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Author: Blauz.
Version: 0.9
Last Updated: 2018-12-28 19:29:53

Review by ezpinete
Version reviewed: 0.8 on 2018-12-11 23:23:52


I only want to say that i like the game.

Thxs a lot and have fun


Review by GateKeeper
Version reviewed: 0.8 on 2018-12-11 18:56:33

I don't leave as many reviews as I used to.  Largely because I tend to stay very busy with my own projects.

Full disclosure up front:  I talk with Blauz from time to time through messages.  We talk game making sometimes, we talk plot other times, and on occasion we talk about whatever else we might be focused on in our lives.  I consider them a friend, but I'm going to do my best to make what I have to say fair to all parties involved (Blauz, take some notes, because you may be able to glean a bit of constructive criticism here.)

Blauz is a game maker who I have a lot of respect for.  He works hard and thinks things through when he creates a setting.  There are few creators out there who have created half as much content as they have, and few of those who have been around as long. 

Their work is kind of like those home made movies you see on youtube.  Some of them obviously are much better than others, but the good ones are actually surprisingly good.  (*Cough* Trival Strip *Cough*)


The critique: (Because sometimes it's best to just rip the bandaid off rather than fiddle with it.)

That said, Blauz is NOT an A, or even B list game creator (If I give myself the benifit of the doubt, I MIGHT say I'm a B-list creator.), and in all honesty, I never expect them to become someone that captures the kind of fan base that Fenoxo or DarkCookie, or any of the other well known creators have. 

Blauz is NOT a native English speaker, and I've told them on occasion that their English can be a bit clunky.  Their writing can on occasion come off as a little disjointed if you're rushing through it instead of taking your time.

Blauz, while well intentioned, can take things personal that aren't intended to be.  Criticism without details or suggestions for improvements are sometimes interpreted as criticism for the sake of criticism by the author.  Now, I firmly believe that anyone giving criticism should be specific and offer solutions if they are able to do so, but the lack there of does not always mean ill intent.


The praise:

Blauz is a remarkable game creator in my eyes for several reasons.  1. He takes criticism to heart and tries to improve his work when he is able,  2. Take a look at thier early work, then look at this game.  Their use of the English language has improved significantly in that time.  And in nearly every game they make I see just a little more improvement.  3. If you're looking for a simple story and a quick fap, you're going to be better off looking at 90% of the other creators out there.  If however you want a story that will make you think a little bit, then you've come to the right place.  So many creators only care about the porn, few care much about the story that accompanies it.  and 4.  They create what they love.  There are tons of creators who try to cater to the fans' every whim.  Blauz has a vision for their game and they stay true to it. 

This guy is a powerhouse.  TWENTY-NINE games under their belt, and the majority of those are COMPLETE games.  I don't care who you are, or what you're making, THAT is impressive.

They take the time to talk with their fans, AND their detractors.  Few creators take the time to really engage with their fan base, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who do. 

They don't allow the naysayers to stop them.  Many creators when someone is unfiarly critical of a creator's work, that creator will often times stop creating and never be seen again.  I've seen far too many talentless jerks criticise creators just for the sake of being mean.  It takes a big person to sit that aside and not let it slow them down.  (Seriously, why do so many people think they need to bash creators?  Offer advice and reflections in the hopes that they will improve rather than just being mean.)

And probably the biggest piece of praise I give any author:  They are always looking for ways to improve their work.  So many creators have a high opinion of themselves and think they don't need to improve.  Some however actively try to better themselves by listening to advice and taking it when they feel it is right for them, by tossing around ideas with friends to ensure they have a solid story idea before they drop it on their fans, and by making use of the things they learn along the way.

Now for an actual review:

I admit that I've only played once so far.  So my review should be taken into that context. 

-The writing, as with all of Blauz's work requires a bit of patience.  Their writing is readable, however English is clearly not their first language.  This particular work is better written than most of his work I thought.

-The pictures used in the game are generally pleasant and complement the game.

-I personally thought that the story was ok, but not truly inspired.  Fun to play once, but it's not one I expect to be playing time and again.

-Play time for me was less than half an hour, however I tend to be a fast reader.  What this means is that you can probably expect the game to take about half an hour at minimum for a full play.  Therefore it falls into the "Short and sweet" category.

-Contrary to what was said in an earlier review, I thought that enough content was presented that you had a sense of the character while fleshing them out a little in the following pages.  In a game, especially one focused on Transformation, people like to imagine the character as themself in some context, and I think what we received was good for that.

-Overall, I give this one about a 6.5/10.  Above average for Blauz and if you've enjoyed his work before, then it's very much worth a look.


Review by Blauz.
Version reviewed: 0.8 on 2018-12-11 17:41:06

In my opinion all named chararacters in the game are introduced and developed. 

That not all information is at hand at the start of the game is -my opinion again- neither surprising nor a mistake. 
Personally I like to learn more about chracter the longer I read a book or play a game. 

Let me show you what I mean:

"Matt and I arrive half an hour before our appointment, as all candidates should at any interview. Matt is a little nervous because he thinks we are too late and should have been here at least a full hour before our appointment: well, the traffic in the city is a little more complicated than driving to school in our hometown. Maybe arrive fashionably late -only half an hour early- show coolness and sophistication.

But I guess that is not helping Matt: he really wants that internship. I am here to support him. Matt has little extracurricular activities (that he can list in an application), so he had the ingenial idea to take me along: we are both applying -as a team- to make a better impression. I will do my very best, then -after we failed because others are valedictiorians and debate club presidents and such- I will treat him to one of those famous chees cakes and look for a job that helps with college: I didn't really get a scholarship, either. Matt and I have good SATs, a bearable time at highschool and many social benefits during our childhood: we are fit, but there is no sports scholarship coming up either. Student loan it is: so I need to work, and Matt really should look for a job, too, rather than looking for a career enhancing internship." 

If you can not find information on Matt on this first page: then I cannot help you, sorry.