Place In The Sun

Author: AxeliRation
Version: 0.1111
Last Updated: 2019-11-30 20:05:29

Review by Jarwellis
Version reviewed: 0.1111 on 2019-12-01 03:34:55

Game overwhelmed with actions chat MC can do and that's a con. So much meaningless options and there is no way to know what player should do.

Still not interesting.


Nice start.

Before you proceed with game development, I suggest to reduce grind to minimum.

I got to that clean apartment thing and already wanted to turn it off.

Wathing porn in shower? That's funny idea. But there is no escape from it. It's dead end. Test your game!

Review by ecostarr
Version reviewed: 0.1102 on 2019-10-09 11:54:41

The game obviously has potential, but there are some impediments that get in the way:

1) This is one of those games where understanding your choices really matters. For instance, the intro scene with Miranda is a problem if I don't fully understand what the choices are. It feels like you're choosing fetishes or deciding your path, but the English was bad enough that I only knew what I was choosing about half the time.

2) The game is really buggy right now. Some of the early sandbox stuff needs to be worked on. The house is your base, so I'd start there.

3) Also, I'm not quite sure why you're introducing the mom and girlfriend so early on. they complicate the introduction and muddy the set-up early on, so you either need to spend a little more time on them or wait to introduce them later. Many games have either had Mom join you later or meet the girlfriend during the game. A lot really depends on what role the mom and girlfriend are supposed to play in the story. Right now that's not clear. It feels like they're added just for flavor or porn content. Is the Mom or girlfriend supposed to be part of your transition? You really need to think about the purpose of such NPC's in the game.

Ultimately, the language part is something that will need to be worked on. If the translation makes it difficult to understand what you're choosing, you'll lose the interest of the players quickly. I would recommend either bringing a partner on-board to help with the translations or to choose a Visual Novel approach where you can reduce your choices to a couple of choices rather than as many as 4 per shot.

As a concept, the game looks interesting and depending on the fetishes you decide to focus on there's definitely an audience for it here.

Review by master-ka
Version reviewed: 0.1102 on 2019-10-09 01:35:43

This game has some potential, but quite hard to see as there is a lot to improve until proceed adding content:

  1. language: if you don't know english so well, you should search help or ask players to send you corrections ("take her alone" in bed --> "leave her alone" in bed)
  2. give more guidance ... i click through the game without a plan what i am actually doing. Correlates also with next point:
  3. More events as i sometime don't know if it makes any sense at all ... is this cleaning actually leading to something??? did i find all places???
  4. More testing ... quite often i find dead ends or missing code (TV --> "no cases")

But besides this shortcomings, this game has potential to grow to a really good game, but needs some love/improvement to be so ....