Female Agent

Author: CrushStation
Version: 1.6.3
Last Updated: 2020-10-17 11:41:07

Review by Noknet
Version reviewed: 1.6.3 on 2020-10-20 18:03:04

What is here is good, but it hasn't changed significantly in a long time.  In fact, I would say it hasn't changed significantly since I first saw it.  The author seems to be interested in doing everything but advance the story.

Review by relattic
Version reviewed: 1.6.3 on 2020-10-19 08:09:51

this game has been flying under my radar for quite some time, but I finally tried it and I have to say it is one of the best I've played on the site. It's definitely a bit of a tease, since it doesn't seem like the author even wants to get working on the thing that the game is about (the job in Bangkok), but the way there is definitely great. Really looking forward to this getting finished at some point.

Review by jjars898
Version reviewed: 1.6.3 on 2020-10-18 01:12:09

It's really excellent writing, and the creators have definitely done their research on various spy and terrorist organizations, with an impressive amount of cultural diversity. Character creation is easy, but time-consuming, as you fine-tune various events throughout your character's childhood and education. The lengthy grinding does not abate after you land that job at MI6, either. All in all, I spent about two hours on my first playthrough.

The most likely deal-breaker is that there's practically no TF content. It's all of the mental variety, too -- a bit of hypnosis, with a smattering of long-term corruption and diving into the deep end of promiscuity over the course of the character's entire life.

If you came looking for a game that fits in on TFGamesSite, you're probably going to leave disappointed. If you want to unravel an international conspiracy while being slowly ensnared yourself in a web of hypnosis and corrupt governments, then this is probably worth the time investment.

Review by apewty
Version reviewed: 1.6.2 on 2020-05-14 10:03:37

What a great game! I appreciate how hard development is. Think of writing a novel, then add coding, graphics and art and bug stomping. I see a lot of good work done here. Lots of subtle details that help immerse the player. 

Review by JoeW
Version reviewed: 1.6.2 on 2020-05-12 21:17:46

I ahve been following this game for away. It is well written. It should be great when Bangkok is described.


Review by freya102
Version reviewed: 1.6.2 on 2020-05-12 14:46:14

this game is great, the paper doll and character creation are easily the best on the site.

The only downside is that the game is too short, its such a damn tease! The game ends right as your training is over.

Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

Review by sissymaid_louise
Version reviewed: 1.6.2 on 2020-05-12 10:19:16

I remember when i first played this there was not much to it - since then i love the option to customise and story is good. I think the game has got good building bricks to make it into an amazing game .


Please keep the hard work and look forward to the next update 

Review by gastropodea
Version reviewed: on 2019-11-27 23:51:56

The game is different.

The game begins with a character creation. And then you continue the character creation. After this I continue the character creation. And instead getting bored I get immersed. Suddenly I am Bethany Woods from London which grew up in Peckham... who eventually played in a band, got a pinch for men and tried various drugs...

I'm using the term "I am", because I was. This is one of the few games in which you completely identify with the MC. In a later phase of the game I had to hook up with an ugly guy. And I really felt how Bethany was repelled by this guy.


At one point of the game Bethany had to take part at a "Wet T-Shirt Contest". At some point it got humiliating but Bethany got carried away and did the best to win. But she did not succeed. At this moment I felt bad. Because of the things she did. And, because she did not win..... 

You can say, the player shares the feelings of the protagonist. No... that is wrong. At one pint, the player is the protagonist. 

What more can you ask of a game?

Beside that the story is, so far, well developed, stringent and interesting. Everything makes sense and there is no "deus ex machina", no finger snipping good or bad fairy, to push the story forward. Just a, so far, well constructed plot.

Some words to the game designers.

Please, keep up with the good work. 

Please don't let this game become another grave on the "Cemetery of unfinished Concepts, Alphas and Betas" here.

and, most important:


give me a chance to get to Bangkok!


Review by danni79
Version reviewed: on 2019-09-07 05:09:12

Love the writing, content and avatar images so far. There is so much potential here once the game gets to Bangkok. 

Review by Buridan
Version reviewed: 1.4.8 on 2019-07-03 02:46:30

On paper, this looks like one of those games you see every so often that's just a proof-of-concept. The game hasn't even progressed past the prologue and really started on the stated premise of the game.

But the "prologue" has a TON of content, and what is here is exceptionally well-written and polished - rather than starting with a quick character creator and mission briefing then getting straight into the action, the game starts you at birth and you basically play out your entire childhood and early adulthood leading up to your recruitment by CIA/MI6/etc. It's a strange but not unpleasant level of detail, and it did make me much more attached to my agent from the outset than just as a vessel for lewd gameplay.

It feels like the game got massively sidetracked from its original premise (undercover spy stuff) into being this whole other thing (female lifesim), but I don't think that's a bad thing in this case - I really like how the prologue stuff's been implemented here. Presumably, the stats set up in the detailed character creator (number of partners, sexual experience, misc skills etc) will affect how certain scenes in the main game plays out. But it stands well enough on its own that I honestly think it wouldn't be bad to spin it off into its own thing.

Looking forward to seeing how this one develops.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 1.4.8 on 2019-05-23 22:26:17

v1.4.7 has content up to... well... not starting your mission yet. It jewels so far lies within the character background generation. After that there are mini warmup missions such as a dance floor dating simulation like Newlife and a hotel starring. Imho, the game haven't even started.

