Author: Novin
Version: .00652(A) Mac
Last Updated: 2019-12-19 23:31:02

Review by anonymouslylurking
Version reviewed: .00642 Win on 2019-12-12 19:40:52

I played this game for several hours, and haven't come across much sexual content at all. But... I did play for HOURS! It's a good game, even if not good porn material.

The exposition is a bit long, before you get to the actual game where you have choices. But it's well put together. I'll be watching this for future updates.

Review by ledzepp2112
Version reviewed: .000577 Linux on 2019-09-05 16:43:04

Honestly, what can I say that my fellow reviewers haven't already? This game is genuinely great; the story is solid, the writing is damn clever and the mechanics are solid as well. I greatly look forward to how this gem continues to develop. Please keep up the great work, Novin.

Review by Nerevar
Version reviewed: .000577 Linux on 2019-08-27 22:50:48

Gameplay score: 10/10

Hotness score: 6/10

Overall score: 9.5/10


This might be my favorite game on the site. The creator is seriously brilliant.

So far, there's a huge amount of content in a very compelling narrative, with hillarious character interractions, brilliantly crafted characters, in a comicly dystopian game universe.

If you're looking for a bunch of flashing nude .gifs, this isn't the game you're looking for right now, but regardless, you should play it anyway. The creator makes brilliant use of the features that RPG Maker MV has incorporated.

In the past I've had some trouble getting the RPG Maker MV games to run on my computer, but I can promise you, that for this one, it's worth it.

As far as the overall game status, it's already vast, but it's far from done. This is an ambitious project, but the creator has seriously impressed me with what they've made so far, so I trust them to see this through and complete this masterpiece.


TLDR: Play the game, if you like games, you'll enjoy it.

Review by Morath99
Version reviewed: .000577 Linux on 2019-08-10 19:17:08

I was pleasantly surprised by this game made in RPGmaker. It's difficult to be fresh in an old engine in an old genre. I find the story about the afterlife to be interesting and want to experience more of the story. I, for one, am very bored with our stagnant social organizations that inflate rather than innovate. If only everyone could glimpse the joy of imagination that comes when spurred by consideration of less normal themes, then we might as a people come unstuck. I have a deep desire for new knowledge of insensate realms; thank you for providing some.

Review by Arael
Version reviewed: .000565 Linux on 2019-05-12 00:32:51

Afterlife is, in essence, a Persona-style RPG built in RPG Maker starring a protagonist who comes to work as a sort of exorcist in the afterlife.

The game is impressive, in terms of its mechanics, story-telling, ambition, and most of all, its charming cast of characters.

Like a Persona game, Afterlife lets you choose to spend mornings or afternoons each day with certain characters and I quickly found myself having the problem that I like all the characters I want to send time with all of them.

As for TF content, it's a slow burn feminization of the protagonist, both mentally and phyiscally. The game's equivalent of Personas are souls you fuse with for power, which then have effects on the protagonist's physicality and mental state.

Afterlife is really quite charming and I'm looking forward to how it develops in the future!

Review by Noknet
Version reviewed: .000565 Linux on 2019-04-28 14:08:39

The plot is interesting, but there's a lot of tedius RPG Maker combat to get through, which I find to be a waste of time and the opposite of fun.  If I had cheat codes or something to get through that faster, I'd probably continue playing.  As it thanks.


Review by DevilsAvacado
Version reviewed: .000565 Linux on 2019-04-24 01:59:50

As someone whose not into transformation games for kink stuff this is just a blast to play. The writing is funny, most of the characters are enjoyable, the combat system is both vissually great with 16 bit pixel models for the party memebers and really solid mechanically. As a concept alone "persona without a homophobic writer" and a real fun conception of life after death are already amazing but the scope of the gameplay loop we have so far is already super engaging and every update makes me look forward more and more to what comes next. occasional bugs and one or two poorly balanced enemies or concepts are the only hiccups but the creator is always listening to fix them so it's hardly an issue 10/10 go support Novin's patreon they do great work and really deserve more

Review by NotJames
Version reviewed: .000461 Linux on 2018-12-03 15:34:17

This game in general, is great. No other word is needed, but i'll give them. It's entertaining, whilst dodging being obnoxius, the story and characters are fun and interessting without being pagelong essays. The game version is stable and is easy to start playing. The creator is certaintly worth any praise for his/her creation, and I will continue to keep watch for any updates.

Review by Smite
Version reviewed: .000441 Mac on 2018-11-25 15:43:58

This is an extremely interesting game. 

I will say it is not a game for everyone. It is very dialog heavy, it takes ~1 hour of gameplay before you start any transformation, and even then the actual transformations are minor and only a small part of the ongoing story.  That said, if you are patient enough to play out the story, the transformations are well-done and expertly woven in.

The strongest thing I would say about this game though is that it is very obviously a labor of love. The compulsion mechanic is very clever, the world building is incredible, and the level of craftsmanship for a free adult game is awe-striking.  As someone who has dinked around with RPG MAKER and knows how time-consuming and painful it is to make just 1 dialog prompt,  to see scenes routinely dispense dozens and dozens..  Novin should be proud of what they've accomplished. 

