TF Runner

Author: sicco
Version: 0.58
Last Updated: 2022-06-22 01:49:36

Review by Kolka
Version reviewed: 0.52 on 2021-12-25 12:23:42

So, I actually donated $5 for the access to the "full" game with artwork and all.

Without boring you too much - this is a 2 for 1 kind of deal. You can play as a captured male in a world of amazons that hate men(with some exceptions), or you can play as a male in a female prison. Space n shit.

Now, the game engine is absolutely horrible. Talk about melting my laptop, even on an extremely able PC it still drops frames. The 3d character renders lack any semblence of realism, and at most look like wax mannequins. Luckily, there is some artwork and pre-rendered scenes to spice up some erotica elements.

Out of the two, despite it having a lot less content, I actually enjoyed the prisoner colony subgame more. The transformations are clear and concise, you can romance characters with quick and immediate effects, and the tarraforming minigame reminds me of factorio, where you set up chains of production. The premise of robots trying to assimilate you as a bio-vessel is interesting. Overall, despite the short story, it is still a good hour of play if you take your time to fully min-max everything.

The amazon story is a hit and miss with me. Story starts out fine, then progresses to typical TG. My problem in this game stems from the engine - the movement is wonky, visuals lag, especially in dungeons. Luckily, the author implemented rings that automate chores. I normally have an issue with repeating the same chores 9999x times, but this game makes it autocomplete if you have the ring unlocked. Potions can be easily crafted and directly affect your character. If the MC preview didn't look so dull, it might even be interesting to look at.

Overall, the story quest line is obviously more progressed for the amazons, but aside from a few story missions, it's mainly to do the chores, fetch x, with some occasional side character interaction. Would like to see a more concerted effort to feminize and control MC, since despite the "stern talking-to" given by "misstress", in realiy you are only occasionally given a different undershirt, and a maid outfit... Never seen a maid outfit without the full decorum, but apparently just the apron is enough, later upgraded to a servant dress, but no care is given for undergarments, etc. Hell, even when you transform into a full female, at most you can get a comment about a different hairstyle.

So, how to conclude? The amazons game mode is a wider world, with potions, enhanting, and some side-character romancing as a she(-male). Lots of different systems, but nothing really in depth. The prisoner colony game mode is written much better. You're set up in a narrow narrative scheme, given a more railroaded approach that eventually expands into the world. A better approach, and with more impactful content it seems.

It's a mixed bag, with SOME tf content, but again, not really fleshed out. A good sandbox. I understand that the author is czech, so the spelling mistakes don't surprise me.

Final conclusion, the epic tl;dr ending: An interesting game that leaves a lot to be desired.

Review by willowsimmons1
Version reviewed: 0.51 on 2021-11-24 18:16:34

I know this game has some negative reviews, but it is one of my favorites. I don't play every update, but I feel that the polish and content is pretty solid now. You just have to get used to the point-and-click UI.

Review by hornyrhino1989
Version reviewed: 0.50 on 2021-10-29 06:28:43

I agree with all the Prevous Reviews.

Give this a Pass friend.

Review by utopianfubar
Version reviewed: 0.45 on 2021-05-26 08:49:00

This has been running for a few years now,

The developer asks for money for the full game yet has the audacity to not even address these issues.

game crashes constantly. Saves don't work. and its controlled by a mouse. Impliment the keyboard dude.

Review by xkira1995
Version reviewed: 0.42 on 2021-02-27 11:20:37

Is it possible for us to get a version on that we could buy? :3 Been keeping up with the game every now and then. Quite grindy, but I would like to experience some of the full version features as well. 

Review by SnowCones
Version reviewed: 0.33 on 2020-06-04 03:17:51

I wanted to like this, I really did. First of all, this game physically hurts to look at. The perspective and the buggy movement are jarring. I don't have the best computer in the world, however for as simple as this game is and the amount of stuff in it, it still has trouble starting.


2/5 Wait for several updates, than give it a try. Hopefully the author fixes some of the issues.

