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build 7-2a
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Version: build 7-2a

Tentacle Ball

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The premise

The Tentacle Ball is a Princess Maker-inspired RPG datesim in which you play as a valued member of a team of  Magical Girls, recently accepted into the official ranks and tasked with defending the life and honor of all humanity from the vile hordes of horny tentacle monsters! Now that you're official, your team qualifies for entrance to the annual Magical Girl Ball, a beautiful Gala where all the world's Magical Girls come to dance and impress!

There's just one problem: you're the frumpy, socially-awkward bookworm of your team, and far too self-conscious to ask your secret crush to the ball. But not for long, because you've recently deduced a secret about just how tentacle monsters work.

A very sexy secret.

Dev note

Don't be afraid of the alpha status. This game has over 800 hours of development time invested into it.

(Build 7-2a) Bugfix release: July 2, 2022

Assortment of minor bugfixes.

(Built 7-1a) Initial public release: July 1, 2022

This build represents 805 hours of dev time. 


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Review by ggkgedhjoyv

Version reviewed: build 7-2a on 07/03/2022

This game is lily's magical girl contest without the tg, but fleshing out more content beyond a simple cyoa. The tf system is very well done, although some scenes are missing. Game was fun for the time it lasted, about 2 hours.


The Good:

-Well written

-Good TF system

-Plot is fine for the type of game

-Character Progression makes sense and relates to the game's themes very well.


The Sad:

-Got about 50 days in before I started to run out of content. Were more sections to explore but it didn't seem like they added anything new. Could be wrong.

-Was really hoping a pregnancy route would be completed or at least have a tf. I let monsters take me over and over but all I got was a sleep message about morning sickness and nothing else. Went about 50 days spamming and nothing came up.

-360 days is a lot for the amount of content currently present. I could see there being a lot of content that was good but I never saw because I wasn't willing to play another 5 hours to reach it.


Overall, a solid entry for now, could easily progress to being top tier. Would like to note to the author that I read the version history in the game and I agree those notes seem to be 2 forward 1 back. I personally think just commiting to moving the plot and game forward would be the best rather than trying to perfect the earlier work done, but it's your game!

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