Review by bond567
Version reviewed: .000441 Mac on 2018-10-25 23:45:34

this is a great game~<3 I was hook by the first fight scene, I can't wait to see where it goes and where you take it, or what other mentail changes could happen X3, so far my favorite is the bear~


only problem is how LONG the intro is, but I understand, need to set the story and all that,


keep up the amazing work

Review by maxove
Version reviewed: .000441 Mac on 2018-09-25 18:51:46

This pretty much hooked me 5 minuites in with the combat system that is just as fleshed out as it needs to be with great presentation keeping you from getting bored, then comepletly won me over with great humour and "Persona but it's writers arent being dicks to women and queer people"

Review by EyeLoch
Version reviewed: .00043(C) Linux on 2018-09-19 12:08:12

This is really interesting, and the worldbuilding is great

Review by anyoldguy
Version reviewed: .00043(C) Linux on 2018-09-04 05:01:44

A well polished introduction to what could become a fantastic game. Great writing and humour throughout, which made the extended linear start fun to read. There's considerable content in the opening phase that sets the game up but it ends too soon after the more open-world elements are introduced to be sure that they work smoothly (at time of review you get 4 free days before game end and some of the things to do in those days are non-optional).


I think the regular, somewhat challenging combat works well for a game where you intend to play through once and want the fights to be meaningful. They are going to be a real chore for anyone who wants to play through multiple times to see the varying story branches. Particularly if you are the kind of player who tries to max xp to level up so that future fights are less difficult, you'll be spending a lot of the game in the combat screen. I enjoyed my one playthrough but I wouldn't want to grind through again to see how different choices affect the game. Which is a real shame, because those are the aspects that appeal the most.


Huge potential, but I'll be hoping for a story-mode option before I play more than one path. Right now there's nothing sexual in the game beyond a bit of verbal byplay and it looks set to be a game that will entertain rather than arouse.

Review by LufiaLunar
Version reviewed: .00043(C) Linux on 2018-09-03 20:50:53

Nicely Done. I dont do many reviews. Yet this one I had too. One the premise was great. Nice new idea in my book. Concept and potential is defintly there. I can see where you might take it. Having a limited amount of time per story mission is a great idea to promote replayability and give the player a sense of crisis to try and manage his day. The TF's both physical and mental that I was able to see are wonderful, Especially for the fact that you added a "REASON" to each one. I like this alot, makes me more attached to the story then I should be, then just OH I defeated a boss and got a power up. Combat is intriguing, yet challenging. I think this is a plus since it allows the player to really make a  choice in how you want to proceed. Starting classes was very interesting. My first playthrough I got the Body I wanted. I was like I want the blue one, weird how it had Lightning magic, since I was thinking ICE!!!


The negatives I saw were quite a few. Some minor IMO, and some frustrating! The most frustrating one was when I tried to save. if you try to save, in other words push the X key as soon as the dialogue box is done. It will bring up the menu as normal but NOTHING responds! its like a minor freeze. game still flashes like its waiting input, yet no commands work. so you have to [X] out the game and relaunch from your last save. the way i got around this was to; after dialogue ends, take 3-5 steps before pushing the X key then the game runs like normal.

Eating! I noticed my character spout some dialogue that he ate some weird food. WHEN did that Happen? All I know is he drank alcohol and then died. when did he eat? so I might of missed an event where I was supposed to talk to someone? maybe? and find out he ate something? That one through me for a loop.

I think the Shower could use more Love. You use the Thing ONCE! just once I mean that should raise satisfaction a bit, cleaning the grime off you and such. expecially if you went to a dungeon/quest/arena. Each day I went and tried to use the shower, after that initial prompt and it never happened again. so im like "Must be a dirty slob".

One thing I noticed is that after you wake up and Equip yourself manually in the menu with clothes and try to walk out, your character looks fine but will act like he is naked and says he can't leave and must put on clothes first. Then you must goto the dresser and "get dressed" then your allowed to leave.

I think having a two time period maybe be a bit short. you have morning and then afternoon time periods. so about 4-8 actions at best before the next story mission. This compounds a negative aspect I have with the game into a spiral in my book, Where I got the avarice fragment day 3, fused it, and went about the day. Then im told that i dont like how trashy my place is. -5 satifaction compulsion resisted. Went to the mall bought, Every Quality piece i could. Found out about compulsions from the fusion guy, and was like "how do i throw away the teddy". Still woke up with trashy place -5 satisfaction, and now im taking a debuff. relaxing at the cafe gives 5 satisfaction. so if i want 10 I would spend a whole day while spending my valuable points. Over time I feel it would spiral out of control, until i gameover and have to start all over again.

I also felt the introduction to the marksmen trainer was SUPER forced. IDK what happened to my character, he just went all Pansy and sissy on me, when I was expecting an actual Fight scene. He acted Completly out of character that was not in any of the "compulsions" that I had received. this irked me quite a bit. your character questioned himself afterwords, but other then that he was ok acting like that? that did not seem right to how the rest of his character was portrayed. it was the only scene that seemed TOTALLY random in my book.

Which brings up the gun. Felt totally like a back up to me, granted I was a technomancer so maybe the other bodies are better for basic attacks, it just felt totally lack luster when im dealing 200+ damage and the gun does 60.

