Hard Times in Hornstown

Author: Unlikely
Version: 4.53 (PHP)
Last Updated: 2020-09-16 17:33:49

Review by mimi69
Version reviewed: 3.7 (PHP) on 2019-12-19 09:53:53

This game is wow amazing!

This game was how I found TFGames.

This game has many many many choices and things you can do or things that people can do to you. 

This game has very good stories, very good pictures, and you can play it any way you want. And they keep adding more story. Now you can be a detective, or porn star, or own your own. You can  work hard to change your body and mind or dake drugs and surgery and get changed. You can be tough guy in jail or just get fucked over there. 

There is lots of options for fucking. 

This is one of my favorite games!

Review by Eschation
Version reviewed: 3.53 (PHP) on 2019-11-23 22:07:49


This is mostly going to be complaints. Before I get into it, though, I should mention that the game does have content which I enjoyed playing through, however, I only enjoyed it by doing my best to ignore/avoid the following:

The save system is fucking atrocious. If you play online, you have to save files to wherever your browser's downloads go. On top of that, they are not saved as .txt files, but the game requires you to have .txt on files when you try to load them. Is this supposed to be a joke? Every time you want to load, you have to edit the file to add .txt to it.

You have a timed quest for which the initial trigger can execute apparently any time, regardless of whether you have the stats to perform the quest successfully. So, basically, you can be screwed out of getting the best ending by receiving it too early, through pure RNG.

Involuntary M2F still requires involuntary sex with a man in order for it to stop being a daily, incredibly inconvenient, chore, or cost ridiculous amounts of money. Also, this doesn't make much sense. You get $500 up front and sign a contract legally binding you FOREVER to engage in a daily activity until the other party releases you. You get no further money. What?

I've encountered situations where my character should have the ability to resist, but doesn't. Prison rape is one. Paying fees to an extortionist while prostituting is another. Maybe that's because of submissiveness? If so, what I've seen other games do is put the option there, but gray it out and make it unselectable, thus letting the player know what they could have done otherwise.

There are events that basically don't tell you what kind of sexual content you're going to see, so if you want to find out, you have to try them. After trying them, depending on your personal preferences, there's plenty of chances for it to be something you didn't want.

A lot of conversation "puzzles" don't really make sense. Like, you can accidentally "fail" a conversation because you're not able to read the game author's mind. This basically makes the walkthrough required, unless you want to save-scum through them.

Not being interested in certain content can cause certain jobs to go poorly, namely the camgirl job and the escort job. I believe refusing requests actually steps down your average income for the camgirl job, while accepting them steps it up. I'm not sure about the consequences for the escort job, other than if you're not doing well and you don't want to have sex with a transexual it will cost you $300.

However you feel about incest content... this game touts that it has it (with stepmom and stepsister, so... actually not)... but it's just choosing to view three scenes over the course of three days and then it's gone forever.

The clothing system is just super underdeveloped. Certain activities will change your outfit and leave you in it. This includes the supermarket job, which you pretty much need to do daily, and the stripper job, which you could easily choose to do daily. There's no ability to set a default outfit nor to save any outfits, and there's very few outfit options.

I'm pretty sure the supermarket job is 7 days a week, which is a bit excessive.

I'll stop here mainly because I'm tired of writing this.

Review by trippers
Version reviewed: 3.2 (PHP) on 2019-07-26 20:13:51

There's a break in the latest version posted in "Play Now" where the game goes to a white screen the first time you disobey Lily.


There's another problem related to this where you apparently can't tell the game to wear different clothes every day and have to change from your default clothing every time. This caused me to disobey Lily accidentally and then the game wouldn't let me backtrack that. I don't really consider not being able to backtrack a problem since that's cheating, but the first thing is definitely a huge problem, and the second thing is very annoying.


Otherwise fantastic game, and I applaud your efforts. Please fix these problems though or I won't be able to enjoy playing the game.

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 3.11 (PHP) on 2019-07-08 11:37:08

This game is a mix of basic life sim and lots of stand alone story lines.

The pro: You can be what you probably wish for if you find the right npc

Cowers lots of fetish

The con: the game is completely static system with little to no interaction between story lines

with lot of npc and story lines the game spread too wide : the player lost in a jungle

The php engine sometimes crash.


If you save often then you will probably find your favorite kind story in time with outdated guide or forum post,

and have some fun.


Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 2.92 (PHP) on 2019-05-24 21:43:54

Hard Times in Hornstown is one of the better GUI games in TF Games Site. Many items are 3D generated, including a town map, the avatar that works with clothes and body changes and the NPCs. Hornstown also comes with a relatively complete walkthrough, or tips section, in her website. If you are the type of people who does not want to miss out anything, this is a great help.

