Fake AI

Author: Dahakma
Version: 0.8.81
Last Updated: 2020-12-31 14:37:59

Review by Kaizoku10
Version reviewed: 0.8.81 on 2021-01-11 17:29:15

There are other games on this site that I quite like, but this is far and away my favorite.  Female Protagonists are so hard to find; match that with good writing and an absolutely *delicious* slow-corruption plot and you have me eating out of your hand.  (And next update, a bowl on the floor, and we can see where it goes from there.)  The plot is highly linear because these games have to be, but this one has remarkable variations along the way that give it high replayability, and has more *reason* to be so linear than most.  The characters have surprising depth and, at least on certain paths, actually grow over the course of the game, including the MC.  And the scenes, if you're into this kind of thing (and if you're not, why are you here?) are hot.  And the low-key humor running through it offers some nice chuckles without distracting from the Mood.  There are even some very touching moments, if you look for them.

This game is the reason I made an account on the site.  As I said in the forum, my only "legitimate" complaint (there are no legitimate complaints about a product I've enjoyed so much for free) is that the titular AI isn't featured enough, because it really is a cool concept and fairly unique.  But even that is far less a complaint and far more a wish.  

Review by swiezak1988
Version reviewed: 0.8.81 on 2021-01-03 12:30:22

I love this game. It is unreal scenario, but games are made to involve people in something that is unlikely or impossible to happen IRL. I especially adore thing that is corruption through visual means i.e. clothes, accessories, tatoos, body modifications. I like such game design very much. PC avatar gives a lot from the visual perspective while text has all the flexibility to deliver all kinky scenarios.

Few things that deserve improvement in my opinion:

Review by CoolCat
Version reviewed: 0.8.81 on 2020-12-31 20:27:32

This fucking rules *but it needs a save button (I wanted to also write that first sentence cause i'd forgotten id written this review already hah)

Review by netuttki
Version reviewed: 0.8.74 on 2020-09-01 12:10:42

Interesting game. Well written, minigames can be fun too.

Only gripe is that unless someone is really stupid and insecure, the scenario is absolutely inplausible - but then every NPC is sociopath (even her friends) and apparently everyone hates her with a passion, so maybe the MC has a reason to be absolutely terrified that they will kill her or something if she doesn't obey her classmates.

Review by RanmaS2040
Version reviewed: 0.8.55 on 2020-07-19 18:14:21

This is another solid game on this site. I really enjoy Dahakma's work! I like the RPG story elements and how the game evolves through each day. I enjoy the "grind" the first few times, but I can see how "veteran" players would get a little bogged down after the first few runs. I almost wish there was a way to seperate the game modes a little. Like have a story driven game with lite grind elements for those that want that. I also wish that some of the RPG challenges had a "easy, normal, hard" option too. Not saying that the challenges are bad, I'm just saying that I am dumb and can't bull through some of them. All in all, this is a really great game and I can't wait to see more! Keep up the great work!

Review by trix
Version reviewed: 0.8.54 on 2020-06-28 12:05:53

This game is great. I was initially put off by the weird-looking avatar, but the game itself is really varied and fun.

Review by SU2AR
Version reviewed: 0.8.53 on 2020-06-27 10:00:25

This is great

Review by Nova25
Version reviewed: 0.8.421 on 2020-05-07 21:16:56

The game is generally fairly interesting, but the user-friendliness of the UI really isn't great.

Also... Most of the ''puzzles'' are horrendously bad !
1, early on, can be skipped without negative effects, and another later one can be ''skipped'' but you lose precious stuff implied by the game. Others are unskippable.

Review by ManAger
Version reviewed: 0.8.39 on 2020-02-17 06:53:34

It's a fun, non serious game.

So far, too buggy. many ways to be stucl in a blank page.

