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Review by Pakhawaj
Version reviewed: on 2022-06-24 09:15:22

Secretary is a really well-made and extensive game. It has brilliant graphics, well-written scenes which change based off of your charatcter's choices, and is altogether pretty sexy.


My major issue with this game is that the "feminisation" stat is tied to progress, and it increases the more reluctant one plays. It took me a while to realise this, but the more recalcitrant the main character acts, the more eager he is in the game dialogue to go along with his feminisation, which is offputting for me. I don't know if the reverse is also true, but it seems like a difficult issue to resolve and the opposite to how it should be.

Review by babyelf12
Version reviewed: on 2022-06-01 01:25:38

This is easily on my Top 3 on the site, and expansive enough in content to be thoroughly enjoyable on multiple playthroughs. The MC has enough play in their responses to many situations to suit many different playstyles...and the gmae is still adding content. Kudos to the writeres and programmers!

Review by danib2
Version reviewed: on 2022-03-25 05:22:48

I understand the criticism about linear progression in CYOA-type games.
If there are no significant choices they are not a CYOA but rather an RMOA :) (read my own adventure).
And even that may not be important because sometimes fun can be found on the path you choose for the destination and not the destination itself, but this is a discussion for another place.

True, the main plot is linear, the (many) secondary plots are linear, but we're not talking about a CYOA, we're talking more or less about a puzzle.
I've never heard anyone criticize Maniac Mansion or The Secret of the Monkey Island for being linear (yes, I'm a little old) and no one should criticize Secretary and other games like that with that argument.

Whatever you do, if you get to the end, you will see the same image (the MC as a sissy secretary), but the goal of the game is not (as far as I know, this may change later in game) to find different endings, if not find a way to fit the pieces to advance in the story.
And to do that you have many options, depending on who you relate to, what places you visit and what your fetishes are, and there are many to choose from.

Review by awkwardcultism
Version reviewed: on 2022-03-24 06:55:56

Secretary has a number of strengths. The presentation is quite good, and more on par with what I would expect from a game that costs money, and the game also has regular content updates.

The issue I have with the game is that while it may have a lot of words, it doesn't have much content, at least on a typical playthrough. There are a couple of reasons why.

Firstly, a good chunk of the content is only available if you take certain specific actions. If you don't go out of your way to get in contact with your friend, you lose access to about 25% of the games content.

Secondly, a lot of the content is stuff that I expect most players will find fairly gross. You can thankfully turn it off if it turns you off, but that removes more things to do.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Secretary is not paced very well. It's not really a game about making interesting choices; it's more like a routine where you occasionally get to choose how you feel about something and occasionally your main character gets humiliated.

Secretary is LOOOONG. You could probably complete a JRPG of reasonable duration in the amount of time it would take you to do a playthrough of Secretary. This is not a good thing because being long is not the same as being good. It is entirely possible for a game to be long while also feeling like a boring slog, and that's more or less my opinion on Secretary.

The unique events aren't boring, but unless you know how to trigger them and go out of your way to trigger them in the minimum amount of time possible you'll be spending almost all of your time in the non-unique events. While I appreciate the effort that was needed to put a world map, repeatable events, and daily routine into this game about being turned into a sissy secretary, my personal preference would be having none of them. Secretary has a totally linear progression. You can choose what line you're on but you can't go backwards or sideways. Making the gameplay anything besides linear as well is just going to slow everything down.

To me playing Secretary is like opening a bag of chips and it instantly deflating to being a third full. A free bag of chips, yes, but I'd rather just buy a tube of pringles and have an experience that isn't mostly empty. 

Review by sappho
Version reviewed: on 2022-03-23 20:52:43

My favorite game on this site, seems to give you the freedom to be who you want to be (within the premise). I had a lot of fun exploring what was available and look forward to revisiting in future when there's (even) more content (what's here already is several days worth of play time).

Edit. Saw another reviewer say "While choices abound, none of them mean much of anything because the author has already decided that the entire purpose of this game is to turn a filthy male animal into yet another uninspired bimbo caricature, and what the player decides to do along the way is completely irrelevant in the face of their vision." ... and I have to wonder if they actually played the same game?!?

Secretary is wonderful because you have meaningful choices. You can be a brainless bimbo or smart and highly educated, you can be a slob or an athlete, you can spend your life turning tricks or settle into a long term relationship with any of a number of characters. Ignore the haters and try this out if you're into transformation fetish fiction!


Review by Vanafaye
Version reviewed: on 2022-03-23 00:51:36

Honestly I wanted to leave a review because a lot of people are leaving negative comments without having a single clue what the game is about. It's a fetish game. It's about being a secretary and being turned into a sissy. I see people complaining about their choices leading to the same outcomes but that's the entire point? If you want to be a normal secretary and just flat-out decline things that change you into a sissy then I'm sure there's something available on The Sims for you.


This game has actually progressed in story and is a deep and personal evolution of your character in several different ways, whether you're greedy, defiant, or submissive. All three options give you a varied response and feeling to how the game plays out and what comments are given toward you. Expecting the story to branch in a million different ways because players want every choice to change the plot is how you get 90% of the games on here where they're as wide as an ocean but shallow as a puddle. They never move. They constantly remake and edit their passages because there's simply too much crap to fit into a single day with every branch of the story. This game is great because it does the one thing it tries to do well. It's updated regularly, the writing is great, it's generally bug free, and my dear Lord at least the story gets somewhere with each release. Devs milking patreon for years while their plot hasn't moved past the first 7 days are so awful.

Review by SumofTime
Version reviewed: on 2022-03-23 00:14:26

Personally decided to write a review for this game after seeing a terrible one I totally disagreed with, this game is extremely well written and while it is more of novel with options than a game with choices I think it is amazing and love all the effort put into it, yes the themes of the game are such that some options will never be present but everytime i'd thought i'd seen all there was in my original playthrough i'd stumble into another unexplored edge of the game. This is one of several titles on the site I am now actively watching for updates, can't wait to see what this one adds.

Review by Sharl
Version reviewed: on 2022-01-16 21:49:51

This really doesn't feel like a game so much as it is an extremely linear and utterly unbelievable fetish story wrapped up in someone's highly opinionated blog rants. While choices abound, none of them mean much of anything because the author has already decided that the entire purpose of this game is to turn a filthy male animal into yet another uninspired bimbo caricature, and what the player decides to do along the way is completely irrelevant in the face of their vision. You can try saying what you like or going where you will, but at the end of the day you're going down that chute whether you go willingly or are battered into it.

I hope you enjoy getting lectured by some kind of weird passive-aggressive nonsense while getting herded along your derivative tale, because that's about all that really goes on here to set it apart from your typical piece of fiction. Like seriously, the author actually goes out of their way to talk down to the captive audience and uses the illusion of options in the game to indulge in some rather creepy and thoroughly out of place virtue-signaling (for a nice early example, try enabling the rape fetish when you make it to the point where the game opens up the fetish selection menu, be sure to save your game first because STOP RIGHT THERE RAPIST SCUM).

If all you care about is reading yet another stale bit of transgender fiction and aren't concerned with things like your game actually being a game, then by all means go to town and enjoy your time in paradise. The writing is better than most examples of this lot, so you may find it worth your while if this is your jam. If you were looking for something more adventurous along the lines of the classic genre this game pretends toward, or even a game in general, you will probably mourn your stolen time even more than I did.

Review by KRanseyer
Version reviewed: on 2021-11-29 13:36:02

Yes: it's a fetish game. And the author leaves no doubt about it. But most important: it has a whole lot of strange plot twists and amazing side quests. AND it's one of the best updated games I know. Often and huge.
There is some grind and repetition like in almost every game, but if your kinks are covered, you get hours and hours of fun and fap.

Review by Centrophy
Version reviewed: on 2021-11-24 18:31:35

Secretary is an odd one for me. It's mostly well done with interesting character sprites, verbose writing that doesn't waste much of the reader's time (a problem that many of these titles fall into), and a somewhat interesting premise. I've started playing this game years ago and have indulged countless hours into it yet despite all these things I hate it immensely. It's so frustrating watching something with potential fall into the same pitfalls that all of these feminization porn stories fall into.