And last thing that irked me quite a bit was the pajamas. Where do you get Pajamas? I went EVERYWHERE. clothes store twice thinking i could buy it there, but nope i can buy the usual 2 other sets. so hearing my character saying I dont have pajamas each night got old fast! maybe have a scene where Sybil comes in on you and says you need pajamas or something "just in case" someone else barges in when your not ready, maybe get embarrased about seeing you naked or something.

Other then these things, I need to play through with the other classes and see if theres any real problem or change. thanks alot for a great start. Looking forward to more realeases!

Review by Feylamia
Version reviewed: .00043(C) Linux on 2018-09-03 13:09:10

This is my second favorite rpg-maker game after Lokis corruption. If it would have pictures and would be completed, it would even be my favorite maybe. The story is funny and it has alot of potential. Just the transformations are really slow, its dangerous if the developement stops at some time and the tf did not develope to a pleasant state. Also there are no adult themes (yet), except light cheeky comments (from a demoness for example), which I would rate PG. But its still in early stage, so lets see how it goes.

Review by XionXIV
Version reviewed: .00043(B) Linux on 2018-09-03 05:03:34

I've been really enjoying the game overall and I just love the somewhat subtle yet somewhat obvious references you made to a certain game series. Enemy designs are very original for an RPG Maker game which I absolutely love. I can't wait for more content!

Review by relattic
Version reviewed: .00043 Linux on 2018-09-02 12:26:11

(MAC Version) This game is awesome! There's a lot of content already there, the writing is great, the characters are believable. I just love it.

The only downside is how slow the transformation is. I really hope that this game doesn't get abandoned, but with the statistics on this site being as they are, I fear that we won't get to the point where the game gets really interesting transformation-wise.

Let's hope for the best.

Review by Nyxeria
Version reviewed: .000426 Linux on 2018-08-29 20:43:06

Whatever my expectations were going into this game, they've been blown away.  This is one of the highest quality RPG maker games I've ever played, the writing is good, the characters are fun, the references are numerous, and it feels great.  If this game ever gets finished and continues at the quality it is now, its going to be absolutely stunning.  Literally the only gripes I have about this so far are that a couple sprites could use some touching up (Its super early in development so thats to be expected) and that its yet another game where your character is at first "pretending" to be a girl, and thats more an issue with the genre than the game.

I'm excited to see what the content will be like in the future, and I'll be watching for updates eagerly.

Review by icarue
Version reviewed: .000426 Linux on 2018-08-14 17:45:05

"Moe makes a boner in your heart" 

-Gigguk, A youtuber (paraphrasing) 

The game is Moe. It focuses on character interactions, it's funny and overall warms the heart and puts a smile on my face.

The combat is fun. It's different enough from the traditional JRPG for my liking.

The game is slow, specially compared to most other games where they just throw the lewd in your face in the first minute or so. But maybe it's a bit too slow for the current content. It's a bit faster that Persona 5, but P5 had a shit ton of content (Is it fair to compare it to a AAA game, no. It's just feels so good it could be a AAA game (given an army of people under Novin's direction)). Another thing that annoyed me is the very short amount of time given to complete the dungeon AND do slice of life stuff (that coming after P5, I just rush the dungeon to focus on them, not because I don't like the dungeons; but the last one is by far the best.)

Overall, really good game even if short on content, and have really high expectations of it. Good luck!

Review by Taveris
Version reviewed: .000425(B) Linux on 2018-08-10 14:16:45

An absolutely incredible game, even if you ignore the more lewd aspects. The writing is amazingly hilarious, the characters are memorable, and the world is well thought out and full of story.

Review by behappy1
Version reviewed: .000425(B) Linux on 2018-08-09 05:49:22

Really good start, the characters are intersting and varied, the gamplay is balanced well, lots of attention to detail. Keep up the great work!

Review by Lost
Version reviewed: .000425(B) Linux on 2018-08-08 16:59:34

This is a really well done game - there's a lot of attention to detail, world-building, and the writing is pretty good.  I'm looking forward to seeing where the game goes.


The bad?  The current version is very prone to crashes.  Save frequently!

Review by Novin
Version reviewed: .000423 Linux on 2018-08-06 17:15:22


Sorry to hear about your crash. There is no plan to add saving mid-cutscene, however you can hold down the page down button to quickly skip through text.

Review by Unicron9999
Version reviewed: .000423 Linux on 2018-08-06 16:56:11

Can you Puh-lease add a chance to save mid cutscenes while you're being processed in the beginning. I had to clean out a whole room of boring enemies, sit through a 10 minute cutscene only for it to crash before I could have a chance to save afterwards. I'm sure it's a great game but I don't want to slog through all that again to find out whether or not it was worth it.

Review by randomwave
Version reviewed: .000423 Linux on 2018-08-06 13:24:48

I love this game. Double edge at its finest. I'm super excited to find out how much MP breasts give. Great idea to actually have the body changes effect your power. Really awesome work on this one!!!! The only negative thing I can say...there isnt more. 

