Dungeon Depths

Author: VowelHeavyUsername
Last Updated: 2019-09-17 12:31:19

Review by MichealRein
Version reviewed: on 2019-09-10 14:00:08

I can't say I've played the game extensively but of the 20 or so minutes I've played it certainly seems good, seems to be a fairly crunchy game with a good amount of tfs as well. UI is a tiny bit awkward but that's to be expected.

Review by NyaChan365
Version reviewed: on 2019-08-03 06:43:06

happy to see this game still in development. a nice game with a very simple format :)

Review by Upsetti
Version reviewed: on 2019-07-20 16:00:39

I played this game for the first time shortly after released and I fell in love with it, I probably played it for 2-3 hours solid on the first play and have had quite a few similar runs. 

This game is a great TF themed dungeon crawl, the only thing I will complain about is that the PC has a tendency to always be complacent that Tfs are happening, a portion of this is explained away because a bunch of Tfs come with a hypno session, but I'd prefer the Tfs to matter more to the PC.

The legendary part about the Tfs is that there are mechanics for different Tfs, for example: all clothes have a size, once your breasts get so large you can't wear clothes but you gain a special ability that grants you a 80% bonus to your defense, it's borderline overpowered if you build for it.

Gameplay: 8/10 (room for improvement)

Looks: 8/10 (It's great, specially for an engine built specifically for this game, but it can be a little monotonous)

Transformation: 9/10 (only thing that keeps it from being a 10 is that they lack narrative weight)

Mental TF: 7/10 (Held back by lack of weight)

Over all: 8/10

Great game, keep up the good work!

Review by Tinn
Version reviewed: on 2019-07-20 09:53:00

Dungeon Depths is a genuine roguelike, with an "@" for a main character, and everything! And it's filled with transformations galore. As a roguelike fan, this game scratches an itch I've had for years, and does a good job of it.

Most of the game's transormations aren't "game over" conditions; rather, they grant you a mix of advantages and disadvantages that change the way your character plays, and can take a great deal of getting used to. For example, becoming a full slime gives you the powerful "absorbtion" ability, but reduces your max HP to less than a third of its base value, making it an awkward trade-off. 

The game does have a number of quirks and bugs: Items having underscores in their display names, MP costs of spells not being displayed anywhere until you try to cast them, stats not returning to their original values after certain temporary transformations... It can seem a little half-baked, at times. Still, the game is in active development, and I imagine future releases will be more polished and stable. I'll look forward to them with interest!

Review by rc network
Version reviewed: on 2019-07-14 22:47:10

This is a really good game, which I must admit. However, when you save on floor 4, the game crashes if you load it. Also, After floor 5, things are much more easier because there is no boss and other new transformation. I have already played through every transformation and every item right now, so things start to get boring. But all in all, this is a really good game. I'm waiting for updates ;p

Review by alguienquepasaporaqu
Version reviewed: on 2019-04-22 08:49:26

This goes well far beyond what I expected. It is a full rogue-like game, that requires effort and some planning to advance.


There are some ways to break it, though. But it is clear that each update fix something new, so I have no worries. 


I'm expecting for new bosses!!

Review by Unicron9999
Version reviewed: 0.7 on 2019-02-07 23:51:13

This one seems more stable than normal, and the new content is always awesome. I hope to see more TFs interacting in unique ways! 

Though, there are a few small bugs to work out

The gold potion is listed for 2g, but really costs 500g

And completing the thrall quest, and giving in (which usually makes you a succubus) crashes the game still. 

Review by Artemis1216
Version reviewed: on 2018-10-09 12:21:47

By far one of the most ambitious and fun games on this site. Keep up the amazing work my friend!

Review by Metroid101
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-08 19:32:37

I like it, when you restart the game the saves no longer work though. I have had to make a new game every time it crashed or bugged out. Other than that, would like some more adult content to go with the transformation later in the development cycle. :3


Because seriously, some people have a mental domination fetish. And this is one of the few adult games where that doesn't result in an instant game over.

Review by BigPervert
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-04 06:02:22

I'm totally digging this game and have a lot of hope for the future. There are bugs, but they tend to be minimal and hardly game breaking. Otherwise, this is a top notch open world dungeon crawler close to what I'm looking for personally, has a fair amount to do, and holds a lot of future potential. Keep up the great work!

Review by RainbowHurricane
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-03 21:47:19

I loved it! The first playthrough is great! However, itsi a bit repetitive at the moment and could do with some more content/bugfixing. Dungeon Depths hits that sweet spot of being fun and engaging, while also adding some interesting and kinky transformations. I'd love to see where it goes and can't wait for the next update.

Review by xkira1995
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-03 00:04:23

Idea! You should set the explorer swap to also give us a random new name! :)

Review by Zinker
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-02 09:14:30

A cute little Dungeon Crawler game that grows well after every update.

