Wands and Witches

Author: GCStudio
Version: 0.91
Last Updated: 2020-11-07 04:00:52

Review by dsgafS
Version reviewed: 0.91 on 2020-12-11 13:21:00

I would say; very good base. Why so little self TF's? I believe there's only the gender change tf, which I found very hard and/or unclear to trigger.

Review by N1DD
Version reviewed: 0.91 on 2020-11-07 13:59:17

I've played many updates to this game because its not a bad HP game. But I have to say it should not be listed on this site. There are no meaningful TF elements and the developer does not appear to have any intentention of rectifying that issue.

Review by Feylamia
Version reviewed: 0.76 on 2019-03-09 08:36:23

Have to agree with the one who wrote before me. Rather reminds me of a good Harry Potter Simulator than TF-game, haven't seen any TF.

Review by cecilmcgee
Version reviewed: 0.72a on 2019-01-30 00:20:17

Huge potential, but it's slow and boring right now. After an hour of play, no transformations.

Review by micre23
Version reviewed: 0.72a on 2019-01-19 08:12:40

Despite the complaints here, there is TF content in this game

more than some games that claim M/M content that basically have none

The art is great and I like the gameplay ideas behind this game

the one complaint I do have is this game is very very grindy

Looking forward to seeing where things go with this^^

Review by xkira1995
Version reviewed: 0.72 on 2019-01-13 20:39:49

Ehh, the game lacks content for player charater participation. It's a bunch of chatting, studying, resting, and repeat. VERY scarce TF content. =/

Review by Orphoenix
Version reviewed: 0.66b on 2018-10-20 19:54:10

I want to love this game. However, there is a lack of relationships, magic for the PC and transformations. The writing, development and framework for a great game is literally right there. Unfortunately it fails to take the next step. 

Review by KevinAhro
Version reviewed: 0.66b on 2018-10-20 12:56:00

U do need more Tf and TG content and spells that u cast. every one is suggesting this. what is hogwarts without magic?

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof
Version reviewed: 0.62b on 2018-10-13 14:54:35

It's interesting, but quite repetetive.  It takes too long to level up skills and relationships, and there isn't enough feedback on the quests to let you know what you are or aren't doing right.  The TF content is pretty minimal, too.

Review by Noknet
Version reviewed: 0.62b on 2018-10-13 11:19:42

Someone forgot to make this magical or fun.  It seems to me to be a lot of clicking for no reward.

Review by mrnemo99
Version reviewed: 0.62b on 2018-10-07 15:43:50

Fantastic, well done. Can't wait for it to be fully fleshed out. Found it to be relatively stable. Saves are easily managed. Art is of course top drawer. Quest info is a little sparse. Some areas of concern how ever. Firstly, relationships take too long to develop in consideration of the amount of calaendar days the current iteration runs. Secondly, a skill of 25 for the Tonks metamorphasis quest is a bit much. I would reduce it to 15 or 20. I would consider the adding of findable or purchasable in game items that can slightly alter skills or attributes, perhaps even transformations. All told, Outstanding, your stipend is increased to 6 galleons.

Review by GCStudio
Version reviewed: 0.42 on 2018-03-11 12:06:29

Ravenclaw is available now )

Review by Kmac198
Version reviewed: 0.21 on 2017-12-11 01:10:36

How do you not have Ravenclaw available yet? Such blasphemy.

Review by Jeb94
Version reviewed: 0.21 on 2017-12-08 14:03:40

As of right now its very repetitive with a lot of clicking for pretty slow progress.  I'd like to see where this goes but I hope there is much more content for the next release.

Review by throwbillyaway
Version reviewed: 0.21 on 2017-12-07 17:12:02

It seems like it takes a long time to progress in this game. Hard to tell how many interactions with characters there are so far. I've only had interactions with Harry, Ginny, and Colin. Hope to see more development here!

Review by G-052
Version reviewed: 0.21 on 2017-12-07 11:45:42

Great game but two complaints : outside events, talking with other students bring nothing (other than relationship points), the other is an error when talking to the owl (though it don't stop the game).

Will look for more.