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Collared Prey: A Gamebook for Adults, by Logan Scodini

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Collared Prey

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Luck smiled upon you – or so you thought – when you were offered a position at Onytech, a leading firm in the emerging field of superconductors. However, things are often not what they appear to be, and you now find yourself a Collared Prey, pursued by Hunters seeking sensual pleasures.

You must now play this deviant Game, and escape the Proving Grounds of the company. Otherwise, you risk being transformed into a Trophy by the device you wear, bound to serve and entertain rich patrons.


  • Play as a man or a woman, straight or queer.
  • Customize the game preferences to fit your tastes and sexual preferences.
  • A story tailored by the choices you make.


Collared Prey Screenshot

Collared Prey Screenshot

Collared Prey Screenshot

Collared Prey Screenshot

Collared Prey Screenshot

Collared Prey Screenshot


Patch Notes:


Patch Notes (1.16)

  • A new scene for the laboratory has been released, along with a good amount of pictures.
  • A few bugs and minor issues have been squashed.

Patch Notes (1.15)

  • The Laboratory intro scene has been released! This is where you will find machines of all sorts and strange chemicals with many sides effects.
  • Added many pictures to previous scenes. This will be ongoing until I have covered all the previous content of the game.
  • A few bugs and minor issues have been squashed.

Patch Notes (1.14)

  • The Wolves have won the last vote, and are slowly being introduced! The laboratory will be next!
  • A new scene for the defeat against Fox Boys/Girls has been written.
  • Naughty pictures are being introduced (optional if you do not want to see them)! Right now only a few have been included (notably meeting one of the wolves), but expect a lot more!

Patch Notes (1.13)

  • New Preys have arrived in the Playgrounds (Forest Lvl1): Cat Boys/Girls!
  • The Slot Machine is now slower to help you win, and Easy mode setting will slow it even more.
  • More changes will be coming over the next patches to further the main story, and provide you with other ways to get Silver Tokens.

Patch Notes (1.12)

  • New Preys have arrived in the Playgrounds (Forest Lvl1): Fox Boys/Girls!
  • Added one more defeat scene for the Bunny Preys!
  • A few little changes to upgrade the speed of the engine.

Patch Notes (1.10)

  • Introducing the Playgrounds, with a brand new engine! You may now be the one to dominate others (though they will have their way with you should you lose).
  • Only one Prey is featured at the moment (Bunny Girl/Boy), but expect many more soon!

Patch Notes (1.01)

  • A few more Hunter Capture scenes have been added.
  • Locked Chest will always provide you with at least 2-3 Tokens (previously 1-2).
  • Hunters in the forest are a bit more difficult to escape from.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Doombug

Version reviewed: 1.15 Public on 11/19/2017

The whole you are being pursued thing is way to fucking long and annoying. I think i'm done with logan, while the writing and pictures aren't bad he can't make a fun mini game to save his life

Review by NoOne

Version reviewed: 1.14 Public on 11/07/2017

As much as I enjoy this guy's stuff, he is constantly leaving a trail of half-finished projects before starting up a brand new one that will remain unfinished as well. Don't expect any of this to be completed anytime soon, if ever.

Review by SVinter

Version reviewed: 2017.09.15 on 09/28/2017

Writing is good but the game play is slow. The reason why I say this is because of the fact you only get one single token from each chest. (As far as I have seen, thou the last hour has proved my comment) Which really causes you to basically stick around and do nothing but click sensely until you open the chest for one single bloody token. Which are required for plot advancement. 3/10 

Review by Lenae_Oyen

Version reviewed: 2017.09.15 on 09/25/2017

I'm glad to see this author at another property, this one that jumps into the action of TF a lot quicker. Gnerally speaking I'm quite fond of the content they deliver.

This rework, in its current state.  well, it needs A LOT of work.

Difficulty: This game could use a 7000% difficulty spike. The treasure chest game is impossible to screw up other than intentionally. Either increase the speed of the bar moving left and right to make it more difficult, or find a more engaging, challenging minigame format. 
The hunting scenes too, you can nearly escape without, literally, hitting a button. Sprint just a little bit and you're golden every time. 

I'm not sure why there's a clothing system. The idea of a penalty seems to be there because the hunters will disrobe you in addition to a text scene, but all you have to do is click through a couple of screens, without any risk, to get a completely free pair of clothes. It also doesn't seem to /do/ anything to be clothed. I'm hopeful that's simply because of how early in development this is but.... I would /REALLY/ suggest to the developer to rethink whether an apparel system is needed, or if they could better use their time working on the other aspects of the game. It just doesn't seem to add much with the current setup.

I also didn't seem to see any reason that the transformations....mattered? Like they were there if you lost in the traps, but the game didn't seem to respond to those changes, they were just superficial avatar changes.

My hope in writing this isn't to discourage development, but quite the opposite. I hope the developer will hear the call that the game's systems themselves need a bit more flushing out before the detailed work of bug-stomping or the addition of further story content.

Or at least, that's this particular person's take on the new changes.

Hope to play this again after a few updates! Go support this developer on patreon, they definitely work hard to deliver quality results, which is better for the community in general! :D

Review by Ramses

Version reviewed: 001 on 09/02/2015

Great start, hope to see much more from this game :) if you have 8 cards you should have 8 capture scenes. Its not as much fun, because by the time you tranform you are broken. Even if you get away any time you are hit should turn you more into a bimbo. breast enlargment, ass, lips, air colors excreta. with being broken after 3 capture's  you are luck to have b size breasts at best and its so short you realy dont get to feel like you have been broken. Maybe a few more sex sceens then just blow job and ass, last sceen being all the hunters gang bang you would have a real reasion to feel broken .


Edit, Ok

I have played through this 50ish times over the  last few days. i did manage to get to D size breasts once by refusing to look for the last card. i see 2 ways to make this alot better. one as mentioned in frist post geting a tf everytime you are hit with the rife, But more importantly. refractoring the selfesteam loss would be a easy way to increase the  number of times you can be catured. Making the game last longer and be more fun over all.

p.s. I hope you stick with this game a bit longer. I would  love to see the hunters side to, but so many here have mutiple games going all that the same time and you have to wait forever if ever they update any of them. stick with this one its good if nothing else just add you becomeing the hunter if  you win to this game instead of making a new one.  

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