Crossdressing in Camelot

Author: stickyicky
Version: 0.30.4
Last Updated: 2022-06-13 04:12:22

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.30.0 on 2022-05-25 20:18:49

The first time I played it, it was version 0.3.4. It was developed in Twine as an HTML game and in that sense it was amazing, hence the high rating. I left a review, "It is a linear story, so far, that well chopped into bits and pieces like a game. I have to admit that the result looks great so far... I like the stat... thou they are not doing anything right now. Looking for the future updates."

After a while, the author of this game have decided that he is going to turn it into an RPGMaker game. I think he is right, because the nature of the game actually better suits RPGMaker. But, as a result, my expectable changed as well. The kind of "oh, he does RPGmaker game in Twine? let me take a look." element is gone and I never came back to it.

My schedule has changed lately and I cannot download any HTML games so I give this game a shot without any expectable. The first impression is that, wow, what RPGMaker engine this author is working on? Is it the latest engine? Not only is the screen wide and large with high resolution, it goes with keyboard mapping and mouse support. like real mouse support, not the work-the-mouse-into-the-game type of mouse support. Lets say, the GUI is top notch for an RPGMaker game

Now, look at the down side. The author only make use of the RPGMaker platform... so don't expect a standard RPGMaker game. You are left in the starting town with only a development portal to access all areas, when they are available. There are a lot of "I am a temperory arrangement, click me" messages all around. Then there are quite a lot of wall of text that came from the old HTML story. Be ready to read some lines here.

I haven't went through all the developed parts yet so don't quote me, yet. The story is kind of the same the part I was up to. Hopefully I will have time for it in another week.

Review by Kolka
Version reviewed: 0.29.6 on 2022-04-24 14:49:26

I guess I'll start off by stating that I absolutely hate RPG maker games... Precisely for the wonky controls, unintuitive UI, and general incompatibility with "explicit" game genres.

The author clearly put in some work to make it less bad than it really is, but things like the skill tree are locked behind like 10 interactions, and the top-down 2d view severely limits any creative expression the author may have wanted to convey through the various clothing articles. Although we do get text blocs describing the changes to us, or about how feminine certain articles of clothing are, there is no detailed visual to help convey these changes outside our own imagination.

The combat mechanics are there, there's even synergy between different spells, so there are novel combinations that you can unlock as you progress through the game. I myself found combat to be the least interesting part, because while there was a certain modicum of complexity between the different elemental spells, the best parts of the game were designed not with winning in mind.

That's right, the purpose of the game is to lose... well, to lose your inhibitions and embrace depravity. Losing in battle doesn't actually do anything, perhaps only limiting your HP to 1 post-recovery, but it is always followed by a lewd scene. So, the key is to lose. Lose often, get all the scenes, you get the idea here.

The game wants you to do fetch quests or kill x quests, so, again, not very inspired, but the defeat scenes do have some lewd illustrations. The other in-game quests or character interactions will reward you with body modifications, with some lewd scenes as well.

So, overall, is this game good? I can't strongly recommend it. I was interested to see if the in-game content would overcome the RPG maker limitations, but it really was just your average RPG maker game. The rendered scenes weren't really all that hot, most of the content is written with a cock-crazed slut mindset, so you either just kill people and never engage in lewd activities, or you do just that, follow the maximum depravity path. There really is no in-between. The author has been adding new dungeons and slowly expanding the game, but I don't have too many hopes, simply because the writing just isn't there, the characters aren't convincing, so anything built on top of a shaky foundation won't hold up to common sense scrutiny. The game is just average, and severely lacking in the artistic sense, which even with paperdoll, can't be easily overcome unless a serious overhaul of the game is done.

Review by MugTreecko
Version reviewed: 0.29.6 on 2022-04-23 11:02:47

I liked this game back in the Twine engine. Slightly off-beat concept and the interactions and magic system was pretty interesting.

Unfortunately much of the charm I felt has been lost in the translation to RPG Maker. Might come good as the author gets more familiar with RPG Maker; come back after v0.5.


