Author: Angie
Version: 0.1302.2
Last Updated: 2019-08-10 10:08:54

Review by Seekster
Version reviewed: 0.1302.2 on 2019-08-18 20:51:45

I have played a lot of hypnosis games in my years, some professionally made. However Penlight has some plot ideas and content that I have never seen before and all of it is good. Seriously if you find mind control or hypnosis even the least bit interesting then you have GOT to check this game out. The characters behave naturally and for the most part react in a fairly realistic and believable way to the situations this game puts them in. Where most hypnosis themed games put the character on a power trip that just never stops, Penlight has realistic consequences to the character's actions and choices. I eagerly await the finish game!

Review by slipmeup
Version reviewed: 0.1302.2 on 2019-08-14 20:02:52

Really great game, even if not my typical fare! Unlike most other VNs of this sort, this isn't a power fantasy, much like real life you can't insert yourself into someone's life and game your interactions with them to make them fall in love with you (I'm almost certain one of the characters says this almost verbatum). Even when you do go for the 'good' route, not everything works out the way you may want it to, and that's totally fine. I sort of see this is as a meta vn in that it accurately points out how dangerous the mindset of seeing yourself as the protagonist in a game can be, you can't control people and their reactions, even if you literally can!

Review by Whini Lusal
Version reviewed: 0.1302.2 on 2019-08-10 14:35:32

I already said this in the discussion thread, but this is seriously a good story.

Characters are treated realistically, choices matter, and it highlights how both the concept (hypnotizing someone to follow what you say) is fun as a fantasy but also has the potential to be super creepy. I didn't follow all the possible routes, but the route that I did had a good resolution, made sense, and highlighted (and corrected) some problems I frequently see in some games around here. Plus, if you don't want sex in your game, the game gives you an option for that by simply choosing not to do the creepy things with your powers. (AND! Even if you choose not to be a scumbag and lie/intentionally take advantage of others with your hypno powers, the game still has a good story to go along with your choices. Lots of games here just go straight to game-over if you choose to not to take advantage of others. This one has a good story regardless of your choices, and I have confidence any future routes and choices will continue to have a good story.)

Many of the other visual-novel or other story games here seem like straightforward choices where you're railroaded from one thing to the next and your only choices are to continue or lose. This game avoids that, because the choices matter.

All in all, yeah, I like it.