Land of Monster Girls

Author: warpshadow
Version: 0.013
Last Updated: 2019-12-02 15:05:52

Review by Cr0wKillMe
Version reviewed: 0.07 on 2019-09-25 00:21:00

I prefer to not be harsh but my friend there are so many glaring issues namely the tree in some areas just end there is almost no way to know how to progress and even when you do its not all that grand, now i can see this game being verry good later on but as is its sort of an almost unplayable mess. i understand that making games is hard, i have something cooking on the backburner myself, but what you put out feels like it was rushed liek you have some self induced deadline that you clearly need to adjust. please take your time between updates. as i said thos game could be wonderful so please try to beta test hell if you wanna ask me id be willing to help.