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Enter the Witch's Mansion

Enter the Witch's Mansion is a transformation scenario for TFJeweled written by OT Piccolo. It contains pictures copyrighted by Naga of http://www.nagasden.com.

It is halloween night. The weather is quite windy, with dark clouds blocking the view to the sky. The perfect night for you and your friends to do your yearly ritual of proving your courage. This year, you all decided to give the old, abondanded mansion a visit. Rumors say, that it spooks in there, but you just scoff at the idea and proclaim loudly that there are no such things as haunted mansions. This gives you the questionable privilege to prove your bravery by going in first. It is not that you believe in this nonsesne, please, but... well... you aren't eager nonetheless.

After some walking in the dark, your group reaches the mansion and it looks really like those in the movies, where ghosts and witches roam. A hip high, rusty fence, dilapidated exterior, quite the shaggy doors and windows. To say it in one word, creepy. Seeing that, your feet feel a little colder. Of course not of fear of ghosts or anything, you tell yourself. It looks like it could collapse on you any moment. But the spotting comments of your friends help you make up your mind. If you now hesitate, they will ridicule you the whole year. So you gather your guts and open the iron gate of the yard.

A lightning bolt hits in the distance just as you open the gate, lightning up the whole mansion in an eerie light, making it look all the more spooky. You gulp a little, but proceed on, reaching the wooden door. You lift up your hand and touch the handle, to open the door, just as thunder strikes, making you twitch. Just a little thunder, you think to yourself, nothing out of the ordinary. You push open the door with a loud creak and step in.

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Review by stickandjab

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 05/29/2014

to the other reviewer, did you even read the description? this is an addon package to the game TFjeweled. you stick it in that game, and run it.

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