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Version: 0.5.4

Home Alone!

First game/story in RAGS. Completely linear right now and couple of choice options but nothing that will effect the story, yet.


The player is left home alone for a few days, during which time he finds himself compelled to do things that he doesn't usually do and notices his body start to change. Discovering a secret about his parents, a secret about himself is revealed to him.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 04/18/2021


Abandoned game. When I first reviewed it years ago I found it to be a well written story, but you're railroaded into almost every decision in the game except the ones for an erotic encounter.

I still think it'd be better as a Twine/HTML game to be honest, because with the lack of images the hold of your attention on this game is seriously tested by how much you're prepared to have your hand-held as it goes through the story. I  did make it to the end of the current content, but my patience ran out.

Don't get me wrong, this is still something that could potentially be expanded on in the future to be a really good interactive story. But as it is right now, while I am pleased with the writing and set up of the environment the story is based in I stopped caring about the characters well before I hit the end of the current content out of boredom.

I would like this game to be completed, but I don't see it happening. Maybe someone can remake it as a Twine/HTML game so they can get around the tedious backtracking in this RAGS release.

Cautiously recommended if you're curious.

Review by Mondprinzessin

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 01/31/2020

For every one checking out old games for potential hidden pearls:

This is one of it - even though it is in RAGS. The ways are short and the player allways tells you what he needs to you. So no endless grinding.

The story is completely linear, but the setup is very well thought through and well-written.

Just keep in mind that you wont find pictures here and the game is unfinished. But it takes easily several hours to play to the current ending.

Review by drakemasta

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 07/05/2016

Decent game quite fun to play, sadly it plays more like a story where you need to do certain things and there is no rpg aspect to it.

Review by zeid1980

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 05/28/2016

Amazing game by all means,the only missing thing is the pictures for the characters and the the clother,none the less its one of the best and most exciting games i ever played,thank you very much.

Review by Doug the Dawg

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 04/09/2016

I stumbled across this gem when searching for new games, and I've got to say: it became an instant favorite. 

The plot is well set up, and you get easily attached to the characters. The idea is quite interesting, and the naughty bits (pun intended) are well written. I've little hope of seeing upgrades coming to this wonderful game, but would love to have some closure to this story! Perhaps ahri will read this!


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