Review by Innocience
Version reviewed: 0.33 on 2020-05-27 04:16:35

TL;DR: It's a grindy, buggy mess with little content worth the frustrations.


The game engine seems incapable of keeping up with my control input.

Grindy, iterative gameplay (you incrementally unlock new buildings but basically start over again and again) especially the prisoner colony storyline.

The minigames are a nice touch, wonky to control like the rest of the game, but their frequent reiteration makes them stale.

Storywise not much to say. 4 stories / games, all gameplay wise the same grindy stuff. A bit of variety in the minigames.

Kind of a bland plot on two of the games I've tried. Nothing that hooked me and in combination with the bland gameplay loop it got boring very quickly.

Illustrations are there but nothing spectacular.


Overall this feels like a bad mod to some older western RPG. I do not recommend and don't expect much of improvement in the future.

Review by Tizzzy
Version reviewed: 0.31 on 2020-04-21 18:24:48

Decent game, however quite grindy. especially prison storyline but some very good tf themes

Review by gregor
Version reviewed: 0.26 on 2019-10-27 20:00:19

Great Game and it gets better and better with each update

well written and with beautyfull art

optional kinks


The Tf can be fast or slow, the player decides with his/her actions


blue flowers give male points

red flowers give female points


gregor grego


Review by aglamau68
Version reviewed: 0.14 on 2018-11-09 19:25:41

a lot of things must be changed, in the first story, hit detection worked poorely and ennemy's speed are too fast. Level to big and no hint for orientation.

Second game, a little too répétive

the third game doesn't try

Review by Bodyhunter
Version reviewed: 0.14 on 2018-10-30 02:44:31



I played this game some times now and i have to say the mechanics are really nice for a free game. Ok, the translation is...very basic, but the author is putting the right mood into his words.


The only thing i don't like is the time pressure. Why in hell can't i just explore the game without watching the time limit?

Remove that and the game will be much more fun!


thanks and keep up the good work!



Review by lupint
Version reviewed: 0.14 on 2018-10-29 15:37:07

TF Runner has come a long way, and improved greatly. Though the english translations may not be perfect, he conveys the feelings and meaning of the stories very well. Add the fact that the game itself runs much better now thanks to his work, I have to recommend this game highly as one of the better, more 'Complete' games on this site.  Thank you Sicco.

Review by Seleroan
Version reviewed: 0.7 on 2018-03-29 20:09:40

I was kind of okay with this game until I hit a pay gate for breast growth.  

Graphics are very much in the style of Avernum and it's ilk.  You can only control your character with the arrow keys and attack with Ctrl, but you still need to use the mouse for various things.  I do not have three hands.  WASD is default for a reason.

I'm not sure this game deserves a XXX rating.  I played for 2 hours and found zero sexual content.

Review by ilookfat
Version reviewed: 0.7 on 2018-03-29 04:44:58

I'm normally very willing to try every game with shemale content until it gets to the actual shemale content.  I made it to day 5 in this game.


The game is horrifically repetive in the worst way.  The core "meat" of the game involves traversing a pregenerated map for ingredients and endlessly respawning monsters which die in one hit.  This isn't difficult in any way, just mind numbingly repetive as your hero has a single attack, and you're forced to do this portion to ?possibly? access the sexy content.


The other half of the game involves dragging your mouse left and right across a slider about 400 pixels wide.  The game will actively punish you for going any faster than a snail's pace.  This is the worst offender of this game as it's not challenging in any way, but is there purely to waste your time and force savescumming.


Overall, the design philosophy of this game seems to be more "gate sexy content behind tedium and very unfun content that is not at all sexy".  

Review by whosaysgtfohonestly
Version reviewed: on 2018-01-21 18:59:22

I think this game is quite well done.  There were seemingly a decent number of bugs, but most have  been fixed.  The English has been updated and looks pretty good, definitely not immersion breaking, if even a problem at all.  The nature of this game is fairly slow, but I and many others appreciate that.  I think it also serves well the whole Amazon narrative, which has always seemed underrepresented here.