The game can branch off in different directions, many of the early encounters works together. Say you can try the Maid plotline and the Sissy plotline and even the Body modification plotline at the same time at the very early beginning. However at certain point one of them will stop progressing because of you unable to match all the criterias, say the sissy plotline requires you to at least have a peen. If this is you first visit to the game, Maid plot line has the most depth while it works with the body transformation, sissification, exhibition, bdsm and a lot more. Just talk with your maid the first thing you do every game morning and make sure you have the money to keep afloat.

If you are an old timer, the latest development seems to focus on humiliation. There is a tattoo artist in the town and a circus on the edge of it. Make sure to try them out.

There is also the beach, the new clinic, the new servantide business, the sex shop, the clubs, the gyms, the mall and a lot more in this game that you can explore. Pay them a visit if you have the game time.

To sum it up, it is a pretty good game on the site that sets in the middle of a sandbox game and a story oriented game. I think everyone should give this one a go.


Review by aegis7
Version reviewed: 2.63 (PHP) on 2019-02-19 02:54:09

From my experience, this seems like a game that can't wait to rush through the actual transformation in order to get to the fetish content. I like involuntary TFs, so I picked that route. What suprised me was that it was basically identical to the voluntary route, but instead of willingly taking the drug, your character signs a (IRL entirely illegal) contract where he is fined every day he doesn't participate in a drug trial. It then plays out basically identically, and the only way to stop taking the drugs is that once a TF treshold is reached, you can have sex with the doctor before being dumped into the open world, where you seem to be treated and react to every situation as if you were born a woman. 

I should mention at this point that there are absolutely no mental effects whatsoever that I could find. I would say the PC acts wildly out of character whenever you force them into fetish situations, however they don't really have a character to begin with. You're never given the oppertunity to become immersed in him or his story. This makes the changes they go through quite unsatifying to me. 

If you like voluntary TFs, you may enjoy this game. The renders are high quality, and there is plenty of content covering many different fetishes. However, if you want something with an actual character being changed, especially against their will, there's really not much here for you. 

Review by Kei-chan
Version reviewed: 2.61 (PHP) on 2019-01-30 13:04:00

I always check in on this game when it updates, but I've just never found it to be all that engaging. As other reviewers have mentioned, the game has sort of an informative tone, and while there is some amount of transformation content, it seems to serve the exclusive purpose of opening up sex scenes, or leading directly into sex scenes, and not much else. Becoming a bimbo, for example, changes very little about the game outside of the very specific bimbo events; the game even treats your self-description as you were before the bimbo transformation. There's little to no mental aspect involved in any of the transformations, as well, save for the bimbo one, which itself lacks impact because your character has about as much personality as a cardboard box beforehand, so there's not much to contrast. I imagine the author's reasoning behind this was that he didn't want to tell people how their character is behaving or what they're thinking (a big no-no when roleplaying), but the concept doesn't exactly translate to a game like this.

Also, despite containing a fair amount of dom/sub content, which usually tickles me, the lack of mental aspects really sucks all the gravity out of it. Is your character used to obedience? How do they feel about being bound up or humiliated? Why is there no option to struggle or submit, in many of these cases? There's simply a total absence of both characterization and player agency; it's like roleplaying with a partner who's GMing, minus all of your responses to their posts. You're just reading a narrative without input, or reaction. Things happen, you click to continue, but you're completely removed from them. It's like you're just watching someone else doing all of it.

I dunno, that's about all I can say. It's a pretty complete game, the renders are of acceptable quality, and the bones of the game are there, it's just completely lacking any sort of meat. My advice to the author would be to cut the patreon push towards more, more, more, and go back and flesh out what you've already got. You're making enough money off of patreon that you could afford to commission another writer to give everything a once-over, if you don't feel up to it yourself.

Review by manarak
Version reviewed: 2.61 (PHP) on 2019-01-30 09:35:24

this is a rather high-quality game, but there are several limitations to the free version.
the stories are good, writing good, etc. but one thing I don't like about the game is the limited fap material and the "serious" atmosphere, colors, graphics, etc. are rather cold and don't get me into the right "mood".

Review by Orphoenix
Version reviewed: 2.42 (PHP) on 2018-12-15 17:30:14

I want to really like this game but all I end up with is frustrated with all the crashes and all the corrupted saves. I can't save and load if theres a crash because then that crashes and I can't play straight through because the game just crashes. Its too bad that a game this good just dies on you and you have to start all over. If you don't mind playing for 30 minutes intervals just to start over this is the best game. Otherwise wait until these bugs get fixed or its just going to upset you.

