SQ Cruise Ship

Author: Tiplick
Version: 0.4 fixed
Last Updated: 2020-05-21 12:19:49

Review by Naga
Version reviewed: 0.4 fixed on 2020-05-22 22:22:19

It´s an incredible game i love it.

Could u put more domination and thigh high boots?,..pls.

Review by BrandiSundays
Version reviewed: 0.4 fixed on 2020-05-21 21:07:54

This is one of my favorites, mostly because of the cuckhold content! I can't wait to see where this goes.

Review by Woodelf
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2020-05-15 08:04:57

I kinda like this game. Kinda.

I mean, you can't argue that it's really well made with music & sound effects (which almost no sissyfication game has), many different places, pictures and pretty decent writing. But as hard as I try, I don't truly enjoy playing this game. I don't care at all for cuckold content (which the author seems to be pretty fond of), I dislike the idea of a literal schedule I have to follow (why do I have to go to sailing class where some chick just exists to give me information about the mysterious secrets of the plot that I don't really care about either, while I could go to styling class and move on with my sissyfication?) And why doesn't my dialogue portrait  change while my "examine yourself" portrait does? And why can't I keep my nutrition up despite working well and getting all my meals? Is that intentional?

Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun game. The small episodes at land with these little "riddles" are cute, like I said, the writing is decent, there's a whole lot of content, and it's pretty sexy too. I just feel like it isn't for me. I'll still keep an eye on the further development and check out future updates.

Anyway, try it out, it's a fun game!

Review by CrystalGeyser
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2020-05-15 00:19:53

All in all, not bad.

I went into this game after months of putting it off because it didn't seem to be all that interesting a concept, or just didn't seem like my cup of tea. For some reason I had mainly thought it was going to be m/m based on the description; A cruise ship full of women into dudes with big dicks? Sounds like the PC is going to get into all sorts of male on male shennanigans. Or so I thought. Which I was pleasantly surprised it's not, or at least as much as I had thought. The game content focuses mostly around the women on the ship, which I'm perfectly fine with. Vanilla M/M isn't really my thing. Sissies don't really count imo.

In any case, the game is a weird mix of other sissy-sim games you might find on the site (PE, TMOAS, TSGE, Secretary, with a little bit of The Company sprinkled in) . Standard fare, but the choice of location is novel enough to keep it engaging. There's a good amount of characters throughout that are written pretty decently. It's easy to see their motivations (or at least some of them). There's a good amount of content in the game, with plenty of locations fleshed out, which can keep you playing for a good few hours or so, depending on how much you explore. 

Story-wise it's alright, PC is having trouble with GF, friend offers them a cruise vacation, PC ends up going alone, then finds out he's not exactly "welcome" on the trip. He's gotta fit in with a number of activities that the Capitain assigns to him each day. There's hints of a deeper mystery (because there always is), and a bunch of little side quests for the player to do. Along the way, he finds himself getting more and more feminized as the trip goes on. With a fair amount of hypno, and unknown body-altering substances thrown in to boot. It progresses rather slowly, but I hope it progresses more than it goes to now.
In the description there's a fair amount of mention of Cuck content and BBC, which I'm not a fan of either to be honest. Thankfully, the cuck stuff is pretty easy to avoid if you just don't answer the text messages, and the BBC isn't really present much at all, and doesn't have that overly-zealous worshippy tone that borders on parody with how rediculous it sounds (like some games on here that focus on it. Seriously, I really don't get the fetish. I find it pretty dumb with how it's written most of the times). Though there are a few black characters that border on pretty racist caracatures at times. I really don't care about that sort of thing, though if you've got thin skin or are overtly PC then you might get #triggred. Seems more like the author is not from the US or somewhere where there's many black people, so he's just basing it off of media and stuff he's seen instead of first-hand experience. It is what it is. 

The English and grammar in the game is decent enough, though there are quite a few typos and misnomers here and there which give off the impression that English isn't the author's first language. Seems like it might be Spanish or something similar. 

Images are alright, though I'd opt for more scenes of the action. The start of the game has this weird obsession with putting random gifs and internet memes for doing menial tasks, which honestly kind of breaks the flow, but it stops pretty early on.
More images of the sexy scenes would be super welcome though. Like much more. Some of the descriptions of the action are hard to follow at times as to what's going on. That might have been me skimming, or there's just not many clear markers in the text as to what's being put where, or who's doing what.

