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Version: 0.5c


After an initial release on RAGS a few years ago, I decided to remake the game in flash as a platform for a big project. We currently have two people working on the game. There is a vast amount of content already written so once all of the core mechanics are in place expect to see rapid development. 

This is an RPG with some very strong sexual elements, transformation is based on your choices and decisions, though you can always buy items in game to keep yourself how you like. This is currently an alpha, with a few hours of gameplay.

Follow the blog at http://niburithegame.blogspot.co.uk/

Not much in there at the moment. The scene with Isabella has multiple options depending on your previous choices.

What will be in there is a deep and immersive world. strong and sometimes loveable characters who will react to your choices. The freedom to change your character as you want. How you play the game changes you physically. Choices you choose will sometimes come back to haunt you.

Set in a medievel environment, the world was attacked and invaded centuries ago. Humans were on the brink of extinction, they fought back and eventually destroyed the demons and sent them back into their dimension.

Time has moved on and as you are suddenly taken from your remote village home by your Mother who quickly disapears, you find yourself in a City with all kinds of strange people. Will you discover your destiny, or will you be swallowed up by your own lust.....maybe that is your destiny.

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Review by Wayne

Version reviewed: 0.5c on 03/12/2017

Its Sad to SAy that THe Dev of the Game Has Killd the game Of The team Has Never UPdated the blog since feb 2016 SAme with thare Twitter and face BOok RIP 


Review by Chop2005

Version reviewed: 0.5c on 08/07/2015

I remember when you were shareing this on futanaripalace glad to see that you're still alive and this little gem is as well.

Review by Nemeses

Version reviewed: 0.04 on 03/04/2015

so far so good! this game has so much potential it could grow to be even better than CoC. looking forward to updates and new content

Review by KrissyNigri

Version reviewed: 0.04 on 02/15/2015

This game is showing a whole lot of promiss dispite being in very early development.

It's base story is intriguing and judging by the layout I sense a promis of more interesting content both TF and items vise.

Review by renonymous

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 01/08/2015

This version is very much a "sneak peek", ending just after the second possible sexual encounter. However, what is here is very smooth and promising. So promising, in fact, that I dug up the RAGS version of the author's "Niburi" and played through it several times. I'm eagerly anticipating this new project's progress.

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