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.8.39 on 2020-02-11 09:35:22


it is an interesting game so far

the idea is not that bad thankfully it will newer happen in RL (social dinamics fear+law eliminates it fast human nature)

the minigames were fixed and totaly doable

avatar is generic

the actual rpg and roleplay are unrefined and full of loopholes(cheats)

Review by drizzzit
Version reviewed: 0.8.353 on 2020-01-26 16:31:09

(edited to not spoil and stick with the review rather than suggestions)


Rarely has a game here ever caused such a mixed reaction from me and I probably didn't see most of it.


On the one hand, very interesting premise. 

I can completely see a very near future where virtual misrepesentation may be a real thing.  The social setting for it is perfect.  Writing around it and my sympathetic reaction toward the main character are fantastic.  I tried to play a privileged clueless teenager, not especially lewd but likely callous in her prior regard for the antagonists (as it seemed to be written).  Meaning as character I would be deeply offended by a more agreeable bot and would struggle/resist with the demands made - but may bend over time.  Again, great headspace.

UI was simple by effective - shows what can be done without the need for complex coding.


However, the actual gamesmanship (puzzles/RPG elements) do a fantastic job of making me feel like a dumb non-gamer.  I can't possibly explain how much I hated that. Perhaps I picked poorly but I did not like the constant need to restart after failing (rather than leaving).


Anyway, don't let me deter your vision.  Just know that for me, it crossed the line from fun distraction into will have to work at this.  Today at least, I wasn't looking for that challenge.  My summary - "Thanks!  I hated it!" (not quite true)

I'll probably carry my original comments over to discussion thread.

Review by peachps
Version reviewed: 0.6.10 on 2019-02-03 13:15:40

I played this game right after spending hours on 'Who wanna be a Bimbo' and I have to say I am impressed! The dynamic avatar system works so well here, now that there is a reason behind the transformations (unlike in WWBB, which was fun in its own way). 


This game has the potential to be one of the best on this site. It has so much going on for it. There is Virtual Reality, Fantasy, Blackmail and obviously, transformation. I especially love how the nerds take control of her both in real life and in the Virtual World. This game pushes my buttons in all the right ways!

A few people have complained about the formatting (or lack thereof), but I personally felt it was alright. The dialogues are in a different color but I do see what they are trying to say. The readability will be better with punctuation.

I just hope, with all my heart, that this game does not get abandoned. You're doing a great job Dahakma!

My score - 8/10

(This game is a definite 10/10 if it gets completed)

Review by Hatha
Version reviewed: 0.6.10 on 2019-01-18 04:28:27

The text formatting has only gotten worse. 

All these different sizes and styles just make it obnoxious to read.  You should focus mostly on having a simple font that's easy to read (like this one) and stick with that.  Having all these different sizes, flashing, bold and not, etc.  It's seriously getting in the way of just reading the damn thing.  

Please stick with plain text as much as possible, you're not making it more interesting by trying to reinvent the wheel, you're just making it more dfiifcult to read.  

And because this seems like a growing trend around here. I have to emphasise...PLEASE USE QUOTATION MARKS AROUND DIALOGUE.  It's normal literary formatting, it's how we're all conditioned to distinguish between actions and dialogue in any written work.  We have centuries of writing using this style.  When this game already bombards you with variable formatting it's just giving our eyes more things to try and pay attention to rather than just allowing us to read and when people rely on color diffierences it doesn't help people who have color blindness.  

"It's not difficult" he desperately implored, "please juse use the quotation marks"  

This is a story, not a contest to see how much text formatting you can jam into something.  

Review by Jam373
Version reviewed: 0.6.10 on 2018-12-23 17:12:39

Really great so far, one of my new favourites.

But please keep adding!

Couple suggestions: Add a character customiser, the random one works fine, but it'd be far better to be able to pick each part individually.

Also feel the only part of the writing that is lacking is the actual sex. I get the whole 'the build up is more important than the actual act', or however that character worded it, and I agree. But I think its really missing the fact that those same intentions and emotions that make the build up sexy can be felt during the act too. The visual description of the act dont really matter because its a text game, but spend more time detailing what the protagonist is feeling as she performs each degrading action that make up the whole act.