Before the author sets about the next expansion; I'd first highly encourage them to replay the start of their favourite RPG games and get a feel for how long conversations last, the scale and spacing in map design and how interactive sections can be used to break up long bits of explanation. (A common issue with RPGMaker games, but a valid one nonetheless!!)

Really commit to the different medium and you'll have an excellent experience on your hands; but as it is the early game feels dull, uninteresting and I've no interest in powering through to the fresher content. You're an RPG Maker game now; cast off the excess that's left over from Twine and embrace the berevity and action of RPG Maker!


If nothing else, if a character can't finish their conversation in 5 sections of a normal-sized dialog box; rewrite and trim - it's too long.

Review by Red-XIII
Version reviewed: 0.26.4 on 2022-01-18 18:41:56

Last time I reviewed this game it was still HTML-based.

Now it's an RPG-maker game but it still has the same core issue unresolved.

It's good writing but there's no spine holding it up.

It's all in the same style and the characters are consistent, so it kinda "sticks together", but that's that.

The problem is that in a nutshell this is still just a collection of scenes that neither interact much with each other nor create a sense of progression.

Lewd scene, lewd scene, lewd scene, oh look!, the description page now says MC thinks he's a girl, lewd scene, lewd scene, oh!, and a now also a slut.

Combined with how TFs are handled the game doesn't feel like much of a TF game, feels more like a game about "adventures" (yes, that kind of adventures) of an optionally depraved (to a customisable degree) transsexual.

It's not that the TFs aren't there, they are. The problem is that they are lacking. In the first place there's nothing that's both lasting and original. I understand that creating something like that takes a lot of work but that's the exact kind of work that this site is actually about (for the most part anyway).

Take the second dungeon for a good example. It's full of traps (no, not the walking kind) and what those do to you depends a lot on which ones you have or haven't triggered, it also depends on what basic "enhancements" MC entered with. But they'll all be gone and long forgotten by the time you're out of the dungeon. What will not be forgotten is who ended up on top of who between you and the dungeon boss.

So while there's clearly no lack of effort on the author's part it's just going in all the wrong directions. He wasted effort creating continuity in relationships between MC and a dungeon boss, but didn't spend any to create continuity in dungeon TFs. You get the occasional event that TFs some body part and that sticks, but none of that feels valuable since you can just get all of those in a shop almost from the start (and likely have already maxed most of them anyway). Or cancel them there just as easily.

The result is as I've said above - while there IS TF content here and it's not lacking all that much in quantity, it just has no punch to it and scratches no itches since you know it's not gonna matter for much longer than a couple of next scenes, if even that long.


Combat is OK-ish. It starts strong, but it gets boring due to lack of meaningful tactical progression. The amount of it per dungeon is good though, you'll not drown in it that's for sure, and the fights themselves are not too long either.

Overall, I'd rate the game as "slightly below average". It'd be slightly above average instead if it had no technical issues (reeeeeeeeeealy bad lag in second dungeon from all those flashing traps, and some still unresolved issues stemming from engine conversion), but it has enough of them to drag it down. I'd also rate it higher (dunno how much) if I was evaluating it not as a TF game, but rather as a game about lewd adventures of a transsexual, but... I don't think I would I even want to play one, let alone rate one. There's a reason I'm on this site and not some other.

Review by Copernicus
Version reviewed: 0.21.6 on 2021-07-26 17:20:20

I played this a while back and thought it was ok.  I just replayed the current public version and I'm really happy that I did.  Maybe the updates have changed things and maybe I just missed some of the charm on my previous run-through, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  The writing and scenes are hot, yet playful.  There's a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor here that I just didn't appreciate (or didn't discover) before.  Keep up the good work. 9.5/10 just because I hate rpgm.

Review by Sewblon
Version reviewed: 0.19.6 on 2021-05-18 14:34:16

I like the combat, the art, the premise, and the lewds. But the sex scene with Beatrice where you ruthlessly tease her is glitched. The dialogue boxes for the sex crazed red-hed and the player character are empty. More importantly, my character sprite keeps disappearing and rendering the game unplayable from that point on. Is this fixed in release 0.20?