Review by SophieNovakin
Version reviewed: .000412 Mac on 2018-07-14 15:37:18

Need help? Here's a guide for this game:

It's open to any to edit. As of writing it answers the commonly asked questions people post in the discussion thread. I'm putting it in a review to get it on the front page and help someone, maybe. Maybe it'll become an accepted resource. Or not. If you're reading this and this review is old, maybe it was abandoned. But maybe it's still current and can help you. Only one way to find out.


Actual review as of .000412:

This game is in really early alpha and doesn't have any smut implemented yet, but the worldbuilding, story so far, humor, etc. really hooked me. It's an RPG Maker game and also in really early development but the level of polish and balance exhibited is quite remarkable. The gameplay is quite playable and enjoyable even so early on. I still look forward to the eventual smut but this games really seems to have a future where the gameplay and writing stand on their own merits. Keep an eye on this one, kay?

Review by Jerdar
Version reviewed: .000412 Mac on 2018-07-13 10:59:30

                        The short version:

            "Really sweet game."

                        The long version:

            Wow. I haven't found another game on this site as simply captivating as this one besides HoP Remastered. As with HoP, I went in expecting an eroge, and came out impatiently awaiting the next update to a well-written and charming story. I’ve really enjoyed the game so far, and I feel that, in addition to writing the story and dialogue really well, the developer is also well-utilizing the RPG Maker engine, creating gameplay and game-balance that are familiar, but also something new. Please, Novin, keep up the good work.


…Or you might die.

Review by HamHamHam
Version reviewed: .000412 Mac on 2018-07-06 01:39:54

   Hello! I am a bit unused to writing reviews, so I apologize in advance if I am unable to convey my opinion affectively here, as I am both a terrible person and writer.

   That aside, I'd like to say that this game is great. The story is interesting, the interaction between characters is enjoyable and feels natural (at least to me, a social failure it does) and most importantly, the gameplay or, "system" of compulsion, combat, lessons, work, lessons and more is great! It at least gives the impression of a game with massive potential. My only real complaint would be that there is not enough of the game at this point (and a few small nitpicks about stuffs) but overall, this is without a doubt, a very promising game

   It's honestly good enough that I don't even know how to describe it... Well to begin, the game... is fun. Yeah... I'm not good at writing positive things at all....... 

   Sorry that I can't go into extreme detail on why I enjoy the game, but, I just do.

   Moving on to small nitpicks (Something I like to think that I'm good at)! In terms of visuals, the game was made with RPG Maker, therefore, its main "overworld", so to speak will invariably be some variation of its assets, it would be nice if there were additional images, such as CGs or cutscenes with little stick figures, or something of the sort. Pretty minor point, and honestly, the dialogue and writing makes up for this almost always, but there are moments (such as inspecting oneself) where it may be simpler for a player to just look at an image of themselves rather having to reread the text several times in a row.

   Secondly, there are minor visual glitches (or bugs? I don't really know the difference) where a centaur may clip through the walls of the subway, or something of the sort.

   As for invisible walls, in the weapon store, I am unsure if this is intentional or not, but there is an area between two tables that is impassable from the sides, and I don't really see why it should be. It is also impossible to travel down past certain areas or into certain buildings, while the map doesn't need to be expanded, it would be nice to have construction near the area, or attach small messages such as "Closed" or "I don't need to go there" or something along the lines so it feels less like the player is being blocked off and have it be related to ingame events as well. 

   (Basically, I am nitpicking at this point)

   Despite going into more depth about the small problems of this project (rather than the positive aspects), I really did enjoy my playthroughs of this game, and I hope to see it updated soon, or right now, that would be nice.

  To conclude, I will say that the game isn't finished yet, and so I can't really give a full, rounded-out opinion but what I can say that if the game were full of content just as enjoyable and reolayable as what is currently in game, without a doubt, it would without a doubt be a solid 9.5/10!

Review by erichson101
Version reviewed: .000412 Mac on 2018-06-29 21:08:24

Really good so far, I like that various clothes, hair, and even tfs affect your stats and are not just there for appearance. It really adds diversity and and some replayability to the game.

I look forward to what other tfs and compulsions you add to this game.

Review by Raiha
Version reviewed: .000402 Linux on 2018-06-22 07:28:41

sorry, went stupid earlier

as i said before deleting my review

Review by Volendi
Version reviewed: .00038 Mac on 2018-06-10 21:45:28

Addendum, .00038: Great addition!  Was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to immediately fuse with the new soul fragment, but all in all, everything seems to work well so far!  I haven't met with any bugs as of yet, with the exception of somehow transitioning to ABOVE the stairs-to-roof transition on my way back down once... couldn't replicate it, and didn't break anything, just went south, transitioned back to roof, and back down, then it fixed itself!  REALLY thought the subway scene with the Marksman teacher was going to end differently, but just about fell out of the chair laughing so hard at what did happen!

as of .0002: Dear author.

