Author: Tjord
Version: 2.0.1
Last Updated: 2020-02-26 15:00:25

Review by Gilded Lyrea
Version reviewed: 2.0.1 on 2020-10-17 00:21:44

This game has a fairly good story, but that story is marred by several very glaring flaws in its gameplay, and this review will cover that gameplay pretty much exclusively because it's the biggest problem with this game.

Much like the first game, Divinion is largely linear game, with the only point it opens up being around the middle, in Sunder. All the way through to the end of Sunder, the game has a fairly decent difficulty, with a few higher difficulty enemies that are completely optional. At least, the structure of the game makes you think they're optional. In reality, because there are no random encounters and you can therefore can only gain a finite amount of experience in the game, and because several times throughout the game you go through points of no return with no warning, it is entirely possible to go into the final section of the game underleveled and be unable to complete it. You also don't gain abilities by levelling up, instead having to go to specific skill trainers to teach them skills, which they can only learn if they have enough sp, and it's imossible to get enough sp to learn all the skills, which souunds interesting on the surface but screws you over if you dont pick specific ones. This isn't helped by the fact that the final area takes away all of your healing items and equipment and gives you only around 3-4 hp and mp healing items to complete the entire dungeon, which if you're underleveled simply isnt possible, because you'll have already used them all up by the time you reach the third section of this area, at which point you'll face a mandatory encounter that the characters play off as a joke but that's legitimately impossible to complete if you have no mp left. This is all incredibly frustrating, because before this point in the game you're constantly given free healing items and have access to plenty of shops selling both healing items and equipment, but as soon as you reach it that all becomes meaningless because those items are gone and as far as I know there's no way to regain them. It's probably very important to mention that because of this glaring issue, it's literally impossible for me to complete the game, so I don't even know for sure that that area is really the final area. What I do know is that being unable to defeat a slime and three generic cultists without near perfect rng because my characters are out of mp and I have no mp healing items has completely killed my enthusiasm for finishing the game.

Review by Vladelite
Version reviewed: 2.0.1 on 2020-06-19 09:43:38

One of the best games on this website, in my opinion. I really liked the continuation of the story from the first game (as well as the fact that there will be a third one), as well as the fact that there's multiple ending.
On complaints about combat, I sincerely don't understand them: there's only one really hard fight (one of the bosses) and one averagely difficult part of the game where you lose your items. Any other fight in the game is honestly easy, you literally can complete the game with crafting about 3-4 items. The only difficulty that I can see is when you develop your characters incorrectly and/or underequip them.
Overall, for me it was a cool, if somewhat buggy game (the first game had same problems with player being able to walk on the walls sometimes, some dialogue issues, but nothing really critical). And, as it was said before, don't forget to save before coronation :)

Review by LegionLives
Version reviewed: 2.0.1 on 2020-06-15 12:47:20

This is a sequel to The Dark Lord Rises. In that game, the MC uses evil powers to dominate and brainwash girls into having sex, and later turning them into literal demons. In the sequel... there is almost none of that. Instead, the game starts out quite mysteriously with your near-dead body, drained of magic, washing onto a beach. From there, the quest is to get back your powers mostly by performing fetch quests for a large cast of nobles and rich people preparing for a civil war. There is a lot of politics and a lot of combat. Unlike the last game in which you play a conniving villian, you really only get to make inconsequential choices whether to kill or show mercy and so can play as basically a nice guy. There is even one character from the first game who will comment on this. It is fairly far into the game when you learn what is really going on, and it is a beauty of a twist that I have no intention of spoiling. After that, there is a big confrontation and two endings, one of which is "good" and one that puts you back on track to evil mastermind.

Like the first game, the story is good. This one, however, has a lot of flaws that are really frustrating. Unlike the first, combat is not easy. You'll find reviews complaining about the early game below, but that is nothing compared to what you'll find later. The developer added a lot more mechanics to the combat, such as the new side system, buying abilities, crafting, and augmenting weapons. You can tell that a lot more emphasis was placed on this, but this is my biggest problem with the entire game.

