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Version: 0.0.I.3

by TedK

What if the metaphors we use in daily life -- "Traffic was being bad today" -- became  real if we used them enough? And what might happen if someone managed to interfere with them?

Ghost  is an online interactive illustrated narrative. The player dies, but the  afterlife will not take them because their records show that the player is not  dead yet. The player's only chance for a new body and a new life is to determine who is interfering with the anthropomorphic manifestations of  reality. And to do that they have to change themselves. Luckily, ghosts easily pick up the traits of those around them.

During  the first part of the story the POV character will develop traits,  characteristics, and preferences. During the rest of the story the player will have to both find clues and change some of these traits in order to succeed, but the specific changes will depend on the scenario and villain.

You had a very bad day. And the afterlife won't take you. But if you can manage to figure out who or what is interfering with the workings of fate and the anthropomorphic manifestations of reality that dispense that fate, then you should be able to get a new body. But who is the villain, and where to start your investigations?

Player - intentionally left vague

Death - A pretty lady with a scythe in her purse

The Auditor - he keeps the books

Various other anthropomorphic manifestations  of reality such as Traffic, The Tit Fairy, and Babs -- who used to be the patron saint of reality and now makes a living by crashing YouTube videos.

Assorted residents of the city (over 20 designed, but you get to find them)

A Nemesis, or is he a mentor?



You can move forward by clicking the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page. Hover over the links to learn more. While you are at it, look for more information throughought each page. Some pages have hidden details in their text or images.  And sometimes the hidden details are even useful.

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Review by Skitterskulk

Version reviewed: 0.0.I.3 on 11/24/2015

I like the traits used in this game, as they are measurable personality traits.  I can't wait to see how they are implemented!

Review by soulessbox

Version reviewed: 0.0.I.3 on 11/24/2015

Not enough content to make much of a review, an intrestng idea though.

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