Old School Blazin'

Author: ikkabod
Version: 0.4.8
Last Updated: 2020-10-16 18:41:35

Review by JaradLichLord
Version reviewed: 0.4.8 on 2020-10-16 18:58:41

For what is here it is very good. However, the speed at which new content is deployed makes subsequent updates worthless. It is a magic drugs sissification or masulinization story essentially however we have had dead end on content for almost 6 months. This game suffers from one of the more common issues with games on this site where it is developed laterally before it is developed linearly. This leads to frustration with storylines. I recognize that this is due to content gates prebuilt into the design, but I honestly think we could be getting more content per update than we are.

Writing 4.5/5
Choice impact 4/5
Content 4/5
Update content size 0.5/5

Review by AGoldenGirl
Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 2020-05-03 02:17:41

Pretty hot game when there is actual sexual content, and I love the variety of characters. There is great writing and the game has a lot of strengths.

My main concern is the choice in the game. It feels like a lot of the time there is no decision to be made and you are walking through a pre-determined path. Also, there isn't much extra choice when it comes to choosing certain characters to be with and persue than others e.g. Bonnie or Kate. You are pretty one lined into every Bonnie scene and even though I loved it, others may want to persue something different with another character. Not a huge issue with the current game, but would add much needed depth. 7/10.