Portals of Phereon

Author: Syvaron
Last Updated: 2021-02-13 07:14:35

Review by AoS
Version reviewed: on 2020-05-20 11:03:59

Portals of Phereon a good game with a fair amount of content. Having said that, it is definitely an X game rather than XXX in my opionion.

It does take a fair amount of effort to really get into because of the amount of various systems and mechanics, but there is something of a tutorial to help with that.

The erotic elements are shallow in description, but deeply integrated with the mechanics.

If you're looking for a Game that is erotic to sink some time into, this is pretty good.

Review by Wildfoxy
Version reviewed: on 2020-05-17 08:08:40

Gender selection decide everything about the gameplay. Goal, abilites, progression. Everything. 

Review by Red-XIII
Version reviewed: on 2019-02-24 05:35:52

It's sad to see this game in it's current state.

From most of the changes since about I'm getting an impression that the game is trying to self-destruct.


It DID get slightly better combat-wise, as AI stopped being so inept and actually started using skills.

And also the balance of enemy difficulty got somewhat better.

But a LOT of what made this game fun was lost in the process and nothing came to replace it.


For example the old AP system got scrapped, basically AP and AP regen are not stats anymore. Maybe it made things easier for AI to deal with, but it's a step down from what we had nonetheless.


And what the hell could have possessed the author to decrease exhaustion restoration for MC when it was already disappointingly small?


But the worst part IMHO is what happened to Evo's gameplay.


Evo's gameplay used to revolve around turning it into a juggernaut.

Sure it was kinda OP, and yeah, it turned out that way fast if you knew what you were doing...

But it was still better than what it is today.


Fist we lost most of the flat stat increases, and while that did help a lot with “evo is op” issue it bared another problem – a lot of forms are just no good. Back when evo was op you could afford to screw around with them. So what if they were weaker? You were just strong in general.

And now that you aren't, it's painfully obvious which forms are up to par and which are NOT. Most are NOT.


But then came the main hit. Nowadays you don't level any forms for Evo.

Sure it was a bit over-the-top originally. But now it's a boredom-fest.

You get to lvl 25 (your maximum with a starting trait that raises your maximum) in about 2 in-game days if you know what you're doing. And what do you do with MC from that point on? Yep, nothing. You just drag it around and let it carry “the hatchings” that you'll need for various purposes.


Theoretically we can now unlock body parts and build a chimera form. Practically it's too darn weak compared to special forms. And even if it wasn't... MC that stopped leveling from day 2 in a game that's supposed to last 30-150 days is a sad sight.


In short Evo went down from the centerpiece of his own gameplay to a support character.

It's a convenient breeding aid (especially with the new copy/paste traits feature), and a strong support character for leveling other characters, but that's it. When you feel more “invested” into a weak-ass side-kick sapling that you got through unlock then you are in MC it says a LOT about how wrong the things with Evo MC are.

Review by Hito125
Version reviewed: on 2018-10-28 02:46:02

This is one of the few games on this site I'll play for the gameplay, not just the story. I wouldn't mind seeing more story, but this is still well worth playing. And I'm impressed how much art in is this. 

Review by Khorothis
Version reviewed: on 2018-10-20 17:17:48

If you want to soldier through a game to learn how it works and optimalise your play, I'm fairly certain you'll like it because the game has a clearly thought out system.

If you want a story, some charm, and/or reasonably accessible smut, this isn't likely to work out for you. I'm in that camp.

Seriously, if this game's concept and artwork was remade in Harem's or Strive For Power's gameplay style, I'd play the everloving shit out of it because I love the creativity in the monstergirls, the concept of copying their genetic makeup and incorporating them into your own to improve and to alter your body, so much that I'd even ignore the part that I'm not into impregnation and breeding with named NPCs (yes I'm weird like that).


Review by Aarott
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-24 16:24:11

Game is very good.


I like my adult games, but I am forced to admit that 90% of them are not great as games. At best, they tend to be money making simulators, and they usually don’t have the best writing or plot, either.


Well, this game doesn’t have the best plot, at least not yet, but it does have engaging gameplay. I was extremely surprised when I saw that the battle system was a hex based one, and I have now spent many hours in game.


The game is customise-able as well, with settings like starting money or subjects of game requests. That said, I had to make three attempts at making a PC I liked.


The AI is a bit limited at the moment, and is mostly limited to moving, attacking and seducing- enemies don’t actually use their skills currently. Story content is likewise limited. However, there is a lot f potential here. I will be following this game.