ok!  First off, great game!  Original story (at least one I haven't seen before), great character unteractions, and memorable characters!  Ygor = lol...  a couple of technical things:  First is that the targeting on the slimes in the sewers had problems.  This resolved by the wisps in the first spirit stage.  2: I died in the bridge stage.  I died, but it let me keep fighting.  Kept throwing up "missing file <i forgot what file, but sand something.ogg>".  I Reset after saving after that fight, message went away.  3: Had to reset wisp fight several times, as she'd freeze me round 1, then auto kill me without me being able to move ever.  idk if that's bc I was only lvl 3, or what, but was annoying as heck.  and 4: This became noticeable during Ygor, but some of the words leak off the side of the word bubble?  not sure how that's possible, but it is.  These are only bugs and technical things in an otherwise great game!  Really hope to see this one finished!  (or at least as finished as Alone Amongst Demons... finished, but "incomplete" with a few rough edges but playable to conclusion).  AAD was better than LieAt on Steam, and I PAID for LieAt...  LieAt was previously my fave RPGMaker game of all time.  Then AAD was.  This has that potential.  Poor main character in this game tho... if he had a luck stat, it'd be a big fat zero!  If there was a rating system here, it'd get 4 stars just in this state, considering most games on this site, and the enjoyment I already had with it.  Potentially 5 stars when finished!  =^_^=



Volendi, SUPER MAGE apprentice EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!    =^_^=

Review by IAmAHuman
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-06-09 07:34:48

**Sorry for deleting and re-uploading, just wanted to correct a boo-boo.

Okay, just finished the game and thought I'd put my thoughts down right now.


I was pleasently surprised by this game, especially at the end. And by that it was a game where I didn't reach the end of the content and feel blue balls, both literally and figuratively.


Current TGTF stuff ATM is very, very minimal. It's clearly a slow burn, much like Little Bitch Academia, and unlike that game this doesn't even have a somewhat significant body change to female currently. I mean, except for the beginning one, but it does start out (after a bit) with a penis so I don't quite count it. There isn't even any really sexy stuff in the game yet, excluding one scene told in text boxes about your penis, um, forming. I do hope that isn't the norm going forward with sexy scenes, but it does do the job. If it is just the avatars rubbing against each other like in Hot-LEGS, at least I'll get an better picture of what's happening.


But overall, I like it. I like how well the world is established and detailed, and it did drew me into it. The info comes to us Hideo Kojima style, in lengthy cutscenes and dialogue boxes, but it isn't too redundant and given how different this new world is, it's kinda needed. It's obvious a lot of care and thought went into developing the settting.

And the writing is pretty good too. I found myself liking and remembering a lot of the characters, and they all feel very human. I think that's why I'm pretty fine with not getting to have a big sexy scene at the end there, unlike when I (unfortunatly) got a bit frustrated with The Proteus Effect. Proxxie's writing, while decent, I found myself just kinda meh on the characters. Not really saying there's a great big improtant reason for me not becoming enamored with them, I just wasn't. But Ory, Erin, Sybil, etc. are all interesting to watch in action pretty much 100% of the time. This is a fun world to be in with fun characters.


Now, onto that whole video game aspect.

It's an kinda sorta brutal RPG, definitely the hardest I've played from this site yet. In fact, it might be the hardest on this site period. I mean, it isn't the Ninja Gaiden of TGTF RPG Maker games, but enemies will hit you hard and are very capable of disposing of you. Expect to call in your stongest attacks often and use those healing items like they're parts of your packed lunch and you've forgotten to eat it and are just scarfing down what you can while nobody's looking. (I may have tried to stretch too far with that metaphor) Very perfectly managable though (they don't stock those full instant heals all over the place for paranoia) but I think this will only get more prominent as it develops.


It's aiming for a Persona-style time management thing, at least that's the vibe I'm getting right now. And also a mental-health-care system, if you get me? Basically, you have to make yourself happy through certain actions or suffer the consequences. Or do make yourself happy and suffer the consequences, sometimes. You'll have to weigh the pros and cons each time. It does sound interesting, even though such elements usually intimidate me somthing fierce. I do hope these mechanics aren't too overbearing, but it sounds like you just have to preform like an actual human being and you'll keep up the pace.


i say hope because the above isn't in the game yet at all. The game as is right now is barely just past the introduction prologue, where none of the above comes into play at the slightest. In fact, the game is pretty much a railroad at this point, as most of the time, the transistions to move into what are clearly other areas and other triggers are completely cut off when you need to go into one specific, and there isn't any flavor text to find on any objects, far as I could tell. I actually do like this, because I'm obsessive and like to check everything in an RPG Maker room before going on to the next bit, while always afraid of accidentally going onto the next bit before I'm ready. This drastically lowers the chances of that happening, and while flavor text is nice, I think I would perfer for Novin to keep focusing on the story instead of these particular minute details.

And I think the code for the railroad and the code built in for the time management kinda clash under the hood at times, because this game can be a tad buggy at times. Most alarming was at the subway bit where unless you go into the train when you first enter the platform room, the train will break and won't be accessible anymore, and the game is now dead. I also spotted a few bits where you can go into big objects and even walk on unwalkable areas, like the top of walls on the third floor of the Artemis Apartments. Text wil sometimes be cut off at the side a bit, and while I think this was intended at one point, I don't think it was for the other 8 or 10 instances. At one point I spotted the tops of the heads of the four characters loaded into the room and set aside in the Dark Void for later use (second floor of the Artemis Apartments, I believe), and I walked up to the third floor of the Atremis Aparatments on my own as soon as I could and then I discovered there were no triggers to go anywhere else there that I could use, and look at that, another dead game state.

