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Pet Store

You are a young adult with no plans in your life until you receive an offer to take over your uncle's pet store. One difference though, you get the animals that you sell by transforming the people of the city into animals.

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Review by NMe

Version reviewed: 0.21 on 06/05/2022

It's been five years since I wrote the following but it is still true to this day.

The author seems to be in the habit of adding two new pages of dialog, calling it a new version and then uploading it without a changelog. Every time a new version pops up I download it, only to be disappointed by the lack of new content.

This game could be really good, but please, PLEASE stop uploading every new brainfart as a new version. Add a decent amount of content first.

Review by Stormaggeddon

Version reviewed: 0.10 on 01/12/2022

to be honest i was kinda expecting some more kink to it maybe change the rating to R or make it known there is no sexual content.  I couldnt even finish it because it was very linear and there is absolutely no management or difficulty to this game. it is purely click the links to continue.  TBH your objection is to prove you can run the store but the only thing you do is transform people into animals.  The only thing I see going for this game right now is the dev is providing consistent updates.  Unfortunately the only way I will give this game a chance in the future is if the dev states what his goals are and a changelog but as of right now I could not even finish it.  One more thing yes I know it is only a Concept so I did not have high exprectations.  I do like the idea and the consistency of updates available but not the game itself

Review by Eric Force

Version reviewed: 0.08 on 12/20/2021

Expected more from a piece of finshed work... whatadamnsecond it's labeled as "Concept". Imagine expecting the world on a platter from a pre-alpha build.

Review by Daishi

Version reviewed: 0.07 on 12/14/2021

Zero effort waste of time.

Review by thenornt

Version reviewed: 0.03 on 11/19/2021

There's like 5 minutes of gameplay total, and somehow those 5 minutes of text are filled with bugs. OK concept, the content that's there isn't terrible, but ultimately just not worth downloading in the current state.

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