Perchance to Dream

Author: DesiDee
Version: 1.0.2
Last Updated: 2021-03-25 23:04:13

Review by Flip23
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2022-06-23 05:25:06

When I played this game I really liked the concept and the minor changes that could be easy to miss when skipping through  the text. That being said, yes, the game is very text heavy, but not in a bad way. The nexts were well structured and didn't feel like a chore to read through as every day brought its new changes. But I have to partially agree with the previous review since it can fell grindy at times as you basically have to repeat the exact same day over and over again. This is also part of the reason I didn't try to go for every ending. But for an initial playthrough the game was a lot of fun!

8/10, would recommend

Review by nltog
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2022-02-24 20:25:54

I'm sorry but I just don't understand where the positive reviews of this game are coming from. Yes, from technical point of view it's a very slick game but at the same time the pitch that it's Groundhog Day meets ... the TFGamesSite is very quite accurate. But now imagine that the Groundhog Day movie, rather than being 100 minutes long, showed all thoussands of days that Phil was trapped in the loop. This is how this game feels. You wake up each day and do the same actions over and over with only vary minor changes each time. New content is scaterred through monotony of clicking the same options and reading the same messages. In the middle of the game I just stopped reading trying to get to the end as quickly as possible. Turns out that aborting simulation ends the game so my recommendation is to get a Run Away ending: the first time you have option to Abort Simulation, choose it.

Review by pfiatdigod
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2021-05-27 08:39:26

Really good work and enjoyable to play, exploring all the endings. 

Review by VeryZenn
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2021-02-05 17:00:09

Both this and Changing Room are great!  I really hope to see more from her.  I considered contributing to her Patreon but the last i looked it was sadly pretty dead.

Still, here's to hoping!

Review by awokenchange
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2020-10-27 21:00:24

The best HTML game I've played to date, hands-down. 


If you are into any of the themes it has listed, this is worth a playthrough or two. 

Review by Hessi
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2020-03-23 09:11:32

This game is really well thought out. There is a good amount of content with very good pictures. It is well written and I like the mechanics. It could use a little more polish here and there.

Be sure to try it.

Review by StrangeBrainwave
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2020-03-03 15:47:06

This is really well written. It has a great sense of pacing, something which often tends to be missing from the games on this site. My only complaint is that there isn't more of this author's work to enjoy. Eagerly looking forward to anything else she makes.

Review by blodgett66
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2020-01-11 19:16:48

I've only finished 3 of the outcomes, but I enjoyed them all so far. Great game, polish is very nice as well. Good work.

Review by bobkelpie7
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2020-01-11 01:54:05

Great progression and very hot, plus it is actually complete.

If you are into a transformation game with mental changes you should definately try this one out. It also feels like a game with a goal instead of just a visual novel.

Review by Buridan
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2019-09-07 13:22:04

Really good game.

You are tasked with incepting a close relationship with a rich CEO. To do this you dive into his dreams/memories at a time in his life where he was particularly vulnerable and lost, and go through the same day again and again trying to get close to him. The day is reset, but his feelings about you are not. Over the course of 8-12 loops, your aim is to build up a relationship with him in his memories so that you can then take advantage of it in real life.

There are various activities you could do throughout the course of the day, most of them with a % probability of success. You can increase the likelihood of success by using "Body" or "Charisma", but each time you do, it increases a counter that slowly transforms you as his subconscious adjusts to your manipulation. You can try to position yourself as his best friend, or love interest, depending on your inclination.

Gameplay-wise, this is solidly in the lifestyle grind sim subgenre where you go through a daily routine, but a couple of things make this one of the best entries in this subgenre. Firstly, unlike many of its peers, it's not grindy. By default, you get only 8-12 loops to accomplish your objective, and the progression is balanced with that in mind. Every loop feels like there's something new and significant happening. There is very little filler, and the game doesn't outstay its welcome. Secondly, the looping nature of the gameplay has an in-universe explanation, which makes the repetition feel intentional rather than making you feel like you've bumped up against the limit of the game.

(Sidenote: there is an endless mode, but I don't recommend it as it runs into the exact issues I just praised it for avoiding. Sometimes it's better to not see the seams.)

The game is also a lot more polished and visually appealing than I've come to expect from brand-new HTML games. This is a feature-complete game, with no janky code or "under construction" pages. The visual style is tasteful and pleasant. The writing strikes a good balance between being descriptive enough to pull you into the story but not too much as to be overly verbose. The prose doesn't go any crazy places, but is good enough to carry the game through a lack of explicit images.

Overall, this is a solid 9/10. Agree with one of the other reviews: this is a classic.

Review by Goldendawn
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2019-09-04 00:33:58

I love this game - there is a lot of stuff that changes from time to time in the game as you progress :) It is a very well thought out game and something I will be playing over and over again :D

Review by ff87
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2019-08-28 07:47:29

Nice game. Every day is a repetition but a bit different, and it doesn't get boring (until the PC is totally bimbo for a few days).

The endings are a bit of an add-on: save and quit every day, to find them all.

For further development, a bit more state from earlier days could be kept. Choices from earlier days becomming default, or influencing preferences.

Review by awkwardcultism
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 2019-08-25 14:45:30

This is likely to go down as this site's best new game of 2019 in most people's minds. Stylish and immersive, with a good amount of gameplay and strategy. It's the new must-play. Start it up and you'll understand why in the first five minutes.

Review by ziztazlut
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2019-08-19 02:45:12

Perchance to Dream is an instant classic. While I encourage the author to expand the story and add more polish where they see fit, this game can be played and replayed already. This is the sort of game I aspire to make. Although I'd love a more open world, there is already so much to explore. I've only seen one ending so far and I'm motivated to see just how many endings I can find. <3 keep it up and I look forward to seeing your future work!

Review by lurkingbutpleasant
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2019-08-18 02:32:03

I'm still trying to get all the endings, but I've had a lot of fun so far.  Well done!

Review by GwenTFGfan
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2019-08-16 23:48:36

Perchance to Dream is a rather fast and fun game. Just as the creator of this game stated, the game itself offers a very linear play-through. The replayability suffers as the beforementioned game play design.

A great effort was put into varying both the options and interactions with the main NPC as your character's "level" goes up. It keeps the gameplay refreshing. A solid, decent game for its style.



1. Some sort of "ending-list", for those who are keen to see the game's endings through. If possible, can set it to unlockable (i.e., you can check the list to see what other ending is still left).

2. I know this game is already consider finished. I do wish the PC was given the option to confess his/her wrong doing.

3. Maybe introducing  day-specific events or just random events in general... Or certain locations that only become avaliable after certain days...


Thank you for making the game. I enjoyed and had fun play the game. Good luck and look forward to your next development!

Review by Case Scenario
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2019-08-16 22:40:49

For my money, this is easily one of the best games on the site.  It's wonderfully involved, detailed, well-written, intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and polished.  You should be very proud.

I'm not sure if I can make any criticisms, aside from a rare typo here and there (the epilogue in the ending I got had "$femname" in place of the character title).  I look forward to replaying this again and again, looking for those different endings!  Thank you for your efforts.