Navigation is pretty good as well, there's multiple decks of the ship and multiple rooms, which are (for the most part) easy to get between. There's a convinient notification on the top right of the screen that tells you your assigned activity, as well as which room/deck it's on, which makes it pretty easy to know what you should be doing, and where. My main gripe though, is that to move between decks on the ship, you've gotta click "Move up"/"Move Down" buttons. They're in the same exact place on most screens which is great and makes it easy to spam the button to get where you want, but it's broken on some decks. Each deck has a little flavor image that shows the deck, but they aren't a consistient height for each image, which bumps the Up/down buttons up or down on some floors which breaks the ability to quickly get to where you need to go. On one deck (the one with your room) the buttons aren't even in the same place as the others.
It should be pretty easy to fix though, just force a height for the deck images and it'll keep each button in exactly the same place. On the deck where the buttons are in a weird place, just offset them to be the same place. Keyboard shortcuts would be awesome to have as well (though they might have that already, I just didn't look).

But yeah, all in all pretty good. Looking forward to seeing more. Definitely keep it on your radar, and if you've been on the fence for similar reasons as me, just check it out. It's a bit slow to start, but it's easy enough to get into a rhythm and keep playing for a few hours.

Review by Somedude02
Version reviewed: 0.3.7 on 2020-04-14 15:41:02

I can't believe how perfect this game is! Keep up the great job.

Review by Reaper3844
Version reviewed: 0.3.5 fixed on 2020-02-04 19:44:28

really good game. Cuck content id hard to come across and this does it very well

Review by Kolka
Version reviewed: 0.3.5 fixed on 2020-01-26 03:19:18

What's more to say about a great game?

Review by AGoldenGirl
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2019-12-27 23:19:01

I haven't played the version that just released, but of the game I have played I have to say it is a great start. The characters are fairly strong, the quest system is a neat touch and the fetish content is brilliant. If I was to make a complaint, it does get pretty repetetive over day in day out but the ability to go to various areas of the ship and different daily classes makes this feel less impactful than it does in other games. 7/10, looking forward to the future :)

Review by KRanseyer
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2019-12-21 06:10:11

The handling of the schedule is now MUCH better, and the new content is great.

Please keep on working on the story, I would hate to see this game get abandoned.

Review by Raven2015
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2019-12-20 18:48:35

I like this game very much... looking for more content in future.

The style is fantastic, the render looks fine.

I know it´s only a sidestory, but I think that the gf should be more unobtrusive. She really goes fast in this cockhold think, just a little alcohol and she start cheating on her bf...

The speed of transformation is opimal.

Nice work at all, keep gooing :-)

Review by leonais600
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2019-12-18 16:01:44

This game is progressing fine. It delivers a lot of unavoidable cuckold and size humiliation so that had better be your thing.

Review by slaveyan9
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2019-12-18 15:02:43

This is my first review on TF. The game has great potential, including UI, interface, text, soundtrack and task guidance.I hope the content can be expanded, I will support the game

Review by Confidentmale
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-11-15 22:48:03

Exellent concept and progress!

Waiting excited for further updates.

Review by Eidolon
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-10-04 04:59:06

OMG we have another gem here!

The story’s good, the look is great and it plays well

(Not all the content is to my taste but you can’t please everybody)


There are a few little issues:

There are a few typos

Your profile image doesn’t change when it ought to (and I’m so over that guy’s face)

I’d echo karminator98’s point 4

...also, if this David guy’s supposed to be super macho, how come he drinks Bud Light? :D

And for the record, there's never been a macho David. Plenty of Daves for sure but never a David - FACT


Keep it up, don’t ever be disheartened by dumb reviews (including and especially this one) and keep the faith – SQ Cruise Ship is shaping up to be something special

and I can’t wait for more.

Review by karminator98
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-09-19 09:17:07


I've been a long time member of the TFGS, but this is my first review. 

This game is amazing. Love the story, how all the crew members interact with you, the writing... Hell it even made me like cuckold stuff when it's usually really not up my alley!