Review by Arothe
Version reviewed: on 2018-08-11 15:37:20

I quite like this game and the direction it's going. For less of the kinky reasons and more of the RPG reasons (a bit backward reasoning, considering what brought me here to begin with). It's actually a fun game to play, and moderately challenging, but not too difficult to learn and adapt to. Personally I find that breeding leaves too much to the imagination right now, and is therefore not as enticing as I was expecting when I first downloaded it (it's also almost pointless due to fertility/virility rates vs recruitment chances and the overwhelming usefulness of the ritual+library combo). I find myself wishing for a more active plot though, and the chance to "rescue" lost teammates after you have to emergency leave a portal (yes it's my fault that I forgot to save, but still that was the best team and I miss them). One actual complaint I would like to raise is that most of the characters in the game have very static personalities, and feel empty. I wish there was more variety to their personalities. My favorite part about this game is the diverse bestiary, and the fact that every single combination is actively useable and has its own niche for practical use. Keep it up, and perhaps consider these opinions. You've got a gem of a game so far!

Review by nanajosh
Version reviewed: on 2018-07-12 11:03:19

So far I've enjoyed what you've done with the game. The only issue I have is with "the kings quests" addition. I feel that it makes the game unnecessary harder with a never ending debt. Not to mention some of the kings requests are out of the relm of possibility for early game (I.e. needing a monster girl of higher stats). I know there is a "cheat" option if you don't want to lose at that point but I think it should be an option in the first place to have "the kings quest" at all. This shouldn't turn into a "punishment" if you chose not to have it but gives the player bonuses for chosing to have "The kings quests" (I.e. difficulty % shouldn't go down drasticly). I know the game is far from complete and a lot is subject to change. I'm just voicing my thoughts on this "kings quest" update. Regardless of my opinion keep up the good work.

Review by tudududum.tudum
Version reviewed: on 2018-06-30 10:01:04

Good idea, acceptable graphics (too similar to Breeding season for me) but totally screwed controls! I'm not a fresher in comp games but was ttally stunned by interface. It's too complex and too nonintuitive. Battle controls are almost classic specimen how NOT to make interfaces. It was meant to be handy both for mouse and keybord but useless for both.

Author should completely remake controls (especially battle ones) and add tutorial to explain player how to manage all the complexity of the game step by step

Review by FF_Police
Version reviewed: on 2018-06-16 18:02:10

There's a lot of depth here for those who can get past the huge herm and male monstergirls everywhere.

Maybe I could have enjoyed it more if there was an option to use the female form picture for every gender.


Review by Kionatria
Version reviewed: on 2018-06-15 09:52:30

Is it just me, or is this game similar to Breeders of the Nephelym from Fenoxo's forum? Not the same, but similar.

Review by uztgft
Version reviewed: on 2018-05-27 16:30:24

Lokks great but when i downloaded it mo text would appear so i dont know what any of the buttons do

Review by araara456
Version reviewed: on 2018-05-26 16:52:44

to AlzoruLedura:

just click LMB on enemy. But attack need a lot of AP. Or just tease then fuck enemy if you need capture him.

ps: you always have one infinite portal with hostility level = 1 on start

Review by AlzoruLedura
Version reviewed: on 2018-05-26 16:22:48

Maybe I'm just dumb but combat appears to be impossible for me. I can't move at all, and don't have any way to do damage??? What gives?

Review by Yllarius
Version reviewed: on 2018-05-07 11:14:42

I really want to like this game. I do. And despite it's flaws (it really needs a solid tutorial and not just a wall like text) it's a really solid game.

But then we come to difficulty. On 'Medium' difficulty, the lowest allowable difficulty while still unlocking things, you pay an ever increasing rent.


Every. Day. It's incredibly limiting for a game that would thrive on experimentation. It feels like the only way to stay afloat is to micromanage an incredible amount of girls. I honestly feel you should move over to, or at least add an option for a 'rent' mode. Where you're charged everything well or month. That way players have a chance to stabilize their funds. It's hard to explore and experiment when spending too much ''downtime' results in your rent becoming unmanageable. And its further hurt by the lack of any type of tutorial. 


It doesn't help that without upgrades it becomes incredibly hard to reduce exhaustion. But the time spent getting those upgrades makes it even harder to pay the upkeep. 


Perhaps I'm missing something, maybe I should just play in a sandbox mode, I don't know. I just don't see the current system working unless the player is put into micromanagement hell.

Review by Phenoca
Version reviewed: 0.6.4 on 2018-04-06 04:27:48

This game is Amazing. You can choose to be a benevolent shapeshifter or a kinky slave trainer. Wide variety of monster girls & mythical humanoids. Exploring throws unexpected curveballs. Choice of fetishes & playstyles with unexpected curveballs while exploring. Combat AI is a bit dumb but I had a wonderful experience playing my first 10 days and look forward to creating my harem.