Judging by the numerous releases and their accompanied notes, it's fair to say that this game can be a little buggy. Not enough to ruin it, but, like Sierra fans say, save early, save often, and in seperate slots.

And looking at how much content is on offer now and said content's quality, I feel like that's the trade-off, a tiny bit like Bethesda. (Yes I compared this game to Bethesda, I know that's crazy, thank you) Good expansive content with not as much polished as you'd like.

Going into the future, one thing I'd like to add is if there will be time management mechanics, I would want to have some hud element to tell me how much time I've spent and how much of it I have left. Not literally a clock (as I suspect that's not how it'll work in game) , but in the same vein as one. I mean, with time mechanics like this, that's kinda a requirement to avoid annoying guesswork. Hopefully that's already in the pipeline.


Yeeeah, that's me done. I'd recommend this game. Keep up the good work Novin. Even if I don't find the game sizzlingly erotic, I'm sticking with it.

Review by kiritomato
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-06-01 23:20:21

Novin, this game is a masterpeice. I mean just look at it, the comedy between the MC and the girls is awesome as well as the jokes and references giving me a feeling of realism as I know that people think the same way the main character selt about the situation. i also loved the character building as it helped me to connect with them as well as the MC.

If there is anything I wish you could add, is it okay for you to add the option to become completely female, please? other than that, this game is excellent and I hope you'll udate this soon! 

Review by bobbymonster
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-05-28 16:35:38

This will be the first time I leave a review for this site. Because I feel like this game merits it. The sheer amount of polish already present is nothing short of amazing. I have seen RPGMaker games that don't reach this kind of quality even after months of work. The environments, the combat, and how the world fits together shows how much care has gone into crafting it.

The combat is neither easy nor difficult. It is the right amount of challenging to make the victories feel rewarding, and presents multiple ways to fight. 

The transformations, while not having shown up much, already hint at an in-depth and interesting way of being changed, and I look forward to how it develops.

Honestly, I half-wish I hadn't found this game for another few months, or even a year. Because this kind of content only leaves me wanting more.

Bravo, Novin. Bravo.

Review by Gurt1
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-05-25 05:52:12

A great game, given it is "alpha" state, it has so much cool and funny content already. 

I like the comedy stile of many scenes. Startet playing for the porn, stayed for the Story :D 


Till now there is no full male to female tf, i dont know if there ever will be


Review by Yato
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-05-23 18:36:29

An actual game, thats a plus already. But oh man this has so much polishing in it that if it kept that way I would be willing to buy it when its completed (ofc after getting rid of bugs too). The maps are highly detailed and the writing is entertaining to read. I'll just sum it up by saying "I've came to fap and stayed to play".

Review by Iiie
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-05-23 06:12:11

This is ambitious, well written, well-balanced game. Definitely worth your time. 

1) I think you need more art, but don't go for low-quality art. Good pictures of protagonist at important moments would definitely strenghten the experience.

2) It's a bit too verbose and map is a bit too expansive. While it helps with the immersion, it takes a lot of time to progress. I must say that I got used to that and started enjoying generous amounts of text and environment after a while. This just gives testament to the high quality of it.

3) I hope we'll get some more xxx-rated stuff further down the line, while keeping our sweet, emotionally developed pace.

Please, don't abandon this project! It's one of the best games in here, especially if you'll make it as expansive of an adventure as it can be!

Review by Johnmarie
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-05-22 10:43:41

i wish you going continnu your game i love it!

Review by agnostic
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-05-22 08:48:27

I'm really enjoying this so far.  The dialogue flows very well and the characters are expressive and full of personality.  

Absolute gem of a game so far!

Review by sanjafeth
Version reviewed: .00028(A) Mac on 2018-05-22 08:04:51

I don't leave many reviews, and I don't like leaving negative comments, but this game is frustrating the hell out of me.

The good news is that it is very well written, and flows naturally with a good story. I found myself looking forward to how the plot would develop. 

I hope to find out when the gameplay is improved ... a lot.

The context is hell, and that is appropriate because the agonisingly slow progress through unavoidable pre-programmed and uninteresting animation sequences combined with wall-of-text after wall-of-text was a serious disincentive to read the excellent story. I persisted through at least an hour of gameplay, mostly rail-roaded block text story, before giving up on the bridge puzzle. 

It is a REALLY interesting story concept and well written, but I am afraid I can wade through block text and bad RPGMaker animations for so long without anything else to entice me.

I look forward to happily changing this review in the future when this is improved.

Review by speedyexe2
Version reviewed: .00025 LINUX on 2018-05-21 18:18:16

This game truely has not gotten the recognition it deserves and I think its primarily due to the fact that it is an RPGMaker game. Please people I implore you, give this game a chance.

From its well done story you are thrown in an amazing world that I simply can't comprehend how the writer began designing this beautiful yet horrifying landscape where death, slavery, and such is the norm. Yet it never feels forced. Your not just made to do something because "plot progress" but rather it sounds absolutely reasonable and what you, the player, would go with. There is a bit of choice and I feel there should be more regarding several features that I won't spoil but its not like its taking away from anything.