I have many problems with it but let's start with the big one. This is not an involuntary game and there is no path to redemption. Forget the forced route. It's the worst offender of not being involuntary. Seriously, how do you go from somewhat normal prudish man to cock loving slut that will love wearing the sissy underwear after a light spanking session without chemicals or brainwashing? It's a pure fetish game that seems like it's going to go the way of a noire story in which by the end of this TF journey, the secretly always receptive character will have fallen into the clutches of an all powerful evil corporation. It's a linear progression that is hidden in plain sight towards a game over. It literally stops hiding it once you leave probation as all four paths filter into the same stream. It may have stopped hiding it earlier if you started the cafe job and noticed that you were earning more in a day than you do per week than working at the main job. At that point my enjoyment completely craters. There is no winning condition - just look at the achievements. Not one of them involve fighting back. No, you can't quit and work at the cafe. Your choices lead to either a quick game over (you get fired, you quit, etc.) or your character becomes the perfect sissy secretary who falls in love with their tormentors regardless of your wishes. Another Candy. Another Bambi. How heckin wholesome!

All of these games feature the same protagonist. It's always a mentally handicapped/oblivious person that was, unbeknownst to them, in the closet but with a subtle or not so subtle prod (through blackmail usually) will turn from an ugly duckling (read "man") into a beautiful bimbo swan. Forget the blackmail and abuse, it was for the character's own good, they just didn't know better. They will always have the best orgasm of their life from their first anal stimulation... or having their nipples played with... or getting spanked... or smelling/touching/tasting a cock. You get it already. As an aside everyone will be really supportive and accepting. No one will ever think that these sudden changes being forced onto the player character are anything but positive.

I understand the writer's perspective, if the character was reasonable then you would actually have to be creative to get to the porn and telling a reasonable story isn't the goal. The porn is the goal and everything else around it is at a far lower priority and the sad thing is that this can be done well. It just isn't. If the character didn't start out enjoying it then the story would be too dark and turn into full on rape. Nevermind that the game has rape in the physical sense and the mental sense (the all powerful hypno that ignores willpower (willpower is an underused and under baked mechanic)). This trope is so tired and so lazy considering that even I can come up with reasons why a character would do things they don't enjoy to reach a goal/fight against their oppressors and I'm your average idiot on the internet. I could have even tied in the willpower mechanic. If the character enjoys it like I stated, which they do, then they don't need to be forced and if they don't need to be forced the story doesn't work. But like I said, the story is just an excuse to get to the porn but if the porn is the only reason to boot up the game then it doesn't need to be interactive.

The stat progression is a perfect example of the dev's goals for the game. If you want to raise stats like strength or stamina then you must engage in cock lust with gym bros or do bimbo classes. Grinding is not enough, it's all gated by how degenerate the character is which is great for a story where the porn is the priority above a story or gameplay even though it really stretches the bounds of credulity. No one and nothing in the world is remotely realistic which is my other problem with the game. Everything revolves around sex and the player character's coming out as a sissy (even to their friends who see nothing unusual about all these changes going on with the protagonist occurring in less than a month after starting a new job).

My last problem with it is that the mysteries that are peppered around the game all serve to further drive the fetish. For example, the psychologist drops various hints that she is being paid to corrupt the player by the company. This all leads nowhere and the player character will never have a chance to think about or rebut the nonsense advice that the psychologist gives him. He always agrees with the psychiatrist's obviously slanted diagnosis. The secondary characters that undergo transformation at the same time as the player character illicit no response from the player character. Not even a raised eyebrow as he watches a woman turn into a hucow and a man turn into a woman like himself. I feel like I'm playing Chaz from Shammy's Review of No Man's Sky.

The update that introduced the black box ( didn't improve my outlook.

The black box ends with the player character getting railed in the poop shoot and loving it immediately like everything else done to them. It's not something salacious that the ex-girlfriend was involved in. It's not a contract to the company for selling out the BF, it's not blackmail, it's not evidence of cheating. It's just a high tech sex toy. I don't know what else I was I was expecting.

I suppose the fault was on me. I was looking for a game with a cyberpunk story. A game where the player character walks into the lion's den and through their kinky tribulations may come out changed but still solve the mystery or come out on top like Johnny Mnemonic or, Tales of the Drunken Cowboy, or any other cyberpunk story. As it stands it looks like you'll just end up playing yet another victim of the dystopia. But it's okay. After all, the character enjoys being a brainless bimbo.

Still, it's a moderately good porn experience. The style is amazing even if the world building and characters are extremely weak (I'm sitll not sure what the company even sells and all the characters are just walking billboards for various fetishes). It's just not for me. Play it if you're into gender dysphoria, fetishizing the mentally disabled (if I'm in a bad mood) or the oblivious (if I'm feeling better about the game), and cock lust but don't if you're into good endings, smart reasonable characters, or mystery. For now, I'm done with it. 4/5 because style goes a long way.

Review by Indeed
Version reviewed: on 2021-11-23 20:39:11

Pretty good game, however I hate how restricted the game can feel. Since it kind of feels like your not play a game to an extent and instead just choosing slight differences in a storyline, personally I would prefer if you could choose what you want your character to do rather than choose what your character will like along the story if that makes sense. Since right now it feels like your gonna go down a specific path no matter what, you have to do it in a rather specific way, and if you don't want to then you can't play the game really. I do have to compliment the storytelling of the game though, even as someone who rarely reads the dialouge I found it engaging and easy to get the general idea of it even if I only read a few paragraphs. It also had good characters from what i've seen so far as well, only bad part about the characters is how your not really able to see them often unless they're directly part of the main storyline because you have to see them at specific parts of the week. really good game overall though I'd probably rate it about 7.5/10 

Review by GiftedMonster
Version reviewed: on 2021-11-21 21:46:10

The game is exceptionally well written with the pictures serving as great fodder for the imagination. The pacing is good and the amount of options to explore is practically obscene, both in quantity and quality.


Unfortunately, the game does suffer from a couple of draw-backs. The creators political philosophy is exemplified on the first page with the insertion of the Olivia Hill rule. Given how the overton window has shifted until anything even smelling like right of Lenin is classed as fascist, this is extremely off-putting. As is the political statement regarding trans men and trans women presented as an absolute. To say nothing of the Discord which can be...shall we say...toxic.


Overall...if you're a left wing person you will get an 8-9/10 out of this game. If you're a right winger...I'd say 6-7 with the score difference being due to the obvious political partisanship at the start.

Review by don
Version reviewed: on 2021-09-18 21:53:00

I like this game though it is a slow burn.

Five main issues though: I think you should be able to ask the psychologist about specific bits of clothing you have bought, that way there is a path of advacement outside of trying to guess what the game considers an outfit.

Second it seems like the game is set up more for you resisting change so it seems like if you embrace change with max fem/slutty outfits it breaks things since you skip over the tamer clothing

Third hair provides a fem bonus and you can use that bonus to unlock more feminine hair so you can get max fem bonus (+5) hair early on but it doesn't seem to affect what you can wear ex. this run I currently have base 9 + 5 bonus for 14 fem but it won't let me wear a lot of outfts that should only need 10 or 13

Fourth sluttyness should be seperated from smarts, a smart dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, not saying the true bimbo path shouldn't be there for those that want it but being a smart bimbo or hucow should also be an option

Fifth there need to be more paths to lactation: lactation tea and herbs from the store, hormone shots at new you, making lactation/hucow chems when helping after work, making the sneak up to the hucow level event repeatable, lactation pills in the sex shop milking section, stimulation bras, suction bras, milking bras, etc. what seems like it should be the easiest thing to get going is the most difficult. Also lavendar tea and products for breast growth.

Review by Somedude02
Version reviewed: on 2021-08-20 15:32:42

I don't know why this game didn't click with me.

Maybe it's because the focus is bimbo stuff, and I really don't like bimbo content. The idea of a dumb, huge breast, huge lips, sex addict girl doesn't turn me on. The machine thing at the psychiatrist doesn't make the mental corruption so natural. The mental change of the character relies too much on this machine, so there's no creative situations the character will live trough to change. It's just as simple as getting into the machine. and you'll stop any resistence twoards the life that's being forced upon you.

