One night with Caroline

Author: K84
Version: 3.0.0
Last Updated: 2016-10-25 23:41:53

Review by Dracilla
Version reviewed: 3.0.0 on 2016-10-26 16:02:18

Its not terrible, but it has zero transformations from what iv seen with the very minor subcatagory of pregnancy. I went in expecting transgender shinaigans and what I go was Dating Sim: The Patreon Edition.  It can still be enjoyable but 3D art aside it dosnt have a whole lot going for it.  However I can improve future players enjoyment of the game by taking some of the guess work out of playing: First you access scenes and content based on your, lets call it affinity rating, with the characters in the scene. If its not high enough when you reach a certain point you usually get ending 1 which is your fellow going home and giving himself dolphin flogging.


This affinity is boosted by most choices, you can right click to bring up options and save, which I recommend doing often and with differnet slots in case you want to try a different route later. These choices usually (not always) give you a full affinity point, half a affinity point then either none or actually take some away depending on the situation. Getting the absolute highest affinity is the only way to see the current chapter of the game to its fullest, so reload your game often and see if any of the other options give you more umph for your oomph.

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 3.0.0 on 2016-10-26 11:28:35


As noted by others, I too don't know how to get v4.0.0 working, so maybe that is a typo error.

The graphical work is good, but the story available is limited; then again this is a dating sim so that is to be expected. I didn't find any transformations as I played through the game (future content?), which was odd given the tag listings. While the story available is limited, the writing is acceptable and sets the scene, as well as helping with your choices for the multiple endings.

However this is something that I am taking a disclaimer on with this review; I too had trouble with some of the dating choices seeming very hard to "get everything right with." As a result I have no doubt that there are things I missed and repeated playthroughs are required before I figure it out.

Overall I found this to be an amusing interactive dating sim, but I would love to see the finished work and the potential future TF options.

Review by JoeW
Version reviewed: 3.0.0 on 2016-10-26 01:05:11

Game I guess is basically series of questions for you to answer to impress the girl so she goes home with you. It is hard to try  to guess what she likes. I am sure after a few  play through you wil be  able to continue the date after diner and drinks.


Review by Shoggoth on the Roof
Version reviewed: 4.0.0 on 2016-10-25 20:42:29

Fun game but there doesn't seem to be any actual TF content.  Has some spelling and gramatical errors that make me wonder if English isn't the author's first language.

Review by Nevermore
Version reviewed: 4.0.0 on 2016-10-25 19:53:08

 I have no idea how to play version 4. I don't mean that from a gameplay perspective, I mean that from a 'I unzip the file and it doesn't look like it has a button to launch the game' perspective... Sooooo, might want to address that. I'll give Version 3 a look in the meantime...