The characters is the big one. There was not a single character I disliked, even the bad guys. There was always this feeling of life while playing and it put a huge smile on my face just getting the chance to speak with a character I seen. There are also a few easter eggs in the form of "Oh hey I seen that character!" and getting the chance to meet them later on. Not huge but its nice. The way how the combat system is almost directly tied into your character's personality and potentially appearance in the future will be an interesting sight.

My only real negative would be the lack of self-description. I know in the future there will be more added to warrant it but for now I just feel its just something to say.

Novin, all others who are working on this game, I implore you to please do not let this golden gem of a game die. It is without a doubt my favorite game on this site and by far the best RPGmaker based game I have experienced. If the future continues down this same road I would even be happy to pay to keep the development of this game going. It's fun, its exciting, its VERY well written, and I think everyone on this site should spend just a simple 20 minutes of their day just doing the intro.

Review by TreebeardTheEnt
Version reviewed: .00025 LINUX on 2018-05-21 18:13:05

10/10 start, hope it can maintain going forward.

Review by DeMoN-ClAw
Version reviewed: .00025 LINUX on 2018-05-21 01:02:04

I was having fun with this game unfortunatly just before I was about to watch the fight I got this mesage Error failed to load: img/characters/%E3%82%B3%E3%83%9F%E3%83%A5%E3%82%AB%E3%83%89.png hope this helps :) 

Review by rainking
Version reviewed: .00023 MAC on 2018-05-20 18:14:43

Not normally one to leave reviews (In fact I don’t think I have done before), however this game is great.  the story has got me hooked, and it’s well paced compared to other RPG Maker games I’ve played.  The battles (so far) have not got into the repetitive grind that they often do.  The possibilities for further TF content look promising.  I just hope the creator finishes it, because at the minute I want more!!  

Review by jadeisgood
Version reviewed: .00023 MAC on 2018-05-20 17:36:50

id like to be able to see what class im picking when i pick my college major


Review by Geniegirl
Version reviewed: .00022 LINUX on 2018-05-20 13:19:22

Easily one of the best games on here already. It actualy feels like a game not just a masterbating game. 9/10 already if it keeps up.

The story is fun and in depth. WHat happens after you die?  Well this game answears that question. The NPC are great too all wither there own diffrent pesonality and style to them. Also it is nice to not have a cookie cutter MC. he has problems but some we can releate to.  



A fully flushed out indepth story.

Some really nice visuals. which is saying something for a RPG maker game.

The changes the MC has seem to be more natural and slower then just poof your a girl now deal with it.  I would also assume that later on the player can adjust the mc is they would like. since 2 NPC say you can always adjust the body as you like. so thinking at a point the MC might be forced to get breast to full the house he is in. 

 Npc have diffrent quirks about them. so able to fine one you like and cling to thar one.  be nice to later have a friend system. where you build up a more solid relationship. which I think this game is doing. 

Soon to be able to home decor. be nice for color options atleast or maybe make it easier by putting it into styles like what you did with the dress system.  princress goth. or something like tht for home decor.


Battle system actually feels fun in this game. I just wish it was not needed. like example. get a diffrent Job or something or save up and buy a shop and run it for money and such.


Con.  THe game is not done yet.

Kind of have to battle to often to make the money you need for things you can not even get yet.

Can not pick how you look to start with. like once you go to the pods to get a body. can not just say. you know I kind of feel like I would like to try being a female to start with. or something 

Review by FollowBob
Version reviewed: .00022 LINUX on 2018-05-20 10:20:01

Great game so far, with a reasonable amount of playtime as a decent RPGmaker story even though its really only an introduction in which the games real main focus mechanics are described, but not yet implemented. Thus far none of your choices that don't result in a (generally extremely obvious) bad end really have any important in game impacts we actually see. I particularly like the actual finite amount of health\healing items and its persistence so that you have to think a little (even if in my game I still played to clear the map, rather than ever needing to avoid enemies), later relying on a temporary shield spell rather than the current near ubiquitous presence of a healing character to simply fix your ailments. That said if you loot everything you get what seems to be way to much angels blood, I used it twice and had ~10 left over. If this is planned to get leaner as time goes on, make sure to include a clear warning by the narrator early, or players could set themselves up to be stuck\have a hard time later by a poor start. Also perhaps remove the freeze effect of the 2nd boss the "willowwisp", I played that 3 times for fun, and on the 2nd I got hit by the spell while at full HP, I was dead before I could take any other action. Both the other times it was an easy enough fight, and the option to cheese it with items is great.

Bugs wise be super careful with doors (especially at your agents HQ building).. as in save before using them because I had to reload on two different occasions when getting stuck in them or outside the map when I tried to go through a door before I was supposed to in the story. Likewise the train (despite big improvements so far already) is still hit and miss at times, so save before and don't try explore that area too much or use items ect. Finally using the dialog skip of pagedown or holding A can cause some bugs, although this goes for most RPGmaker games so I'm not sure its fixable by the dev, I'd advise avoiding it, also upon first boot change your game setting to "always dash" as in no situation would you want not too in maps this size.