Review by AMagicalCampFan2
Version reviewed: on 2021-08-14 23:39:34

So, l'm not too far in (End of my first day on the job) But so far, it's well writen, has interesting characters, and has som every funny and clever Game overs for if you Say no to the job (ie, not accept the job, or quit on your first day)

In short, I'm Very excited to play more.


Edit: So, after playing some more, l have to say, this might be my Fave HTML game on the site. (sorry Paradise IncPerverted EducationThe Repurposing Center,The Estate,The Ooze Wizard Apprentice, and The Parity) (though, only one or two of those are spesificaly "Sissifiction" games)


Yep, i've played, well i don't kow how long, but it was a long time. The story is well writen an paced, the art is amazing, and l love the interface. It's the best html Force fem game i've played from this site.

Review by custardscone
Version reviewed: on 2021-08-05 12:39:29

One of the TFgames classics, only issues I had way back when were the stress levels, nicknames for cocks and not easy to replay as progress can be slow. BUT all this has been solved, stress is now much more manageable and a healthy challenge instead of coursing irl stress, you can disable the nicknames for cocks in the settings and you can also in settings activate "story mode" where you gain xp 10x faster, making it one of the most replayable games with different scenarios to try. If you haven't played it before, now's the time!

Review by Tilla
Version reviewed: on 2021-06-18 04:08:18

Probably one of the most in-depth and for me tittilating games on here, though not without flaws

- the Stress system is really hard to keep up with and can soft lock you out of being able to play more quickly if not watched.

- really unsexy/corny pet names for dicks shoe-horned in everywhere.

- occasional quests firing out of order or duplicating

But as I said, still one of the best

Review by DianeAmanda
Version reviewed: on 2021-04-02 06:35:39

I absolutely love this game. There is a brilliant story line you can flow through by making your choices. Tell changes take time but this allows plenty of game play and allows you to anticipate what is coming. Couple this with the contents selections you can make give you the chance to do several different run throughs. 

Review by freya102
Version reviewed: on 2021-03-03 07:27:04

Latest version added a lot of content.

I found the game got a tad bit grindier which isn't great but the compensate you now have a fast mode which made replaying this a lot more enjoyable.

I think half the issue I have with the game now is the repeat of the stupid canteen mini-game, it really pulls the speed of the game to a grinding halt and it'd be nice if I could just skip it tbh because its just not very fun. Now that the game is a lot longer than it was before its safe to say we probably don't need the repeatable content as this is already a very long game compared to other games on the site.

The willpower requirements are a bit buggy and a bit annoying as I've managed to softlock my character because she can wear clothes that are above what her willpower allows and I kept getting "you can't leave without makeup" but then "leaving with makeup costs Willpower" and so I could never leave the house. Things that increase willpower aren't documented well and that needs to change so you have a means to managing willpower.

I think the dev has nailed the content side of the game they've just got to work on the progression flow. Progressing in this game can be a little frustraiting and at times it feels like the game is wasting your time but in fact you just haven't unlocked something yet. Fast mode helps a great deal with that but the game still feels bogged down but repeating content.

The new random events are a fantastic addition and reminds me of Cursed as its similar in how it works.

You can get the sense that this game's development is coming to an end soon because the games starting to feel very complete now.

Easily the best game on the site still.

Review by dckitty
Version reviewed: on 2021-02-08 18:27:53

Definitely one of the best games on this site. I have a few personal nitpicks, but these are things that should be remedied in the past (the developers have hinted at this being so anyway.) It's got a good story, good and interesting characters and it has a lot of ways you can play the game that you might personally enjoy. There's minorly obtuse things here and there I've yet to figure out how to get around, and it's kind of hard to get cash unless you specifically go down one of the routes you might not want to go down.

One of the best parts (minor spoilers) is how the game handles your character's transformation - you have so many choices of what to say and how your friends and loved ones refer to you from that point. It's... actually pretty wholesome.

For the record, one of my minor nitpicks is the game forces you down the submissive route cause there's really no way to do otherwise and I'd love to be a dominant trans woman instead of a submissive sissy, but that's something that's going to be added later. The other nitpick is that there's seemingly no way to do 'sexy' without also doing 'bimbo' and I really hate bimbofication as a kink. This game kind of seems like you can't want sex without also turning into a braindead bimbo... and that's kinda not my jam.

Other than those, however, it's a great game and I recommend it wholly.

Review by cumsluttysissy
Version reviewed: on 2020-10-13 11:16:48

This is one of my favourite games, the developers have a well lined story filled with lots of possible routes and something to fit almost every taste. They are very active in the community and takes suggestions for improvements, so I am excited to see where it leads.

Keep up the good work!

Review by Frinkleton
Version reviewed: on 2020-10-12 02:56:04

Around the start of 2019 I gave this site another go and this was one of the games I tried.


Been looking in on it now and again but not really giving it a proper go as the first time I played it it felt incredibly grindy and really unfun and it was just hard to get that taste out of my mouth(get your mind out of the gutter). I am pleased to say it has become one of the more fun to play I keep finding my way down the sissy secretary route but its so hard to disobey the boss Mrs. Antler I think is the default. 


This has become one of the more fun games to play a few broken images and some clearly work in progress areas *cough slave collar and the tattoos* but you can see the team behind it have really gotten it together and focused on the problem areas. 


A frankly surprising amount of content, plenty of replayability I'd say so far and with promise of more its probably an 80/100 in its current iteration.


I've rambled incoherently enough tldr : me likey game, improvement room there is.

Review by leonais600
Version reviewed: on 2020-07-27 09:00:47

This game used to be quite uneven but it now seems to be getting smoother and filling out. The core of the game with the boss and secretary is excellent. You can still spend a lot of time going through the life sim aspects without much new happening but there is plenty of content in the game now.

Review by slaveyan9
Version reviewed: on 2020-07-26 09:08:20

In BDSM games, the most important props are collars, especially after the master personally puts the collars on the slaves and locks it, which has a very ritual feeling, but in this game, there is very little content in this aspect, and the collars can be taken off at will, hoping to add a plot, the mistress personally puts the collars on the slaves and locks it.

Review by Robot123456
Version reviewed: on 2020-06-30 01:43:47

------- Content : 10/10 -------

If you are into the game theme, then it will definitely be worth your while.


------- Replayability 11/10 -------

Wow. Just wow. So much content... So many possbilities... Even when I make seemingly similar choices I sometimes end up with completely different results and uncover secrets.

Plus, there are 4 major paths, so content can vary very much.

And the best part... Author keeps adding more good content! Wow.


------- Story progression : 9/10 -------

I haven't played this game since mid-2019. Back then going full obedient path progressed very differently from current progression rate.

In 7.5.0 I managed to get to the party in full dress before the end of 2nd week (I count the starting incomplete week as 1st). This is kinda inconsistent. But then again, it is very good for those, who have replayed this game many times.

ADVISE TO THE AUTHOR : In my opinion, it would be good to add some kind of heavy hinting about not rushing too much. For example, I think that kissing <spoiler>'s heels was what caused events to spiral out of control in a too quick manner. It is not an issue for most players, but for full obedient path it means an unnatural progression : never worn heels -> walking in high heels; never wore makeup and dressed in female attire -> pink dress...


------- Art : 8.5/10 -------

Well, art is definitely good. If it was in vacuum outside of the game, it would be average. As part of the game, it is awesome. Advice to newcomers : ignore the art of surroundings and some characters like Miss Antlers. You will get used to it and further you will get better art.


------- Technical side & bugs : 9/10-------

The only unavoidable bugs happen when you misuse "go back" button. For example, clicking on it will result in nothing in certain scenes, but if you click on it many times very fast, a bug will occur.

But STILL this is the only significant bug that I found. Game is of very high quality.

Review by Nerevar
Version reviewed: on 2020-06-15 15:03:40

10/10 Best game on the site, at least in my opinion, and I've played a lot of them.

I've followed this project for a long time and always thought it had excellent vision, but hadn't played the last few updates until recently. OMG. Wow. Amazing. The creator has done a great job hammering out bugs, and the content has only gotten better. The creator has filled the loops with randomized flavor. The mechanics are now somewhat deep, the immersion is quality.

Well done. I eagerly look forward to every future update. If you haven't played this, and you're at all interested in the content on this site, play it, it's good.

