Boxgirl Venture

Author: sexyboxgirl
Version: 012
Last Updated: 2017-05-29 07:54:47

Review by AGoldenGirl
Version reviewed: 012 on 2019-09-24 02:11:49

A great idea for a game which targets a fetish not too often explored in these kinds of games. The authors ability to write compelling and arousing story is there, with a decent system of mechanics within the game to enjoy, albeit not a great amount of choice in the direction of what happens. 7/10.

Review by FlammableMole
Version reviewed: 012 on 2019-08-12 01:55:06

Interesting game, I'm hoping SexyBoxGirl gets back into the groove that was lost after being involved in the accident and continues this or an updated version.

Review by Ms.Maidenform
Version reviewed: 012 on 2018-01-22 18:05:58

The State if this game is not too great but it's a nice idea. Maybe few things need to be changed because even resisting seems to make you starve but feeding only on that will not work. Maybe it would be a better story than a game

Review by latexkhaleesi
Version reviewed: 012 on 2017-11-07 20:05:18

Really good game so far, Theres a story and you feel like you really get to participate c: and be naughty. #kinky

Review by AeylinFaith
Version reviewed: 012 on 2017-11-07 04:36:55

Interesting, looking good so far!

Promising both in it's current (and future) features & writing.

As of now theres a good bit of content to give you a feel for the game but not enough to be actually playable, yet I highly reccomend you check it out to see if it's something your interested in or not!

Looking forward to seeing more of this ^__~<3 Sweet concept too :D

Review by Demento56
Version reviewed: 012 on 2017-10-03 23:57:57

Very promising game with tons of potential. Honestly disappointed to see the creator seems to have lost interest after only 2 weeks of working on it.

Review by scuicidebadger
Version reviewed: 012 on 2017-05-31 14:40:42

Well designed so far, great start. As for improvements, I suggest allowing for streamlining desicions as clicking options does get a bit repetive, I like the idea of choosing whether you pleasure a man or not or even resit, maybe have it so the more you click a given option then this could streamline descions, this could be a side menu, I have noticed an issue with the mental state as it states a bad if conditional expresion, maybe take a look into that.

Another idea may be to add some info regarding the next box update (type 2/3) on how long you need to serve/ weeks remaining Overall a good game so far, 


Review by captplague
Version reviewed: 012 on 2017-05-29 14:11:32

Lots of potential - Things that would make me commit to adding to the patreon -


1) Statistic Sidebar. with things like "submissiveness" , "arousal" , "femininity", "oral skill", etc.


2) Player Description Sidebar, instead of having to look at yourself each day - potential for representative character art?


3) Being able to further transform into a full on female bimbo in a box complete with all the accessories.


4) Detailed mental description or "what player is thinking right now"


5) Being able to streamline decsions on a daily basis? Lots of clicking gets repetative.



Looking forward to see where this goes, will keep an eye on it

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 012 on 2017-05-29 08:40:37


Time for review

We can aplaud for 2 reason

The good:its reasonable good writing

The bad:When you laugh on the novice programing mistakes on your game


I vish you have funn making this game.

Review by Calmswamp
Version reviewed: 011 on 2017-05-27 13:28:17

As someone who works in retail, this game hits way too close to home.

Review by Eliseleclaire
Version reviewed: 011 on 2017-05-23 17:34:15

Very, very cool and sexy concept for a game, I'm not in very far but the writing is very decent and the gameplay itself seems very fun! I love good upgrade systems, and the level of detail in the more advanced character creator really lets you go wild. Kudos! Hope to see more updates in the future!

Review by fixsxd
Version reviewed: 011 on 2017-05-19 11:38:05

Ok a bit of review


the game improwing=>slowly in a wrong way (rememmber you make a porn game and broke the 1 hand law!!!)

as of now stats are for bad end calkulator nothing else ): 5 min until becomes boring


Review by ada Krane
Version reviewed: 010 on 2017-05-17 02:23:56

This game is first of all novel and fairly well written. I really love the writer's twisted sense of authority and control. It also hits a fetish that is often overlooked on this site: objectification. (Beyond turning someone into a statue, for whatever reason). It also has the ability to explore darkly into the psyche of both the objectified character and those who would objectify him. Another great narrative feature of this game is that expository devices aren't necessary after the initial setup. The game instead relies on the player's lack of authorship to instill a sense of vulnerability and eventually accept that the only real control you have is how you react to your situation. 

As of yet the game is fairly unplayable. Currently there appears about 20-30k words of content most of which prefaces the core loop of the game (pass time->work->upgrade->). As a previous reviewer mentioned the game felt repetitive. There was a mention of "choices" being the antidote but I think that the fatal flaw may be contained within the core loop using twine/text as a medium.

Conventional logic is that twine and other textual bassed games are for telling stories. Free Cities and Aika's Trap Quest have subverted that by making the stories secondary to the underlying sytems. And that's what Boxgirl seems to be trying to do also. The difference is that in Trap Quest and Free Cities, content is player requested or anticipated. It's often short and non-descriptive, evocative without being explicit.

