Mind Conquest

Author: Changer
Version: 0.0.6
Last Updated: 2020-07-04 13:43:00

Review by baumannt
Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 2018-01-13 14:42:38

A great concept. I'll be following this game's development.


For those who haven't tried the author's other game, Adventure High: It too is recommendable.

Review by Vane
Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 2018-01-07 06:01:20

Nice one, pretty short in the moment for being in early development.

This game has no multimedia tag set yet, but has many drawings, a few basic animations and tells story in form of brief dialoges.

I didn´t quite understand the mindcontrol mechanics allthough I suceeded (I guess you accumlate points to some hidden feelings stat, but why would yo do anything other than choose channels with the most + bubbles all the time?), what surprised me even more was that I had success much quicker with the second leader which should´ve been harder to achieve.

Well anyway, I appreciate games that have tangible game elements apart from story (which is kinda abstract and barebones here with it´s all female world).