Review by Moistpaper
Version reviewed: 2.4 (PHP) on 2018-12-01 17:52:00

Could you add back in the old map version as the newer version doesn't work for touch screen devices.

Review by Millstone
Version reviewed: 2.4 (PHP) on 2018-12-01 09:37:42

The female start is blocked for non-patreon memebers. Same with teh bimbo content apparently.

Review by tfg2
Version reviewed: 2.4 (PHP) on 2018-12-01 05:58:36

The 2.4 content (bimbofication path ect.) still seems to be locked as of the Novmber 30th 2.4 public release.

Review by tlmesi
Version reviewed: 2.33 (PHP) on 2018-11-14 00:13:36

It's neat on a technical level, but it lacks a certain "something". The whole game comes off having an "informative" air about it rather than sexy. Even during the sexy bits.

What you have here is your typical "sim" game, but with the added benefit of a paper doll system. I really like games that include the whole paper doll setup as it makes it all a bit more personal, and you can actively see changes that are happening. While the system here is good, it isn't great. It's just more of a visual representation than anything else. No real personality to it or style.

All the characters and player are visually represented by your general Daz3d models. Daz is great for churning out a bunch of different characters and stuff, but not so great at looking good and having any kind of style to it. All the characters are rendered in the same flat, green lighting that's reminisce of office lighting. Which gets to be a bit nauseating to look at after a while, and tends to kill any sexiness that the characters should have had. I realize it's tough to create characters, and even harder to create compelling artwork for them, but as it is now, it's boring.

Which brings me to the sexy parts. I mean it's there. The writing isn't bad, but neither is it good. It's pretty neutral in terms of eroticism, which harkens back to the whole game having an informative tone. I realize that's not the objective of the creator, but it's just my interpetation. Sex is just a long block of text. With all the different renders and such, I would have thought there would be some sort of system in place to create visuals for it. Even if it was something generic.

There's a deep system there in terms of the sim though, I can't fault it for that. But the game overall lacks style, which is a bit typical for sim games. It just needs a personal touch to the game. It has a potential to be pretty good, but the whole experience now is kind of flat.

Review by romansampo
Version reviewed: 2.32 (PHP) on 2018-10-28 03:19:16

Love this game!

Have been following it for a long time. My biggest issue, though, is constant issues with the paper doll system in shops, which doesn't seem to take into account changes to the PC. even after feminisation, the paperdoll shows the original guy...

Review by zxchara14
Version reviewed: 2.22 (PHP) on 2018-10-05 18:23:24

I must say this is the best game on this site and this is no BS.

I love the freedom to chose your own path from becoming the alpha-male to being Lily's sissy, Ican't get enough! I can't wait for the sissy maid staoryline on the 16th in 11 days.

My favorite charaacter is Taylor at the Naked Clam.  


Review by sparkysnail321
Version reviewed: 2.21 (PHP) on 2018-09-27 20:00:04

System error code 223

No process is on the other end of the pipe
This error message appears because < < display php error
messages at runtime > > is turned on in PHP
settings=>Debugging page. Do you want to disable future
error messages?

Review by wulren
Version reviewed: 2.2 (PHP) on 2018-09-27 13:26:31

no problem to download and install this version


Still have some bug in the php data traitement. some of this bug dont brake the game other does... but its alway none repetable error.


this message stay "You could call 'Service with a Smile' from the card Mrs. Spencer dropped" repop all the time and its a shame as you could not do anything with it...


do you let it on purpuse to recrute some patron user ? ... i prefere to think its just a bug 


Review by Felicat
Version reviewed: 2.2 (PHP) on 2018-09-27 00:47:03

well.. maybe, just maybe it would be a good ideao to register the version of exeoutput... newest version won't start, just giving an errormessage, saying the trial version of exeoutput for php has expired..

Review by MADDEN569
Version reviewed: 2.12 (PHP) on 2018-08-31 23:29:00

Tried to play the game. I will say there are game breaking bugs. Like in EC. When you cruise and pick someone up it crashes when you choose what to do. Mira is not implemented for public release and it seems after almost any major choice it crashes. It is UNPLAYABLE at this point I am sad to say this but I am starting to hate this game and I am frustrated that I cannot play it.

Review by punkyss
Version reviewed: 2.11 (PHP) on 2018-08-29 18:57:10

I cant find save or load options anywhere in both download version and online version. Somtimes game is crashing when leaving phone after using app

Review by Unlikely
Version reviewed: 2.1 (PHP) on 2018-08-28 18:17:17

I am adding this review to my own game because I have not found another way to respond here.

lula: The problem is - I believe - caused by browser cache systems while you play the game. I have implemented a new solution into the online version. Please check it out and see if it is gone or not, if not I will need to look into new explanations.