Review by AMagicalCampFan2
Version reviewed: 0.18.10 on 2021-05-02 17:52:58

So, i'm only about a hour in (give or take), and l love it! It's well writen and funny. After "compleating" the goblin hunt, the dialog when l got back to the guild reminded me of the kirito from Sword art online abridged, which is a huge complement to the writer. (and my first defeat, which was to a lizard man, was fun. Not in the sexul way, butt, well, Play for yourself and see what l mean, but keep your mouth shut.)

Review by CrystalGeyser
Version reviewed: 0.17.7 on 2021-03-19 02:30:47

I'll be the first to admit I gave the game a hard time, and I wasn't entirely happy with the switch from HTML to RPGM.
But, I gave it some time to grow, and needless to say, I'm quite happy I did. It's finally reached a point where I think it surpasses the HTML version of the game. So if you're reading now, and are on the fence, I'd give it a try.
But, I figured I'd address some of my earlier points, and how my opinion has changed.

First up, the text.
Crossdressing in Camelot is a text heavy game, it was in the HTML version, and it's the same case in the RPGM version. Last time I tried it, reading through it was a chore and a half. With you being forced to read large expository sections that were in the HTML, while being confined to a text box that could only display about 3 lines at a time. Thankfully, there's a LOT more text on screen this time, sometimes a bit too much! I love that the text is presented in a way that's not dependent on how fast the game displays it.
That of course comes with the caveat that at times the game slams a wall of text right into your face. It doesn't happen often, mind you, but when it does it seems to flip the reading switch from "engaged" to "skim" mode real quick. I think that breaking these bits up slightly might be a good course of action to make reading a bit easier. Especially since these sections are often filled with elaborate and well written detail of what's going on in a given sex scene. I know it's not entirely fair to the dev, but when my mind sees walls of text that cover the entire screen, it just shuts off trying to read it all (I realize the irony in that as well, given that this review will probably be a wall of text itself).
But to sum it up, seeing too much text at once is a hell of a lot better than seeing not enough at once. So good job.

My second issue was with the encounters. They just weren't that engaging or fun.
I'm honestly not sure if anything really changed between the last time I played and this one, but I found myself not minding the encounters as much and enjoying them a lot more. Theres some variety in enemy types now, and some even have mid-battle events that break up the fight to add some more smut in there just to keep that boner going. Which I think is a good thing.

My third issue was with the environments.
Again, not too much has changed here, but you can tell that there was a bit of polish that happened with them behind the scenes. The biggest change since then is the addition of the actual town. There's not much in it yet, and it seems a little too big to navigate, but the fact that it's there makes the game seem more like it has a "place". The funny thing is, even though I complained about the teleports being present in the earlier version, I found myself using them most of the time for sheer convineince. Go figure. 

One of my last points was the lack of any character description as the player changed throughout the game. This has thankfully been rectified (or it was in it to begin with, and I couldn't find it), with an in-game key-item called "check appearance". This brings up a description of the player's changes, as well as what they're wearing. Which I'm happy is in the game. There's also a "profile" option in status that displays the characters mental changes and how they've been affected by them. Not in stat form, but in full descriptive glory. These change flavor text as well as the character becomes more feminine, and increases in depravity. I'd love if the appearance menu also had the text change with these stats as well, but as it is, it's great.


But yeah, I'd say give it a play. The growing pains are pretty much gone I'd say, and things from the HTML version seem to be pretty much swapped over, with eerie accuracy I might add! If you were like me and hated the swap initially, I'd give it a go again. I think the game is worth a play from writing and characters alone.


The following is an old review (ver 0.11.6), and don't reflect my current views of the game (ver 0.17.7). I'm just keeping it here for posterity.

It's bretty good.