Review by chrisx
Version reviewed: on 2020-06-07 18:41:26

fyi womanly hips r above average for a guy, normal on a lithe girl, we just have a small bonus, cuz theres still the eventually possibility of "child-bearing hips" . plus gotta think about the body type, u want a muscle bound bulky bob or a skinny boney anorexic, supposed to have a hot butt for a guy cuz hes androgynus. :) such an awesome game, definitely 1 of the B.O.A.T.s of this site ^^ havent played since 7.0 waiting for a "huge load" of content b4 i start a new game all over, which 7.5 is more than enough :D

Review by hentaidark
Version reviewed: on 2020-05-25 18:40:33

Arguably the best game on this site, not only for the breadth and quality of its contents, writing and presentation, but also for its very active development cycle, which is sadly an issue that impacts a lot of other prominent games.


It's highly recommended to check the official Discord server to follow its progression, as well as to look for information, as the game's complexity means quite a bit of content can be easy to miss.

Review by boycalledsue
Version reviewed: on 2020-05-12 06:36:08

Love this game and can't wait for the next update.

The only area where perhaps there's a small criticism is the daily inspections start to get a bit samey after a while. The fonts used could be easier on the eye. 

But other than that it's excellently produced, feels like there are plenty of routes to explore, and it can be different every time. Definitely worth a play if you've not tried it.

Review by Fictionts
Version reviewed: on 2020-03-30 03:58:55

I realy love this game, is so damn sexy. What I don't like is the font, it's somehow hard to read and I start to skip the big text passages, it's alot of text.....and repetitiv text.

Review by Jarwellis
Version reviewed: on 2020-03-21 10:31:58

Game is still the best!

With each new update, despite some new cool things added, it became more and more grindy.

Like to see new content of waitress you need to spend thousand of clicks and go thru month of game time to pass "Training" stage.

Because at that time everything that could happen already happened with CM, player just needs to endure boring and repetative process of grinding stats at gym.

Unless you can hack game stats (find ammountList at ~39526 line and change those values to higher ones), you are doomed to suffer

Review by tlocator
Version reviewed: on 2020-03-14 18:57:39

RATINGS: Storyline 5/5 - Graphics 4/5 - Coding 5/5 - Replayability 3/5

Storyline - This is very well written, sounding like first hand experience. There are a few minor things that tend to annoy me, having played at least the last 10 updates from scratch, but that is probably just me.

Graphics - Definately unique in style, kind of a 'fresco' look to it all (which, in a few cases, hurts my eyes, which is why I took a point here).

Coding - Some of the things done in this game are not seen anywhere else, at least not in the amount here. If you see some of the effects in this game in another, chances are they took the idea from here.

Replayability - Ok, here is where I feel the overall game gets hurt. While it LOOKS like there are plenty of options and paths to choose, it seems to be an illusion. You can choose to gain breasts via the pills or the booth in early game, later you add hormones, but no matter what, you WILL get breasts. You will also lose your faithful man-parts, no matter what. You also can not quit your day job, at least for a good long while (longer than I have made it in one update), if you attempt to do so, it is GAME OVER - even if you managed to scrape up enough money to keep the rent paid for 3 or 4 months while you look for something else. So, once you play it, the only reason to play it again is to run a different set of hoops to the same inevitable end.

Review by DarkDaemonX
Version reviewed: on 2020-02-09 22:37:23

This game has a lot of potential, but there are still a lot of things that can get added or improved (I posted those in the forum), it could definitely do with your choices actually meaning something, instead of just giving you a game over, so everyone can have their own unique playthrough, right now yo're just forced down a path with the illusion of choice.


If the things I mentioned in that are added and changed, it could definitely become a 9,5/10.     But right now I would only rate it a 7,5/10. And that isn't because the game isn't finished yet, I mean the potential it has right now without some of those changes.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: on 2019-11-28 19:00:04


I guess no one is unfamiliar with Secretary on this site unless you are a newcomer to tfgamessite. Secretary is one of the most popular games that oriented around workplace humiliation by sissification/feminization. The game starts with a short and interactable intro before putting you straight into something interesting. It then expands the scale and scope in a progressive manner through a unique status/level system where you gain your skill in varies fetishes and unlock contents as you move on.

The latest version is a major update. It has added a LOT of new contents comparing to 0.5. The list is right above so I am not going to repeat them. The most obvious bugs are purged at this stage and I think it is time to pick it up again if you haven't already done so. The sad news is that the export/import function no longer work. You will have to start flesh with a new game, using the new skip to stage 3 option if you have to. Personally I would recommend starting from scretch again because of the random encounters that start off at the beginning.

While sissification is growing old, this game is still a piece of work, considering it has a nice GUI in HTML. I think it is something you should grab for the upcoming holiday.



Review by DeeB
Version reviewed: on 2019-11-04 01:30:42

This game has gone from great to... unbelieveably astounding and awesome!  Digging into is almost like digging into a new game.  The added choices, depth, developments, and fun are amazing.  I am absolutely thrilled with the direction the game has been taking since I first played quite some time ago.  From the feminization which you can steer the development of, to specific fetishes to allow/disallow, through to the cool pen and paper rpg game in the game are all great.  Thank you, DeeDee for making this treasure! :D

Review by sleepy89
Version reviewed: on 2019-09-10 04:57:56

great game cant wait to see what happens next 

Review by animelover
Version reviewed: on 2019-08-07 05:14:04

For those wanting to recover play now saves you can minipulate the ver number in addrese bar between ver 5.0.0 and ver 5.0.2

This game is well done and has a lot's of content keep up the good work

Review by mercysend
Version reviewed: on 2019-08-03 20:24:16

The Play Now button is working again great. This was one of the first games I ever played on the site and the story drew me right in. The arc and the reason at least to me are believable. I hope we can see more updates to this fun piece of art.


Review by DeadBoi666
Version reviewed: on 2018-10-24 16:23:17

First off just want to say, this game is fantastic and is honestly incredibly ambitious and beautifully stylised for a html game on this website, honestly the game just looks sick.

However I keep running into an issue on mobile. Whenever I try to load the game on my iPhone it comes this Error.

Error: RangeError: Invalid Date.

Stack Trace:

[email protected][native code]

[email protected]://

[email protected][native code]

[email protected]://

[email protected]://

[email protected]://

[email protected]://

[email protected]://

Would be awesome if you could figure this out for me, cheers x

Review by Switch25
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-28 04:11:26

An excellent game with a wonderful mix of feminisation and domination/humiliation.    I particularly like the scenes with your boss and the way she gradually steps you through levels of submission and humilation.

There is already plenty in the game to make it well worth playing but the author has left plenty of hooks in the story for further development.  Eqaully I am pretty certain I have not yet unlocked all the events in the game which depend upon the choices you make - some are not at all obvious.     

The game has a very intuitive interface and a nice visual design.   There are a few bugs as you get further into it but they are pretty easy to work round.

I am really looking forward to the next release.


Review by anyoldguy
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-09 08:37:01

A quality game that just keeps getting better. Highly recommended for anyone not put off by the sissy theme.


If you want to ask for advice on how to trigger events in the game, click the 'discuss the game' link. The forum thread for the game is extensive and has search functions.

Review by bwhyte
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-01 15:01:36

I've been playing this game for a while, checking for updates and all that, it's good stuff. I have a few issues but that's probably because the game's not complete yet, like how the BDSM and Bondage fetishes are pretty much one offs and you can't increase the stats after that, and how after a certain point, you're just kinda stuck in a limbo of sucking off guys for cash so you can buy more clothes that you never have the confidence to wear outside your house because your feminization stat raises super slowly and I've yet to be able to go outside without anything more than makeup. Maybe after enough grinding I'll be able to go outside dressed up but you'd imagine crossdressing in public would come before servicing hundreds of guys in a glory hole, especially with the hypnosis.

Review by longlumber
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-31 01:33:35

This is an amazing game !!!! My favorite on this site forsure, great work put in xox would love to become a patron

Review by Ndragoness
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-26 22:45:06

Downloading and online play do not work on mobile. 

Review by HansFranz
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-26 13:38:42

The game offers a good functional game foundation, there is an adepting pixel avatar displaying a working inventory/transformation system. The transformation/corruption mechanic is more subtile than most other games here offer.

