Author: GateKeeper
Version: A44
Last Updated: 2020-09-04 22:13:47

Review by max02
Version reviewed: A44 on 2020-09-06 04:56:10

Work at the Quickiemart error.

Review by Aggressive Zone
Version reviewed: A42 on 2020-07-15 15:38:01

So first of all wanting to adress the elephant in the room.

Lots of people are complaining about the lack of Transformative content in this game.
Might be comming in the future as they have mentioned wanting to implement furry content.

Eitherway Since your the Dom their the sub.
And as far as i have seen so far this is final 
Things like Sissy which is a submissive Male that usually get forced in female attire Should NOT be in here
Neither is animal (since in the game it mentions bestiality will only be Furries (Antro)
There is also no M2F content as far as i have seen and the MC doesnt transform...

Tho i would love to see this happen cause it would make me actually wanting to play the game again.
But so far none of it is in it as far as i can tell.

If im WRONG please correct me i will change my review but so far
I feel like this game shouldnt be on this page.

Tho if you are in the more dominant espect of things this is a pretty good and well writen game!


So i have been pointed out that there is transformative content in here.
And that i should stop spouting nonsence. 
Which gave me the link (spoilers) with all that is present

Which some of my statements are incorrect but there is still alot Correct.
Thus i will not revise it. Ill just mention this.

Also i wont be reviewing or playing the game anymore,
This is not my game the big problem is the bad tags that are applied to this game caused me to waste a tone of time in to a game i didnt enjoy
The big reason i made this review in the first place. 

Also i rather prefer to remove the review all together but sadly it doesnt seem like this website gives you that option so keep that in mind.
Take the review with a grain of salt

But if you are here for sissy MtF content on the MC
This game DOES NOT have that. Look for that elsewhere instead of spending tone of time in to this game

Btw if you are into being a dom this game is 100% for you the game is of high quality it just needs to polish up its tags to fit better with the people that seach. thats all i tried saying... 

Review by Arothe
Version reviewed: A42 on 2020-07-12 12:04:22

While there is clearly a great deal of work and material put into this game, and certainly no lack of effort on the developer's part, I can't help but feel like this game is... empty. There's so much you CAN do, yet none of it really pulls me in. I feel no sense of motivation to explore the different options available. Largely due to how much repetition is required just to be able to access some of the more interesting parts, but also because there is a great lack of transformative events. While they are in the game, they are very few in number compared to everything else contained within. Getting to the limited fun stuff feels like a grind, as though I was leveling some MMO character to experience the limited interesting content walled behind the level cap.

On a site all about transformations, one would expect the lab to be A LOT more significant to the game than it currently is. Using it also feels like a chore, as you simply find yourself spam clicking away at "studying" how to use it, for inconsequential days on end, without any indicators of progress other than "it's time to try X thing now", usually immediately resulting in an event without the option to save it for when you feel ready. It kind of makes the experience feel underwhelming. There also seems to be a bug where you can fix Bubbles' nerve damage even though you've never met them and should have no knowledge of them yet.

All in all, it feels to me like a clickfest with minimal transformative content. It feels like everything needs to be streamlined and not made so difficult to enjoy.

Review by DarkDaemonX
Version reviewed: A36a on 2020-02-09 14:45:23

None of the stores sell anything at all, what's up with that?

I really hope you can choose to wear the clothes ,that you buy, yourself, the same goes for everything else you buy, inluding using all the transformations on yourself whenever all of that is implemented, and have the servents be a little dominant towards you if you allow them to, with your consent, right now there's basically nothing to do.

If these things were implemented, this would become an amazing game, it does hold that potential. For now it's very boring.


PS: If you choose to wear female clothing, they should have a chance to catch you when you're changing into them.

Review by Eschation
Version reviewed: A30 Cheat Build on 2019-07-06 06:46:27

Version A28

It takes a long time to build up stats with the girls, which might make perfect sense within the context, but in practice it's pretty boring.

In addition, you're building up those stats via random events. Some of those random events make no sense when they repeat, or follow other events.

The one that comes to mind is Misaki(sp?). She repeatedly drops a photo that you repeatedly give back to her. This photo is super important to her, so why is she dropping it everywhere? Once was believable. Dozens of times is not.