Only two minor things (Maybe three) that could improve the game

1 - As someone else pointed, it can be difficult to find some of the tasks at firts (like the cooking). It doesn't end up being a big problem, since you go there so often, but an easier way to find things the first time would definitely improve the gameplay!

2 - False hopes. You go to the store, see the dresses, and then you try to scrape a few points to buy it, only to realise that you never have enough fem to wear it. Would it be possible to add an indicator beside the items to show how much fem you need for them? Or a colour code? Just a way to know before trying to save the rare free points you get. 

3 - Profile pics. They are amazing, but the mouseover thing always prevents my to click on the option right below. Maybe the mouseover could make the image bigger somewhere else in the screen? (I also volounteer to help with coding/css for that one, if you'd like :) )

4 - That one is a maybe; maybe give an idea or description for the consumables as to what they might raise and lower in your stats? Not a full "+2 fem -2 int" kind of thing, but just a general description like "This lolipop is so good it'll make you feel, like, all girly!"


Keep up the good work! I literally cannot wait for the next update!

Review by spanco23
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-09-07 05:34:28

My new favorite game. For a concept it has a lot of content. The concept is nice. The writing is superb. It has a build up it has suspense it has a well thought pace. This game has a lot of potential.Waiting for the next update. Congratulations!

Review by danni79
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-09-07 04:59:30

Excellent start to the game.


As others have said it's well written, the pictures and gifs used work very well with the story. Really looking forward to seeing how some of the indicated future additions to the game are implemented and where the story does go.


1 minor issue I faced was early in the game knowing where everything is, especially the cooking class, perhaps I missed something but I would've liked if you get told where everything is either on the schedule or on the map.


Review by Immoral
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-09-06 16:21:13

Nothing has changed from my last review - the game is still awesome, well-written, engaging, fun, and just plain fucking awesome. Honestly if this is the pace of updates, this is easily a GOTY nominee.


More content than most other games on tfg. If this is a sign of what's to come, then kudos to OP

Review by Brianna
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-09-02 16:49:08

I really love this game! I'm a huge fan of sissy cuck content. Can't wait for the next update!

Review by badr9494
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-09-02 14:36:53

Definitely one of the best out there; can't wait for the next release !

Review by sissy_dani
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-09-01 19:35:22

Wonderful game. Well written, great images, solid storylines that progress well. Totally looking forward to more!

Review by phoebefluid
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2019-08-31 18:03:29

I'm seriously enjoying this game! Sure it's another fairly linear sissy transformation game, but the writing is good and I like the user interface.

Review by tedruge
Version reviewed: 0.1 fixed on 2019-08-27 01:23:57

Premise not the most original, but I enjoy the conept of it being on a ship. The UI is good, the writing and photos are quality, and the quest tracker is hands down terrific to have. The story is fun and there is a clear end in site when the cruise ends, or sinks :P.

Tiplick has definetly put serious thought into this as a first game. I for one am looking foreward to the future.

Review by jackyll48
Version reviewed: 0.1 fixed on 2019-08-23 15:35:19

I like the game so far... Good writing and nice UI.


The biggest drwaback for me is that a lot of pictures in the intro are downloaded online whilst playing taking some time to download before being displayed. this breaks immersion for me.

It would be a better solution if the developer downloads these files and adds them to the images folder

Review by derpup
Version reviewed: 0.1 fixed on 2019-08-23 09:41:11

one of the best games on this site, well made, great story, great content, huge potential. love the sms too

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.1 fixed on 2019-08-21 21:19:50

It is a stat based game that goes for the forced feminization route.



It could be another good game on the rise, something on the level of Enchanted/the Company. I am having my fingers crossed.

Review by Alle
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2019-08-21 17:16:20

A fascinating game!!! And the intro is quite interesting so far. Sad point is that the first week (the end of current version) has less scenes and transformation. Can't wait for the next update

Review by brendover
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2019-08-21 15:20:01

Absolutely great start so far. Very interested in seeing more.


Similar to the other review, it would be nice if the schedule was a button on the side so I don't have to go to my inventory. Maybe even a shortcut for the current class I'm supposed to be at.


Great work though, keep it up!