Very enjoyable. Thank you very much.

Review by melfap22
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-08 17:17:49

Cool combat and equip system, fun transformations.  Basically a kinky roguelike!  Live by the Midas glove, die by the Midas glove..

Review by FF_Police
Version reviewed: on 2018-07-22 09:55:56

I liked it! Thanks for the hard work.

Review by zugzug
Version reviewed: on 2018-06-15 23:12:35

Could not even play the new update, my antivirus flagged it and my extraction denied.

Review by UndeadBoi
Version reviewed: on 2018-06-15 13:36:06

I've only played this game for a few minutes, and I can already see the quality. This is amazing, and deals with transformations extremely well. Although I do have a few issues. Although, they're more personal issues I have with it, they're not game breaking stuff, and more of food for thought.

1: The game makes no idication to what different outfits fit at what sizes, resulting in the clothes not fitting being a little irritating.

2: Simular to the first point, theres no indication of how long the polymorph spells last. A simple turn indicator would be more than sufficient.

3: Increasing stats is reliant on finding charms; This is fine, as shopkeepers usually sell them. However, a leveling system would make this much better.

4: The transformations in this are mainly female based. Things like Breast Expansion, MtF, Breast Reduction, etc. I have no problem with this, but I feel this game would benefit from including more from the male side of transformations, or perhaps having full body growth that changes how movement works.

These are less of complaints, as this game (At least for me) plays very well, and the transformations are cleverly implimented, and this is one of the best TF games I've ever personally played. I would recommend it to anyone looking for these kink of games.

(Also, this is my first review XP)

Review by DerpLordGod
Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 2018-06-15 01:29:25

theres been  problom with the file it keeps on saying its a suspicise file and is going to get intaragrated how do i fix this problom even after i press i trust this file it still keeps on coming up Help

 it seems to only happen wwith 5.1 and not 5.0

Review by MetalMaster
Version reviewed: 0.4.4 on 2018-04-21 19:10:04

I like the New Design of the Map and im a Big Fan of the Kisekae Character Design. Overall i think its a cool Game and im excited for future Updates. Sadly in the latest Update i cant Load Savegames. When i hit the Load Button the Game freeze in the loadingscreen.

Review by Nova25
Version reviewed: 0.4.4 on 2018-04-20 15:05:23

The amount of bugs, more specifically related to the controls and the key-mapping, is simply atrocious.
This makes the game almost unplayable for me and quite frustrating.

Review by Lil' Bun
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-28 01:39:47

I love this game, But i believe there is an issue(s) with the save system, i can be playing the game lose a fight and die and then when i reload my save it does not let me and it becomes an endless crash loop. Please fix, i have gotten far on multiple saves only to have to restart ;~;

Review by w21dbb
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-24 22:03:40

This game is a good one, simple enough to play, but it needs more interactions but, since I know its a demo, that the will be added I will just have to wait and see when and what will be added.

current state 6.8 out of 10.

Review by Houdini111
Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 2018-03-16 11:08:28

Update: To reviewer kithrin, the latter two bugs have been fixed and will be in the next update. Without more information I cannot fix the first (or confirm if it has already been fixed). If you can go to the BitBucket issue tracker, make an issue, and upload the save I can look into what's causing it.


If you don't like playing early access games, subscribe to this and come back. It's making good progress and has some promising features.



I plan on adding these to the issue tracker (or adding them myself)



Review by SU2AR
Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 2018-02-27 12:34:04

I like it. As I can say it needs more content and better ui.

Review by vanis
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2018-02-26 12:32:06

Not bad with a lot of promise, but super buggy.  Ate a stick of gum and was cursed with getting an exception every action.  For some reason only the first two save slots work and saving is a rng saga of randomly getting errors when I try to load making the save unusable and then losing all progress when the game proceeds to crash.

Review by yellowcubed
Version reviewed: 0.3.6 on 2018-02-25 17:22:45

Dungeon Depths I have been playing for a long time and I can say I always love coming back to this one. This game has tons of replayability because you can end up in various different ways. It's also quite fun to break the game, however for people who like without bugs, the author has been amazing at fixing bugs. Overall one of my favorite games on the site!

Review by llamaperson
Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 2017-12-02 12:43:56

I very much enjoyed the game and look forward to updates here' something I noticed that doesn't seem to be in the bug reports in other comments.

Major bugs with self polymorph: Succubus: immediately removes itself from any and all actions.

Dragon: never goes away and no other transformations work cause you are immune to polymorphs

Goddess: will go away immidately first time, but if you use again, you can get fixed in this form and go kill the shopkeep.

Review by blazedummy
Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 2017-10-26 01:41:18

Fun game.

