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Version: 1.0.1

Version: 1.0.0

Taboo Tales: Seed of Corruption

This game is pretty simple.  Built in twine using the Harlowe format, it's my first game.  This is basically a test of my writing ability, and some super rudimentary gameplay.  This is a straight up C.Y.O.A.  It features a group of five people who encounter a power that allows them to be changed, and to change others.  A father, a mother, a son, a tutor, a dog.  These characters all have different paths with each other character, so you'll want to see what each route provides.  Click around and find out!

As you can see by the tags, I went for a 'little bit of everything' approach.  As basically a 5x5, each route has at least one major decision, and a number of them have a secondary set of branching decisions.  Some passages are significantly longer than others, and you can probably tell which ones I got a little caught up writing.  I hope you enjoy it! I'd love as much feedback as I can get on this.  

Also, there are plenty of 'bad ends', where the route goes a little hardcore.  Thanks to a reviewer I am reminded to point this out!

Feel free to contact me directly on twitter, DMs should be open.


Updated download link here.

The plot is simple.  Space/Magic macguffin finds it's way into this family's life.  There are themes tied to the characters that repeat through different passages, but basically the story is a large collection of interactions between two characters at a time, and how newfound transformations affects their relationship.  

David, the father of the family.  He's getting old, and he's got trouble with his body getting out of shape and marital troubles.

Cynthia, the mother of the family.  She's got a thing for fucking around, and she's pretty vain.

Alex, the son of the family.  He's got a big case of the bisexual mess who's heading off to college soon.

Amanda, the family friend and Alex's tutor.  She's having trouble getting through her graduate program.

Buck, the family pet.  He's a dog, and he like's doing dog stuff.  

Click stuff!

1.01 - Added in passage prompts to warn people off more hardcore routes.  Also added addtional warning at the start of the game.  My bad!

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Review by Kishinslayer

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/19/2022

Definitely more fucked up shit than I'd like, but i can't really fault someone for having completely different fetishes than me. If they were more to my tastes I'd love this game, because the writing is solid. The sex scenes are well written, even if most of them make me nauseous. 

Review by aaaac

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/18/2022

So I've played one route of this game. It's a fairly standard cyoa with the principle of interacting with a related roster of characters from different POVs. It seems pretty good if that's what you enjoy and no big errors with spelling or formatting I could see.

This review is mostly to tip off the people that come after me that the game has some pretty big body horror. At least the path I did play was about getting infected with an alien something and then remodeling the other characters in their own scenarios. A couple of these got kind of grizzly and that's not everyone's bag. I definitely understand wanting to keep suspense but this could of used a bit more heads up.

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