tips without explicitly explaining how to succeed. If you find the game is too hard or too complex I would also encourage you to comment that as a review or on the forum post so I can improve the gameplay/discovery experience.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions for the game please comment them in the forum thread. I monitor it closely and am invested in making this game as good as it can be.

You are provided an opportunity to participate in mysterious experimental testing. Do you accept? Will you succeed? 

You! Plus some others you may find along the way.

Helpful Tips:
- The two most powerful items in the games are the vibrator and cargo shorts. The game ramps in difficulty after your first orgasm and both vibrators and cargo shorts help delay that.
- The 3rd attempt (non-encounter) at investigating an area will always be successful.
- Intellect is the most useful proactive stat for getting early Credits and Upgrade Points. You'll fail more encounters since most encounters do not test for it but you'll clear rooms and objectives faster.
- A couple points in health and resistance go a long way to surviving!

Difficulty Settings:
- At normal setting the encounter chance is typically 25% per investigation or move action (but not always)
- Easy: Reduces the chance of encounters by 10%
- Hard: Increases the chance of encounters by 10%

Negative Orgasm Effect Explanations:
- Horny = -20 Willpower
- Distracted = -20 Intellect
- Frail = -20 Strength
- Sluggish = -20 Agility
- Insatiable = Induces a 10% chance when moving for investigating for the character to instead hit themselves for -1 resistance
- Eager = Increases the odds of finding encounters when moving or investigating by 10%
- Aroused = All effects that hit resistance hit for an additional resistance, goes away after orgasming
- Exhausted = Lose an additional health from orgasming

The Cavern:
- To beat the cavern you need to find both the key and the exit. After finding one of the objectives the "Boss" will spawn and block the path and harder encounters are added to the pool. Additional objectives spawn in to aid in getting past the "Boss"; getting past the boss without doing the side objectives is possible but EXTREMELY hard.

Cavern Set-Up and Navigation:
- There are three floors in the cavern. The first floor and third floor have 5 explorable rooms, the second floor has 10.
- Each room has to be explored to visit.
- The key and the escape will always be found on the second floor.
- The third floor contains the optional objectives that make escaping easier/possible.
- The encounter chance on the third floor is significantly higher.

General Strategy:
- After finding the path down there's no reason to stay on the first floor other than to farm credits or look for items.
- On the second floor, its best to explore all rooms before investigating any of them as harded encounters spawn once you find the key or the exit.
- Depending on how healthy you are, try to find as many optional items on the 3rd floor as possible. Escaping without their assistance is extremely hard (but often not impossible).

The Dungeon:
- To beat the dungeon you need to talk to each of the three succubus sisters and complete 2 tasks for them each. The succubi can always be found in their respective rooms.
- Once you satisfy all the Succubi, you will have to return to the dungeon entrance where a final "end game" occurs. There are 3 possible "end games".

Dungeon Set-up and Navigation:
- The Dungeon layout is randomized each time but will always follow some basic rules:
- It will always be a 4x5 grid.
- The 4 corners will always be the Succubi rooms and the portal room.
- The main dungeon spawn point will always be sector 1x3 (the top middle) of the grid.
- Adjacent to each of the succubi rooms will always be each's "unique rooms". These are identifiable by the color referenced (the color of each succubi is specified at the game start but is randomized each run).
- One room, the "Map Room", contains a map that will display the coordinates and names of each location on the randomized map.

Getting & Completing Tasks:
- Talking to a succubus who you have the correct genital state for does not require a roll so target the one you correspond with if possible.
- If you do not have the correct Genital State, they will refuse to give you a task unless you can succeed in an Intellect roll.
- If you fail a roll to talk with a succubus, you can try again once you either have the correct genital state or after you've completed a task for a different succubus.
- If you successfully talk to a succubus you can ask her for a task to complete. Once you do her task you will need to return to her to complete it.

Chastity & You:
- Being locked up makes it so you do not orgasm at 0 resistance but comes with a multitude of negatives:
- Once you hit 0 Resistance your Intellect and Willpower are set to 0 until you orgasm or raise it above 0.
- Hitting -10 Resistance causes an auto-loss.
- Encounters are inherently worse when you are locked in chastity and many cause automatic resistance damage without a roll.
- If you are below 0 resistance you can initiate an orgasm by talking to the dominatrix succubus in her room to restore you to max resistance.
- There are 2 ways to unlock yourself:
- Find a key potentially hidden in one of the rooms (the key is on a random loot table, can only be found once, and consumes on use).
- Complete the dominatrix succubus' tasks.
- Unlocking yourself from chastity will reset your resistance to 1 if it is in the negatives.

General Strategy:
- The best strategy for completing the dungeon is to avoid investigating needless rooms and instead beeline it for each of the corners. Investigate each of the succubi rooms and try to get tasks early so that you always have a plan where to head next.
- If you find yourself unable to open the final door after completing all the tasks, perhaps the Lead Succubus Sister can help?

