7 Tage und 7 Nächte

Author: Blacksun
Version: 0.38p
Last Updated: 2013-08-20 02:34:00

Review by loraxd
Version reviewed: 0.38p on 2015-10-27 04:33:00

There seems to be a bug after taking the keycard? No matter what I do, i still end in jail? Am I doing somethign wrong?

Review by Blauz.
Version reviewed: 0.38p on 2015-04-03 07:43:28

"Seven days and seven nights" is a game that sadly has not been continued for some time. First being developed as a German game (by a German author) the translated version is an earlier version of the newest version out in German. The game follows a week (three days are playable as of noe) in the life of a 'Berufsschüler' who stumbles over an experimental device while illegaly searching a facility hidden in his school. Together with his twin sister he uses the device, resulting in him becoming female and his sisters's conscience only active while the brother sleeps. While the brother is awake, the sister lies inconscious. A classical body switch scenary with mind control elements: in the hidden lab the twins also find liquids they can use to finance the parts the brother needs to construct a second device. Only that device, blue-printed but not built in the laboratory, can undo the damage and free the sister. Unfortunately the games ends before much of the earning starts: but rather then earning one ones new female body one needs to turn out the neighbour-milf. So much is hinted at, but to my best knowledge the plan wwasn't implemented.

The game is fun to play and I am sorry to see it didn't get developed further.

For foreigners (that's YOU this time, unless you happen to be German) the game may be difficult to understand since the hero's background: 'Berufsschüler' may not be readily understandable. German pupil study in any of four different kinds of school until 10th grade, reaching what the Brit's called o-levels. Those who want a-levels (university access) need another two/three years in school. The "Training-school" is one of the school who offer either on job schooling for apprentices or a-level schooling for those interested in job related a-level (giving access to technical universities and such).

Review by Nova25
Version reviewed: 0.38p on 2015-04-02 14:44:05

For those incapable of using Google Translation (or any translation tool on the Internet), the title apparently simply means :

'7 days and 7 nights'


Though, I must question why the 'creator' chose a german title ?

Review by Firnenoftheages
Version reviewed: 0.38p on 2014-07-31 12:48:06

English please i have no idea what any of it said.

Review by Yaxy
Version reviewed: 0.38p on 2014-03-01 13:53:56

Maybe i'm disapointed by the fact that the game does not advance dynamicly, or teh fact that the picturs in it are distracting from the story itself.

Review by Fantasist
Version reviewed: 0.38p on 2014-02-18 11:25:56

I liked this game, but it was confusing to play at times.

Review by anoneemuss
Version reviewed: 0.38p on 2013-12-30 14:10:33

a great game, just wished the author would've focused on the MC and finished the game,
one can still hope!