The HERS Project

Author: tempestreturns
Version: 1.0.92
Last Updated: 2011-07-24 14:12:11

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2021-04-10 12:59:30


A very well developed game so far. Transformations are all at the start of the game, but once they've occurred it is just minor cosmetic adjustments from there (clothing, etc) for your avatar. There is a lot of interactivity in this game as you go through the story and unlock the puzzles that lead to further story branches. With this comes a lot of bad endings and (currently) the good endings aren't finished by this game version.

Graphically the game is good with your avatar and the characters that you meet throughout the adventure. For a RAGS game this is one where you will rarely become lost, but for some of the more obscure puzzles you will be looking for a guide to unlock how to solve them.

A worthwhile game to play and strongly recommended.

Review by AliSlut
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2017-07-18 00:44:17

Really great game for what is there, but sadly hasn't been updated on forever.  So sad that it's a dead game.  Wish someone would adapt this to something new.

Review by murlocdummy
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2017-02-26 18:43:56

Considering the fact that the last update for the game was 6 years ago, it's no wonder that it doesn't work.  The latest version of RAGS can't process this file.  Unless the author updates it, there isn't much point in downloading it.

Review by lianneadamson
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2017-02-24 23:56:48

I don't like RAGS games for the most part. I think they're too tedious, and the engine is clunky and annoying.

 I really like this game. The writing is well done, there is tons of personality, the artwork is good and creative across the board, and once I hit the end of available content, FOR ONCE I didn't want to delete an old game that I don't expect to ever be finished.

 I hope someday it manages to get the rest fleshed out, because what we have so far is amazing. Even the stuff that caters to fetishes I don't have is good. That's rare. Really rare. Before playing this, I wasn't sure that could be done.

 tempestreturns, I sincerely hope you someday find a way of finishing this. I can tell that a lot of love went into this game, and it shows. If you ever try to develop something else (for RAGS or a different engine), I'll play it in a heartbeat.

 If completed, this game would no doubt be a 10/10. What we have now is still phenomenal.

Review by FAFNSucks
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2017-02-19 06:45:41

This game is a "classic", but has a lot of issues. I feel like there is a lot of dead ends and "what the fuck do I do" moments. I wish the mechanics were more openly explained to the player. The world is very detailed but feels mazelike.

Overall I gotta say this game is pretty darn good but pitfalls into the same traps as other point and click adventure games.

Review by deltacat3
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2017-02-07 08:09:28

This is by far my favourite game on this site, is their any word on an update in the near future?

Review by dianhua383
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2016-12-27 19:54:51

I still have yet to enter complex. I have sound the entrance and opened hatch and nothing, all i can do is continue searching the wood until i pass out

Review by subsophie
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2016-11-30 02:46:19

Someone has made a directory full of RAGS games on Mega.  It includes this title, and can be found at:!oh1FFJab!h4VCXqcbeo4AW3fsCbIvSw

If I knew how convert that ito a link for just this game, I'd try to get it added.

Review by infidel99
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2016-11-30 01:03:44

Never got to play because it is only available on 4Shared.  Fuck that.

Review by JoeW
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2016-08-18 01:52:48

The game I

like but I have ran into 3 bugs.


First is after turning into a girl with the priest.

Going to the faires as a kid or man gets you into an endless loop.

Buying the aphrodizac crashes the game.



Review by steff
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2016-06-24 06:38:18

First of all- the amount of content that this unfinished game has is impressive. Hats off to the effort that went in this. The concept of the game reminded me of the SCP Foundation and similar sites.

I agree that the puzzles are not that easy and that can be frustrating for the players. A walkthrough would be nice.

I got stuck at the Index since I can't finish some of the tasks that I'm given there (were is that damn deck of cards that's needed for the gamblin' "girl"?).

If anyone needs help getting to the Index area I can at least help you with that.

Review by devilbimbo
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2016-04-13 22:28:32

I was not impressed the first tme I played this game. I gave it another shot the other day and since then I can not stop plying it. Well made and a lot of fun if you like some puzzles along with your transformation. Definitely worth playing

Review by anjuna
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2016-02-23 14:49:20

well, i'm completely stuck in the beginning of the game, found the clearing, opened the hatch and couldn't do anything.

soooo, HELP?? --> figured it out, i was using an old version of RAGS, when i updated, everything worked perfectly

Review by SuzyDoodle
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2015-11-06 13:01:56

I feel this game could've been... better, and by better I mean not incredibly convoluted and complicated, now, don't get me wrong, I do appreciate their focus on the examination aspect of the RAG engine, however, for new players, this could be infuriating in the long run as the puzzles don't start out very easy, maybe it's just the fact this game isn't finished, or maybe it's because I'm just not very good at puzzles, but I got fed up with it after examining the same two areas for about 30 minutes trying to get my character to do something ANYTHING while he froze to death.

Review by Zerofoxy3384
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2015-08-03 18:06:04

Shame I never wrote a review for this game


This game despite being incomplete, is fantastic, it easily ranks up there with other similar games like Cursed!