Though I also don't get the swap to RPGMaker. As it doesn't really add much value to the end-user so far. In fact, it makes things a little worse imo. It probably makes things a bit easier than dealing with a Twine/HTML nightmare, and the dev was doing something akin to dungeons later on in the game, but as it is the engine swap makes it a real chore to actually play.

First and foremost, this is a text-heavy game. There's images (even a few commissioned ones iirc), but 80% of the content is in text form.
This is perfectly fine. I like my games to be descriptive.
Extrapolate that to RPG maker, and instead of having an entire passage in front of you that you can read at your pace or skim for the good parts, you have to absentmindedly mash the confim key as the text rolls by at a snail's pace (even at the fastest setting).
This wouldn't be a problem, if the game was made with that sentiment in mind, and kept things relatively light in terms of text. But since this is a port of a twine game that was already heavy on text, reading anything is an absolute slog.

This in my opinion, is the most damning thing about the game so far. It may get some polish down the line, and I hope it does, but as it is now, I just can't bother with it.

If the encounters were engaging, I might be more inclined to.
Right now, they're quite few and quite boring. Though I couldn't be assed to go super far into the game. Something that would take around 20-30mins in HTML form now take hours due to the text boxes.
The combat and skill-tree in the HTML version were kind of neat, but in RPGMaker it falls pretty flat.

If the environments were fleshed out a bit more, I might be more inclined to.
The way the game is set up right now, is that there's a little hub on the world map, and you just teleport to specific rooms in town. It's fine for early stages, as the content is more important, but I still kind of find it to be really cheap, since the places themselves aren't much to write home about either.

For what it's worth though, I like the game. I thought the HTML version was really fun. Hopefully the RPG maker one can shape up better, but the barrier to entry for me will always be the huge amount of text that I'm forced to go through. I'm not opposed to reading, but I am opposed to having to read at a fixed pace that's slower than I read. Especially when I know at one point I didn't have to.
That being said, one thing I thought was neat about the RPGMaker version was that you could customize your character at the start. I don't see that much in that engine. Though any changes that your character has later on in the game doesn't seem to have any effect on you visually. I couldn't even find a description menu for your character's appearance, and I'm pretty sure the HTML version had one of those.

All in all, if you've never played it, give it a try. If you've played the old version, try it but keep in mind the growing-pains from the engine swap.

Review by Frinkleton
Version reviewed: 0.15.9 on 2021-01-09 17:46:27

Honestly I am not a fan of these RPG maker games as they always tend to be in tiny little postage stamp sized windows and acres of one line text boxes with scenes spanning multiple paragraphs.


I played the "anime" version dunno what the different between the versions is but figured I should say. 



While this does have scenes spanning multiple paragraphs it gets a bonus just because I can make the window big enough to see.


Content wise it is a good couple of hours with some well written scenes. 8/10


Outfits to make yourself cute are incredibly few but I managed to get some fun combos.    3/10


Very little grinding honestly alittle too easy. ~/10


one thing I would like to see is just straight up more outfits. this is a real short fall.




In its current state I'd give it a 7/10 for an rpg maker game. 

Because it has potential and was actually reasonably fun to play. 

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.14.11 on 2020-12-19 05:16:15

Its a perfect example of s fact that a story and map setting are fine in html but plays out lame in the specialised rpgmaker.

the story has the potential to be entertaining

the fun part is lame or text only in an rpg maker game it is way below than a frog poo

The way it handles the xxx text ruins it

the rpg part is not cohesive at all

The fact of a direct port to rpgmaker without map modification and the way that the author think like its still a html game makes me sad and ruins the game true potential.

Ps:if you are wonder what kind of potential this game has. Its on the lvl of Perverted Education, Magical camp.

Review by Wittyusername
Version reviewed: 0.14.9 on 2020-12-10 15:07:20

I think the move to rpgmaker has really badly impacted this games playability, and im not saying that because i dont like rpgmaker I quite enjoy rpgmaker games I think the big problem is how the content that was ported has been ported. For example at the beginning of the game when you are just learning about magic you get a long paragraph of text describing whats happening when you could have shown what was happening in the game like when youre told oh you made a small flame appear you could have made flames appear using the rpgmaker engine. I think changes like that would make the game far more enjoyable to play at least for parts that were ported as i have not yet made it to the later parts of the game.

