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Ms. Adventure
by Bodhran

Ms. Adventure is a partial adult TF/TG fantasy adventure game created by Pat M'Bollocks, also known as Bodhran.

The insults you flung around on that chat room were just a joke, but the witch at the receiving end didn't see it that way. Now she's out to get you, and you'll need all the help you can find to foil her plans.

Leon Helpern

You, the player character, are a 24-year-old computer LAN manager at for a local company, where you are responsible for fixing hardware and software problems. And you still live at home with your parents. Online, you're a self-proclaimed authority on just about everything -- especially the opposite sex.


A witch you met online.

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Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 03/08/2018

Download link doset work.

Review by Haunt

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 11/04/2013

From what I can tell you've done a lot of work on this game and the game seems very playable as a result. I do have a few tips on how you could improve it though...

First issue you have is that a lot of the interractions with NPC's are currently needing an extra 'AND' restriction. Any interraction between the player and the NPC needs the restriction for type character. Example: Tom must be in the sam loc as Player.

The reason I say that this extra line is needed is currently a lot of interractions, especially for Tom and Stan, are available even when they aren't in the room. For example, currently the character can have intercourse with Tom before ever even leaving their apartment for the first time.

A second issue I ran into was the birth control pills. I understand why you made 2 codes, with one for 'pill' and one for 'pills' as that does add a bit more creativity, but there's a problem. The right click link for the 'birth control pills' is automatic to 'pills' not to 'pill'. By leaving it as seperate codes you're forcing people to manually type in the long command string. Personal opinion you should delete the 'pills' code text, then in the 'pill' code text add the commands currently found in the plural as well. That way both single and plural would affect the same item.

Finally, I was wonderring if there is a reason why you made the game a self-install rather than just running it through the adrift? I tend to hate cluttering my folders and registry with program links so I almost deleted this game when I realized it was installing things.

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