Review by lula
Version reviewed: 2.1 (PHP) on 2018-08-28 16:00:31

(Tried to) play the game for the first time today, so browser cache shouldn't be a problem. The character stats and events jumps randomly at every pages. The bug isn't fixed at all contrary to what is claimed. Absolutely unplayable at the moment (PHP 2.1 version of 2018-08-28).

Review by pyralle
Version reviewed: 2.06 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-25 14:10:41

The recent version is buggy to the point of frustration, with crashes every 10 or so minutes. I have no idea how that got past any qa testing (if there is any). 

Review by enaz56
Version reviewed: 2.06 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-23 18:05:32

I used to back HT until a few months ago. The game is unplayable now due to the lag between scenes. Truely a tragedy.

The lag has been fixed, but there are still major bugs in the online version. the game state would get corrupted and all of a sudden im missing dates or the coitan's event is tonight or i'll be fined for missing the experilab trial that i never signed up for. But DEFINITELY and improvment to the 15+ second lags between actions.

Review by chaotik74
Version reviewed: 2.06 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-23 14:16:27

Buggy as hell to the point of being utterly unplayable..appearance, wardrobe, money, your progress through the game..all variables will change wildly without prompting from turn to turn/game day to game day.  which is a shame, becuase if the programmer would bother to actually do some QC on thier work BEFORE releasing it, it could be quite fun.

Review by roy12
Version reviewed: 2.06 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-18 16:55:22

2.03 (PHP) version

How do i play 2.03 PHP version? I have played 1.43 Unity version and it works fine.

I got this error when run it:

"Unregistered Edition"

'This publication which was built with the Trial edition of ExeOutput for PHP has now expired; please rebuild it with ExeOutput for PHP or purchase a license to remove this date limit forever'


Anybody know how to solve this?


2.05 (PHP) version

Looks great by far but too many dead end/bugs. (current playtrough as male, dominant, Bi)

Example :

Review by soldatoflife
Version reviewed: 2.05 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-13 22:46:53

2.05 (PHP) current version online is super buggy. I recommend to put the previous version up until the new one is fixed.

Review by DarthSparda
Version reviewed: 2.04 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-11 10:26:55

Amazing game lots of content and pictures are amazing!  Not alot of customization for all you RP fans but the creator does get all the main things out of the way though.  Did run into quite a few things while playing the game it's very buggy lots of links throughout the game give you game breaking error messages, parts of your clothes go missing for no reason, some chars you talk to have repeat sentences stacked on top of eachother, game does have a noticeable amount of lag, some quest lines give you blank screens and alot of minor bugs here and there that made this game almost unplayable : ( .  With all that being said this game is complete and the creator is active with regular updates still being pushed out by him or her with more content being added to the game.  I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us so far this is a great game and I recommend it with all the bugs and stuff keep up the great work!! ^^

Review by blackbrainz92
Version reviewed: 2.04 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-10 10:30:55

This game is awesome! Great writing, great content and a wide variety of characters and fetishes!
However, the new php version has so many dead ends, it makes certain plotlines unplayable. I hope this can be resolved soon!

Review by arakune
Version reviewed: 2.04 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-09 20:12:20

I'm also unable to pay the 2.03 PHP version. It says it needs to rebuild it in a paid version instead of a trial version.

EDIT: I'm trying to download the 2.04 version but the site is down currently.

Review by srtorres
Version reviewed: 2.03 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-05 06:33:47

Had the same problem as other people did, a lot of 500error page, but I have also noticed that when using the back option of my browser the timer counts forth instead of counting back. I think that should be solved.

Othe than that is a good game.

Review by cjay27
Version reviewed: 2.02 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-01 17:01:28

Get the same message as the other guy

this publication which was built with the trial edition of exeoutput for php has now expired; please rebuild it with exeoutput for php or purchase a license to remove this data limit forever

Review by chanelhanna
Version reviewed: 2.02 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-08-01 02:24:41

when i open the .EXE  file, the following warning shows :

this publication which was built with the trial edition of exeoutput for php has now expired; please rebuild it with exeoutput for php or purchase a license to remove this data limit forever 

Review by Baralover001
Version reviewed: 2.02 (PHP) 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-07-29 02:47:15

can anyone help me how can i do the high class resort whoring job everytime i got to the redlight center and casino i always cant encounter leah how can i make her to appear pls help me so that i can do the highclass resort whoring job thanks and godbless pls someone tell me how can i encounter leah so that i can do the highclass resort whoring job

Review by advert
Version reviewed: 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-07-25 03:27:52

I deleted the newest release (Patreon PHP version 2.0) after it set off my virus scanner as containing a trojan...  :/

Review by mystic1975
Version reviewed: 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-07-23 23:14:38

This is a very good game.  As others have commented, though, the significant lag between actions has made it night unplayable in the last couple of updates.