I'm ranting a bit but I really think this could become one of the best games on here!

Review by corr12
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2018-10-29 14:31:36

I like the way this game evolves, looking forward to updates.

Review by TRCamozze
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2018-10-28 12:52:18

I really like this game, can't wait for more content.

Review by Sophy859
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2018-10-05 04:58:57

I really like this game, nice story and idea, the avatar system is used well.

Keep up the good work, can't wait for further updates.

Review by rubberdolltami
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2018-10-02 08:43:25

This was a really fun game. I am looking forward to seeing it completed and some of the repurcussions of Kates choices (like the collar ;) )

Review by Aprildawn
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2018-10-01 15:24:24

This was a nice surprise. I really liked the beginning set-up of being confronted with a bot version of yourself with others unable to distinguish you from an artificial copy. 


While the game seems fairly linear so far, the dialogue choices do a good job of letting me feel like I am expressing myself in the story. There did seem to be a few clear bugs where the text suggested that I did the complete opposite of a choice that I made. I suppose that's to be expected as the game had to be released as-is for the contest deadline. If this game gets as much follow-up love as Who Wanna Be a Bimbo, I am sure that will be dealt with. 


If I were to find a weakness in the story, I am not sure that the protagonist was sufficiently motivated/forced to return to play the game, but I was having a good enough time that I could overlook that. 


That game has a great sense of humor. The joke with a certain NPCs name was hilarious, and I was befuddled by it. Well done. 

Review by fuckaduck
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2018-10-01 15:13:21

Your games are fun and twisted. I like.

Review by hotguy
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2018-10-01 10:39:31

I liked the game but the text colors made it very difficultto read. You might want to change them to something that stands out more from the background, Otherwise good work and I look forwad to the next update

Review by spaul90
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2018-10-01 07:25:35

So this is my first review of any game ever, and I'm playing games for many years...

I just wanted to let you know, that this is absolutely incredible and definitely art, how you mixed typical lewd aspects with very serious "threats" like AI (well not really) data security (very much) and also the "current" discourse concerning friendzoning/owing things for help without being declared before helping and social outsiders their problems and the "problems" they create. Until now it stays perfectly balanced (as everything should be). I think I was hardly ever so invested in a story and really need to know how it continues (please don't fuck this up :D :P).

So where do you accept money then? And please consider story telling or something like this as a profession.

Shit I'm surprised and impressed, both things that very rarely happen to me anymore.

Review by MilitaryAaa
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2018-10-01 02:34:44

This was a good start, I like the number of branches you can take. The puzzel really wasn't that bad, you can even just randomly press the numbers and have a chance at getting most of them.

Review by Thtoneguy
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2018-10-01 02:33:25

so i think this game has a lot of potential. i liked the writing and the scenes are pretty good. as a suggestion though i would make an option to continue the quest at end of content via just more random events but make it clear that the content ends there and its just for fun at that point. as another point i found a lot of the text hard to read because of font vs background color. orange was the worst on that one. i ended up just highlighting everything and then unhighlighting to see who said what. overall decent game that can be excellent. keep it up and keep going.

Review by HanahSolo
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2018-10-01 01:39:43

Nice game, orange text is little hard to read but but otherwise np. Waiting for more contex and saving mechanism (feels bad to start from begin when you post update.

Review by Jaores
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2018-10-01 01:12:24

I like how the Dynamic Avatar Drawer is used in this. Always nice to see it used and integrated.  Not too much so far in the story as a whole but enough to get me interested and wanting to see more.  Layout is simple and it works. Wasn't a huge fan of the colour scheme but didnt take away from it as a whole. Surprised to work out the code puzzle on the second try. Remember playing those as a child and enjoyed having to suriously think for a few minutes. Love having puzzles like that. Curious to see this fleshed out more to see where it goes and how the other choices would changes things. Wish there was a save function to try them without starting over (unless I'm blind and missed one which I wouldn't doubt lol).

3.5/5 Hope to see what comes next!