The Ship:
- To beat The Ship you will need to do the following objectives:
- Find the captains key card & reactivate the power
- Reactivate the teleporter by finding the captains passcode, resetting the ships engines, and realigning the communications array.
- The location to reset the power is randomly selected as either the generator room, diagnostics station, or security station. It is mentioned in the ship intro, found on the ship system check, and labeled on the ship objectives.
- The captains key/corpse will never be found on the same deck as the power activation room.
- Both the comm alignment and captain passcodes can be made easier by finding things hidden around the ship.
- There are a lot of hints in the text that will direct you where to go if you're lost.

On The Clock:
- Slower move speeds reduces the chance of encounters while faster move speed increases it.
- Depending on your move speed, time will pass as you move/investigate and at certain thresholds harder encounters will spawn.
- Before the power is activated moving from deck to deck takes a long time. After the power is activated moving between decks does not advance time.
- The final time threshold makes it so that encounters become significantly more likely and also disables the option to select your speed.

- Being impregnated with a growing egg does not have a significant effect other than making certain encounters worse.
- Once the egg is fully grown, your strength and agility are set to 0 and all your actions take more time.
- If you're impregnated, an egg can be cleared at any state in the medical center (once its fully investigated).
- After clearing an egg the station will have to recharge.
- You cannot win the game if you have a fully grown egg in you.

Other Tips:
- If you fully investigate the initial room, you can download the map and system check and take it with you.

Fixed a bug where orgasming to the Tentacle Boss would cause a dead end.

General Updates:
Major System Update: Rolling an encounter no longer stops movement (in most cases).
- Exceptions to this include:
- Exploring in the cavern (rolling an encounter means you do not find a new location)
- Orgasming from an encounter (sends you back to the original location)
- Character deciding to masturbate instead of move (due to Insatiable)
- Certain "early" encounters in the ship that are designed to slow you down (Blocked Passage and Noises in the Walls).

- Fixed more spelling and grammar errors as usual.
- Using an item in the inventory now sends you back to the inventory screen rather than the main page.
- Added complexity ratings to the tests.

Major Update: Cavern Overhaul
- The major purpose of the overhaul was to prevent unnecessary backtracking and overall make it a little more interesting.
- The cavern now has 3 floors:
- The first floor has 5 explorable rooms. One of the rooms contains the path down to the second floor
- The second floor has 10 explorable rooms. On the second floor you can find the Key, the Exit, and another path that leads even deeper (which is blocked until you find the key or the exit)
- The third floor has 5 explorable rooms and contains the optional key items you need to clear the escape route
- Some of the Mushroom boss mechanics and encounters have changed
- Mushroom Step encounter no longer changes your location
- Falling ground encounter has been reworked
- Cavern Explorer skill is reworked and available again. Once unlocked you start with the first floor of the Cavern explored.
- Updated CavernExplanation sign to be inline with the rework
- Updated Cavern Objectives

Dungeon Update:
- Portal in the Dungeon can no longer send you to the Portal Room

Ship Updates:
- Added "Thoughts" for the ship
- You can no longer escape the ship while carrying a fully grown egg. You must either give birth or clear the egg at the medical station to escape.
- Added a new feature to wait around at the medical station if its recharging. It takes several "wait" actions for the medical station to recharge from 0 to 100% and each wait has a chance of spawning an encounter.
- Formatting fixes for Ship Objectives.
- Added new Achievements for completing the Ship under various conditions.

General Updates:
- Added in an objectives menu in the sidebar to display current goals.
- Bug fixes for certain variables that weren't resetting properly

Cavern Updates:
- Changed the cavern so that exploring will always find a new room
- Changed the chance of rolling an encounter while exploring the cavern to a flat percentage rather than a variable percentage based on the rooms potential contents
- Temporarily disabled purchasing the Cavern Explorer skill until the cavern is reworked next update.

Dungeon Updates:
- Changed the encounter in the dungeon that randomizes your location to a new effect. Now you can choose to prevent your location from changing at the cost of potentially losing 1 Heath or a piece of clothing (strength check). No longer generates another encounter afterwards.
- Changed the requirements for the "desperately horny task" from the dominatrx to be -7 instead of -8 (This task will be reworked next update)
- Added a line to each dungeon room when resistance is less than 0.

Ship Updates:
- Added description of pregnant belly to examine self menu.

- Edited the Dungeon so that you can still complete the "showing off your cage task" even if you completed one of the other succubi's requests.
- Fixed an issue where clearing a fully grown egg on the medical device would not reset your Agility and Strength.
- More proof reading and grammar changes.

