Author: ApolloSeven
Version: 1.0.3c
Last Updated: 2019-05-28 15:26:11

Review by MikeMike
Version reviewed: 1.0.3c on 2019-10-15 08:25:13

Loved the game and been playing it a few times to beat it properly and see the various outcomes there were in the game. 88% perfect score. Missed some more variation in the endings, when you managed to find a way to properly escape (not just pseudo escape), that took into consideration of the changed that the charcter went through, but else great little game.



Review by Hatha
Version reviewed: 1.0.3c on 2019-09-16 05:53:46

So for anyone that enjoyed Stranded, this is a better version of that.  The premise makes more sense and is more entertaining.  It's clearly not finished yet, lots of content hasn't been initiated but you can play, win, and lose a few different ways, pick of various fetishes.  There are some typos, even a good few in the intro, but nothing that ruins the experience.  You just might have to re-read a couple things.  Over-all, well done.  I look forward to seeing it finished.

Review by Morion
Version reviewed: 1.0.3c on 2019-07-21 22:46:04

The game is... OK.  The basic concept is fine, but the actual gameplay is a little tedious.  Some days you have constant encounters and your will gets hammered; others you cannot find anyone and just wasde time looking.  The risk/reward for obtaining money is OK, but could be tweaked for slightly more risk.  I played the game twice and, both times, got more money than I needed with few penaty traits acquired.  At the moment the game is trivial to win, but that is due to the 'sex battle' mechanic being largely incomplete at the moment.  With a little work it could be a little more interesting.  I doubt I will check out future updates, but there is potential in this game for people into hypnotism.

Review by Eschation
Version reviewed: 1.0.3c on 2019-07-01 15:02:58

I should lead by saying that I really enjoy what there is of this game so far. Despite having seen most/all the content (except anal, which I avoid like the plague. I wish I could turn that shit off in this game and every other game. I have no idea why people can't understand that not everyone thinks the hole shit comes out of is a sexual orifice... /rant), I have replayed it several times just to watch my character get TF'd and corrupted again.

I actually am generally not at all interested in viewing MF sex, which is the only sex available in the current version. Despite this, I can't help but enjoy watching my formerly male character give in to her urges. I can't wait to see how the FF scenes are handled.

As of right now, I'm not clear on how willpower is supposed to work, though it's not a mechanic I've tried to explore. It appears that you have 0 willpower at all times, and whether you need 20 willpower or 184 willpower to escape a sex battle, you spend 1 star to get it... so you really just needed 1 star of willpower.

Stars are a bit too... magical. You use them to refuse TF/hypnosis from your opponents, but there's no explanation how the star system works in practical terms. What is a star? What actually causes one to be used up by refusing to be injected? Why is it that if I have no stars, I still can't overpower a tiny girl to prevent being injected? Or run away? How does Hannah take one permanently away when she gives me the meek trait? It probably wouldn't take much for this to all make a bit more sense, by adding some in-game flavor that explains why you can't get away without a star.

I'm not sure how you could explain the meek trait... other than maybe Hannah makes you meek and then just demands you hand over a star... then maybe she considers demanding you hand over all of them but rejects it because she still wants you to be a bit of a challenge? I dunno, just spitballing.

And... I'm not sure how you can explain the star = willpower thing. Unless somehow using a star provides you with something, maybe a vent opens in the wall and blasts some very temporary anti-libido gas in your face.


Most of the rest of this is a counter to the person below me who says the combat system needs to be more transparent and enemies do a lot more damage, and so on.

Note, we are reviewing different versions, so I cannot speak for which of these systems existed in the version he reviewed. The point here is to correct misconceptions about the current state of the game that could be brought on by reading his review of a previous version.

I may not know every detail, but the main reason enemies deal more damage comes from the protagonist having a high sluttiness. You can read about this on the stat screen.

There are also traits which cause you to gain more horniness from certain acts. You can read about this on the traits screen.

I don't know whether your resistance to the act affects it. It shouldn't, according to the screen that shows those, but there's also very little the resistance actually affects that I've seen, as far as rejecting certain acts. I can think of two scenes, one where you resist proactively initiating vaginal intercourse, and one where you resist begging for vaginal intercourse. The latter of these two leads to a bugged dead end if you successfully resist. Also, you're unlikely to see these scenes, due to the fact that they're 1:3 or 1:4 variants of just two of many scenes that you can encounter.

"nearly impossible to win (the sex battle)"

Keep your sluttiness and horniness low and it's impossible to lose.