The contents of the photo are also a mystery... that you can solve any time you pick it up, but continue to be treated as a mystery in both that event and another one. Also, when you look at the photo, there's no "return photo to Misaki" stage. 1. Why? and 2. Somehow, she has it again later. Speaking of which, your options literally are: look at photo or return photo to Misaki. Here's an idea... why not both?



Previous reviewer states there's no TF content posted after the most recent version release. Changelog states there is in the most recent version release.

I'm inclined to think the changelog is correct and the previous reviewer is going off of previous versions.

I still can't find any TF.

Previous reviewer does have a very valid point though. This game was here for a long time without any TF content.

It was also on HypnopicsCollective without the content they require.

That's pretty messed up.

Review by Uhhnonymoose
Version reviewed: A28 CHEAT Build on 2019-05-11 12:23:43

To the developer, while I agree that yes you have been adding to this game like crazy, you've been adding what is arguably vanilla content that you could get from a regular dating sim. I like to think that this is what people are referencing in their past reviews. There's no actual transformation content in this game yet. Which is unfortunate seeing what site it's hosted on. There also seems to be a lack of mc, corruption, or anything that would set this apart from a regular dating sim. Not saying the devs haven't been working their asses off. I just feel like this game shouldn't be on this site yet.

Review by raska42
Version reviewed: A22 CHEAT Patreon on 2018-11-25 00:19:57

Review is for A21 free

I like what they claim the game is, unfortunately that isn't the game they've been making. Like many games that split paths early on (and retain the split), the writer seems to be having issues with making content for all paths ( 4 paths: nice to both, mean to both, and both styles of nice to one, mean to the other). The game also suffers from a psudo-sandbox style setup, leaving you in a large mansion (aprox 30-40 areas), most of which have little to no content (5 or so rooms with what i'd consider beta levels of content, the rest have 0-3ish scenes, many of which have very specific path/time of day conditions). If you want to do anything really, you need to go onto the authors patreon, and sort through all the releases to see whats been added and try to figure out how to trigger the conditions for said event based off whats written (most conditions are fairly specific, and some occur in areas that the game outright tells you are not used e.g. pool scenes). To make matters worse, the author is either very hesitant to come across as someone who enjoys fictional accounts of slavery, or is outright uncomfortable with the concepts of slavery and bdsm (most content being geared towards being nice). The review prior to mine comments about this as well.

Transformations: There's a non-functional lab that hints at the future addition of some TF options and a few references to growth stunting in the past, but after 2 years of updates, it appears to still have no transformation. It's possible that there is a scene containing something hidden somewhere, but it's not a theme of the game by any means. It might be possible to argue corruption given how vague the term is, but the closest I can find to that is falling in love, which doesn't exactly fit my definition of corruption.

All in all, the game has potential if you believe the claims and ignore what they've actually been doing. It's possible that will change in the future, but they're essentially trying to make 4 games with the same framework (scenes work for 1 -2 paths depending on how any girls they involve, they rarely/never seem to make a scene and do variants for all paths). If you follow along and replay the game every release for a few new scenes you can probably get to know most of old content, then go for the new content based on the changelogs as new releases happen, but ultimately most people will get sick of grinding the same events repeatedly. As it is, I can't recommend this, it's basically a barebones dating sim with minimal erotic content, not anything they claim it is.

Review by Khorothis
Version reviewed: A21 Patreon CHEAT on 2018-10-27 06:31:12

I feel like the poster just before me told everything from a professional, in-depth perspective, so I'm going to say a few things from the perspective of someone who invested ~45 minutes into the game. I want to be clear: I'm not writing this to be an ass, I'm writing this to try and help this game improve.

By the time I reached the "How to play" part, I was pretty sure that I'd have my work cut out for me to fix the two girls, so when I saw the books in the master bedroom, I jumped right in to dig up some info, though beforehand as I explored the interface, I bumped into the page giving links about IRL slavery, which I should have recognised for the red flag it was.

See, there are books and notebooks spread out across the fuckhuge mansion (using a map for each floor to move around would make things incredibly easy but I'm not a dev so it might not be possible), and the more you read (which was the bulk of what I was doing), the more you find yourself in having to delve into the memories of your sick fuck Uncle Dave. This is where, I believe, a major miscommunication and misunderstanding makes everyone's life unnecessarily difficult.