- Mana does not save well. Whenever loading a game, it will set your max mana to whatever your current mana was when you save. I thought it was staff bonus mana messing things up, but even when only saving with the staffs unequipped, I had these issues.

- Unequipping the Magical Girl Wand did not reset my portrait. I also lost the Magical Girl Uniform. And re-equiping the Magical Girl Wand did not give the special spell back.

Review by Ms.Maidenform
Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 2017-10-24 03:47:23

I like the idea behind the game because so far but transformation should be slower when you're fighting a boss.The shop seems to be bugged and when I did kill the boss of the second floor he came back and killed me.I also notice even when I use the restore potion I was still made a slave to the 1-floor boss. I love the idea of making my own toon look the way I want it but hope more options are added and a full body look.

Review by Jirachia
Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 2017-10-23 22:14:14

Okay, I have to say this: it has some of the greatest ideas I've seen on this site. Onto the current version, is the lack of enemies deliberate? Or is it a bug? Or am I just that unlucky? I hope it's not the last one...


It seems that beating the first boss and opening the loot chest causes a crash for some reason. Please fix this.


Thank you.

Review by Cinnabar
Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 2017-09-17 16:45:26

This game is very good, despite being a demo. It has a lot of potential in my eyes, though there is one problem and that's the balancing. Right now, I feel that the mage is clearly superior to the warrior.

Review by Theacds
Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 2017-09-16 17:28:22

Got nothing but hype for this. VERY clearly a demo, but this style'a game is something I havne't seen a ton.



Its really good and when there's more content and stuff I cannot wait to run this dungeon over and over again

Review by Yato
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2017-09-13 13:27:42

Great potential here. Not much else to say other than that tho because its a demo. Gonna wait for more updates with impatience.

Review by ChaosRagnak
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-11 22:57:07

So far i'm really liking how the game works. Many have reported the issues with the TF gum but i found some other things which were a little weird.

When you learn how to polymorph yourself or enemies into other shapes (farming spellbooks for that) if you save, close the game and reload the save later, you lose the forms learned (casting the spells end up showing a blank drop down list for me so i need to get spellbooks to get the forms back)

another issue ive had a few times but that isn't showing up all the time is playing around with polymorph. when i play around with it a lot (casting it on enemy and myself and enemy to see the forms in the same fight) sometimes i get an error popping up when i try killing the enemy which requires restarting the game (it doesn't screw up the save file at least)

And the last issue i've had (which stops me from playing more) is with the second floor boss kill. i've tried killing that guy with everything i could think of. Melee weapons, magical girl wand bashing, fist fighting to death, fire balling (both spells) Ice Spearing, the magical girl magic attack, polymorphing into a dragon and fire breathing him to death (which is really fun), turning him into a frog, sheep, bunny and then killing him, playing as a warrior and killing with melee only (so no spells first floor, which was rough). But anything and everything i tried ends up with the floor stair saying i need to kill him when i've basically killed him and his 30+ identical siblings/dopplegangers.

Other than those things the game is really nice. As others im sure wrote, a bigger window would be really recommended. you have a lot of text that pops up when stuff happens but with the window as small as it is we gonna glue our faces to the screen to read it. One more thing i'd recommend is making it so you have to press a certain key (the investigate key would work) when a message pops out, many times i've skipped text because i was moving around and just saw it barely flash by since moving around also seems to act as a confirm key for those.

Review by Ocimum
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-11 20:15:03

Reviewing version 0.1, I have to say, while i've experienced every bug that the poster has indicated, this game is really cool. I can see a ton of potential if the bug-fixing work is done on the various systems, and the graphics come together to allow the transformation system to function. I know that this is early, and game balance also isn't in place yet, so anyone hoping to succeed should try rolling a mage and hoping for any of the neat spells to drop, as they allow you to beat the first boss, clear the second floor's chests, and see some of the cool features this game already has to offer.

Review by lobolemerik
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-11 18:20:41

