Naked Ambition

Author: ApolloSeven
Version: 0.81
Last Updated: 2022-07-13 18:27:59

Review by johnwithstuff
Version reviewed: 0.53 on 2020-11-08 22:29:06

This game is really really good, the pixel art style is great as well as the animations that come along with it! My only complaint is that it's not finished yet but what's already here is really worth checking out for the presentation alone, not the mention the actual gameplay which is good. Looking forward to future updates!

Review by critwiggle
Version reviewed: 0.42 on 2020-08-09 17:55:42

While this game is as excellent as the other reviews claim, it does fall a bit flat if viewed as pornography. The game is very slow, and in the events that I saw during my 3 hours with it, any tittilating content was rather brief. If you're primarily here for porn, this game might not be for you - although I do still recommend it regardless.

Review by Nerevar
Version reviewed: 0.42 on 2020-08-09 00:40:55

Not yet finished, but what's there is expansive and really good. So, I'll give a rating based on what is present.

Game Score: 9/10 (Similar Style to Long Live The Queen, pretty good storytelling that isn't strictly linear, interesting indirect gameplay elements, the dialogs are great and made me laugh)

Hotness Score: 8/10 (I like the art style, the characters are intriguing, if you're into corruption and coercion it's pretty steamy and depraved)

Overall Score: 9/10 (Check this one out and keep an eye on it, it's worth playing now and seems to be getting better)


So far light on physical transformations, but hey, it's fun. If you're on this site, you'll probably like it.


Review by Pakhawaj
Version reviewed: 0.31 on 2020-05-14 18:33:06

This is a surprisingly well-polished game. I say surprisingly because although there are many good games on this site, this one plays and looks like something a gaming studio would make.The graphics are superb, the gameplay is fun, the dialogue is good, the only downside is that it is unfinished.

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 0.31 on 2020-04-25 11:06:06


Reminds me a lot of Long Live The Queen on first appearances. I found what is available so far to be of a demo length but sufficient to get a good understanding of what is on offer... and I quite enjoyed it.

Transformations in the game are admittedly thin as stated by the game maker, but this is not important right now as they are there and can be reached fairly easily. Playing through the game is very much an RNG affair (which is why it reminded me of Long Live The Queen), with it being difficult to get a "perfect run" but also quite easy to end up on a "failing game" through continually hitting stress points and your avatar being ignored by the princess if you are too crass with your recommendations.

It is important if you play this game that you think tactically since the game auto-saves and the only way to correct a mistake is to begin the game from the very start. While there is a saving mechanic now, it is not something you can save scum with and does track your decisions.

But this is not a detriment. After restarting the game a few times I had it figured out regarding the skill angles and the game is mostly forgiving up until Week 5 when really stupid decisions you've made start causing you problems. And while there are still bugs in the game of course with such an early Alpha release (had them occur twice towards the end with the Ren'Py engine), but they're skippable and the game is able to continue being played.

Right now it is very early days, but I do recommend this game and look forward to future releases. It is in fact a game I would pay for if it was completed based on this early demo.

Review by TeckXKnight
Version reviewed: 0.31 on 2020-04-24 03:38:02

Just an excellent, incredibly professionally well done game. The graphics are top notch and fit the feel and theme but the gameplay is smooth, intuitive, and enjoyable.

Review by apewty
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2020-04-20 16:33:23

I give this game a big thumbs up. It's not like most game, but still shows some polish. Player exercises minimal control on outcomes, but to me that will only enhance replayability. Grammar errors still which is not unusual for any work with writing. I had a game ending crash the one time I played it, and it was probably over an hour in to the game. 


Definitely a nice addition to this site!

Review by Samify
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2020-04-19 05:01:03

This game is great. It's an ambitious attempt to pull off a whole new style of game: A synthesis of the "princess trainer" and rouguelike genres.

What that means it that it goes week-by-week, with you deciding what skills or traits the princess should develop that week, and how you want to influence her mental state, and then she faces challenges that she can succeed or fail at based upon how you've built her up. The game remembers every choice you make, and you can't go back.

That might be frustrating if the game punished you for failing its tasks, but instead it moves the story forward in interesting ways whatever the outcome of those challenges, sometimes opening up paths that you didn't anticipate. Succeeding generally helps increase the princess's power and social standing, and failing generally has the opposite effect, though that's not always the case. There are at least a couple characters with whom passing attitude checks with them seems to lead to them better manipulating the princess. All of the paths seem lead to their own unique sexy content.

Playing the game requires you to approach it with the right attitude. You need to appreciate it on it's own terms, as a story that you can influence but not directly control. You can't be too attached to achieving certain outcomes or reaching unlocking certain content. You can try to do certain things in the game, and perhaps fail. Being open to experiencing the consequences of that failure and letting the game sometimes tell you what happened can make the experience of playing it satisfying in a way that it wouldn't be if you had more control.

The art, which I believe was created by ApolloSeven, is compelling. It's in an animated pixel-art style. It's high quality, detailed, and attractive. The facial expressions are excellent, and add a lot of flavor and nuance to the interactions between characters. And wow, the animation of the princess's breast being groped is really good. I don't know if that's from a real video that ApolloSeven drew over frame by frame or what, but it seems to be a perfect depiction of how a firm breast would deform, bounce, and spring back when massaged. Not something you'd expect in pixel art animation. Very sexy.

The music is also catchy, and it fits well with the retro pixel-graphics visual theme.

There's a lot to this game. ApolloSeven has clearly put a tremendous amount of work into it, and it really shows. Even though this is (at the time of this writing) an initial release, there's more than enough to jump in now and have an experience that you appreciate and enjoy. The game is professional-quality, and the developer is trying to create something new, interesting, and innovative.

Just to get get a sense of the art and interface, here's an example image from the game:

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.3 on 2020-04-18 10:08:06


it is an interesting concept that strongly similar to the princess maker series

the rng shakes up the game greatly in a good and bad way good for the replay value bad for single run/perfection maniacs (for the first play i did fell like a headless chicken)

the xxx stuff do not feel like integral part of the game but a parallel corruption sequence

i did not find any bugs what is admirable

for a concept its ok but it requires a lot of work before i say :"It is a good game"