A lot of the game is about combat, pretty much every quest has some. And there is optional combat, at least so it would seem. There are no random monsters, there is no way to grind, if you want to level up you have to fight what is available. But worse, most of the map closes off at different points in the game. There are several places that once you start, you can't leave until the quest is finished. Some of these warn you ahead of time, others do not. And there are many places that get locked off after quest completion, anything you missed in there is forever lost to you. Why does this matter? Because you really needed that stuff, but you won't find out until later.

I first ran into this after a major shift resulted in my needing to basically restart with no items or companions. You are given a paltry set of items, about the equivalent of two minor heals, and then have to run a gauntlet of several enemies. Some of these can be run past, but some are mandatory. And they will hit you for more than those healikng items are worth. In one of the cut scenes, a character talks about your healikng abilities. What healing abilities?? This is an ability that you can choose to pay to unlock, but until this point in the game, it didn't matter. There are several healing items available, but there is one, "Field Supplies", that instantly heals the entire party and cures poison (you will be poisoned a lot!). Or you could buy 10 Medicines, some Mana potions and 4 Antidotes... but that would be stupid. A heal ability is basically useless for most of the game to this point. But here.... you are fucked without it. Even with the heal, you don't get mana, and that's another ability that you really should have bought. Too bad for you if you didn't, because these fights are impossible to win without them.

When I got to this point, I checked back to the last time I had the option to buy these. It was hours ago. The only places that I could buy the ability were closed off by story events quite a while back. I basically decided to start over from scratch, knowing about this. The second time, I managed to get through this section, but it was still quite a slog. So many creatures hitting you with so many status effects. But I had heal and a minor ability to create mana, still won by the skin of my teeth and by running past some of the guards. I thought I had it down now. There were other tough fights, but I managed to get through them.

Then the boss battle comes. Back to back fights and I got my ass handed to me several times. I didn't see any way that I could win, and yes, the ability to improve myself was closed off at that point. Remember when I mentioned that there was crafting? Turns out that is important to beating the end game. I was, again, stuck. There were optional battles with powerful monsters through the game, and I guess by doing all of them I could have crafted the stat improving items, but this is too much. I'm playing a TF game unlocking rendered sex scenes, not Dark Souls, I didn't expect the difficulty to be so very high. Especially with all the monsters that you only get one chance to even see in the game, you practically have to know what is going to happen in order to plan for it. I wound up using a save game editor out of frustration.

After all that is done, you get the Good Ending and can go back to an earlier save to replay for the True Ending. I hope you still have a save from that point, would have been nice to know. And that is generally my issue with the game, too many places where you realize you screwed up hours ago. The True Ending gets back to being an evil bastard and in general gives the game a return to the feel of the first game and sets for the sequel. I want to know what happens to this band of characters, so I plan to play the sequel. I just hope it gets back to the strengths of the series, the character development and surprising plot twists, and not an endless slog of fighting.

Review by yukinagato
Version reviewed: 2.0 on 2020-02-23 07:14:53

Retake on the review

Plot seems good, would be good if someday the first arc can be remade too

Character leveling is not a strong point of this game, finding and doing the right quests at the right time will seriously determine the difficulty of the game later. Making backups of your saves at all times is recommended. (This could be a cultural difference between japanese and western RPG)

Review by agnostic
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2019-05-03 09:44:55

I'm having a lot of fun with this game.  Extremely well mad eand the writing is well done as well.  I've enjoyed both your games quite a bit.

There's just a few nits to pick.


The damage from enemies is scaled a bit high at the start, but levels out decently enough around level 8 or so.

One of the bigger problems is the text from the quest log cuts off so when I pick up lots of quests at once I invevitibly hit the "So where do i go? "What do i do?  "I have no idea who the F that person is or where they are?" Problems that a lot of games run into.


Overall i'm really enjoying playig though this.  TDLR is one of my favorites on this site still and despite some difficulties i'm enjoying this a lot.

Review by xkira1995
Version reviewed: 0.9.4 on 2019-04-16 11:15:52

Played a little bit so far. Tough and hard to find gold. Combat is almost fully based on luck and timing of mission entry. At least by my experience. ^^" Miss rate is high, as well as enemy crit rate.