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Version: BS 0.9

Version: Naked, nice and smooth

Version: 2

Bikini Scam

 This is the update of my first game about a student with two sisters and a laid back attitude to live and studies. 

Link to the current, revamped version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bmd35d59kj79ghr/Bikini_Scam.html.

The game is set in a present day setting with added fairy magic that serves as the motor of the changes the main character may suffer.

That main character is a young man who maybe is not entirely a nice person: but nor really bad either. At least he shouldn't be all bad. Being nice may, however, be a worthy decision. 

The link is working now, please ignore any warnings and try the links to the left, in this text field and in the Discussion Thread. 
The Discussion Thread is also where to comment and ask questions: I like this site because they offer such a thread and invite you to use it. 

Regarding the Patreon link: A couple of people have asked me in the last few years about a patreon link for my games. I cannot accept any money for games, or I would have to ask my boss for a special allowance to work in my spare time: I live in a country with special job regulations. 
Pervy Sage is an artist who will illustrate all my games in due time. Pery has a patreon: 

Perversity is a one man operation working on art commissions, while also working on different projects of his own creation. When dealing with commissions he's willing to undertake any kind of art request. While the projects he works on tend to usually sit in the science fiction, or superpowers genre of games. His projects tend to look more reflect real life situations, than fantasy outlooks (IE: the real world is a pretty bad place, and he doesn't see any particular reason to hide that, or lie about it) the real world is a grimdark setting, and his projects tend to reflect this.

You are Mike, the student. Your parents want you to finish any paper at college, your younger sister needs a room (to start studying, too) and your older sister may very well be a littlle pregnant.

All you want is to deflower little Yvonne and relax.  

Mike, a student. You will take that role, gentle playerperson.

Kate, your older sister. 

Betty, your younger sister. 

Yvonne, your virgin girlfriend who turns 18 at the end of the week.  

Her cousin: If you do not pop that cherry, he will. 

Madam: An elegant lady and, well: the owner of several "clubs". Also a great showmistress. 

Your parents: Far away, but they can never be TOO far away. 

You will be offered some choices that will eventally lead to different results. 

This is a game about corruption and defloration. One character is pregnant, two more may get knocked up ingame: the main character will be there in both cases...

This is the second game I overhaul with the new two-mantle version of Twine. That hopefully make intormation more readily accessible. I greatly reworked the visibility of the background story that was only hinted at in earlier versions. And I worked on the language and the pictures, as always. 

Please tell me about mistakes, typos and bug so that I can repair them. Use the Discussion Thread for that, svp: the link is on the left side. 

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Review by Whatevermancer

Version reviewed: BS 0.9 on 12/26/2019

This game makes very little sense. The author needs to work on their English and just their narrative skills in general.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: BS 0.9 on 07/02/2019

This is a light short game where you make a few choices, see a few sexy pics, and get a TG outcome. Most players will want to load it up, have a bit of fun, and move on without really thinking too much. With that in mind, the game would be a lot better if the writing was easy to understand. I don't really want to criticise the author for having English as a second language but it's mostly a text game and better text makes it a better game.

Review by Rulon

Version reviewed: Bikini Scam is the latest version of Showgirl on 06/10/2019

Boring game, all you ahve to do is "click on the bottom on every page". Pics are nice but lacks of anything else to do.

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: Naked, nice and smooth on 06/10/2016



Short game about one hour to beat, BUT DANG that was good, Has good replay value too. Has good elements into using a puzzle strategy build in a game.

Funny, I did better the first time around compared to my second time. theres a score system in the game, ATM I am trying for a + score LOL.

I would like to see a Dungeon builder version using the same elements that You have shown here.


ok some opinons to note here. I understand its complete game. In your next game if you make one, Please add more of a story to it. you got some... can't even say bare bones narration, I think the Final boss has more lines then all the characters combined LOL. I like the whole TF theme a very nice touch, it holds a good plot, but needs story to make it shine.The main catch of the game is using your brain and trying to score high. That's fine and all. The interaction between the characters is really weak, more of just statements on their well being. The Visuals though, made me stop what I was doing to admire every Change in the game. The RNG for TF was pretty awesome.


Plot 2/5


Gameplay 4/5

Replay 3/5

Visuals 5/5


Would play again?

YES! Thank you.

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 2 on 11/13/2014

So the other revisounsound they like might do a bit better the thread the game, otherwise this will get a tad to read.


As far as reviews here is my feedback.  First off, I like this game. It is a fun romp, an excuse to see pictures within some context, and it doesn't try to be anything it not.  No, the writing isn't grammatically good.  That's fine, the ideas come across, and I'd rather deal with bad grammar than a confusing interface like the inform style stuff.  And the scenarios being written about  interesting, not repeats of other work, sexy, and flow well as far as guiding energy without sudden jarring shifts. (Well, one I won't mention without a spoiler tag, but not bad)  

So, grammar.  Many writers on here aren't artists or photographers, there is no shame in working with an artist.  Many authors here aren't programmers, it's fine to ask a programmer to help get the engine working.  In this case the grammar is the problem, and that's fine, no biggie, ask for help from an editor (every published author has an editor) and that's that.  I'd like to see more with this and from you, I'm sure I'm not the only one, so good luck with this neat little rompy game!

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