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Version: 0.1.0

The Road TWX

This game is based on The Road (https://www.faproulette.co/c/4933/road) by Vukodav (https://www.faproulette.co/u/Vukodav); please support the original creator!

This is a story about meeting a girl/trap on a one-night stand, then going down the road of sissification/feminization because of it. This iteration will follow the original CYOA game as closely as possible, with only minor alterations to begin with. If it proves popular enough (and I enjoy working on it) then it may expand beyond that.

Thus far the game covers the basic paths and features for Episode 1 of the original CYOA; skills and perks yet to be implemented.

Guy meets girl(?) at bar, they hook up, that starts a journey into the world of the feminine.

v0.1.0 - Initial setup of the game with all elements of EP1 from the orignal CYOA

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Review by magnavar

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 06/23/2022

The game is based off a CYOA-style game. As such, choices are straight-forward, and there doesn't seem to be total freedom, just "Make a choice, and go to the next screen." Not bad, but not the greatest. I didn't notice any spelling/grammar issues, and the backgrounds and font colors didn't blend in together, so everything was easy to ready.


There are pictures, and some of them are consistent, but there are a few that don't fit in, or use different characters. They appear to be pictures just pulled off the net of various hentai scenes, or anime characters. Maybe it'll change in the future, but don't expect custom pictures at the moment.


It is also fairly short right now, but it *is* just the first release. So be aware. But there *are* various paths you can take, so there is some replayability.



Easy to read color choices

Good spelling/grammar

Multiple paths you can take based off of choices and scores

Hovering over the various choices will tell you what changes they make to your scores



No custom pictures

Current chapter is short

Characters don't seem to have a ton of personality in the path I took

Story is simple

No real freedom in the game, just a standard "Make a choice, go to X page" style gameplay


Overall, through the single path I took, I'd give it a 3/5. For those that like the style, they will potentially enjoy this. If you're looking for a deep story, freedom of movement/choice, or an avatar and custom pictures, this game doesn't currently provide them.

Review by soundclub

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 06/23/2022

nice intro, i am looking forward to see more in future

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