From the writer's perspective, which I'm only guessing at, they wanted to create a story that is not afraid of going deep into the psychology of slavery, or any particular detail of it. From what I've seen, they're doing a great job with that, for which they deserve credit.

From the player's perspective, there are two possible routes: either be nice, or be Uncle Dave 2.0. There is obviously no "both" option, since they are mutually exclusive.

From what the game tells you, most of the content is about being nice to them. I found it silly considering the stuff I read through, which is by the way necessary because this is a "sandbox" game, which in practice means you're in a barn full of hay looking for nails, just like in this game. Going in, you have no idea what's gonna be important or not, so you have to go through everything just in case. Strive for Power is a sandbox game done right: there's a story, sure, but you really just do whatever you want. Here, there is a clear roleplaying situation with very clear story elements that function as the bread and butter of the content, which pushes it toward an RPG and away from a sandbox game. I admit to have only scraped the surface of the content but I think that with such rich story, you really should stop calling this a sandbox game and just roll with having a two-route visual novel. I could easily be wrong though.

I'm sure you can tell what the problem is by now: if I want to be nice with the girls, I don't want to get dragged into the shitfest of hardcore slavery; if I want to use and abuse them, then I don't give two shits about how wrong it is. This is where the player and the writer reach an impasse: the player wants a slice of the cake, the writer only gives whole cakes.

Since this game has a Patreon, I'm guessing the makers want this to be financially successful, so here's what my nitpicking ass would recommend: if you need lab notes about lab stuff, use an impassionate lab assisstant's character (it fits the dehumanisation of slavery perfectly); if you want to get into how the personal relationships went in the mansions, use diaries left behind by previous slaves (which creates a lot of storytelling opportunities as well); when you have to delve into the Uncle's PoV, then keep two sets: one that is must-have information for both routes, and a second one for the torment route that only shows up if you go down that path. One way or another, you have to drop trying to tell people that slavery is bad: those who care already know, and those who don't care certainly won't be swayed without a first-hand experience on the other end of the leash.

Personally, I think that the writer has a very clear idea about the story but said story can't really bloom in a sandbox environment; I don't think you'd want (or should) drop the story, but I do think that if you should drop the sandbox, and set things up in chapters or stages (Harem should be a great example), and create content accordingly. This is more of a project management thing than game development but I think it would be a valuable perspective that could benefit both the team and the game.

Review by Innocience
Version reviewed: A9 (Supporter CHEAT Build) on 2018-03-03 10:35:46

The following is less review than a response / open letter to the current Inheritance version.
Please do not take the following as anything but a subjective opinion on what the game lacks and their hypothesized solutions. It is still a very early Alpha version.


First of all: Inheritance concept is great. I love the intro. I'll just smack you with the good ol' "It has great potential.™" saying.
You'll basically manage your day-to-day routine of exploring your newly inherited mansion and steer Anna and Eve towards fearing you, trusting or build affection with the PC through randomly occuring events.
However - it currently lacks a clear direction and goal you steer towards. There are some vague mysteries set and you can decide for yourself what path both girls will walk; but I'm left wondering if Inheritance will solely focus on managing Anna and Eve sandbox style or dwelve deeper into the backstory of PC's uncle and the world.


Anna's and Eve's progression so far can feel jagged. It's probably a biproduct of the fluid nature of the TF states you're currently going for. I do like their chemistry - though I feel that there's much room to explore with their relationship - to exploit or synergize.
Some sort of individual milestones / achievements for their training would be great that once set are hard to revert. Small details like never referring to the PC as master anymore, gestures like learning how the PC likes his coffee or new obedient stances / behaviors the PC conditions them to. Such milestones would enhance Inheritance with a RPG-esque element and provide small time goals the player may or may not work to.


Due to the free exploratory nature of Inheritance's concept grinding and large parts of non-content currently cripple the game. There are dozens of rooms desperately waiting for content. With no indication of what events and scenes even exist finding the well written - albeit given by their nature - generic scenes is tedious and enjoying all of its variations becomes a chore.
That's nothing new - most TWINE CYOA games face this problem where only experimenting and exploring may lead to new results. But it goes double for a "sandbox" game like Inheritance: The player takes greater responsibility to be even more thorough in order to satisfy their curiosity. I'm probably not the only one finding pleasure in exploring such story games to their fullest. Not giving a guideline on what is and what isn't twists my desire and turns it to a self-imposed grind ordeal. A journal noting timeframes locations and requirements to a greater or lesser extent would immensely help picking what is deemed worthwile by you as the creator for the player to experience while reducing their downtime.


