Winter Festival or Morana's Banquet

Author: MadAlice
Version: 1.1.0
Last Updated: 2018-02-17 19:25:05

Review by MadAlice
Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 2018-02-22 18:19:02

Can you list the steps you're making? Curious of what you say, I just downloaded my game and clicked things (the same way I listed them in walkthrough) and after "Get up goddess" she got up and everything was working as intended :|
(Although there IS a bug, a "cheat: skip test!" appears, even though I didn't turn on cheats. But it's a really minor bug that doesn't change anything.)

Review by bladev1l
Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 2018-02-22 12:21:59

walkthrough is not enough or game is broken cause im clicking get up goddes i need more tests option not blowjob option and she still sucks my cock