Make Maids

Author: subli
Version: 1.0.2
Last Updated: 2016-06-26 06:51:41

Review by Arael
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2018-09-23 15:15:20

Short, cute, and complete. Like maids? Give it a try.

Review by SVinter
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2017-09-27 19:31:52

The writing is good and solid. I did thou feel abit railroaded while playing/reading it. 6/10

Review by Kevin Smarts
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2016-06-26 15:07:14

The endings in the game are abrupt and it really stands out, but this is because the game upto that pont is so good and engrossing. I didn't even notice the spelling errors mentioned so I guess they are either fixed or simply not noticable.


I would love to see an expansion to the endings as the TF is well handled both with the pysical and mental elements and an ero scene or 2 would be a lovely reward to conclude the storylines.

Highly recommended.

Review by impulse
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2016-06-25 17:16:15

I enjoyed this game before this update because it was unfinished. But now it is complete and the complete version is unsatisfying and over to quickly. The endings all seem very rushed as well. When I finished the first ending I chose I found myself saying that was it and I had the same reaction to the others.

Review by ssm0use
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2016-06-25 05:51:32

Game seems to make more sense if you go along or embrace the changes. However, if you try to fight it, it pulls you along anyway and the scenes make much less sense. 


Also, caught a bug toward the end: <<else if>> bad condition: $libido gt vanity.

Know you've put a lot of work into the story, but I'd like to see more if you go all out trying to resist.  He seems far too accepting of the changes and discovering he has breast forms and a chastity belt in this context. 

Review by amythist
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2016-06-24 23:42:02

very good, if linear game, wish it was longer, would have liked to seen more beyond the selection of the contracts, rather than a brief (mostly generic) epiloge screen, either more gameplay as you fall into your role based on the selection or just a longer epiloge that gives more closure/detail to the endings

Review by Onedrift
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2016-06-24 17:45:22

I actually really liked this. The transformation was a bit rushed, but it also showed that the our protaganist's mind was pliable and accepting to the hynposis treatment.

Plus I am a sucker for happy/sappy endings like the Felicia/Violet ending, kinda envious of our (un)lucky hero.

Review by TheeSpongeman
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2016-06-24 16:44:15

Spell check is your best friend. Also the whole being made into a made thing seems rushed. Where's the panic? The effort to find some sanity after the tf? Just sudden approval is just weird. It also just ends suddenly and abrubtly. Obviously whoever made it just decided to throw in the towel and call it quits, but wanted it to at least have a conclusion, as bare bones as an conclusion can be.

Review by Xodiac
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2016-05-09 22:58:34

I hope this is continued, and I'd love to see this finished.  I love the gradual change of the player's mind.  But the interface seriously needs a back or undo button.  For one thing, if you view your stats there seems to be no way back to the story short of reloading the page, which starts it all over.  And it could well be you make a choice and don't like the result, or just want to see what would have happened if you took the other path.  Without that back button, you must, again, start all over.

Review by soldatoflife
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2015-11-04 21:00:05

I like anything that has to do with Maids. I like how you slowly add layers of ingrained actions almost feel natural as the main character goes through this tried and true process that's being exported to the states. I'd almost apply even knowing of the consequences, though I'd try to go to Japan still as that's where much of my interest in life resides. The long texts and detailed situations are what I love the most in stories. Yours are not too long and not too short. Why must games in development always have to stop when they are just becoming interesting....

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2015-08-05 04:43:16

1) Make Maids is now a Twine HTML AIF instead of a Rag anymore. So 0.3.0 is a rewrite instead of an update.

2) I am impressed. While assuming the story could be broken and unfinished, it went on pretty well. Yes, the story is plain in a way, a little too much details in between and the appearance change seems all of a sudden, but the over all impression is good. The most important part is that the story and the choices are far more reasonable than I would have hoped. I have spent a good 20 minutes on this story and find this story entertaining. It is a fiction that deserved more than 2 reviews and should have a lot more attention than it is right now.

3) The stat page back button is broken. While the reader can always press the back button, I think it is a good idea to have it fixed.

Review by habilon
Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 2014-02-03 23:58:47

add more content, fix up a few spelling errors (usually lack of spaces) and you got yourself a a nice game, right now it feels pretty simple, but hopefuly with more content it will be awesome

Review by craze1x
Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 2013-01-15 18:59:29

Pretty solid, though it does kind of end abruptly(I'm assuming this is due to it's not being finished yet) and lacks images. Despite this still one of the better ones I've played.