The very slow progression hinders understanding the game mechanics.

For examble i needed like an hour to find a way to "train" ferminization(toilet jobs in underwear), yet i never got to the point where i could wear a simple skirt or have more than just oral sex. There is just no way to tell if i reached the end of the content because the game never tells you how you unlock content

Review by Sandeklaus
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-25 10:35:16

This game has great potential - the best art I've seen in any of these games, a fun but not entirely incoherent setting, and some very, very hot writing that knows exactly who it's catering to.

I have three main points for critique, here.

The first is that I'd like to see an expansion of the Hint system - when it appeared in the brainwashing segments, I found it useful to know what Willpower did and how I could make use of it, which is important with such an extensive stat-based system that's otherwise kind of opaque. Similarly, the game just outright telling me that my landlord wasn't available was a good way to stop me wondering what I was doing wrong. As an example, I'm regularly going to work with a buttplug, long pink hair, sissy lingerie, professional makeup and a chastity cage, then heading to my therapist to be brainwashed into a cock-obsessed slut, and then spending a relaxing evening sucking off strangers in a bar while wearing hotpants before going home covered in jizz. Despite this, I am too embarassed to wear high heels in public, much less stockings or a skirt. Is there a stat that governs my ability to crossdress? Is it an event I need to unlock? Is public crossdressing just not implemented yet for some reason? I have no idea. It's hard to tell when a path is unfinished, depends on me doing something, needs a stat, or what. Hints would really help.

The second, and least important, is that it seems really difficult to specialize in this game. I hate "watersports" and avoided them whenever possible, but in the process of getting my cum addiction up to level 9 I picked up level 6 watersports ("Pee on me please?") just as collateral damage. Maybe I'm just playing wrong, but most events seem to just bump half a dozen stats upward with a shrug.

Probably the most important (though as I'm used to grinding I'm actually more bothered by the first) is that the "office day" is extremely repetitive and doesn't seem to have any point beyond dispensing credits or the end-of-day "reward" (S&M boost or sissy pills). I even tried to get fired by showing up without showering for five days straight, and nothing seemed to change. This would be fine if there was more going on at the office, giving me a reason to want to go on my own.

Instead, it's just hell on the clicking finger. I click once to get up, once to go to the bathroom, once to shower, once to return to the bathroom menu, once to enter my inventory, once to get changed, one to leave my inventory, once to enter the makeup menu, once to apply makeup, once to return to the makeup menu, once to return to the bathroom menu, once to go to the foyer, once to leave the flat, once to go to the company, once to go to Floor 52, once to start working, once to go to the morning review, once to take my clothes off, once to confirm that I've taken my clothes off, once to put my clothes back on, once to return to the office, once to work hard, once to stop work, once to decline the key, once to return to the office menu, once to go to the canteen, once to wait in line, once to get her lunch, once to return to the office, once to give her lunch, once to return to the office menu, once to powernap, once to return to the office menu, once to work hard, once to stop work, once to have my afterwork review, once to accept my afterwork review, once to leave my afterwork review, AND THEN I CAN GO HOME OR BE SPANKED OR SUCK DICK OR GET BRAINWASHED OR DO WHATEVER ACTUAL FUN STUFF I WANT TO DO. That's about 40 clicks each "day", and that's assuming you don't get asked to run for coffee or anything. It's physically painful, especially when most of these clicks are so unnecessary. Why is "go to Floor 52" separate from "go to company" when there are no other usable options? Why do I need to click four times for the privilege of reading identical dialogue about what a good sissy I am? Please slim it down.

Review by 1watt1
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-22 21:26:48

OK, I must ask:
Of the 5 listed options at the beginning of your "late game" VR sessions, only two are ever clickable for me. Are the unclickable ones works in progress or is there some condition I'm not meeting to access them?

Review by Kileran
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-20 15:36:27

I've been lurking on this site for a while now, and this is the first game I decide to write the review for. Already one of the best games on this site, love the clothing system etc.
I just wish there was more actual intercourse content. M/M F/M doesnt matter. The base for the game is really solid though.
Depending on the next of couple patches I might decide to chime in on the patreon for the first time too.

More physical transformation/operations wouldn't hurt either, though I dont mind game being heavy on mental changes either.
Base game is great I just think the game needs mostly more content (more clothes and toys can be added in later).

I definitely can recommend this game if the tags is what you want out of the game.

As long as the core experience stays within what we have now (without adding some bad mini games or something) and more content gets added this one will become #1 on this site.

Review by Merkoid
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-19 17:32:48

The guy at the top of the picture looks like the main character in the Vampyr game.

Review by redok
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-19 04:45:47

Excellent jeu, très bien ecrit. La transformation est bien gérée.

On aimerait pouvoir aller plus loin dans les transformations. Peut être dans une prochaine update ?

Review by siscuck696
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-17 19:24:14

Agree amazing game. Anyone know if there is more of a structured walk through? My shy natured approach to the game is missing out on feminized options..

Review by whoretensia
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-16 14:03:01

This is probabley the best game on TFGames site. 

I get a real rush when I see the updates.

Hope this one keeps growing its brilliant.

Review by soldatoflife
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-11 03:58:26

I played over 4  hours. Twas a blast. More Maid content is never a bad thing ;)

Review by roboshifter
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-08 18:00:00


endless loop going to Coffee Shop 52 to convince bob, the next scene has only a link to this coffee scene...

Review by Remiliascarlet11
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-07 16:16:10

i love to playing this
and i hope all content is done cant wait to see the landlord and your ex
and the black box ;p

Review by rubberdolltami
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-07 16:03:58



Some excellent new additions and a much needed revision to the inventory system which speeds up gameplay quite a bit.



- Enjoying the new boss content and her
- Failure to follow instructions in a variety of places results in responses and changes in stats
- New dream(s?)


Possible bugs:

- Sometimes no option to clean dirty clothes (which results in punishment at work
- The dirty clothes marker(icon) does not always line up with the item of clothes


Thanks and please keep up the awesome work. I really enjoy this game and appreciate the effort that has gone into it so far!

Review by Noknet
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-05 21:43:04

The password for the .rar file is the name of the game.  Shhhh.  Don't tell anyone.

Review by afmack21
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-05 21:14:22

This is one of my favorite games and I REALLY want to play the update but it is asking me for a password when I try to unzip


Edit:  So the mega file I didn't have that issue with.

Review by kithrin
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-07-15 22:21:20

if chasity cage gets dirty, it counts as dirty clothes, and if you dont have key you cant get it off to clean it, making it endless loop to get fired.

Review by Norbynorwest
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-07-15 19:54:19

I know there are supposed to be updates by the end of July, but I'm not sure I can wait that long, you see I gave the key to my chastity device to my boss and now it's the weekend and I think I'm gonna explode if I don't get some relief.

I guess I'll just go to the bar and suck guys off again. It's not as good as a proper orgasm but I guess it's all I deserve.

Review by namjaira
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-07-09 00:17:35

I love this game namely Secretary. But please make your updates faster than ever. Add more features like extended work, extended dates, and extended therapies. Please do this as soon as possible. Thanks, luv it!

Review by jfrancois323
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-06-21 22:19:18

great start, but seem dead

Review by nandemonai
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-05-19 05:20:34

Game is really interesting, but there's too many unfinished items with the psychologist - you try to talk about certain things that have happened, but the trees aren't written, so it just displays an error; and the worst part is that it removes that conversation option, so you can't talk to her later if you click them by accident.

Review by star_voyager
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-05-09 09:40:54


Well written

Good grammar

Despite the creator having a patreon, content is not locked behind a paywall

Great artwork

Simple and easy to use HUD/menu




It takes a long time and a lot of grinding to get anywhere :(

updates are slow and don't add much content (just like every other game on this site tho)

After a whie it gets really annoying to have to shower and wash your clothes every 3 days




(1st review :p)

Review by therapist
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-05-05 21:01:18

What appears to be a great game at first turns into an insane grind. Granted the overwhelmingly positive first impression kept me grinding for somewhere near 4-5h. However I'm not sure whether I've reached the end of the content or whether I need another 10h of grinding to reach the next tiny sliver of fresh content.