"if you win (the sex battle) nothing happens"

If you win, you can use a mind control orb.

"but you keep the "damage" inflicted"

Accurate, but you can remove through masturbation, at the cost of increased sluttiness. Sluttiness, you remove by buying the suppressor from the shop.

"Eventually there comes a point when enemies challenge you to sex combat 100% of the time, at which point the game is literally unwinnable."

That's based on your stats. If you let a lot of your opponents hypnotise/inject you, and acquire the room traits, the game is understandably hard to win at that point. The mental changes wrought upon you are supposed to make you into a submissive and perpetually horny slut... being a submissive and perpetually horny slut is not conducive to winning the game.

It's also notable that with low sluttiness, horniness AND submissiveness, you can reject sex "battles" entirely. You do not need to spend a star to do this. All of these stats are, theoretically, under your control.


I'm also going to throw my two cents in on transforming your opponents. First, I think it would be a huge improvement. Second, given the detail of the sex scenes, this would exponentially increase the author's work in attempting to make those immersive, at least using the current system. I can think of ways that, theoretically, the amount of work could be cut back by associating certain lines with certain stats the protagonist and enemies have, but it would still be complex.

Review by bamspeedy
Version reviewed: 1.0.3b on 2019-05-28 14:31:01

If you love Stranded, you'll like this game.  Bimbo House is also similar, but for those with a fetish for impossibly sized breasts, IIRC.

I love this game has a Save feature (though reloading will not usually prevent an opponent from showing up in a room, and there is seemingly times where an opponent is in every room!)  I also appreciate that what the traits are doing to you is clearly defined to you (it may not always mention every interaction that is now open to you from having this new trait, but at least mentions either the stat effect or one interaction that is now available.)

The women do start being affected (lose their clothes), but to beat an opponent you need to hit them 5 times with an orb to knock them out (brainwash them to let you win).  The men can be beat the same way, they just aren't visibly shown any differently.

If someone finds you, you can turn the tables and hit them if you have an orb and a star available.  The times you actually find someone instead of them finding you is few and far between.  This is different from Stranded where you have to find certain items and use them with other certain items around the house, in Submansion you just need orbs and stars (the other items can certainly help at times).

Haven't got much into the combat system (after you acquired three traits in a room or when they have attacked you x times?), seems that is not very well explained from what little I've seen of it.  Run away if you can?  Seems if your too horny, slutty or vulnerable to certain fetishes you will most certainly lose.  Almost beat the game but when down to the last opponent I got hit with infinite loop bug that just now got fixed in 1.0.3b

Don't know if fixed in 1.0.3b, but when you got 3 traits from the bathroom, and my quest was to take baths, I could never finish it as the Emily(?) scene would not give me credit for taking a bath (at least I wasn't stuck, but then I was guaranteed to fail the quest).

Review by leonais600
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2019-05-01 14:43:24

As others have said, this is similar to Stranded & Bimbo House. In the other games the players had to find the way to win but in Submansion it is quite obvious how to win and there actually isn't much sexy stuff if you win. Instead there are traps for specific fetishes that can make you lose and the TF, fetishes, and sexy stuff happens to your character as you lose.

Review by JuankiMan
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2019-04-28 20:40:10

The game has good ideas but, as it has been pointed out, the fact that the protagonist is the only one that changes as the game goes on is a big negative.


Another is that the combat system is nothing short of worthless. Not only is it near impossible to win, because it is completely opaque in what your actions result in and enemies do a lot more "damage" than you do, but if they win they transform you, and if you win nothing happens but you keep the "damage" inflicted, so a battle is always a lose-lose proposition for you. Eventually there comes a point when enemies challenge you to sex combat 100% of the time, at which point the game is literally unwinnable.


The combat system should be more transparent, so there's at least some way to work a strategy, and winning should allow you to trasnsform your opponents if you have the means with you.

Review by jjars898
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2019-04-28 19:15:20

Right now, this game is a buggy mess -- it seems like every fifth encounter turns out to contain one of a panoply of coding errors and causes the whole game to crash -- but it has definite potential, and I had a lot of fun with it. It's like that other popular game, Stranded, but with an actual chance to escape the mansion.

I definitely look forward to the game's completion, but a serious bugfix is all it really needs right now.

Review by sissy_dani
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2019-04-28 16:52:26

Fun game. Very reminiscent of Bimbo House. Trapped in a house, hypnotize your foes to win. The choice to refuse adds a bit more of a tactical element to it, which is fun. Definitely looking forward to more updates.