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Version: 0.7

TF High

game ends after gym class at the moment.

You need to become popular enough for the girl you like to go to prom with you.



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Review by Soulfeaster

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 04/14/2014

It is going to be hard to comment on this without repearing what others have said already so sorry if this reveiw is short. A main thing about this game that a lot of people overlooked is that it actually does tell you what to do before going to class, if you do that then when you go to get your books the game will play out as it should. Now his is a big thing because originally when I played I closed my locker after I got my books and the locker was never opened again for almost an hour. So in reality it isn't that hard to find out where you should go, and for the first class I do believe a bell goes off telling you which class to go to after doing what all is needed. This game so far seems like it will be a great game it is just that somethings don't make sense, but if I talked about those I would be breaking my Golden Rule that I got from someone else. All in all it is a great game in the making and I am excited to see future updates and more bad ends. Once again I am sorry about this short review it is just that I didn't have a lot to go over, the game is fairly short right now if you play through it properly so yeah. Also one last thing before I go, this game may have a lot of unneccesary class rooms, but it gives it the feeling of going to school where there are clases you don't have to go to and also may be used for future planning, so I hope that everyone enjoys the game so far and have a nice whatever it is for you when you read it~!

Review by jessiekirk1989

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 04/14/2014

Although some valid points were made in other reviews.  I have to say a majority of you have been too quick to slap this with a one rating.  This is by no means a 5 star game, but it could be, and it's average should be higher and therefore warrants my 5.  Deadpool123 has done us a favor by attempting a new game.  Is it unpolished...yes.  But it's an early version of the game and looks to be a very ambitious one.  If the author would take the advice of some of the critics and write out the planned pathways on paper and then put it into his/her game then I know it will be a highly entertaining one.  I'd just like everyone to keep in my that the author did us a kindness by releasing this and yes it has its flaws, well really just one with the lessons and finding where to go, but they are most likely being worked on.  

Review by master-ka

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 04/12/2014

Nice start with a lot of potential!

Quite a lot of rooms ;) That's would be now problem, if there's a plot guiding you through the game (e.g. Sarah should tell you that you're supposed to ask Jenny and where to search for here) ... sometimes I ended up searching around for sth. to click (ask Jenny, but where is she? get to lessons but where?). Some riddle might be good, but running around without any hint (in such a great area) can get you mad :) There have been games in the past, where you started to click desperately whatever is around ("use spoon on refrigerator").

So keep on working, cause our game has good potential!!! I can only make some hints based on current version (I can't see in your head and maybe you already planed it this way):

  • take a piece of paper and think of an idea with a mainline-story including happy-end. And then start to introduce alternative happy-ends (or unhappy-ends) ... your idea is "get famous till prom" and provides some great opportunities to end up as boy/girl (both in different ways/looks/attitudes)
  • think of different quests and make them longer (up to now all revolves around transformate & go-to-a-former-forbidden-place & retransformate) ... maybe the player like to play longer with an character (cause he likes her)? What might he do with her? (think of sth interesting and decide before, what G-ration you wanna stick to *gg*)
  • think of introducing some decision-points where player shall decide if he wants to act girly/macho or prude/sexy in order to decide which alternative end ... up to now I see only one decision at the end (in gym: track=manly or taichi=girly). More complex games manage some character-variables in the background to combine several decisions to an image of personality (but that's quite sophisticated and therefore ambitious!!)

Maybe you should start with a story on a piece of paper ... and later on realizing a mainline in rags (and introduce additional storylines step by step). This helps you keeping the overview (plan on paper!!) and you can release new versions from time to time introducing new storylines (for the joy of the community). Unfortunately, there have been some projects lately seeming to run out of track (in due to time? or motivation? or overview? I don't know)

Review by mollydeal

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 04/12/2014

Not bad start for a demo I hope keep  up work on it and hope get see finish project soon

Review by kevintheghost

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 04/11/2014

No idea where anything is and WAY TO MANY ROOMS THAT ARE USELESS

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