Review by TravelingDL
Version reviewed: 1.5 (Public) 1.6 (Patreon) on 2018-07-23 19:00:09

I've been tracking this game off and on for over a year. There's been so many content additions and that's cool, it's actually pretty fun to play! 

But over the past year, and with this latest release, it's gotten so... sooooooooooo... slooooooooooooow. Both the play online and download versions have 5-10 seconds worth of blankness between pages. I wish I could live with that, but it's pretty much unplayable to me. Is there anyone who might know a tweak on my end to fix this? 

Review by anonymouslylurking
Version reviewed: 1.43 (Public) 1.53 (Patreon) on 2018-07-18 19:46:23

This game is a good example of how not to do updates. The base game is well done. It's fun, I like the writing and art. The problem is that every update is anything but an update.

Basically, this author keeps adding patreon content, and calling it an update here, so those of us who play here are just faced with more and more dead ends, with suggestions to go to Patreon. In all honesty, I'd prefer that the author simply stop updating, because none of the new content seems to make it's way here. Just more useless things to click that lead nowhere.

What would be preferred is that if the author wants to focus on Patreon, perhaps a list of additional options that patrons get. A list of extra locations, not a place to click to be told to go to patreon, with an entry in the changelog that "I added this thing." that you can't do anything with.

Review by leonais600
Version reviewed: 1.42 (Public) 1.52 (Patreon) on 2018-07-16 11:18:42

I want to like this, as it has clearly got a lot of content and looks stylish, but the game play can be quite labourious with the promise of something better happening that never quite does.

Review by Machii
Version reviewed: 1.34 (Public) 1.44 (Patreon) on 2018-07-01 02:59:08

I like it pretty much, but what I don't like are proyects liek this having hidden analytics within them.

Note on line 10 on the "game.html" on path "Hornstown 1.34\Hornsville_Data\StreamingAssets\data" it makes a call to Google Analytics for the pageview. Aka you having visited the webpage, this would have been ok, if not for being a local game, which still sends out bound info.


I suggest that anyone who wants to try it out, to edit the file game.html on line 10 (or search GoogleAnalyticsObject) and comment or delete the offending script.


Review by Scottie
Version reviewed: 1.33 (Public) 1.43 (Patreon) on 2018-06-22 00:30:35

Seems like 2.0 broke a lot of things, I personally can't get a full time jobs, even after making sure I get the offers to interview. Lots of hitting the back button and mashing right click to follow a link to something to continue, still a solid game, but 2.0 needs some love. 

Review by Engelstein
Version reviewed: 1.33 (Public) 1.43 (Patreon) on 2018-06-21 23:27:14

I just want to say thank you for changing the game to php, it is so much faster and enjoyable.

Review by lolman21
Version reviewed: 1.25 (Public) 1.35 (Patreon) on 2018-05-19 16:39:52

So how do we get to be submissive in this game cuz i cant seem to find how.

Review by KijaTheSissy
Version reviewed: 1.23 (Public) 1.33 (Patreon) on 2018-05-12 17:37:32

If you buy and then have the guy use a sex toy on you, it also locks up. It seems the newest update just broke the game. Though I do like the added clothing colors.

Review by Pernitax
Version reviewed: 1.11 (Public) 1.21 (Patreon) on 2018-04-03 08:49:40

Have started playing again with the new update and I was really surprised at the game's growth. Loving the jail content, it's something I haven't really seen in games like this before. Transformation with drugs is not really my cup of tea but I had some fun experimenting with them.
Nice work again, this game just keeps growing and growing.

Review by Stacy0
Version reviewed: 1.0 (Public) 1.1 (Patreon) on 2018-02-28 14:43:35

Review by Valerion
Version reviewed: 0.92 (Public) 1.02 (Patreon) on 2018-02-05 23:12:01

I would love the game, but, i would like to be able to quit jobs

Review by ljk43
Version reviewed: 0.87 (Public) 0.97 (Patreon) on 2018-01-23 00:09:10

I played the public version (v0.87) of this game for about four or five hours and greatly enjoyed it. It's well written and nicely illustrated and seems to have rich options to explore.

But I won't be playing it again until it has a Save option - otherwise I'll just be too disheartened by losing all the hours of play due to unexpected Windows 10 problems, as I did when I revived my PC from sleep mode and found I'd lost the session I had open (along with other problems that required a reboot to fix: none of which was caused by the game, BTW, I've had this happen before).

Review by SimSallaBim
Version reviewed: 0.86 (Public) 0.96 (Patreon) on 2018-01-12 16:41:34

First of all, I absolutely love this game. I found out about it elsewhere and my experience with it led me to this forum, for which I am grateful.