This has a lot of potential to be very entertaining. Here's a couple of notes I've taken.
I don't appreciate the lack of details given when inspecting weapons and armor. I'd prefer if inspecting a piece of equipment lists the stats they give so you can determine what's an upgrade and what isn't.
Inventory list needs work. it quickly becomes a cluttered mess and finding health potions becomes a chore. I'd recommend a set up that sorts items by categories seperated under headings.
Polymorph bunny didn't seem to do anything to the zombie I used it on.
Big bug here that I haven't seen mentioned, but Turn to Blade actually works on the Enchantress boss. It one shots her and causes her to drop her chest. The issue however is that the ladder doesn't recognize that you beat her. She does still show up again eventually. You seem to reference this bug in vague terms, but I've gone into greater detail here.
I'd prefer extra save slots. IF you don't want to allow the player to have more than one save per character that's fine, but you should then allow us to have more than one character.
Other bugs I've noticed have already been mentioned, but the most egregious one is definitely the warrior simply not being able to kill the enchantress at all.
I'd also appreciate if when opening a chest it tells you via the dialog what you recieved.
I've also noticed that almost all the clothes are displaying the wrong images. I think the file name designations are off and it probably extends well past just clothes.
Defeating Targav the Brutal through normal means (super fireball) didn't allow me to go to the next floor. I suspect that this may have been intentional. I don't expect that much content just yet.
Being able to increase the window size would be nice. I feel its a bit small for my tastes.
I had to set the game to run as administrator and run in compatability mode for Windows XP in order to get the game to run at all past character generation. One of those might not have been necessary, but I never do just one of those when troubleshooting. I'm on Win7, btw.
In regards to the gum thing, it seems to play out the entire thing with just one stick of gum as if you had used another right after the tf occured. the dialog box one using a second indicates this wasn't your intention. Seems like an easy fix. I'll also add that the second message popped up when using the gum AFTER having used a restore potion. It should have reset to stage one I'd think. This part is tied to the chicken bug. They are both caused by the reload option not correctly reseting parameters. reloading the save after closing the game out corrected this.
I've had the green dragon image overtake the background of my character portrait without any cause that I could indicate. I was still on floor one. This is likely another case of the file name designators being off. It seemed like it was trying to use it in place of something else on my character portrait. Specifically, something that ISN'T the background.

Review by AnonyMiss
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-11 15:47:27

I'm going to echo a few other reviews here and say that this has a ton of potential-in fact I'm quite excited to see how it's gonna go, and I urge the creator to keep going with it. There's a very solid foundation here and it'd suck to see it abandoned.


Most of the current issues seem to be already covered, either in the actual description (all sorts of image-stacking issues) or in other posts (the gum softlock), though I will add that a boss kill on the first floor by way of the turn-to-blade spell doesn't seem to count. The other thing I will note is that it's not particularly balanced at the moment-a warrior is gonna have a tough time no matter what, a mage is going to do alright with basic fireballs and will outright wreck shop with a polymorph spell.

Review by phaos0
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-11 11:05:02

Since there's no discussion thread yet I'll be helpful and share some things (some of it bugs and some of it just general notes):

- Using a second stick of gum gives a new message then locks up the game.

- It looks like there's a weird bug when you turn back from being a chicken that permanently increases your defense. Since the game is currently crazy hard if you're not a magical girl though, I'm going to call that potentially a feature for the moment.

- Healing feels rare relative to the level of damage you take.

- The first boss is crazy hard, her ability to heal herself far outstrips the damage output of the player unless you're the magical girl and since you're on a strict clock that's a bit of a problem.

- Reloading after game-overing seems to just take you back to the turn you game-overed and do it again as far as I can tell.


Still this is very high-effort and I'm looking forward to it getting fleshed out more.

Review by justsomeguyokay
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-11 10:25:31

A great start. Really interested in where this is going.

Two quick pieces of feedback. First, equipment seems really buggy right now. Others have mentioned that the image doesn't match up at all, but also the stats don't seem to make sense a lot of the time - I've gotten absurd defense boosts from seemingly random pieces of armor. Also, I got caught in a loop where my breasts got too big for my magical girl outfit, but it kept trying to put it back on, which caused my defense to plummet every turn.

Second, this might be the only game I've every played where the random encounter rate is too low. I kind of like not having to worry about combat every 3 steps, but I got stuck pretty frequently trying to find the boss. Maybe add a "search for encounter" button or something?

Looking forward to more!

Review by mystic1975
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-10 21:55:28

Shows a lot of promise, but is really buggy in its current state.

Review by captplague
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-10 20:10:00


1. Incredibly promising concept - has tons of potential to rival even the best games on this site

2. Has scalability and potential for customized input / growth of TF's via player submissions with Kisakae models.



1. Very buggy as is - lots of errors and charachter layering issues



1. Self examine, physical and mental state

2. More transformation specific abilities and fighting / teasing (lust?) attacks

3. Bigger screen size

Review by vasadariu
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-10 19:25:01

Enjoy the game a lot. its pretty fun overall but i think the order for the tf bodies is wrong as it says that the breast expand but then it puts a smaller busted picture for the avatar. one suggestion would b to add a line for what u get from the chest. other than that i love it. 

Review by Derilk
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-10 18:45:28

good idea and interesting concept, but still need loots of polishing

Review by theclosetmonster
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-10 18:38:41

A bit rough but I'm really excited to see where this ones going. A lot more in line of what I want to see in a transformation game. Please keep it up! 

Review by Chrys
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-09-10 16:36:00

A control key would be appreciated, particularly how to open chests.