Review by Carrera
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-04-14 08:54:01

Way to grindy, never could get past 10 minutes or so of gameplay because of grind.

Review by Besty
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-03-26 19:00:14

Very stylish and well written. Art is beutiful and overall this is a great game, i played it for 3 hours and coudnt stop. Definetly worth trying!

Review by Cutie-pie10
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-03-22 17:53:39

This is probally my favourite game on this site! Has everything i like and is so cute! Can't wait for another update! Keep up the amazing work Hun!

Review by LentFiller
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-03-14 21:42:47

This has promise, but the required stats to advance past a repetitive grind of "go to the office, get checked, work, get lunch, nap, work, decline key, get checked, get punished, go to the gloryhole (or work on makeup), clean up, sleep" with no further instructions from the boss and no further brainwashing from the therapist and no other interactions, and on and on and on for literal days, still being told that you can't wear even tasteful/modest female clothing outside... Just... Is there anything else even in the game, or have the stat levels been set so high that no one will actually hit them and find that there isn't?

Review by sprzeterobs
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-03-11 04:15:04

I really like this game. It touches all my fetishes and plays them in really mervellous way. The story is so good, it not only makes horny but actually curious what will be next. I do agree though with some that say progressing feminization bolndess is too grindy. Hope it'll change with another updates, which I can't wait to get my hands on!

Review by thethreetenors
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-03-07 10:32:51

ComplexCassandra said it best. I like a good grind as much as the next person, but this is silly. This game can easily become one of the best on this site, but it needs a good deal more content. Like say, more clothing, heels, makeup, lingerie, etc. Oh yeah....And the ability to actually put them on without grinding for 20+ hours.

Review by ComplexCassandra
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-03-05 17:58:24

I really, REALLY want to love this game - BUT...I've been playing it for AGES, trying to get to the level of Femininity that will let me wear more than feminine shoes and "no makeup look" makeup outside (if I'm reading the source right, level 10?) and at my best guess it's going to be another 20 hours of grinding to get there. I'm sorry, but at the point at which I'm a painslut to my boss (who's trying to feminize me), and I'm guzzling at the glory hole every night after work in my frilly pink lingerie - I'm damn well going to have the nerve to go outside wearing a skirt and better makeup. If I want to play a grindy game, I'll go play Warframe. I'm playing this for a bit more...instant gratification.

Review by EpochWin
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-03-05 06:21:24

"Your venti, half-whole milk, one quarter one percent, one quarter non-fat, extra hot, one and a half shots decaf, 12 and a half shots regular, no foam latte, with whip, 2 packets of splenda, ten sugar in the raw, a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 short sprinkles of cinnamon, your Majesty, protector of the realm, third of her name, the unchosen, emperor of both dungeons and dragons, the hidden eye, master of the dice."


If I worked at starbucks I would actually cut a bitch. 

Review by shyjustin86
Version reviewed: 0.2.5 on 2018-03-05 00:24:52

I love the game but how do i get my breasts bigger than the first cup size and how do i get to where the character will wear the female secretary outfit in public?

Review by onnees
Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 2018-03-01 07:24:53

I've been a long time lurker on this site and have played many games. I wanted to say that I found this game to be one of the best. It has great story and pace. It has interesting graphics and short videos. Cool experience bars that show what's changing.  It is being updated quickly. An outstanding game.  I look forward to seeing more content.  Well done.

Review by dafdude
Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 2018-02-28 23:37:53

While I really like this game, it needs some work.

I'm  really excited to seee where this game goes.


I really like:





I really want to see where this game goes after Alpha. :) 

Review by DarcWing21
Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 2018-02-28 21:10:15

I'm greatly enjoying this game, but I do have a few suggestions. More variety for the clothing and more options to make money or make more money from the things you can already do. I would also suggest more flexibility in the computer usage and the ability to research different types of porn.

Review by vitegram
Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 2018-02-28 04:25:04

Игра приятная.


Хотелось бы:

1. чтобы в окне навыков, были "мысли персонажа" (т.е. не просто подчинение 5, а дополнительно комментарий, на что персонаж не готов при этом уровне подчинения).

2. чтобы в окне расписания, сортировать по времени (сверху те, которые начнутся раньше).

3. больше разной одежды, и путей её получения (что-то может принести арендатор, что-то выдать начальница, или случайно во время переодевания, кто-то поменяет одну вещь персонажа, на другую (в туалете или в магазине)).

А то сейчас, первый магазин бесполезен, вся одежда уже лежит дома. Возможно, его девушка оставила, лишь лифчик и трусики, чтобы была стартовая ситуация, а остальное пусть покупает в магазине?!

Второй магазин опустошается буквально за один заход, на вторые сутки игры (хотелось бы, чтобы персонаж сопротивлялся покупке каждой вещи, без необходимости, т.е. чтобы он боялся и стыдился (подобное реализовано для других ситуаций: туалет, выход в юбке из дома, но не для нижнего белья).


Хотелось бы, чтобы было больше случайных ситуаций, приводящих к необходимости переодеться. Например, выход в обед за едой, приводит к обливанию кетчупом или жиром от стейка. И тогда, по возвращению в офис, начальница заставляет персонажа переодеть рубашку (у него нет запасной, так-что начальница выдаёт свою запасную блузку или юбку, а чтобы не пугал волосатыми ногами, вынужден одеть и колготки).


Хотелось бы, еженедельную зарплату и больше вариантов для заработка и траты денег.




При получении визитки, если сразу позвонить и договориться о встрече, то игра начинает выдавать ошибки, и приходится закрывать игру (это как-то связано со временем до встречи, если времени мало, то ошибка, если времени много, то всё нормально). [Первая ошибочная ситуация со звонком Алекс из бара, вторая ситуация когда в 20:00 договорился встретить в 20:30 с другом.]


если отказался от гипнотерапии, то всё равно посещение обязательно.


после того как опаздываешь на встречу (с психиатром), телефонный звонок, если ответить, то нажимание кнопки возврат к прежней странице не помогает (продолжается скрипт с психиатром, хотя время откатилось на несколько часов до встречи(много раз нажимая кнопку прежняя страница).



Спасибо, за игру.

Review by downloadu
Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 2018-02-28 03:07:32

Awesome game!

The ability to save clothes sets really saves time.

Looking forward to the next update.

Review by BigBuppis
Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 2018-02-27 21:28:05

Really enjoying what you have out so far! The art style is unique (Who does the pixel art, by the way? It's good work mechanically, but I've also never seen pixel art that actually gets me going. The main character is real a cutie.) Messing around with the text and other such things as the character is corrupted is great as well, though if I may make a suggestion, you should see if you can make such things slightly randomized for scenes where it would be relevant. Money management looks really tight, but I'm pretty sure that's intentional to encourage the player to seek the feminizing sources of payment. One minor complaint is the randomly selected terms for describing things at times get a bit overly silly, and in general may neat a bit more polish to fit with the grammar. ALso the inability to not have to deal with feet or watersports in certain scenes.

However, I do have one question on how this game is going to progress. What are the plans (if any) for how the character can end up after this ordeal? Is the only potential ending a complete sissified bimbo slave, or can one maintain their sanity and dignity? Can one be feminized but not full on submissive? If you really wanted to shake things up, could you keep your masculinity, and potentially reverse your situation? The way it seems right now, content only goes one way. Don't get me wrong, what's there is great, but I'm just wondering what I can expect in the future.

(Sidenote; what's the actual size of the main character's penis? It gets referred to as a two-incher in some of its descriptions, but I thought that didn't sound right based off of his sprite. I actually did the math how tall his sprite is vs the size of his dick, and for that peepee to be 2 inches or less he'd need to be like 3'3".)

Review by sparkysnail321
Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 2018-02-27 18:00:19

I love this game. Reminds me of Perverted Education. Adore the hell out of the pixel art, pleasant change from random gifs and pics of stuff found off of web. Enjoyed the exp bars too, nice to see you actually progessing on the fetishes. Can't wait for more content. Great game.

Review by murch
Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 2018-02-27 15:06:18

In addition to what others have already said, Ive run into a problem. When I leave the key with the boss, she still asks for me to give it to her the next day even though she has it and punishes me for it. 