Two thumbs up, keep up the good work sicco!

Review by Ms.Maidenform
Version reviewed: on 2017-12-29 12:01:50

I like the idea of the game but the English is bad and you can't always tell if you can walk around some areas even with the map. I found few bugs in the game. 

1.I made 3 dildoes that stack but when I try to sell them they won't restock

2. I found a way to cheat and make made gold by letting one of the Amazons kill me after I complete my task and eat my food. I can redo my task again and get more gold 

3. I also notice that when chemise the old one that I did not give to her when I found the dildo bug that also glitched on me. I had 1 then I had 2 then a third  when I tried closing the game it froze and crashed


I think maybe an improvement on the game look would help also

thank you.I hope you get these bugs fix 

Review by bearclaw01234
Version reviewed: on 2017-12-28 10:01:56

Sounds like a good game, so i'll give it a try.  Though i was reading the synopsis about the Lesbian Vamipre Lover (how chaste girls get turned into lesbain vampires) and wondered if ye got the inspiration for that from this movie (the story is the same concerning the turning into lesbian vampires)-  Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)  (

Review by theotherside
Version reviewed: on 2017-12-01 00:55:08

I'm sorry if this seems rude, but this game is... kind of garbage.

First off, the English is obviously machine translated and has never gone past a native speaker. For a game posted on a primarily English speaking website, this is a major sin.

Second, the engine used to generate the player art is REALLY ugly.

Third the gameplay is extremely frustrating. In areas like the forest, it's difficult to tell whether an area can be walked on. The combat is completely unintuitive, not only combining directional attacks with omnidirectional movement, but giving the enemies hitboxes that conform to the center of their bodies. The wolves are nigh impossible to hit when facing head on, and the spiders don't get hurt if hit in the legs. The bees do have hitboxes much bigger than they are, but they can also snipe players from offscreen.

Finally, having to be a donator to raise breasts past A cup? In a transformation game? Seriously?

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: on 2017-11-30 11:57:28

1. It required you to download DirectX 9 Runtime. Well, he did send you to the download link of Microsoft so it is not too bad.

2. Story 2 asked me to remove my armor. I removed the armor, try to take it back and it hanged. Way to go on debugging.

3. Story 2 is sort of an action arrow shooting game, with inventory management system and a status bar that says "transformation". The rest of it are fetching tasks. You do two tasks each day. Each night you sleep your transformation point increases. Then do two more tasks, sleep and increase transformation point. Raise and repeat. I assume that with enough transformation something is going to show on your paperdoll, but I did not last long enough to see it happened.

4. My patience last me until Day 5.

Overall, the tutorial is not bad, helping you to go through basic control you need to know in the game. The story itself, however, is a little bit on the average side. May be I should try out Story 1 when I have more time.

Review by benwolf0
Version reviewed: on 2017-11-14 14:53:26

not that fun of a game lag and crash on me

Review by Djilliaris
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2017-10-27 03:19:56

Review by Chop2005
Version reviewed: on 2017-09-29 19:44:50

I'm also haveing problems with starting this game.

Review by coc121
Version reviewed: on 2017-09-28 11:50:58

unable to click on any of the menu items on the menu screen.

Review by darkestlink
Version reviewed: on 2017-09-28 10:16:25

next time use megaupload instead of uploaded because uploaded is even worse than 4share

Review by Mugen Kagemaru
Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 2017-09-03 18:04:12

Perhaps it would help if there was a forum thread?

Review by sjc
Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 2017-09-03 03:01:15

Every time I try and start the game I get Exception EInvaldOp in module KERNELBASE.dll at 0000C54F. invalid floating point operation.

Review by anubis1970
Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 2017-09-02 19:12:25

The game crashed every time I tried to choose a scenario. 

Review by terrone
Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 2017-09-02 19:04:49

this game is funny but is so early to a get a seriusly review, for now the the first new game "female to vampire" not work [because this crashes every time i clicked]


sorry for my bad english