Monsters of the Forest

Author: aaaac
Version: .3.99.03
Last Updated: 2020-07-28 16:45:46

Review by imercenary
Version reviewed: .3.75.15 on 2019-12-31 20:22:12

Neat but still early and falls into the common problem of uneven path writing. Most options put you on the ant path, which is fine since thats the most developed path. But because of the dead ends and false options, even when you play a second or third time, its hard to find the other paths.

Review by prismgoy
Version reviewed: .3.75.12 on 2019-07-21 22:15:35

Keeps getting better with each word count addition. I'm personally not all into Antgirls, but I'm eagerly awaiting the end of the Kitsune route. If *you* are into ants, that route is finished. Dunno why you'd be into a hivemind, but I won't judge.

Review by pifpafpouf
Version reviewed: .3.75.1 on 2019-03-25 06:44:10

"Let me tell you of the days of high adventure" This reference made my day. 10/10 game

Review by core_nxt
Version reviewed: .3.75.05 on 2018-07-20 02:06:00

Became an all antgirl party, was great, but i had to rechoose choices because there is no back button when you read up on the queen spider.

Review by Huntermun
Version reviewed: .3.75.03 on 2018-04-05 06:26:26

I'm sorry I've not gone through this game before... I rather enjoyed it.

The most negative thing I can say about it is that it really hurts when I reach an unfinished branch... and when you're biggest complaint about something is that you want more and there isn't any more, well... that's pretty good.

Otherwise, as a critique, I would say my biggest problem functionally is that there's not much game to this game.  By that, I mean that though your actions and alterations do change what happens later—and that is awesome, keep it up!—there should probably be more than there is.

For example, making it more clear what's in the character's inventory and then being put in situations where choices open up or fall away based upon what items you've used up or aquired.  The same could be true for any abilities that might "fool them once, but not twice" or something, given you a feeling of tactics upon when to finally use them.

As only the Ants appear to have endings, more variations in the endings would be nice... again, based on earlier choices as well as choices in that moment.  For example, going human, staying a woman, or remaining as is might have variations where you're given short options of what you'd try to do rather than just one split for each.  Maybe encourage your friends to change into monsters too, or stay as women?  Just a thought.

Additionally, it would be interesting if more of the monster types showed up in any one path of the story and give you unique interactions based upon what creature you're turning into an how much.  What I mean is, there's really only Ants and Spiders down that Ant path... and I didn't see either of those down the Kitsune stuff.

I'd love to request another canine to change into... perhaps a werewolf or a cerberus?  But that's just my personal tastes.  I already like the choices there seem'll be in here.

For the unfinished Ant chain where you're queen and save your friends, might I request an ending in which you treat your friends to a meal which makes them into ants as well.  Ant Adventurers!  Or, you know, have the option to abandon the friends once you are queen and get one of those insatiable sessions with the male and female ants?  Or make that part of the victory ending of that line?  Or with your friends who are also ants!

...for anyone wondering about my review, I said I rather enjoyed it.  I'll "play" again with more updates, to be sure... Bookmarked it.  I simply enjoyed what "little" was there—and I use that word loosely—that I badly want more.  Again, I think that's a good sign that the main negative I have about the story is that there's not more of it.

Review by The_Batter
Version reviewed: .3.75.03 on 2018-03-22 20:04:08

Happy anniversary.

Review by Fallout2287
Version reviewed: .3.5.05 on 2017-07-21 16:13:09

this game is great! <3 i love how you do those insect girl TF's so i hope you keep up the good work and continue doing those Tf's well.

Review by =+QWERTYU+=
Version reviewed: .3.5.03 on 2017-06-15 05:06:36

A Really fun game, decent plot, enjoyable to fap. My only qualms with this is that the grammar requires some work, and more, alot more polish to the game.

Review by Megaduck
Version reviewed: .3.0.07 on 2017-04-06 15:19:11

A short but entertaining game.  I enjoyed the sense of humor and the small jokes sprinkled through the game.

Review by aegis7
Version reviewed: .3.0.04 on 2017-03-26 23:36:31

A short but fairly engaging TF/TG short story. I can't call it interactive, because at this stage there's really only one way to go. Still, updates have been frequent, so this isn't shaping up to be another game uploaded before it has any content and abandoned forever. What's there is interesting and slow TFs can be somewhat hard to come by, so I appreciate that aspect.


Some quibbles though. It desperately needs a better title. Not only is the current one incredibly generic but due to the lax grammar and phrasing I almost didn't download it because I figured the rest of the story would be just as poirly written. I was quite happily mistaken, however. Still, a better title would draw more people in. "Into the Spiders Web"? Something like that. 

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: .3.0.03 on 2017-03-25 03:09:29

Writing is okay. Story is okay. The only drawback at this point is that it is too short. 5 minutes and I hit my first placeholder.

Review by Hwgrl15
Version reviewed: .3.0.01 on 2017-03-23 21:57:26

Do you remember a time when the Play Now button played the game instead of going to a download?

Peppridge Farms remembers.

Review by fixsxd
Version reviewed: .3 on 2017-03-22 12:09:21

The story itself is ok.

The implementation is not so good.


Review by Pancakemang
Version reviewed: .3 on 2017-03-22 05:50:45

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