Boxgirl gives you a full-on scene of no less than 500 words per action, and there are probably 5-10 of them, and they repeat daily, and there's nothing to do but click "next" in order to progress the day. Oh, and it scrolls, so click, scroll, click, scroll and this game becomes the most tiring clicker ever made. 

I can't help but wonder if this game would do much better if the scenes were shorter with a bit of description and a line of dialog or two and there were say, 100 of them instead of 10. And perhaps they were random so even if you got the same one, it wouldn't be perfectly the same every time. 

And there are some smaller niggles. Some things not implemented that should be. Some minor spelling errors. A sort of obtuse economy and other things that will surely be worked out if the developer continues this project.

But I'll say something right now: Box Girl has a lot of potential and I surely wouldn't be writing about it otherwise. With such great imagination and understanding of the core sexual experience I hope to see this game refined into something really original and exciting.

Review by Jpmaggers
Version reviewed: 010 on 2017-05-16 19:21:13

After spending some time playing Boxgirl Venture I'm really looking forward to see how the game develops. The concept is interesting and imaginative with some well written prose, making the text based game lovely to read.

What few complaints I have about the game can largely be summed up as early version issues, such as, lack of choices in certain areas, a couple of interface issues that need solving (ability to skip through a week and options to buy multiple upgrades) as well as lack of content issues that many early release games have.

Overall very enjoyable and looking forward to seeing more releases :)


Review by Fallenthe
Version reviewed: 010 on 2017-05-16 16:42:13

Really liked this game so far! But as "LufiaLunar" already said, there is alot of things that would improve the game quite a bit! (also refferring to LufiaLunar suggestions)


Reallyyyy looking forward to comming updates.



Review by LufiaLunar
Version reviewed: 010 on 2017-05-16 15:38:44

More of a management style game, with RNG elements as you live your days in a box. you quickly get bored with the fact that you have no control over 6 days out of the week. the 7th day of the week is you choosing what upgrade you want and then continue with the next 6 days. During the 6 days you are bombarded with text thats almost identical to each other, then given an evaluation: good, bad, or nuetral. which gives you money or takes it away. So expect to click "next" ALOT! would like a skip function, or a button to do all three phases at once. would be easier then hitting next 4-5 times a day. then times that by 6 days....yeah lots of just clicking next with same text

you need 11 dollars to survive each week. certain weeks can be really good and certain weeks can be really bad.

Since you dont know what happens outside your "world", the words you see get really repetitive.

I like the Idea that you can upgrade yourself/box to get more customers/do better? Its not really stated so you have to Assume a lot of the things that happens. Example Upgrade skin? why they are just using your mouth, they never see you. Upgrade Voice? your not allowed to talk to them.

Even if you change the settings to extreme, all it allows you to do is change your starting character. everything else is the same.

Things to improve would defintly be the Upgrade screen. give you an Idea what does what when you upgrade stuff/yourself. example: upgrading box. makes you look prettier. ahhhh does that mean i get a flower on top of my box now? does that increase the number of customers? Quality? do I even get to see what kind a box it is now?

I dont see any MTF Elements in the game, It would be nice if Olivia talked to you more. Dont they have security cameras to watch the box? have Olivia chat about some random customer to you during maintenance. when you get NON stop negative remarks, have Olivia look into it to see if its you doing your job or if its just some random A**hole/s who had a bad day. A gang could just have been messing with you since they think its funny. it would give the player and character a bigger picture view of whats going on.

If this is just the Foundation for a game, then it barely passes.

Review by doom12321
Version reviewed: 010 on 2017-05-16 03:13:32

boring 1 dimensional game. its more like a story than a game tbh. nothing to do but hit continue. dont know why this author is here instead of at archiveofourown. someone clearly dont know the definiton of a game. dont know if it is from stupidity or otherwise. a loop is not playable. its a fucking concept.

Review by lurkingbutpleasant
Version reviewed: 009 on 2017-05-15 20:14:05

Interesting start, but I think it needs a game mechanic during the blowjobs so you have more influence over what happens.  So the player (and perhaps the character) starts to recognize different types of customers from how they behave and match their behavior accordingly to try and get the output the player wants, whether it's more money or being rewarded or punished.  Effectively, I think this game needs a combo system or counter system, however you want to think about it.

Review by Damann23
Version reviewed: 008 on 2017-05-15 13:45:01

For a first release, this has a lot of content.


I took the chance of downloading this while there weren't any reviews and I'm glad I did. I presonally enjoy the setting, but there's a few things I would suggest. 

1) Make the check up every few days, but keep the credit numbers the same. It takes far too long to get to the point where I can change things, and with so much time between changes, it gets tedious.

2) Allow for more than one purchase each checkup. Otherwise, you're incentivizing just spending all of your credits on one thing instead of lots of small purchases, which disuades me from improxing the box/buying bottles/adding padding ect. 

3) Write more BJ scenes. In it's current form, I see the same small snippet so many times that I stop reading them. This may improve with the changes in time I suggested earlier, but I dunno.

I love the direction and your writing is great. Keep it up!

Review by Annonamoose
Version reviewed: 008 on 2017-05-15 11:44:15

An interesting setting, but the progression in this game is very slow. Has potential with future updates, but only if the process is sped up or streamlined in my opinion.