Review by Strikerman
Version reviewed: 0.14.7 on 2020-12-06 19:37:03

I liked the game when it was in HTML. RPG Maker doesn't do anything for me.

Review by QuantumKat
Version reviewed: 0.13.10 on 2020-11-05 20:19:26


Well.. was a subscribed follower of the HTML version, but since it went to RPG Maker.. nope.  I'll pass.  I truely dislike the gangly bobbleheaded look of the RPG Maker graphics, which completely ruin it for me.  So.. while it had potential, I'll never find it in RPG Maker.  Good luck, hope it comes together well!


Review by dazann
Version reviewed: 0.13.10 on 2020-11-05 19:22:57

From what is there at the moment its ok. I would say its more in the Alpha stages then in Beta. IMO i think the next big update should be focused on the town and getting it done rather then having that little hub. I also want to say that you should pick a style either render or anime and stick with it rather then both once you have gotten a major amount done for one then you can think about adding the other.

Review by trippers
Version reviewed: 0.13.7 on 2020-10-24 11:09:08

I couldn't get much into it, to be honest. I had played this back when it was a text game and enjoyed it more, I think because I didn't really expect to see images of the sex. But the more this looks like a proper game instead of just a choose your adventure story, images are badly needed. Once this creator teams up with an artist, it'll be something definitely worth checking out. Really if you have a patreon, you should invest some of that money to commission what your game needs to succeed.

Review by AloneTaco
Version reviewed: 0.11.6 on 2020-07-27 01:37:37

This game isn't for you if you don't want to start out as an already feminine looking guy. I usually don't like it if the mc doesn't start out 100% male looking and I know other people feel that way too so this is just a heads up.

Review by MichealRein
Version reviewed: 0.10.4 on 2020-06-12 21:07:15

I played this a while ago in the HTML version and actually kind of liked it. I have no idea why it's now in RPG Maker, and it seems to have even less content than it had in the html version.

The art's also not very good imo and the town structure doesn't even exist so why was this even changed from html to rpgmaker?

Review by Volendi
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 Patreon|0.6.11 Public on 2019-10-13 23:44:54

Let me start off by saying... when I first played this a long long time ago, I hated it!  Mostly bc, while it was kinda interesting, there was nothing there for so very very long.


That being said, decided to pick it up again, and it's become quite a good game for spending an hour or so!  Still very much prefer RPGMaker and RAGS, but can still definitely appreciate what this game brings to the table.  Fave thing would have to be the cursed outfit tho, was fun to let it change my character!  Definitely liking and subscribing!

Review by Cadmea
Version reviewed: 0.6.7 on 2019-08-17 15:01:32

Not much content, but what's there is solid.

Review by JaradLichLord
Version reviewed: 0.6.7 on 2019-08-16 13:23:40

good game so far, with a novel battle system. The leveling shows promise but is both clunky and limited. So far it is mostly a feminization game that is moving (possibly) toward full tf. The tf has yet to be fully implemented. It will be interesting to see where it ends up. 

Edit for .6.7 from .5.0: Content is added regularly and there is not much yet, but we have had our first major addition which does not include any new TF content. It works really well for the story and hs been utilized somewhat to explore some of the changes the MC has undergone and how those affect them. I think the author could explore that side more. With this expansion of the stories scope I am nuch more excited to seeing new TF content in future updates. I feel like it will now be more than just a click and fap game even though it works very well for that now.


Review by GodfriedD
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2019-08-06 13:17:16

Great game with frequent updates. I love the progressive feminization and I would love to see that start manifesting more and more as the game progresses. A small amount of appearance customization might be nice, but the game is solid already. Keep on doing what you're doing.