My first experience with HTiH was in v.07x and the growth in the latest Public version was remarkable. Not only is there more to achieve in the later stages of play, but the existing content was filled out and made more complete so that the content was improved for a Day 1 player. That's to be commended.

As I know Unlikely posts here, I had a question about why they set up clinical procedures the way that they did. You have the option to make your face or body more masculine or feminine, and that operates on a sliding scale from Ultra F to Ultra M (or vice versa). In order to move from 1 extreme to the other, it would require 4 procedures. Was there any thought given to the user being allowed to select which body they would like with just one procedure? Much like how a user could select any breast size in just one procedure.

Conversely (and I might prefer this method, though don't mind waiting out the action) having breast size change incrementally?

Not a criticism - I understand the logic of the way it's currently configured - just a stylistic question.

Review by Pedi
Version reviewed: 0.85 (Public) 0.95 (Patreon) on 2018-01-11 17:42:36

This game has enough of everything, that everyone can find something for them in it. Its probably the most interactive game with this many images, and despite a few spelling and punctuation mistakes has great writing. I think I may have found one minor bug the dominant pc story does not let you move to the pimping part as best I can tell.  Keep up the good work Unlikely. 

Review by fav22
Version reviewed: 0.84 (Public) 0.94 (Patreon) on 2018-01-06 00:28:22

The game is fun and very diverse, there really is something here for just about everyone.

I only have one negative thing to say about it and its very minor. Its the grey/brown background color behind the player characters avatar picture. It kinda makes all the skin tones look grey and almost like stone. For some the npcs you meet in game don't seem to have the same problem.

Review by Maetrias
Version reviewed: 0.82 (Public) 0.92 (Patreon) on 2017-12-26 20:09:24

Been following this for awhile, and its a solid one. A good choice of fetishes that aren't overly intense. Mainly I enjoy it for its abundance in BDSM and MM content which is INCREDIBLY rare on this site. And the avatars of the men are hot. :D

Review by ggot
Version reviewed: 0.61 (Public) 0.71 (Patreon) on 2017-10-24 16:24:21

The Good: Hornsville has a huge amount content, takes a more than a week to see them all for a newcomer. Dozens of NPCs to meet with, to date with, to fuck with. Lot of different fetishes. Cool avatar system. Works on on OSX and can be downloaded. Works on Linux as well. The best thing is the regular monthly updates, it is clear that the creator takes developement seriously.

The Bad: This is a game in developement. It is not complete, and who knows when it will be. Graphics are quality 3D renders but they are in small resolution and I wanted to see more of them. You have to wait 1 month to get the next version if you are not a patron of the game.

The Ugly: For me, more vanilla MtF and FM content would be better. For instance, you go to the Club in Hornsville, and almost immediatelly you'll find yourself in a hardcore BDSM orgy. Gross :)

Review by DrChaoz
Version reviewed: 0.61 (Public) 0.71 (Patreon) on 2017-10-23 06:54:18

I wished there were cheats to make it easier to explore the different paths instead of grinding. Currently, it's hard to earn money without having to go the sissy or transformation path. If so, how to try out the domination path?

Review by Winter1
Version reviewed: 0.61 (Public) 0.71 (Patreon) on 2017-10-22 15:40:32

This game is well made and has some interesting characters and places to explore.

However, it also has a lot of grind to it to raise certain attributes or jump through hoops with characters to get to new scenes with them, and then the bad ends come very suddenly and shut it all down. I would encourage the author to rethink if such bad ends or so much grind is really necessary. I have to say it impacted my desire to play again. 

Review by Ghosthand64
Version reviewed: 0.61 (Public) 0.71 (Patreon) on 2017-10-22 09:21:13

With the new content coming out tomorrow (hopefully) for the free site I thought I'd post some feedback on the current content.

First off, I love the game. The stories make sense and are pretty easy to follow. A lot of different ways to go and it doesn't focus just on one thing but lets the player decide what they want to do.

The layout looks great in Chrome but not so good with IE, I just use Chrome to play :) I like all the customizations to the avatar, I went from a normal looking white male to a sexy black girl with a medium length afro. Most games don't have so many cool looking hairstyles or other options. (I have a hair fetish... along with many others...) I understand the difficulties with adding clothing to the avatar but I do wish that when you inspect yourself that it displayed a larger avatar picture.

I can tell that most of the storylines are a work in progress but that's fine! You are giving us regular updates and adding tons of content! What more can we ask for? I just want to address the unfinished stories shortly though.

Submission story, awesome so far! It's hard at some points and very erotic. I can't wait for updates to that.