Great game though

Review by guysmiley23
Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 2018-02-26 22:41:00

Hey DeeDee really liking what i see this has real potential loved the nintendolls refrence!! Im not great at these but a nice quality of life fix would be a remove all clothes button. other then that my only complaint so far is MOAR much much more. Also i bumped into a bug


Friday 1.Jul, 2033 18:00 when you continue breast growth is lost hope that help like i said not great at this.

Review by tranzet
Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 2018-02-26 00:39:14

Really loving the update and love the game in general. Thank you so much for putting time and effort into this!!! Looking foreword to future updates ^.~

Review by descend
Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 2018-02-26 00:19:23

Something special.  The best game on this website in terms of both gameplay, story, and fapability IMO.

Review by Wiccan
Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 2018-02-25 21:55:23

Hey, I just started playing today... I think there are some bugs? No matter what I do, I get caged and can't do anything to unlock. The game says the boss has the keys in some dialogues, and in others that I forgot at home. It's been days and days and nothing changes. There's even a repeated scene/dialogue of her caging him for the first time IIRC. 

Review by Zakon1313
Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 2018-02-25 16:03:17

good update

Review by gooene
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2018-02-23 18:48:42

There is so much potential in this. I really enjoy the customisation with the PC. Some of the best art I have seen in while in a TF game. The story is interesting, the PC's thoughts on the whole situation are interesting as well.


If you're a first time player, be warned. There isn't much story content. You can go past the story and explore one or two scenarios but that's about it. These scenarios are fun, though.


I look forward to future releases.

Review by Vane
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2018-02-08 08:06:45

best game on site imo but author is a perfectionist and takes way too long to update

Review by TVLooooover
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2018-02-08 02:43:35

I definitly love this game.

I hope it will be continued. I really do.

Review by Black Death
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2018-01-02 05:34:54

I like the game, but as of now there is no actual TF content. There's just hypno and exibitionism. I'm really hoping this game updates tho, it has a lot of potential

Review by Cadmea
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-12-27 20:22:33

Really good so far.

Hoping for an update at some point.

Review by zeex14
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-12-16 01:11:24

Honestly, this is probably one of the best games that I have played on the site. I understand that there is little content as it is still in developement, but the concept is truely phenomonal and the artwork is AMAZING! Keep up the good work! This game has a lot of potential!

Review by bobbyjoe789
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-12-09 22:45:12

why the hell is this not being continued? this is amazing!

Review by Semicvetok
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-11-23 22:59:00

Great, I like it!


BTW I found some bugzzz... 


  1. WEB Cam can't be used. I think it's not implemented yet but there is no any stub.
  2. Errors during morning manager's check if you at work without panties and covered by cum...
  3. PAYDAY NEVER COME!!! :) I worked for 347/156 hours from 1 of July till 20 of August. Where is my money!!!! :) It's such as slavery!!!

Review by girevil
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-11-20 11:09:52

Great game, cant wait for the new content. By the way how to retrieve Alex number?

Review by Hertz
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-11-13 04:59:52

Awesome game so far! It's a shame it's in early development and there is not much content to play, waiting for new patches, keep up the good ork :D

Review by Lille-pojke
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-11-12 11:48:42

please, contiue your work! This game is awesome

Review by jayt33
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-11-12 04:10:00

A great game with a nice "figure it out" element to it. Amazing pixel art and a fun story make this one of the best games on the site for me!

Review by GoudDeal
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-11-09 13:48:02

Awesome game ! I just find it a bit repetitive and might be hard to continue the story for people who don't search for all opportunities to advance the story. 

But anyway, I'm eager to see the end of this game

Review by Nevermore015
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-11-09 07:30:24

I'm not into writting in english and leaving reviews - but this game is so awesome! 
Brilliant work! Please, continue your work!

Review by nightz
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-31 19:03:19

Great game! My favorite of it's kind, so far.


Writing, model choice, art style, animations, amazing. Looking forward to more!

Review by rocksolid
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-31 12:30:55

Really love the game, the art style is fantastic and I am excited for more updates to come.

Hope the creatore continues the project and opens up a patreon as I'd love to donate!


Review by DramaCoach69
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-30 09:58:38

Quick question.  This is easily one of my favorite games, but I am a little frustrated.  I am at Level 8 Outside Cross Dresser, but the only things the PC can wear outside are the black enamel flats. I have cheated a couple of times by re-dressing him in the Supervisor's office, but that seems to make no difference.  Is there a level 9?  I have been stuck on level 8 for several "game" weeks.  

Is there any content with Alex besides the intial one in the coffeehouse?  


I really appreciate the work gone into the last update.  The interactions wit the Suoervisor inspections are much smoother, and at home, the masturbation, "lick cum" max out seems to be resolved.  I am looking forward to the next update.


Review by tndvrs
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-13 05:38:20

Nice, rating 5++

But thats my opinion.

Would like to see an easy way to skip different time blocks  2 hours 4hours 6 hours

or give something to do, like watching TV or read something eq 3 hours.

Hornyness is going up to quick, perhaps with 25% off it would be nice.

But most important: 

"Thanks for creating"



Review by Immoral
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-13 00:04:19


Simple & straightforward cd gameplay, good writing, images, overall "vhery noice."


I really enjoyed the writing and the consequences to various actions. I am awaiting further continuation post hypnosis session, but I think it would be great to add more clothing variety for "going out" - both casual female clothes, and more enticing evening garments. I understand there might be some future interaction between "best friend" and pc, but it would be nice to see some added npcs, perhaps some male manager from the company/corporate exec who thinks pc ought to undergo "oral training" for later "oral functions" as described in the intro scene where pc brings up the secretary in the picture. Additionally, perhaps there could be more interaction between the pc and the supervisor, where he would catcall you "chica" "looking good" and etc, and at the end of the month he would demand "compensation" in more than just money.

Obviously I do not think that my ideas need to be added, I just think that it'd be nice to have a few alternatives. The clothing alternatives would be very appreciated, but of course, that is up to deedee. I really do think that the simple artistic approach is working great, and the pixel font is doing wonders to create a more arcade feel. Overall, I think this game is 11/10, especially with the amount of content added thus far.

Review by SuperLemrick
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-10 16:34:58

Amazing start, can't wait to see this further expanded and developed. Keep it up!

Review by futatiger
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-09 08:46:43

can someone please post a step by step on how to get higher feminazation as well as chastity? i have been trying for days.

Review by cel
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-07 13:58:57

Amazing foundation. One of the only games where I don't speed click through looking for the porn. Please keep it up.

Review by shadowbndg
Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 2017-10-06 23:08:40

Looks like 0.1.7 doesn't work. Just leads me to a blank page.

Review by rohandsilva.
Version reviewed: 0.1.6a on 2017-10-06 06:10:25

Great game till now.. keep adding new contents.. 

keep it up. 😃👍

Review by Seroto
Version reviewed: 0.1.6a on 2017-10-05 20:25:35

This is such a promising start.  It's genuinely a fantastic foundation and I really do hope to see you build it into something much deeper.

Take your time though!  Better to enjoy the creative process than burnout, you know.

Also, a suggestion - I would really suggest using less recognizable people as the avatars for various characters you interact with.  It wasn't a big deal, but it's a bit distracting, particularly when you rename a character to someone you actually know and then are greeted by The Rock.  =P

Review by dinosaurhighlander
Version reviewed: 0.1.6 on 2017-10-05 16:29:34

Looks super promising. I can't wait to see more. Keep it up!

Review by jessie
Version reviewed: 0.1.6 on 2017-10-05 15:46:38

You know, there needs to be some sort of form review for HTML games like this.

"Somewhat interesting premise, but if you're releasing a game in English, you need to spell-check it. If you aren't English-speaking, then find someone who can properly translate things for you."

There's no way a person did an actual spell-check and somehow mispelled "Future" among other words, and it's actually reasonably difficult to parse any of it. And I keep on seeing that again and again with HTML games. It's not just those, and there are plenty of bright gems out there. 

It gets in the way of even getting into the game. I'm not even that much of a stickler, relatively speaking. I don't need great writing, but at least... something that's been spell-checked and is grammatically correct. 

Sorry for being so harsh... but not that sorry. 