The puzzles, the encounters, and just the overall exploration...I could play this again and again


I am sad it never got completed, but still...definitely a good game to check out


9/10 :D

Review by Cyber Link
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2015-05-23 19:26:27

This is one of my favorite games on this sight, I'd definatly recommend it to everyone

Review by Chop2005
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2015-01-13 07:06:04

Real shame this didn't continue. I loved the writing and the puzzels.

Review by Myrsta
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2014-10-10 07:19:08

Created an account just to say how good this game is, truly a quality piece of work. Good writing, nice to look at, a great experience all round.

The sense of mystery was certainly unexpected, and nice change of pace from the other games I've played on this site. I'm a sucker for a good backstory, and probing the AI and terminal has proven to been an interesting and detailed read.

While I have completed only a few endings so far, the combination of quality writing and great 3D art is enough for me to wholeheartedly recommend this game to TF fans.


Review by Ralager
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2014-06-13 10:47:06

As a fair number of reviewers have already said, this is truly a game. The story is immersive and engaging, with numerous different approaches that can be taken in several situations. Actions feel as though they genuinely have consequence, and the game designers have clearly made an effort to break gamer meta-thinking by ensuring that not all decisions are merely black and white. Most importantly, the items that are given to characters almost always make sense - not once did I find myself going through my entire inventory to placate someone.

I could go on a lot longer, but I want this to be a review people take heed of. The HERS Project, even incomplete, is an exceptional game and was clearly crafted with care and vision. Definitely play this.

Review by Arael
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2014-05-08 23:23:33

Our hero, soon to be heroine, finds himself trapped in a facility that is a delightfully clever cross of Aperture Science and the Dharma Initiative, filled with transformative experiments gone wrong, and dubiously trustworth denizens.

The game combines a strong story with the puzzle-solving game play of classic text adventures. The writing is witty and augmented by the use of 3D images that depict the settings, characters, and key scenes. 

Even in its unfinished form, the HERS project is easily one of the best RAGS games on this site.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2014-05-06 19:17:24

The gems of The HERS Project lie in a few areas:

1) The images used were 3D generated like drawn figures. Very professional. In fact if you frequent the 4chan, you should know the drawing style.

2) It is a game, not an merely AIF. You interact with objects which lead to different endings. There are quests later in the stage but the beginning was pretty straight forward.

3) Mystery. The secret of the game was unfolded bits by bits when you went through the game.

The combination of the above made it a top node game on this site.

Review by CountChocula
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2014-05-04 17:29:45

I think this is the first review I've posted on any porn site, ever. This game is phenomenal and has a wide breadth of game play. Do not make the mistake I did and assume that the game is only limited to the confines of the initial opening lab, there is much, much more to the game! A very impressive amount of output by the developer. Good job! Looking forward to the expansion into the other HERS-XX labs.

Review by Purple Autumn
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2013-12-28 11:07:40

I love this game! The art, the descriptions, the different paths, the transformations, everything! I really hope to see updates in the future. I'd love to continue my journey!

Review by Narcissa
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2013-11-28 01:00:44

Probably my favorite game so far on TFGS though incomplete. I hope its not a dead project because it has massive potential. I'd love to see more some day.

Review by neolae
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2013-06-15 18:39:54

This one really felt like a surprise little gem of discovery.

I loved the tone of the writing very much.  Kind of a combination of cute and playful and nice and dirty.

The unique artwork was a plus as well.  I'm eagerly awaiting more, More, MORE!!!  Great job!

Review by batmreload
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2013-04-20 01:16:14

An awesome game that makes you beg for more! The Fiction elements of this game are easily

the prizewinners here, combining elements of mystery, eroticism, and survivial horror to

form a very lurid, engageing, and utterly beliveable tapestry of adventure!

My only worry is that i'm going to go crazy with trepidation before more of this game is released! 

Review by Tinon
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2013-02-27 13:01:14

This game obviously isn't for me, but I'd have to judge it according to my own experience.

The game is huge, but it's also very linear. When I use an interactive media I expect to have a choice, an impact on my journey, but this game offers little variety in choice..

The graphics are obviously well made, but the aesthetics aren't in my personal taste either.

Overall I found it uninteresting and it felt like a chore to progress. It don't think it used the medium very well, and it felt more like a told story than and interactive experience. I don't hink it's bad, I just don't find it very good.

Review by Trscroggs
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2013-02-24 10:16:29

A great game, if a little tempermental.  There's a great deal of content, but it is currently incomplete.

Review by ltgstv
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2013-02-14 13:24:07

The HERS Project is an amazing game from tempestreturns and have a lot of potential for updates.

I really would like to see more from it (more and different hallway encounters / loot), access closed doors, find the hammer, fulfill the "Request List", access "Wrench" / "Gear", etc.).

Review by rubberdolltami
Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 2013-01-16 21:11:10

One of my favorite rags games, updates seem to be on a bit of a hiatus, but even what is available right now is worth a download and a play. There is just the right amount of mystery and sexiness in this game.