Dominant story, I don't know too much about it, I prefer to be the submissive.

M-F story was pretty easy and not too noteworthy. I would prefer a story where you are forcefully transformed with a reason behind it beside that you signed up to take a pill.

The Sissy story was rather tame. As a huge fan of salons I could see a lot of room for expansion here. Lilly doesn't really embarrass the PC too badly which seems to be her main motivation for what she is doing. I also thing that if the PC loses their male equipment she would lose interest in them. After all, she wants to turn them into a sissy, not a woman. I could see her ordering them to go to the clinic to become more feminine looking but not loose their male part, maybe even getting it enlarged! It would be nice if she also started training them to work at the salon, starting out as a shampoo 'girl' and working up to a stylist.

The maid story is the one I see as complete. I loved it and getting the good(?) ending was a slight challenge, even more so if you don't read the walkthrough! two small thing I would have like to see though. I wish Mrs. Spencer had the PC in a full maid outfit while still cleaning their own house! How humiliating would that have been, running around your own home in a sexy maid outfit cleaning while your housekeeper sat back in casual clothing ordering you about :)

The other thing was your submissive/dominance level played no part in your conversations with her, which made no sense to me. Mrs. Spenser seems to be a very dominant person and a extremely submissive PC would have been easy to control. I could see Mrs. Spenser ordering the PC to wear aprons or a maid cap and the PC meekly obeying without question. It would still be a voluntary story because all the PC would need to do is stop going to see her, which makes more sense as that is what a submissive person would do, avoid the situation so they don't have to stand up and say no. A dominant person would probably not stand for any of her behavior or requests, unless they wanted to become a maid! And later on in the story a submissive PC would have given in without question when they had sexual advances on them or told to give a foot rub.

Well, there's my feedback. Looking forward to the new content!!! And thank you for the great game!

Review by Infinte_9
Version reviewed: 0.68 on 2017-10-19 12:39:14

great game tho i wanted to be a patreon to play full version. everytime i try to be patreon of yours, it says your cart was declined and can never buy someting on internet until i go to the bank. just so you know the problem ...

Review by ballpaperbox
Version reviewed: 0.68 on 2017-10-17 15:57:45
Save files dissappear if you shut down the game. There appears to be no way to save to the computer even when downloading the game. It has potential but this makes it too much of a hassle for me.

Review by exprmntle
Version reviewed: 0.65 on 2017-10-06 07:38:51

This is a fun game with a nice open structure and a several sexy subplots..

Review by fixsxd
Version reviewed: 0.51 on 2017-08-21 14:22:03


Majority of the content is under pay wall.

what is absolutely not false=>

A html game with a unity starter.

Basic stat and tf system that controlled by events.

the main contentis in multiple storylines that are half baked(not even 1 finished. exemp some gameover)

the game hasa modified avatar sytem (actual clothes are not suported)

this game provides many typ of fetish content but do not satisfy any of it.


Personal opinion:this game is like a klickbait. (hopefully prooven wrong in time)

Review by ekhnaton
Version reviewed: 0.42 on 2017-07-22 11:44:05

The game already had a lot of fun encounters but the last update made it even better. Both the maid storyline and the BDSM club are really well done and extremely hot with lots of diverse scenes. I'm not interested in the gay content and thankfully it's easy to avoid but there seems to be a lot of that as well.

This one is definietly worth a try. And if you don't pledge, make sure to check out the update too, once it becomes public. I hope the author will continue on like this for a long time.

Review by Cptn Spalding
Version reviewed: 0.41 on 2017-07-19 17:26:24

    For a game in it's early stages, theres a lot of content here, and good content too. It gets a little grindy sometimes but I think that will become less of an issue as the game fleshes out a little more. Like most sandbox type games the encounters can get a little repetitive at times but the scenes serve their purpose and do it well

   I'd like to see a way of being able to see the same prostitute again, maybe get their phone number. Reason being is its time consuming trying to sift through the randomly generated prostitutes to find one with attributes you're looking for. I'd like to see a way to save the ones you like so you could us e them again.

   Games with Patreon pages seem to be getting more and more common these days, but I can honestly say Hard Times In Hornsville is worth pledging. I'm eager to see where this game goes.

Review by AliSlut
Version reviewed: 0.41 on 2017-07-18 00:32:24

It seems pretty good so far, bit lacking content at the moment.  Really looking forward to seeing more from this game.

Review by lingard
Version reviewed: 0.41 on 2017-07-17 16:29:19

While the previous review is a bit harsh, to put it more diplomatically, I believe that most games running patreon tiers usually update here with the current PUBLIC build. Patreons are likely going directly to the patreon page, and those interested can follow the Support link on the sidebar.  It can be somewhat of a letdown to read about such a massive update, with NO indication the text that said update is patreon only (unless I just missed it on my tiny screen), only to be unable to access the content when clicking on the link to play or download.



