Author: TangoTF
Version: 0.9.8
Last Updated: 2020-10-09 17:42:35

Review by jjars898
Version reviewed: 0.9.78 on 2020-10-07 21:15:20

Pros: It's definitely an interesting story with a complex plot, caters to some of my favorite fetishes, and it provides hours of play.


Cons: It's so long that my attention flagged halfway through, and by the time I caught up, suddenly I was in a parralel universe being led around by a genocidal talking moth. The author clearly jumped the shark somewhere...

Review by jheroe
Version reviewed: 0.9.78 on 2020-08-28 09:00:09

Definitely my favorite game on TFS gamesite. Always waiting for new content, and bad endings. Hoping for pregnant endings for pretty much any character the main character sleeps with. Sort of like "Dont get Impregnated" when you have a chance of pregnancy from almost all the story characters and getting the bad end (or good end who knows)

Review by TotallySane
Version reviewed: 0.9.78 on 2020-07-20 08:17:46

One of the best games of its kind. Lots of branches, that have a lot of content each

Review by renenarciso
Version reviewed: 0.9.6 on 2020-04-21 15:49:22

This is probably my all-time favorite game here. I always prefered CHYOA stories over sandbox in any case, and this one is ENORMOUS. Also, its multiple branches appeal to slightly different fetishes. You have a hardcore branch with the bully if you like to be abused and turned into a junkie whore (very dark, but so hot!), there are two lighter, more romantic branches if you go with your friends (naughtier if you go with the nerd friend), there is a pretty good and twisted incest branch with your father, a mind control branch with your teacher, lesbian branches, etc. So there is something to appeal to every fetish.

The writing is fun and deep enough to get you immersed, but also never lacks erotic elements, just the way I enjoy it most.

Awesome game overall.




Review by CrystalGeyser
Version reviewed: 0.9.180085 on 2019-11-17 17:40:16

Best way to describe this game would be a half-finished water park.

All the water slides look great, then you go down them and slam into a plywood wall halfway through that says "under construction".
Battered and bruised, you go to try some others, only to find out all of them are like that.
Sure, the slides all look fun from the outside, there's water in all the pools, and the park advertises how many slides it has and how many gallons of water are flowing through them, but at the end of the day you can't really ride any of them.
Some of them are longer than the others, which means the ride can be fun, but you're just going to wind up with a raw ass and broken bones once you hit that plywood wall with how much momentum you've had built up from that long slide.

To put it another way...
There's plenty of "content", but none of it is fully realized (it's all written well though, and there's plenty of photos that match the action). Too many split-off tangents that all end pretty quickly. There's a few focused ones that last for a good bit, though.
I check back to this game every now and again, but it's going to take a lot of time to reach a point where I'd consider riding those slides again. Eventually the park will be finished, maybe one or two slides will be finished before that, but at this point, I'd settle for a wave pool at least.

Review by sadarsa
Version reviewed: 0.8.080085 on 2019-01-15 10:20:24

Im currently addicted to this game, for the moment; it has become my favorite. I find myself checking every few days for the next release, and often disapointed, but sometimes happily surprised. While this game is far from perfect, is more than a little incomplete, and sometime does things that make zero sense, it's still a very good 'chose your own adventure' story. 

Review by Excanda
Version reviewed: 0.7.838 on 2018-11-30 01:01:57

It's a good game and mostly well written. Some places you forgot a word or a letter, but over all good game.


Couldn't find Louise though. Maybe she is further along Mitch path as I stopped at Tim.


Would love some more lesbian and incest. It's sad that the Drew path is only oral and no sex. I mean with the amount of teasing that path has why no sex?


Good Game keep it up.

Review by compass87
Version reviewed: 0.7.838 on 2018-11-25 11:08:58

I was just curious, how do you get to the Craig storyline?

Review by Renadon
Version reviewed: 0.7.780085 on 2018-11-14 03:41:10

A really nice game with many and quite different stroy routes.

I really enjoy playing this game since the possible route are so different. Each follows it's own kink and I'm looking forward to the next updates. Be aware that there are some nice hidden scenes which you might only find by making the "right" choices :)

The Text is really well written and does't repeat itself.

Personally I'm looking forward to more updates for the Damien and Mitch story line. I really love the existing possebilities and would like to see more. Maybe the alternative routes with Mitch (wichich doesn't exist util now) would produce a new favorite story line.

Thank you TangoTF for this nice game and please keep writing such nice stories :)

Review by triiyma
Version reviewed: 0.7.780085 on 2018-11-11 10:59:26

Image filenames need to be consistently capitalized everywhere they're used, and must match what the actual file is called. The picture of Evan in the character log is "Evan.jpg", but it's used elsewhere in the story as "evan.jpg". This breaks on file systems that require case sensitivity, and makes a media heavy game like this much more annoying to play.

Review by bbwilly
Version reviewed: 0.7.780085 on 2018-11-08 22:55:54

This game is A+ and probably has the best written work I've seen in all the games I've played. The only reason I registered with TFGS is just so could add a like to it. It seriously needs more.