New Feature - Difficulty Settings
- At game creation you can now select both a starting difficulty (adjusts starting stats) and an encounter difficulty (adjusts likelihood of rolling encounters)

New Feature - Abbreviated Mode
- Reduces the text and general descriptiveness of random encounters

New Feature - Settings Menu
- Menu on the laptop where you can adjust both the encounter difficulty and turn on/off abbreviated mode

New Feature - Gallery
- You can now purchase "memory packages" from the E-shop that contain all scenes found throughout the trials
- Once purchased the memory packages can be reviewed from your bed which is now accessible via the main saferoom area

Additional Changes and Fixes:
- Rewrote the introduction, changing the connotation and theme of the experiment setup to prepare for implementation of the ending
- Moved the "Thoughts" section to the new bed area
- Added in functionality for the Unbreakable skill in the Ship
- Added the ability to use the ship security pass on the security scan encounter
- Fixed an issue where the clothing scrounger skill was not working with the ship
- Fixed an issue where a prompt was left floating after looting the ship engine room
- Fixed an issue where prompts to continue the game were not being given upon failing checks to open the captain's desk or laptop.
- Fixed an "issue" where the game awarded points for losing when you actually had completed the ship.
- Fixed an issue where certain ship "Key Items" would still appear in the inventory post win/loss
- Fixed an issue where the ships security pass was not consuming uses
- Fixed an issue where completing the ship was not awarding the proper amount of upgrade points
- Lots of proof reading and grammar fixes

- MAJOR UPDATE: The game is now playable on mobile! Might still require future tweaking to font size but the pictures and sidebar now scale with the screen size.
- Updated font and font size.

- Fixed a bug where running into the volunteer encounter in the dungeon after already having volunteered would break the game

- MAJOR UPDATE: New area added - The Ship
- The ship is complete but expect a lot of minor updates over the course of the next few weeks fixing bugs and adding small amounts of adding additional content

- Feature changed - The Succubi in the Dungeon will no longer have randomized colors.
- New Art has been added to the Dungeon Map.
- Minor editing to some passages.

- Fixed a bug where losing your last health to a succubus by refusing to strip would result in an error. 
- New Art for Mushroom Step encounter (shorts and naked)
- Slightly rewrote Mushroom Step encounter
- New Art for Items (discovering and purchasing, not yet implemented for inventory)
- Added hints for missing achievements
- Added Orgasm Effect explanations to the walkthrough/tip document

- MAJOR CHANGE: Reduced the penalty for orgasming from 2 Health to 1 Health.
- Added more text to the Cavern and Dungeon introductions to help guide players.
- Added a Helpful Tips text document to the zip file (included in the "Walkthrough" section) which includes tips without explicitly telling players how to solve the puzzles.
- Added a Walkthrough Spoiler document to the zip file that explicitly tells players how to complete each challenge. 

- Fixed a writing error where the "Examine Self" was displaying references to a vagina when your character had a penis.
- Removed a link to the "Pink Flood" encounter that was accidentally displayed in the Main Cavern.
- Fixed an issue where dropping an item from your inventory would drop all items of the same type. 
- Fixed a bug where several variables in the Dungeon were not being reset upon game win/loss.

- Game Created and Posted.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 04/29/2022

The Experiment is a game that has different themes, depending on the "room" you join in the game. The game is mainly in text, not overwhelming but you definite need to do some reading. There is a well made western style avator with changable body parts which is quite impressive. The UI itself is prelim but neatly done.

You are drawn to an experiment of some sorts for no reason and was turned into a redhead along with some other changes in no time, which the character feels totally okay.

Then you are given a laptop to pick a room to run through. I picked the second room. It is a rectangular shape area with blocks of rooms with different random? encounters. There is a hint of Trap Quest but not as intensive and focused. Without a target (trap quest: look for the stairs, or altar, or explore the map) it quickly becomes confusing if not a bit boring. I have to find my own way to entertain myself. say, should I do it anticlockwise, clockwise, or stay in the middle rooms? They are all random encounters in a big rectangle so there seems like little point exploring the map. So I went North, West, South, East and investigate anything that was thrown at me.

The lewd part of the game is okay. body transformation, femdom, penis growing and chastity, bondage, etc. more themes in that other room I did not explore. if this is your main focus, give it a go.

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 04/29/2022

This seems to be one of those dungeon explorer type of games, similar to Trap Quest.

Althought at the moment the game is more textual than visual, there is a concerted attempted by the author to provide their own artwork for the game which is admirable. Though I'd highly suggest a clickable map for exploring/navigating the dungeons, although I do like that each dungeon room also shows completion status, so perhaps just add a visual minimap in the top right corner of the screen?

I'd also like to see hotkeys for navigation, maybe if you do make the dungeons traversibe, one could navigate using WASD keys, and search the dungeon with spacebar? That'd surely be more streamlined for the end user, and then you could just focus on the dungeon-specific content.

The author is jokingly harsh on themselves, when you go to equip items, they self-shift blame for being lazy and only adding a single outfit. Bah, don't worry about artwork for now, just focus on adding more dungeon varieties, perhaps some semblence of a story behind it all. Either way, it has been years since I played Trap Quest, I'm positively excited about what this game can become. But what I can say with certainty is that you can supplement the drawn artwork with pictures from the web, at least until you find the time or outsource the artwork. Hand drawn is a nice touch, but I'm cautious of it eating away precious dev time.

So, overall, glad to be the first reviewer, the game already has working dungeons so check them out, although it's definitely an early beta.

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