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Version: v. 1.004

The Book Heist, aka A Game Of Four Manses

A most daring book heist is prepared in the fading light of the fading sun. 

It's a game about winning a little more than you loose. 


The game is now complete but will see some more polishing. 


More pictures, lesser errors: an update; 1.10.2014: update 1.005. 

The character changes slowly but involuntary from male to female, but can change back instantly in the end: if she wishes to do so. 

Breasts are getting larger during pregnancy, but one cannot add cup sizes for fun only. 


Please ignore the dead uplink sign: someone is being funny.

If here is a real problem with te uplink, please send me a note or post it on the game release post. 

You can also download v.1004 from the 4shared account of the TFTG-page. 

To get more power or missing parts you need a book of forbidden lore. 

Not to use it yourself, but as a gift for someone you can help you. 

So get the book, come back savely and get a fair deal from an archmage. 

Should be easy. 

You: A wit. You will have to do the deed. 

Hood: Someone who knows both the loot and a buyer, but needs someone to make his plans happen. 

Old Lord Marbon: A retired fighter from a decadent familiy. 

An old friend and former lover: she LOVES you coming back. 

A barkeep with deep scars and the will to share, her bouncer, 

several outputting professional and a newbie to be broken in, 

an ugly hooker with her ugly brother, 

Tanice and daughter travel with you upriver: 

like the captain, the merchant and hs dwindling number of porters, the matron with her entourage, the ex-guard and the dandy. 

The lady of the manse. Someone you need to talk into doing something for you. 

the merchant and your bodyguard. 

many people in Thunderkeep, 

some funny soldiers and an army at the keep, 

some heretics,

a Conclave of Archmagicians.

Take the job.

Loose very dear parts. 

Take the ferry, being good to the child. 

Go to the manse, be polite. 

Got to the other manse, take the offer. 

Have fun in the city. 

Travel to the third manse, engaging the enemy

Find the book. 


The TF-themes planned are: M/F, age regression (and agelessness) and pregnancy (w/lactation and birth). 

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: v. 1.004 on 01/01/2017


I have played this game right through multiple times and did enjoy it. Photos are applicable to the scene, the writing is overall quite good (a second quality check would not hurt, but it is not enough to break the immersion in the game) and interaction within the game world is very high: there are points where you are on a linear path from one place to the next, but then there are places where there are many, many things to do before you choose to go on.

The ending phase of the game can be quite difficult depending on your earlier choices in the game if you have played from the start, but it does all make sense. If you have remembered the things you have done and people you have met then it is quite easy to get the best ending.

On that topic there are multiple endings in this game and that includes sudden death ends. I did many multiple playthroughs of this game to experience as many of them as possible, but I may have missed some of them as this is a very long and detailed game.

As I have commented before, Blauz. is an interesting game designer: one that cannot be faulted for experimenting. This is one of Blauz's best.


Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: v. 1.004 on 11/16/2015

I could not finish the last part. I met a bird though and defeated powerful beings. Then I visited everywhere 20 times each. Then...gave up. And previously I died a few times out of curiosity, became pregnant, tried tease both genders, did a thesis, said hi to a dragon, got a statue made by being awesome among other things. All in all, I had fun. Lots of text to read, so beware those that are afraid of books. I like books, so yeah :P

Review by guttersnipe

Version reviewed: v. 1.002 on 09/21/2014

The writing is a little raw (like pretty much every creator here, could use an editor), but the story is great and the mechanics of the game, assuming you play as directed, are pretty fun!

Review by genesis

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/12/2014

A good start, hope you add more soon.

Minor spelling mistakes that I could see, but not much.

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