Anomaly Vault

Author: NoodleJacuzzi
Version: v3
Last Updated: 2019-11-08 04:39:22

Review by leonais600
Version reviewed: v3 on 2019-11-08 18:55:24

This is a simple series of magic based sex scenarios linked by a common setting and some characters. Sometimes you have to respect a game for doing what it sets out to do. Anomaly Vault offers almost no game play but that means you get straight into the sex fantasies and porn clips.

Review by Hatha
Version reviewed: v1 on 2019-08-17 02:13:16

It's honestly extremely simple.  There's hardly any story either, there's just a very thin premise and then just some arbitrary scenarios.  And I have to add that kind of confusingly the one option for a permanent sex change is a bad end, which seems sort of counter-intuitive.  


It might grow into something but there's hardly even any choice, you either do or don't experience the arbitary scenarios.  And it mostly seems like a way to string together a bunch of porn gifs and images, rather than any kind of erotica. 

Review by tf1394
Version reviewed: v1 on 2019-08-16 06:45:45

good game except for those weird ass photoshoped shemale pics

Review by HypnoKitten
Version reviewed: v1 on 2019-08-14 12:20:32

Love what's here so far - it is very straight-forward and linear right now but it is fun!  And I love that it has the ignored-sex kink in here - so much fun and really not all that common.  Props.  The writing is also well done.  The images (aside from some missing ones / more missing in the local) are well picked out.  Looking forward to more!

Review by LoganB
Version reviewed: v1 on 2019-08-08 12:05:50

Great start!  For such an early version there's a good amount of content and you can go a TON of directions with it still making sense.  Can't wait to see where this one goes

Review by Watcher313
Version reviewed: v1 on 2019-08-07 19:49:22

Pretty good love seeing somethng SCP like. Hope to see more of it and that it grows well.