Review by alexcross
Version reviewed: 1.4.6 on 2019-03-11 19:30:49

I have liked this game in the past.  However, the link to download is not actually a link to download.  It is a link to play the game, at the website www.femaleagentgame.com, so it is the same as the "Play Now" button except that it doesn't warn you that you are going offsite.  If you jump through the hoops to get to the free download (go to the Patreon page, and, from there, go to the Discord page, sign up, find where the download is, and download it), this gives you an html file.  It still needs to connect to the website (see above) to get any images.  That website is not available from all locations, and, even if it was, I might want to play the game in a location where I do not have access to the internet.

In general, in previous versions, I have liked the game.  That was before I realized that it is accessing offsite (or off machine) images in order to play.  That is a "feature" that I do not like.

Review by TotallySane
Version reviewed: on 2018-09-20 17:13:52

I've played a lot of games on this site, and this is one of the gems.

There could be more content, but that counts for every game on this site, it's definitely enough to warrant a download.

I'd also like to emphasize the good writing style.

Review by mattpantyhose
Version reviewed: on 2018-07-17 13:37:19

This is an amazing CYOA type of game. Perfectly fits my taste of gradual mental transformation of the main character. I really hope, that the author continues to develop it and does it reasonably quickly :)

Review by fresh
Version reviewed: on 2018-06-01 03:51:57

Because you can only play the prologue so far I would not call this a beta. The story was entertaining for as far as it went though. There were still flags that indicated points where the creator intends to improve certain parts of the story. I would like to see more.

Review by xavia91
Version reviewed: on 2018-06-01 01:07:15

Good game so far, but only the prolog is playable, linear but with a good amount of options to choose from on a regular basis.

I liked the options given, also I don't know what happens if you play a little more prudish ;)

Overall the game still needs lots of work, the sex scenes are rather simple and since they are reoccuring regularly that might be a good point for improvement.

Review by Erik1986
Version reviewed: 1.3.5 on 2018-03-22 11:10:46

So, first off.... great work on the writing, it realy gets you into the story. Also liked how traits you earn can alter paths to take, and how apparently your nationality is used aswell (like the scottish bar patrons being rather provocative towards brittish agents).


The art is not abundant, but realy good. Looking at the characters avatar i can say that for me personaly she has the right curves and looks, maybe a bit more custom hair and colours...including maybe non caucasion (aldo i understand that might require rewriting some parts)

The part where some improvement might lie though, are the short sex scenes. There isnt alot of text or reactions writen, and they end pretty fast. Now you dont need Fenoxo CoC lenght scenes (that would be overkill) but dragging it out a bit and adding a bit more description to the scenes would make them better in my opinion. Non the less this is your game, so if you disagree, then by all right ignore this and do your own thing :D


Overall this ranks highly on the scale of best games here on TFGames,  8/10 from me.

Good luck in the future!

Review by Quinn
Version reviewed: 1.3.5 on 2018-03-20 11:32:06

At the moment this is a well-crafted introduction to a game. What exists, though, is very good indeed.

Looking at the past changelogs elsewhere on the net, the developer has been iterating: introducing missions, creating and polishing an engine to serve as some portion of the basis of the ultimate engine for the game loop in Bangkok. This is sound and sensible, and some of the best games on this site have done some very good iterative polish. (from Accidental Woman (code refactoring) to No Money Down Blues (rewriting).

This does leave one with a degree of impatience (even having just discovered the game) on actually getting to Bangkok and getting into the game loop. That said, as others have noted elsewhere, if this core of the game isn't done properly, the game will be severely weakened.

I have to join the list of people cheering for the inclusion of Canada and being able to play a Canadian agent. No doubt Aussies and Kiwis feel the same way. I do encourage the developer to add in a mention of CFS Leitrim, Canada's oldest SIGINT station, at some point for flavour. (Pacem Petere).

The game features a surprisingly well-integrated sidebar avatar that offers important clues to what's happening (I'd totally missed these playing it on a mobile phone) in certain scenes. The writing is good, though I see holes opening up that I hope the developer's thought of. Since I don't want to insert spoilers in a review, I'll post on the board about this.

I do enjoy the developer's "Write better flavour text". Yes, some polish is required there. Not to worry.

I enjoyed the character creation stage. I'm not sure if it's quite enough data (it focuses primarily on physical and mental and very little on personality other than a single sexual trait). The IQ range offered was surprisingly broad, but just plausible. Someone at the high end would have to be unusally good at reading people and (perhaps) adjusting her behaviour. I hope the university degree selection will potentially have a small impact, positive or negative.

What to dislike? The hypnosis puts one too much on rails. Without going into excessive details, one has no choice at several points. Constraining choice is useful for a signallying purpose, but the character should be able to resist to at least some degree. I speak as one who liked the introduction of hypnosis, but if it's just used as a deus ex machina to force someone down a path, that's really pretty bad.

There's no real choice in garments at this point. I hope that changes, even if only for roleplaying purposes.

Overall this was an excellent game introduction and I look forward to more.


Review by anon_1986
Version reviewed: 1.3.5 on 2018-03-19 18:32:10

(Kevin Smarts: That was a very bad thing to do!)


This is the best new game on this site, hands down.

Can't wait for new updates!

Review by Kevin Smarts
Version reviewed: 1.3.5 on 2018-03-19 18:00:08

Awesome game that I deleted in error.


Please re-like it.