Review by Dracornis
Version reviewed: 0.7.780085 on 2018-11-08 17:36:42

Tested and approved.


Would like to see more in the terms of bondage, rape and blackmail :D

More diversity in pics and more stories to these fetishes would be nice

Review by Loken1103
Version reviewed: 0.7.780085 on 2018-11-08 01:10:48

The download process is was too dense and is in no way clear. Provide ONE obvious download link that contains everything. Don't release "update packs". Release a a single file and update it every so often.

Review by tlmesi
Version reviewed: 0.7.780085 on 2018-11-08 00:15:42

Pretty boring for me. There's a few branching paths, but once you go through them it's pretty linear. The branching only happens at the start (which is pretty fleshed out), then you're pretty much just reading what happens to the PC at that point (there's the illusion of choice, but 90% of those choices lead to a "under construction" page).  There is a point where all the stories eventually converge at a sort of "midway" point, then seem to branch again into predetermined end points directly after. The different stories are varied though, I'll give it that.

TF happens at the start of the story as well, I've not played every single path, but that seems to be it. Just at the start, and then the tf element is over. Which then boils the game down to what happens to the PC as he reconciles his new state of being, whether that be a good outcome or bad. Images are meh, seems a lot more of an afterthought. Which again is fine, better than nothing at all.

It's all more of a linear CYOA than a game overall. There's a point to be made as well about text. It's all written well and all, but every page seems to get further and further into novel territory. Bragging about the amount of words and passages is fine, but there comes a point where editing down what's there to something more consise overall benefits more than writing more text. Editing is just as important as writing. Though I guess you can chalk it up to "alpha" status.

6/10 - It's alright, but probably not worth the time if you want something with player agency, or don't feel like reading a novel every page.


Review by Guderian9999
Version reviewed: 0.7.580085 on 2018-10-30 13:39:28

After discovering this site a few weeks ago and wasting an enormous amount of time trying many of the games, I can say this is one of my favorites. The several of the story lines are deep, the writing is very good, and the accompanying pictures amplify everything. The author is updating things at a good pace, and has an active Patreon. Give this game some of your time!

Review by caf3in3
Version reviewed: 0.7.580085 on 2018-10-05 00:08:22

i cant get pictures to work 

Review by soullessshell
Version reviewed: 0.7.380085 on 2018-09-28 15:31:43

this is one of the best games in this site
the writing is amazing
so far I like the Evan and ryan's route

Review by CupofTea123
Version reviewed: 0.7.380085 on 2018-09-09 08:02:45

This game has come such a long way and is easily my favorite game on this site.  Keep up the good work!


So many storylines to follow, each focused on different characters.  The writing is fantastic.  

Review by Immoral
Version reviewed: 0.7.380085 on 2018-08-27 18:54:03

Really enjoying the game, a good story with succifient amount of content and images.


Review by Trueblades
Version reviewed: 0.5.780085 on 2018-06-25 17:18:59

I'm pretty impressed with this game. There is a lot going on and a few different routes. 
The plot is good and the dialog is decent. There is a lot to make the rating XXX.
I'd recommend playing it if you're in the mood. 

Im already looking forward to the next release.

Review by Gummirompa
Version reviewed: 0.4.380085 on 2018-04-28 07:29:47

Why male to female transformations so popular here? Is this a niche? I want to see one where you just start as a female who is modest. I just seems more practical.

Review by darkskull
Version reviewed: 0.3.580085 on 2018-04-05 13:46:27

This game is really good so far, my favorite route is mitch's (and the doc seems interesting but still early). the writing is really to my liking, which is the most important thing in these games :)

a little feedback based on my personal taste only:

images are great, i would love to see more of them, if i like the image it makes me want to read the text.

maybe add choices like how you feel about things? (i mean- do you enjoy being used/ the rough treatment etc.), which would affect later descriptions and choices.


all in all great work! i would love to see more.

Review by Hatha
Version reviewed: 0.2.980085 on 2018-03-24 15:44:18

Like many projects, this one is promising but I’m reserving my optimism for now. It’s got the chance to be interesting but it has a long way to go yet. 

In a number of cases, descriptions are not clear and occasionally contradictory.  In one pathway, once you’re down that particular route the game ceases to mention your friends, family or school for days worth of in game time, and even completely gives up on mentioning what Taylor is wearing, or really how they spent 90% of their day. 

Flavor text isn’t often considered immersion breaking but there‘s a whole bunch of details that simply never get mentioned. Major aspects of the experience are completely ignored to the point where it becomes hard to believe. It’s strange to include so much charcter building just to completely ignore them. 

The writing itself needs a fair bit of editing. A number of redundant words, bad formatting and overall issues of consistency. And frankly I find the use of images frequently distracting. Clearly some effort has been put into getting a bunch of pictures but the writing in many places seems glossed over as an afterthought.

