Author: Blauz.
Version: beta
Last Updated: 2020-03-06 10:58:18

Review by Mdy
Version reviewed: beta on 2020-03-22 05:09:31

This is a finished story from Blauz' dark fantasy universe(s) mixed with magical power fantasies. I've read his The Baroness Affair several years ago, which I still love. You've never finished it if I'm remembering correctly, Blauz! >:/
If you've never read his medieval stories, it's got that gritty realism vibe like in the The Witcher games, minus the dwarves and elves.
The characters seem to be out of character rarely and I didn't get what's happening at first sometimes (e.g. after haggling with the young blacksmith things went BOOM all of the sudden), but he's really putting a lot of effort into his detailed writing with very fluent changes AND sudden twists.
The writing is still a bit stiffly, but he improved quit a bit over the years!
I think I've read about 3 hours and the story contains little decisions, a bit erotic and no actual sex. The transformation part is forgotten for the most part.
The few pictures are really tasteful, especially compared to his raw hardcore pics in some previous games.
I was eager to know how things would end, but on the other hand a bit grumpy that there was no sex at all ^^
Conclusion for myself because I like his world(s): Time well spend, ty.

Review by Orphoenix
Version reviewed: beta on 2020-03-06 23:33:45

The line

Be careful what you what you're wish for: you may regret it - you just might get it
I think it should read Be careful what you wish for

Also, there is a line in Last Night, that says  He turns to the scarfaced woman: "You better come with us: the others will bear grudges against those who ate at the master's table." She nods.
We let the other villagers burn the scarfaces woman 

I chose to help the Scarface woman, then It assumes I did not. Is this a choice hole when selected it doesn't account for who you chose to help?

Otherwise, a great story. Not much of a "game" yet, however, I really enjoyed it for what it was. Hopefully, this is the setting for a sweet game later.