While not a bug of sorts, I found the outfit stats description very hard to follow, it doesn't yet matter as there isn't combat after this point, but I'd really love to see something like (+MDef -Attk) next to the names when you make the choice if its going to have a notable impact... if we pick up other gear readily or are going to be forced to swap it by the story pretty quickly anyway then it won't matter either way, but if this where the case I'd remove the stat variation entirely to clearly focus on the personal identity and social ramifications, rather than a perceived game-play style.

So all in all if you can stand the intentionally cringe-worthy dialog of the first 5mins, are a fan of protagonist slow M-F transformation, and a side of absolutely cheesy dialog at times, highly recommended. If your looking for impactful open world, relatable non-stereotyped people or content delivered at a fast pace, then this won't be your jam, at least not yet as there are some obvious hooks for more free-roam and impactful choices later.

Review by Sileneth
Version reviewed: .00022 LINUX on 2018-05-20 03:35:14

I was looking for a diversion and ended up spending the better part of the night playing through what amounted to an extended introduction. The fact that even now I am feeling dissapointed at reaching the end of current content rather than excited at the prospect of finally getting some sleep is a testament to both the quality of character and world building displayed here. 

If the author can maintain this same flavor and quality into the future this could well rank in there with Magical Camp, Runes of Chaos, and The Proteus Effect for me

My only real suggestion right now would be the addition of a journal or quest tracker in the interface and potentialy a way to speed up the subway sequence for moving from area to area after the introduction is complete so that it doesn't break the flow of gameplay as much

Review by jjherring
Version reviewed: .00022 LINUX on 2018-05-20 02:55:07

Really an incredible start to the game. As the author mentioned in one of the author's notes, you do develop somewhat of a stockholm syndrome for the exposition—the characters, setting and everything else is beautifully introduced. 


As far as the gameplay goes, I can't say much because it's just been exposition so far. However, there are a couple elements that I can see being problematic. First, as much as I like the eldritch ticket guy, it takes a lot of time to get onto the subway, and I can see that becoming an issue as the game transitions to more of a daily-routine game. Second, I can see the game becoming a daily routine game soon, but I really don't want it to be too routine-y. I think that if there are enough story events, everything will work out, but please do make it clear where the story ends.


Things I would like to see (in terms of story):

Ory's house

Who was the headmistress of Artemis?

What's Erin's story?


Overall, for this version, definitely worth playing through though there wasn't any spicy content.

Review by KBBM5659
Version reviewed: .00022 LINUX on 2018-05-19 20:55:49

I played the .00021 win


I don't really write these.

I like the story. So hard to give characters defining personalities. Love whatching skills like that shine. Minus walking into doors i am not suppose to yet and getting softlocked. It is a pretty entertaining story. I look forward to seeing where it goes.

Being at the begining the game play looks unique to me and pretty fun in concept can't wait to see more of it



Review by Werofive
Version reviewed: .00021 WIN on 2018-05-19 14:54:38

Slow on the erotic stuff but with a ridiculous amount of very high quality content on the first release. 

I recommend this to anyone who wants to play a tf game for the story, if you like magical camp you'll like this. 


You should save regurally however because going of the beaten path will get you hardstuck in doors and rooms. 

Review by annika
Version reviewed: .00021 WIN on 2018-05-19 06:06:53

Holy cow! So I downloaded the game for some erotic fetish stuff, but didn't really get enough of that, unfortunately.


Instead what I did get was several hours worth of top quality adventure/rpg game content, all of which was extremely enjoyable to play through. Good story, interesting setting, splendid writing, lively characters... I have to say had superbly fun time. If you know that sad feeling you get when arrive to the last page of a really, really good book, well that's what I had when I got to the end of the current content. I didn't want to stop. If at the moment there was a magic option to throw money at Steam or GOG to get the full game instantly, I would do it. Yeah, it was that good. The author clearly has a talent in making interesting stories and settings.


I usually don't bother playing RPG Maker games which have fights, because I find them tediously boring. If you are like me in this aspect, then don't worry. This game does have some combat, but it's not major part of the gameplay. You can mostly skip the grindy stuff, and each fight is pretty quickly over. That being said, the combat was my least favorite part, even if it was done in an acceptable way. I hope in the future the balance between combat vs. dialogue stays this way.


What I would like to see is more characters on streets, in buildings etc. who you could have conversations with, and random encounters to liven up things. Also the ability to make more minor decisions/choices in conversations would be nice. At the moment the game is more like a traditional story than something where you can choose how you want to react to things happening around you.

Review by Taloshota
Version reviewed: .00021 WIN on 2018-05-19 03:50:16

Good game as far as I've played. I am also stuck after the event of leaving the angel's apartment to look for her sister. Could be related to Ory's door being inaccessible due to bug or maybe this is as far as the game has content for. Either way, it's very good and I'm eager for more. 

Review by xkira1995
Version reviewed: .00021 WIN on 2018-05-19 03:06:49

I like what I've seen so far, but I'm stuck now after getting back from the angel's appartment out after I'm sent back through the subway with no idea where to go. I've tried everywhere and a lot of things end up resetting =/

Review by ddefeat1
Version reviewed: .00021 on 2018-05-19 02:31:44

Fantasic game hope to see more soon.
great story, fun referance increadably good for something just came out