Oops, it IS there and I did miss it.

Still, it would be less of a cruel tease to just update the public build here.

Also, shouldn't 07.16 push 07.15 to public now ;P

Review by Someonelse
Version reviewed: 0.41 on 2017-07-17 07:55:34

So you updated it and posted about it here but the new content is only available to people who paid for it?


So basically you haven't updated it.


I'm taking away my like of this game screw you

Review by DarcWing21
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2017-07-16 15:20:11

Love this game! Not sure what the issue is, but when I download and install it and try to run it, the play game window comes up, but upon clicking, it opens a new window with nothing in it. I've re-downloaded it twice and same issue. Am playing online for now until issue is resolved. Dealing with huge black space between character screen and text. Would suggest making character screen bigger and or variable in size. Keep up the good work.

Review by missrachellane
Version reviewed: 0.345 on 2017-06-29 21:34:11

Love what's here so far, absolutely worth a try if it sounds interesting to you. As long as the great work is kept up, this will be on the -must play- list.

Review by navigator_dan
Version reviewed: 0.343 on 2017-06-23 07:34:06

Good start. Exactly what fans of "easy transformation in open world" need. :-)

I hope that the author has enough stamina and time to continue with the development. Good luck.


P.S. Can we have save to file feature, please?

Review by Zer0zero
Version reviewed: 0.315 on 2017-06-20 09:04:10

This game is named incorrectly.  I think "Scrol down" would be a much more apt name.

Review by Vane
Version reviewed: 0.31 on 2017-06-19 10:01:29

Really nice implementation so far. Nice graphics and interface. Complexity is not too much to get lost in stats and not too little to become boring too fast, just about right dosage planned I think. Looks pretty stable to be expanded later.

Only con for me so far is the lack of content or choices. Many placeholders like the mall or strip club or current jobs available. If you are not interested in MM there currently is just the maid sissy path I think. With that you just do the same all the time and also with the crossdressing/ body transformation content, which I consider both rather as side stories, because the only choice is to go on with it or not (avoid bad ending) which seems the overall concept of most content and makes it repetitive.


Review by centerflag982
Version reviewed: 0.31 on 2017-06-19 04:52:08

Holy shit, a quasi-realistic lifesim with a full range of transgender/sexual options? Where have you been all my life?!

Seriously, the concept itself is enough for me to love it, even if it's somewhat limited in content at present.


That said, there's one particular issue that jumps out at me - as others have mentioned, the constant need to scroll to reach options at home and outside is kind of irritating. You might want to consider sizing down the images a bit, and reducing font size by one or two points as well.

There's also the fact that your character's portrait doesn't display your hairstyle - but I figure that's more just a WIP than a design decision. Oh, and that "shoulder-length" displays as (an IMO much less attractive) chin-length.

Review by Kelpsie
Version reviewed: 0.31 on 2017-06-18 23:37:10

Quite good so far. Loved the maid stuff, role reversal stuff like that really gets my goat.

Only major complaint I had was that whitespace bug, which you fixed.


Get some more content in there, and you'll have something great c:

Review by bearclaw01234
Version reviewed: 0.31 on 2017-06-18 22:44:09

It sounded very interesting so i thought to try it (i normally don't go to external sites just to play games on here), & just started so can't give a review yet..  though it certainly would help if there was a download link for the game.

Review by johnnynod
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2017-06-18 09:45:41

I'd like to see a gender-switch option...preferably a slow transition...for those who are into that kind of thing.


(EDIT 6/18: My bad! Gender switch options are indeed implemented within the "Lab" options for those with the funds to pay for it. Sorry 'bout that!) 


Now wondering if there will be an advancement to the Mrs. Spencer's maid material in a future update! :)

Review by eriahnostra
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2017-06-17 18:59:14

I have to say that I really like the content so far and that you can decide which kind of transformation you want to go through. Also the sissyfication content is interesting and I will be happy to see more content in future updates.

Review by art926
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2017-06-17 15:59:44

Great game! A good m/m content and no forced m2f transformations!

Review by Theacds
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2017-06-17 14:59:09

I like this. Good start! Obv. needs work, but who knos how great the final product will be?


Review by Mr_X1
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2017-06-17 13:07:34

I thought it was decent, actualy. it is a little glitchy, sometimes hair colors at lilys make you bald in the graffic, or procedures do not change your appearance in the graffic. it will be much btter when the club and mall are open, right now all you can do is change your appearance and look for a job. clothing often does not stay in the graffic so it makes it pointless. Overall it was fun to play and try different daily things.