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Version: 0.4


Motels is a game played from a Female Pov. 

You are Sandra, staying for a few days at a motel with two of your friends. This place isn't exactly what it seems and you'll have to sort it out fast if you want to keep your mind intact.


The game requires rags 2.4.16 version to work.

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Review by Vane

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 05/24/2017

MotelS is one of the better RAGs games here, almost as good as Wife trainer in my opinion. It has some weird things going on, besides the corruption through inconspicuous actions your PC can do such as taking a shower, I mean - there is some Twin Peaks vibe going. You often would not suspect certain acts to increase corruption and as a player you kind of need try and error to find out the right balance between submitting and resisting. Have played several times and did not succeed to access some rooms, so there is suprisingly much content to be discovered.

Review by ovenbunny

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 03/13/2016

This game has completely flipped my opinion of m2f transformation being absolutely necessary in a game. The storyline is deep. Way deeper than I first gave it credit for. After, playing through it multiple times, it still manages to throw new and intriguing circumstances at the player. I hope that even if this one is never finished that it inspires other authors. Wow!

Review by Jmaster100

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 03/04/2016

Great game, unfortunately I got stuck in a glitch where I was sent to the punishment room (after being kidnapped) yet no options popped up for getting punished, I had to quit the game since I couldn't progress anymore

Review by Hinomiko

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 01/12/2016

One of the greatest games i ever played. Lots of paths and high replayability(i know it's not a word, but who cares). There's many hidden things that you won't notice or get acess to even after you played it like 5 times. It's pity that it has been put on hold, but that's a common thing with this kinds of games.

Review by ares76

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 11/06/2015

so true about the other reviews!...this game could grow in something to rivals Miss Adventure or Lilith Device!

I know is hard work, but hope someday to play an epic version!!!

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