The last spoiler free thing I can mention is that the game has too much choice. In a number of cases, choices will send you down radically different paths. As many creators here have proven, it’s incredibly difficult to finish a project like that and I honestly can’t think of a single one that ever made it to completion. The end result will be that he’s writing numerous individual stories and most people find it hard to write a good one even when there‘s no choices to make.

It’s got a decent premise insofar as the method of TF rarely matters as much as the experience. There are clearly defined characters but a lot of work needs to be done before I could even start caring when the next release comes out. 


Give it it a shot, but don’t get your hopes up. 

Review by Frits2121
Version reviewed: 0.2.980085 on 2018-03-23 20:29:40

Really good so far. The Evan route is definintely my favorite so far. I did catch a little contadiction in the Ryan route that knocked me out of the story a bit though. When he's introduced he is described as having "mesmerizing blue eyes." Then a few clicks latter you find youself "suddenly lost in Ryan’s big, comforting brown eyes." It's the only one that sticks out in my mind though, so you got my like!

Review by jmueller
Version reviewed: 0.2.580085 on 2018-03-13 14:38:56

One of the top games on this site in my opinion, and I have played through a huge number of them. Excellent writing, no unnecessary game mechanics, good use of pictures, and the development pace seems fast. There are a number of paths with a decent amount of content so far, and they seem to cater to difference preferences on a spectrum from essentially non-consensual (Mitch) to romance (Ryan). The main chararacter also generally behaves in a belieavable way, exhibiting a fairly normal level of reluctance which is nice. 

Review by cecei3
Version reviewed: 0.2.080085 on 2018-03-08 13:46:33

Love this game, Im going thru withdrawal!! In the Mitch route, maybe Taylor gets addicted to coke after her first bump and loves that more than pink magic? Also, maybe picture(s) of a hot girl snorting coke might be nice to add. Looking forward to more updates.

Review by Andrew5000
Version reviewed: 0.2.080085 on 2018-03-03 19:27:20

This is an extremely good game, i played the bully route and Sisters boyfriend (Ryan) route and it was very good.

Lots of great images and scenarios in the bully route.  Very good use of blackmail and the sexiness of the MC and the power and manipulativeness of Mitch is done very well.  Lots of sex and many other sex acts in this route

Ryan was also very good in a seductive forbidden kinda way.  Sadly no full out sex in this route that I found but has a good hot start.

Havn't played much of the other routes so far.  Seems that Evan might be more of a romantic route but I can't say for sure, If that interests you try that way, might get romantic but I can't say for sure.

Can't wait to see more!

Review by Narcissa
Version reviewed: 0.2.080085 on 2018-03-02 21:10:23

So far so good. A few typos and grammar errors but nothing critical. its a bit weird how accepting everyone is. I am wondering if that will be a element of the later story. Also a bit disappointed at least as far as I could tell that the game forces you into female heterosexuality. Always find it curious in games how being transformed into a girl suddenly makes males interested in other males even before any overt mind control occurs. Hell I was born female and I am still into girls. Will definitely stick with the game though. I like the style of storytelling. :) 

Review by the Morrigan
Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 2018-02-26 23:28:45

I sort of like this game ... it's well written, with an engaging cast and story. But I'd like to suggest that it needs something to break up the incredible quantity of text that needs to be plowed through between links. Maybe more pictures or more choices, or even just more links. If I at least had to click a link every 3 or 4 paragraphs instead of every 8-12, I'd feel more like I was playing a game and less like I was reading War and Peace

Nice work so far, though. 

Review by Hausu
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-02-25 11:39:42

This is a very strong start. There isn't a ton of content yet, but enough to keep me entretained for a little while. The writing is really quite good. The images and gifs are used well. Definitely looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-02-25 10:26:44

Transfigure was an AIF... um... or more precisely, a multi-ending linear stories combination. You started off with a change soon enough, and your choices in the first few days would branch you off to one of the paths. Then you were stuck with the path until it ended, or it could be because there were only two paths halvely written at this stage.

At version 0.1 with only 2 paths on their ways, the rar file is 86MB as a result of a few very large images as well as a few gifs. Not exactly the best images around but they were well placed and were doing the job, provided that you checked the walkthru and you knew where to look for them. The stories were average without the images.

Okay I guess that summed it up nicely. If you are looking for a quickie, give this one a go. If you are looking for adventure or some good read, this one is probably not on your top list.

Review by GinKitten
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-02-24 21:21:08

I really really like it. Mitch's and Evan's routes are amazing so far. I would like to see more of Drew's as well. Keep up the good work.

Review by SilverS
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-02-24 13:54:31

Amazingly well done. The writing is superb and the use of images/gifs definitely helped contribute to the text and weren't overdone or obtrusive. It was a great balance. The characters all seem believable and there's obvious ways for the story to go, a number of branching ways even. But the two primary ones with them thus far are well done and significantly different from each other. 

A freaking incredible first release and I look forward to future updates.

Review by JoeW
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-02-24 08:53:01

Usually the play now is for a link so one can play the game online.