The Journey Home

Author: LFox
Version: 0.51.0
Last Updated: 2019-04-07 22:27:59

Review by yearhyearh
Version reviewed: 0.51.0 on 2019-04-08 01:48:13

This is honestly just not a good concept. Even for a choose your own adventure, making every choice so obvious takes any fun out of it, it's like reading a book but before every page turn there's a short line making sure to remove any suspense or intrigue.

Review by MoonSquad.Inc
Version reviewed: 0.50.0 on 2019-03-17 20:55:11

Really really good, could do without the gore sex tho

8/10 don't like gore in sex (gore in combat is fine)

Review by Bodyhunter
Version reviewed: 0.50.0 on 2019-03-06 01:59:39

Hi there,


besides the fact that the content is limited so far it was quite nice to play through the game for the first time. Well written and quite sexy, i look forward to enjoy the elves journey in the future.


Keep up the nice work!





Review by asapien
Version reviewed: 0.50.0 on 2019-03-05 10:26:14

I enjoyed this project quite a bit, but tbh I was not going to write a review.  I felt I had to respond to @bearclaw01234...  The story, is exactly what was promised in the 1st sentence of the description.  I do encourage the author to try and add more arcs that re converge that are longer than a screen and have call back interactions (i.e the cave sequence had several screens, it even had a follow up which was nice).  Generally I thought it was well written and enjoyable, but early enough in its development that there wasn't overly much to say, beyond liking it.   I am frankly kind of glad there are not 15 diverging paths, as those games are rarely completed.

Review by bearclaw01234
Version reviewed: 0.50.0 on 2019-03-05 10:01:38

So ye know-  It's a story, NOT A GAME if it is linear. A GAME may have a set storyline & plot, but it gives the player the choice of what to do..  linear DOES NOT.  It's acceptable to make the intro linear to tell the background and the start of the storyline, but then it should become non-linear as it becomes a true game after the intro.