Review by The_Batter
Version reviewed: 0.6.4 on 2018-04-02 20:40:48

Thanks for linux support. I don't personally use linux that often, but multiplatform compatibility is always a plus.

Review by elseone
Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 2018-03-31 08:26:12

@Bobhayand: That's likely not a bug. I had the same problem, and you most likely have your Advanced Form set to male, with breeding enabled. If your character has visible testicles, then it's considered to be male, because PoP futas unfortunately all lack testicles. This could definitely stand to be made more clear.

Review by Bobhayand
Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 2018-03-31 02:06:40

Really good job, though this version has nasty bug - you automatically turn to male gender after transforming yourself to any form (no matter what gender you choose to transform into), so no ritual in the sex menu is available.

Review by dale11
Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 2018-03-27 15:02:39

I have such mixed feelings about this game, on one hand I absolutly love the art, the breeding system and well the premise of it all. It is very well done but I find myself struggling with the pacing, to keep up with increasing cost and with in my opinion a pretty poorly explanation on things means it's a race against time I often loose. It is well worth the struggle however. I recommend new players to  play on the lowest dificulty or at least static cost in the beginning as there is no real tutorial. Easy mistakes can entirely ruin a game even after you know what you doing but then it's more challanging then frustrating.


I might be very thick so others may have easily grasped these things but here are some things I missed that others should watch out for

-You can equip monsters with weapons and armor, not only yourself

-Arena battle limits include your character

-terrain movement is VERY important and don't mix your partys to much, a mermaid can slow down a group very much

-You use rituals in the sexmeny

-leaving monsters to the library gives in my opinion very useful information besides the money

-Since the game is easy to be taken for a sandbox rember to try to unlock the diffrent forms for your main character. It's easy to get lost in just trying to see all the things =)


All in all I think this is one of the better online games I have ever played and comparing it to breeding season is an misnormer, it's like breeding season was a demo for some of the gameplay in this much larger and better game.

Review by JuankiMan
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-16 09:11:28

I can say without hyperbole that this is one of the best, if not the best, game on this site, wich only makes it more amazing that it is classified as an alpha.

The artstyle is amazing with enormous creativity for the dozens of different monstergirls, the mechanics are solid, the gameplay is entertaining and it really scratches that itch left behind after Breeding Season's tragic demise.

The game is still rough around the edges with simplistic enemy AI, unfinished content and unbalanced mechanics, but it still is amazingly playable and fun to boot.

The lack of mechanical balance is, in my opinion, the most notable flaw at the moment. Of note:

Again, I'm amazed at how polished the game is and, as an alpha, the quality can only go up. This is one to follow closely.

Review by bigbbw
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-10 11:36:30

I am having the same probelm with it 


Review by markamynas
Version reviewed: 0.6 on 2018-03-09 07:04:01

I try to play but i get a rar error and i dont have the .exe . Anyone having the same problem ?


Review by KarenB
Version reviewed: on 2018-02-13 21:18:30

I really like this game. There is a bit of a learning curve to get into it so it isn't a particularly quick game, but it's very detailed especially for being so early in development. Essentially, if you think something isn't fair or doesn't make sense, 90% of the time it's because you didn't read something. The game info in the library is invaluable. There's a pretty detailed review on F95 if you need some starter tips, but a lot of the fun comes from learning the mechanics.


To the author: I am continually impresed by the attention to detail in the game mechanics (like plantgirls absorbing water tiles to gain health). You obviously have quite the eye for such things. However, the details can be very confusing at times. In particular, the prerequisites for special forms and base species upgrade points were very confusing. The info tab is invaluable, but wordy and needs to be condensed somewhat.

I love the art style, the roughness of it is actually very appealing. I'm serious, don't redo them. Even if you think they are only 90% done, they are great as is.

Crystals are hard to get (I still haven't found any in the wild and had to make Lumira sad to get enough for the first crystal farm), and scavenging was not clearly explained so food was an issue for a while (maybe have the farm produce food?).

There needs to be some way of economically ridding yourself of excess girls, since the only way currently is either wait for a favorable buyer or abandoning them outright.

And finally, the targeting system for seducing enemies (hovering the cursor over them) makes a lot of sense, but took me forever to figure out. The other battle mechanics were easier to figure out, but not immediately obvious. You might want to consider a light tutorial for the first battle. Just to be clear, I like the mechanics, they work really well, but they need explaining.

Review by ReysonTheNoble
Version reviewed: 0.5 on 2018-02-09 15:19:52

I love this game. The combat is fun. The art is gorgeous. My only real issues are minor. It's extremely difficult to get crystals. The tavern requests are much too difficult. Anything with more than 4 gene requirements is just not plausible. Maybe limit it to species, level, trait, and 2 genes? The sorting options are somewhat limited. I'd like to be able to sort by species. Maybe have sorting aptions in a dropdown menu instead of buttons?