Also I'm not fond of the way the game currently handles the passing of time and mansion traversal. Granted - the finicky and limited controls may be in part due to limitations of the TWINE engine. Yet I can't say in clear conscience I'm happy with the way things are handled - it's easy to be spoiled by the unnoticably convenient UI designs professional games offer. A dozen clicks to get from one place to another just feels to cumbersome.


It is likely most of the aforementioned critics get solved whenever a healthy amount of events are present. Afterall these factors in of themselves aren't critical but amplify each other.
If nothing else try the intro of Inheritance, decide if you like its concept and wait a few versions.

Review by Tevildo77
Version reviewed: A1 Cheat on 2017-11-03 10:20:58

Well I only have the non payed for edition so obviously I am out of date and there isn't really much "game" in it yet. So firstly the writing: Damn it is good I really felt sorry for those poor girls and the PC seems like an actual decent human being and not a total asshat (of course that is probably because of how I play him.) That said this writing has left me rather tied up as far as options and variety go XD since these girls are written like actual rape survivors and it is very believable I cannot even consider the idea of doing anything but reassuring the poor things! Which is both a good and a bad thing the good being how your writing makes me unable to be mean to these characters, and bad since I cannot actually be mean to these characters XD

Review by jwk92
Version reviewed: A1 Cheat on 2017-11-03 08:45:15

it looks promising, but  is the content for now just the intro and afterwards only exloring with only the one covo with anna when you can ask if she's ok and somehow you scold here or the option to scold her because that's all that I can do now. and yes I am the gentle type icase that matters.

Review by luchoxzx
Version reviewed: PreAlpha1 on 2017-10-05 17:51:15

wow, i mean, just wow. impresive

its only an intro but its already better than most of the games here.

hope you get to upload soon.keep up the good work

Review by Mugen Kagemaru
Version reviewed: Movement Test on 2017-05-17 19:46:47


It seems he can't praise or criticize it, but he was amazed and in his amazement he was motivated to release his own.

I think that's a win, bruh.

Review by fixsxd
Version reviewed: Movement Test on 2017-05-17 16:20:41

Im not gona say that this game is good or bad only that im amazed and found the motivation to release my own.

Review by asianpersuasion
Version reviewed: Concept 2 on 2017-02-08 21:26:22

I very much like this game and agree overall with Wolves' points. There are a few spelling errors, but the grammar is readable and good overall so as to not destroy my immersion into the game. (I think you forgot a ' for can't a couple times.) I would love to help for this game anyway I can. (programming is not my strength lol.)

Review by Erik1986
Version reviewed: Concept 2 on 2017-02-08 13:30:24

So, first impression is actualy nice. Writing is well done sofar, i take it you are either a native english speaker or have good knowledge of english grammar, because i coudnt find anny obvious error in spelling or grammar sofar. That puts it above many othr games of late that have non-native english creaters in terms of not needen spell checking as much. (No insult intended to those authors btw, i aint native nor flawless myself). Atmosphere is being nicely set.

Story wise i must say it does follow a rather simmilar plot to the KISS game Custom Maid 3D (and in extend CM3D 2). Same story wise build up about an uncle who lets the protag inherit his mansion and assets. Now that said i guess the whole story was not the most original, but where you take the gameplay next will determine its merits opposed to similar games, so i will reserve judgement on that till the game has a more firm footing in content.

Overall it does intrigue me to keep and eye on it, so good luck with it, hope to see more from it in the future.

Review by JoeW
Version reviewed: Concept 2 on 2017-02-03 23:26:20

I went to depositfiles and could not find a link to the version on this site.  It is in the discussion though.

Review by manarak
Version reviewed: Concept 2 on 2017-02-03 20:40:49

oh come on... depositfiles? really?


Review by WolveNZ
Version reviewed: Concept 2 on 2017-02-03 20:29:50

So far the concept seems almost traditional - Young man inherits Mansion with slaves. This sounds like a solid and normal backstory.


But - the choices seem very polarised at the moment - you either be nice (and your monolog bitches about your uncle) or you be a asshole (and sound like a 2 year old having an outburst)


otherwise not much to say at this point.