Review by animerawk
Version reviewed: 0.1.5a on 2017-10-05 04:02:41

How do you go to work on the first day? Theres no option anywhere to go to work

Review by tasty
Version reviewed: 0.1.5a on 2017-10-05 02:29:46

The actual game content is in a tiny box less than 3 lines tall for me, as it has been for every version.

Review by Cptn Spalding
Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 2017-10-04 14:21:00

So I downloaded 1.4, the latest version and now not only can I not open it, due to lack of permission, I can't delete it either. The game sounds cool, but i can't review it if I can't play it.

Review by butterduck
Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 2017-10-04 13:06:31

Games pretty cool, the fact i can see what changes on my character is pretty unique. My only problem is idk how to get the chastity or date stuff i've seen mentioned.

Review by navire
Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 2017-10-04 10:13:54

Excellent game, but development is necessary - the relationship with Bob, the relationship with all who are in the game (men, women or others). Below wrote about the futanary and so on ... No! It is necessary to lead the main character to the normal end, but without any fantasy. I apologize but my English is very bad, I use Google translator.

Review by hypnonymity
Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 2017-10-04 01:16:28

This is a truly amazing game with a lot of content for a first release. It's definatly similar to Perverted Education, which is possibly one of the best games on this site. Minor bugs seem to be resolved with quick updates, and the overall design of the game seems solid, in terms of aethetics, story, and gameplay. I don't mind the visual style one bit, I understand complaints about font, but I like the change of pace, its a strange mind-fuck for the future-but-80s looking setting.

I would just add maybe that I'm unsure of the skills and savvy game mechanics, and would perhaps like to see those functions become more obvious in time, as well as more self improvment/downtime activities (gym, etc). My additional humble request is for a pathway that doesn't force the character into going after men. I don't know if that's where its heading, or if my request is stupidly idiosyncratic for a sissification game, but even though I enjoy these immensely, that part isn't my thing. I'd love to see options for more strapon/futa and FF content paths. Again, thats on me, and doesn't detract in the slightest from this great and promising game. But sometimes, no ask, no get.

Review by sanjafeth
Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 2017-10-04 00:14:09

An excellent job for a first release game! The concept is similar to many games in this genre but the mechanics and polish of this release is impressive. My only complaint is the retro font. Ugh! 

Review by LikeScales
Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 2017-10-03 21:20:47

Very well done for a initial release. Decent amount of content to go through, and good overall setting. I can see how you got your inspiration from PE, and this looks like it could, down the road, be just as good.

Review by Kalon
Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 2017-10-03 17:36:33

Gotta say the CSS reminds me of my old days of C64 gaming.  But at the same time it takes away from the game in that (to me) makes the reading of the content more difficult.  May I suggest a "retro" version which is how I describe the game now and a "modern" version which doesn't use the old text formatting (I understand the pictures are already in place that are "retro"ized.


Look forward to it's development either way.

Review by manarak
Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 2017-10-03 12:29:49

great game so far!

I don't know what else to say except... keep up the good work

Review by ChastitySlut
Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 2017-10-03 11:22:02

I would also like to how you get put into chastity. Good game so far.

Review by ADIDAS
Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 2017-10-03 01:32:11

Honestly I don't know where many of these people reviewing are getting their information from?? "Very little content" "Content ends after day 1" I downloaded this last night and played from Wednesday up until Sunday in game so there's obviously more that one full day of content here. Also there is a ton of content here for a first release, I applaud the creator for building up this game to the extent it's at before release. I thoroughly enjoy what is here at the moment and anticipate further development.

Review by TanyaCacophany
Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 2017-10-03 00:26:51

Wow. This is really impressive so far, incredibly fully formed for an 0.1 release. Really excited to see where this goes.

Review by mlreta
Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 2017-10-02 23:13:37

Excellent game! I love where this is going. Also, the Sierra Online/LucasArts font brings some cool memories!!!!

Keep it up!

Review by ZZZoom
Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 2017-10-02 22:41:03

Like the game, but there's very little content so far. Also, the font makes my eyes bleed.

Review by hyde8
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 17:47:41

this game is very polished, well written (and funny without trying too hard) and simply highly recommended.

I predict this could very well become one ofe the most popular games on the site.  

there are some minor cons as of 0.1.2 

- a fairly tedious wardrobe system that would really need some shortcuts especially for when there's more content and therefor longer playthroughs

- a few spelling errors but nothing extraordinary

and a personal nitbit. I'm personally not a fan of using famous actors for npc portraits.  it just make me wonder why nicolas cage bought a food truck. 

Review by synestheoretical
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 15:02:21

This is hella cute and fun. I really love the design and the story so far. It's not the most original concept but it's extremely well executed so far.
I feel like the wardrobe mechanic does need adressing though, some kind of Presets that you can save to one-click on or off? Or something like the second inspection at the office, where instead of making you manually undress and redress the game just accepts that you do so. I think it's fine to keep the manual undressing and dressing for like, the first of a scene? To get the player feeling like they're complicit in the action of wearing the female clothing, or submitting themselves sexually? But in a life sim style game there really needs to be a way to bypass pure tedium like that after you get the one time emotional payoff of doing it. Really excited to see where you go from here with this!

Review by Zer0zero
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 14:17:29

Really loving the design and flow.  


This game could really use cloth sets and an undress button.  I'm sure its in the works though.  


Error on trying to arrive for 2nd visit to Psych.  Tried it multiple times and it errors every time.

Error: <<goto>>: passage "event_psychiatrist_hypnosis_2" does not exist


***Got an error upon exiting my buulding at 1800 on friday. 

 It was in german I think...

Review by WhiteFireDaemon
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 12:49:43

This game has a lot of potential, but you need to overhaul the wardrobe system. It's a huge pain trying to change your clothes. Other than that I like everything so far. Looking forward to more content.

Review by maria94
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 11:33:48

you should improve the scrolls boxes, too hard to follow them

Review by luchoxzx
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 10:32:09

the issue about not being able to go to work happens if you don´t "take your chance to spy on alex".


otherwise you have no problem

Review by Leilanz
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 02:38:59

I liked the game, what there is of it, at least. For those who complain about the size of the scrolling box, just zoom out on the tab (Chrome: ctrl + wheel down/up, probably the same in other browsers). Shows promise, though the whole clothing up and down part becomes too much of a chore after a while. That'd be my only criticism so far.

Review by SissySanya
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 01:36:46

Een though I haven't completed the entirity of the available content yet. The game seems interesting. I like the graphical style and the custom sprites and the underlying code shows that a lot of work has been put into it. My problem is with scrolling inside the tiny text box to read. It's just my opinion but I personally quite off putting. Especially when most of the area is covered by an image. So I've disabled it from the code.


Review by jjherring
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 01:18:46

This, apart from the bug everybody seems to have mentioned, is an incredible first release of a game. I think that it has the potential to really become a great game. That being said, I think the wardrobe system could be made a bit les clunky. I really liked how the wardrobe system in "The Therapist" worked, but this one requires  you to switch screens and click on a TON of buttons. I haven't played through this whole release, but it's looking excellent so far. Good job, and keep it up!

Review by WaionPlon
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 01:08:24

Possibly the first game I've played here where the creator has a very strong grasp of game design.




The game oozes quality all around with smart usage of properly colored text, image effects, the player avatar, it all adds so much to the experience. 
Even at this early stage I rate 9/10 for the great quality work put into it.

Review by kasra247
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-02 01:02:30

It looks good, and the game obviously shows a lot of work went into it. I definetly can't wait to see where this goes next. :)

Review by jthorne19
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2017-10-01 22:28:08

Gave up trying to read the text hidden in a tiny scroll bar.

Review by lianneadamson
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2017-10-01 22:09:37

It's still early in its development, but it seems promising. Changing in and out of clothes is a bit tedious, but this is the first version. There's already a good assortment of characters, and I'm interested in seeing what happens next with them.

Definitely a game to keep an eye on.

Review by Forge
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-10-01 21:08:09

Actually it is not a bug, did you look in your wardrobe where new items have appeared?

Review by johnnynod
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2017-10-01 19:37:31

It looks great...until you get the game-halting glitch.

The player's faulty washing machine eats up the dirty boxers, and he has no replacement for the second day, so he can't change into any clothes to the point where he can advance the game.

Needs to be fixed ASAP, because the visuals look promising, even with the painfully obvious guest appearance by Dwayne Johnson! :)