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Gatekeeper's Test platfrom

NOTE:  This is NOT a game!  Instead, this is an early alpha of a project that AngelofRevelation and myself have been putting together.  The intent of this project is to lay the ground work for people who are interested in creating RPGs using Twine.


UPDATE: Small mechanical update.  Refined a couple of things, added a couple of cosmetic things, and cleaned up the file a little bit to show off the Attributes/Skills mechanics to someone.

For all intents and purposes, this project is still idle and while I'd love to get back to it some day, its probably a long ways down the road before I'm able to invest any real time into it again.


Thoughts, comments, and constructive criticism is always welcome!




Game mechanics will be based largely on D&D 3.5/Pathfinder RPG rules.


At present, all that is included is the start of the character creation mechanics.  We still need to add the "Race" and "Perks/Feats"  sections.


If you're looking for a game to play, you're going to be dissappointed (I DO intend to add a small adventure to this once everything is in place to show things in action, but that wont appear until much later in this project's development.)



This file is not an HTML.  You will need both Twine and Sugarcube to open this tws file!


Twine download:





(Download link is about half way down the page)

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Review by Ramses

Version reviewed: .2 on 06/28/2015

So excited, i have looked through over 200 games. trying to find someone who could help me do what you are doing. cant wait till its done.

Review by sirwolffe

Version reviewed: .2 on 11/02/2014

ty for doing this. i plan on using it.

Review by Ippherita

Version reviewed: .1 on 10/14/2014

Erm.... cannot open the file....


"An error occurred while opening your story.

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "app.y", line 103, in open

File "storyframe.pyo", line 32, in_init_

File "storyframe.pyo, line 1122, in setTarget

KeyError: ;sugarcube'


I would love to see how the engine works! Trying to built a game myself but very new to twine. Your engine might be a big help!



Yes! Thank you GateKeeper!

I followed this instruction and managed to opened it!


Review by demosen

Version reviewed: .1 on 10/14/2014

Why are you marking this as an erotic game with all categories if it is an engine? That's not the point of the flags.

Review by Spino2308

Version reviewed: .1 on 10/14/2014

Unable to play it but from the sound of it this could be a great rpg style tf game if you do it right


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