Review by clint
Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 2018-12-01 05:16:16

Love it so far, keep up the good work! Adding images in the future would be awesome

Review by Erbosch
Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 2018-11-30 22:10:35

Love what little there is .  Very fun.  Cant wait for more...  So please make more =)

Review by Baylith
Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 2018-11-30 01:09:26

this game has a decent concept, though the femization from the lizaardman fails, made you eventually untouchable by their attacks. you may want to rework your defense values because losing to a monster over and over again should not make you stronger than them,

Review by Houdini111
Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 2018-11-29 21:51:23


It's a pretty good start. It's a fun enough start, but there's not much. The proof will be in the updates. 


Review by erikababe93
Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 2018-11-29 12:30:34

Very interesting story, loving it so far! Game mechanics are simple but very well done. Some spelling and grammar errors (lots of "your"s when they should be "you're"s). Would love an option to be able to choose whether you're wearing boy or gorl clothes. Can't wait for more! 

Review by DesRed
Version reviewed: 0.1.02 on 2018-11-29 02:22:12

Created an Account just to the review this. 

The magic system is really too clever and I loved how picking a different element cause both the previous and selected element to combine their attributes.

Honestly look forward to the more dialogue and the eventual story.

Also kinda wish Beatrice would have said SOMETHING about the red panties before the MC whips out their dick.



Review by Dab_Master69
Version reviewed: 0.1.01 on 2018-11-26 22:24:50

Great start so far.

I do feel images would add some immersion to the story, though I can see trying to find images for this type of story to be difficult considering it revolves around fantasy and what not.
Perhaps if you were an artist, you could draw some images or pictures for this story? Or maybe even get another artist to do it.

If you can't though, text only is definitely still acceptable by me and I'd assume lots of people. Perhaps find a unique way to structure your story though. This includes an interesting side bar, icons, etc.
I see lots of potential in this, so I encourage you to update whenever possible. I see many promising games such as this one just disappear due to no updates and I hope that you keep active with this game.

Review by Mark5592
Version reviewed: 0.1.01 on 2018-11-26 00:34:30

Like it so far can't wait for updates

Review by WolfSaint
Version reviewed: 0.1.01 on 2018-11-25 21:31:11

Good story, needs more content but has good potential.
Subnote: Can I get an option to to increase boobs over increase butt size, ie save my ass but leave the rest exposed.

Review by raska42
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-11-25 12:38:20

It's a good start, definitely will be keeping an eye on this to see how it progresses. Definitely has a feel of games like magical camp and many of the M2F magical girl games on dlsite/dmm. Hoping that it takes a slightly unique direction to make it stand out, but even if it doesnt it's well written so far which should still make it enjoyable reduardless. Only issue (and I use the term loosly) I have is is that you have it tagged for planned content/themes, not current ones, but that's a pretty standard gripe I have about games on this site.

Bug: Ice->Lightning throws an (ignorable) error in combat


Review by gabysissy
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-11-25 09:44:52

Text only games are a turn off or me, the story seems pretty well written but I need the images to really dive into the story, hope in a future update you could add some images, that would improve the game in my opinion, but still, great texting!

Review by lightningshifter
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-11-25 06:04:28

It would be nice to have a forum topic for this but I thought I would add some input due to seeing promise with this html game. It is an actual game rather than a CYOA which is a plus for me. It has simple and straight-forward mechanics that are easy to pick up. I'm still exploring the content at this time to see what all I can do but, it appears to have some forethought put into the magic system. Casting spells in different orders can actually lead to different battle effects triggering on a turn. Try ice and fire or ice and lightning for instance. Fire and lightning are also a good matchup.

I did notice a few error blurbs during combat, however, nothing actually stops your gameplay. This is all a very good sign because I'm accustomed to sugarcube/twine games hitting deadends in games like this. You should keep going with this and try to bring the game to completion. It would be nice to have more games like this completed in the format you are using.

Review by lianneadamson
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2018-11-25 05:13:41

This has potential. I enjoyed what was there, the hints at what's to come are intriguing, and it's quite well-written. Looking forward to the next update.