Bikini Armour RPG

Author: Tinn
Version: 0.06.14
Last Updated: 2021-04-05 02:42:09

Review by DarknessGod
Version reviewed: 0.04.06 on 2018-10-27 20:28:39

I like the concept, and the rules make sense. My biggest issue is that instead of a zip file, or a single file containing the document, you have to download multiple files, making it time consuming just to look at an incomple trpg book So each time you have a release, zip it or combine it. you can keep the individual files for the game designers.

I do look forward to seeing your progress, Keep us informed!

Review by latdheretic
Version reviewed: 0.02.01 on 2017-07-24 01:06:25

I just finished reading the rules so far, and I must say it's a promising start, but I wouldn't call in currently playable. I can say it's something I'd have fun playing once it's in a more complete state.

I really like the part of all the stats having both good and bad aspects based on the scale of the outcome a bell curve (2d6).  Keeping them low makes it easier to perform cheks, but raising them is needed for some Tricks, gives more points to buy Tricks, and has other advantages.

I do have a few suggestions that I hope will help round out the game: 

With regard to Stats, currently there is no reason to pick a stat lower than 2, as you can't roll lower than a 2 on 2d6, this means that any stat from 0-2 will always default to the base difficulty rather than come into play, so you may as well get the Experience Points for them and always pick 2 or higher.  I'd like to see some cheap Tricks with requirements for stats in those ranges for each of the stats as a so as to not punish a player for picking a low Stat (and sticking with it) for Roleplaying purposes.

I know the Trick Section is not complete, but some some seduction Tricks related to distraction seem like a good fit, looking over the tricks, low distraction builds have a lot more going for them than high distraction.

     Low Bust: combat,  High Bust: beauty/seduction (with other advantages)
     Low Otherworldliness: Socially skilled character,   High Otherworldliness: Powerful Magic
     Low Distraction: Mentally Capable, Spellcasters,  High Distraction:  Hard to do stuff, but no clear advantages, one Trick I could find uses it: "Not It"

Lasty I'd reccomend tweeking the Bust scaling back a bit, while the top end values are fine, I'd like to see a bit more of the lower range of what you could possibly see on a real person. Obviously just a personal preference though.


Overall a great start, I'll be following the progress with interest.



Review by soulessbox
Version reviewed: 0.02.00 on 2017-07-18 13:03:13

Wow, this is an impressive piece of work. It seems like a lot of thought has gone into its production, personally I've never been one of tabletop gaming but I would be seriously interested in giving this a go once it's complete.


Review by Aethar
Version reviewed: 0.01.01 on 2017-06-18 10:07:26

An entertaining read.  It reminds me a lot of, "Macho Women with Guns" as well.  The mechanics are pretty straight-foward too, so it wouldn't be too hard to put these rules into an actual Twine/RAGS/etc as well if somebody had the ambition to do so (and of course had permission from the author).