Regardless, I can't wait to see how this game turns out.

Review by zerocatch22
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2018-02-06 03:22:47

Maybe it's just me, but...


I really cannot figure out this game, and at this point I'm not sure whether it's a game mechanics issue or if it's just due to the fact that it's so early in development. Just an example: It lets you go through portals and fight enemies, but it wouldn't let me attack them. I don't know if it's because there's something I need to equip, something I need to train, or if the game just has a bug in it, because frankly there's nothing even approaching a tutorial or manual that I found on my initial playthrough.

Overall, the graphics are nice, and there's definitely the skeleton of a good, complex game here, but I just can't parse what I'm supposed to do in it.

Review by Midnight_Omni
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-02-03 01:03:00

Beats Breeding Season and Breeding Season mk 2 by far. When all the placeholder content in this game is filled out it'll be a 10/10 game.

Review by salat333
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-30 14:18:39

Really good. One of the best in genres. I liked  art, it's very nice. Fighting is also quite good. Though lacks in quests and some main storyfor now.

Review by Kevin Smarts
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-27 07:43:54

This is fun!

Reminds me of a certain breeding game that went supernova that I'll refrain from mentioning by name.

The breeding is fun with the cross-breeds and the way you can change the PC and how they gain DNA info is really clever and a great gameplay element.

Its still very early and some things need more polish, better info, easier sorting and comparing, right-click to clear windows? and a few other little QOL things would be welcome.

Overall its a top game and one I hope to see meet its potential.

Review by omega mutt
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-27 04:24:47

Good concept, but hard to get going in it without multiple attempts. My main problem is that tiny window for all the notifications. The art is great, through.

Review by muta
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-26 14:40:30


Review by Crissa
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-25 22:10:03

While this is supposedly via Unity, it has only been compiled for Windows.

Review by kain123
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-25 18:42:19

One of the best games I've seen here. And it's still fresh. There are some balance issues, like some races being far better than others and rare equipments too cheap, but even so the combat is great.

The only issue I've had so far is the slow exhaustion recovery. My units spend more time resting than working. Am I doing it wrong or missing something?

Review by blazedummy
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-24 00:26:08

For a initial alpha release, this is quite well done.

The core gameplay is in place. There's plenty of content (I played for 8 hours straight until I had gone thru almost all of it). The breeding system is better than pretty much any other variation I've seen. The tactics based combat is solid, just wish it was fully implemented for more stat and loadout crunchy goodness.

It's rough in places, but this alpha release feels like a beta release in that it's a fully realized game in it's own right. It just lacks the finishing polish and refinement of the interface systems.


- Considering how frequent the turn over on party members can be once you get into the full swing of breeding like a madman, I'd recommend allowing the player to make equipment kits or loadouts that can auto assigned on a per race or individual basis. Spending a minute before each trip to the arena to load out your party becomes combersome real quick. (Nevermind that equipment appears to do nothing in this current version, but I'm sure that'll be rectified before too long ;)  )

- Allow filtering of monsters by particular race(s) or favorites tag.

- Have a new tab/filter for new born monsters so you can easily focus on which ones are worth keeping, selling, breeding, etc.

- Have a way to to compare monsters to those of the same race or gender.

- Particularly, it'd be nice to see a readout of how their gene stats compare to the highest and lowest in that category for the same race, sub-race, gender, size or overall.

Review by Ouroborus
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-22 21:19:43

I gotta say, I don't think I've ever enjoyed a demo with so little content so much before. The game is very mechanically sound, with a fairly simple combat system that's easy to pick up but doesn't get stale quickly. The overworld management is a bit difficult to manage at the default setting, especially on a first run, but gives a good idea of what the game aspires to be. Overall, I would say this is an excellent proof of concept, and certainly worth an hour of two of playtime to find the many permutions of creatures in the game, which all have very well-done portraits by the way. 

That said, I do have some suggestions:

-A player transformation animation would be nice, even one as simple as the old pokemon evolution animation

-A tutorial (With an option to skip) would be helpful as there a few things that happened that I wasn't able to figure out for a few hours

-Letting the player acquire new forms in the brothel seemed kinda cheaty, though it's easy to avoid after the fact

-An option to rename your followers 

-Victory/Defeat scenes after combat


Review by therandomestpersons
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2018-01-22 10:57:06

Seeing as how you don't have a discussion thread i have to post this as a review. When i go to launch this game it just gives this weird "turnbasedthing has crashed" error